One Last Summer Pt. 01

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Ellen thought about her friends a lot the summer before she went away to college. Andrea and Hannah had gone backpacking together round India. Lauren was on a cruise with her family. Alice had got a dream internship. But Ellen was doing tutoring and babysitting, working as much as possible to make some money before she went away. She was good at it, always had good grades, and worked well with younger kids teaching them, they seemed to respect her more because she was still a teenager. But she felt so old around them, and wanted desperately to show she was an adult.

She started dressing more seriously at these jobs, wearing some smart cropped trousers with a blouse and even tie when tutoring, looking like a modern Annie Hall. And when she babysat she’d switched out her jeans and a tee for summer dresses, and doing up her hair, like she was ready to join the parents on their night out if they should so ask.

A couple Ellen would babysit for a lot were Andy and Helen. Andy used to work with Ellen’s mum, they’d known the family for a few years and just over a year ago had their first child. Ellen had babysat for them a couple of times leading up to this summer, but as wedding season hit, Helen and Andy were out more and more weekends and Ellen was a reliable choice.

They’d got to know each other a bit more these past months, Ellen was relishing the chance to present herself as an adult with them, seeing them without the context of her parents always hanging over her shoulders. She was delighted to find that Andy had a great selection of old post-punk records that she loved and got to bond with him over. And she would talk with Helen for hours about fashion and art. Helen and Andy were young and cool and exactly the adults Ellen wanted to be when she grew up.

Ellen found herself infatuated with the couple, she loved spending time in their trendy house, pretending she lived there with them. She wanted to be friends with them, a part of their lives. Sometimes she even found herself fantasising güvenilir bahis about being part of their marriage. Ellen had known for some years she liked women as well as men, but had never had the chance to do more than some drunken kissing at parties with other giggly nervous girls. But when she first had a sex dream about Helen it felt different, it didn’t feel like a curious exploration, an expedition to see what another woman was like, it felt like pure lust.

She had been babysitting for them that night, they’d been at a dinner party and come home a little bit tipsy. Andy was handsome in his suit, his tie a little undone, and his hands wandering over Helen. Helen was stunning in a way Ellen hadn’t noticed before. She’d been pretty, but here she was sexy. A sleek forest green cocktail dress that sparked off her red hair, a thigh slit emphasising her milky skin and long toned legs, and a plunging neckline and silver necklace that drew the eye to her perfect breasts. Ellen had had passing thoughts about them in the past, but nothing of note, nothing she dwelt on, but seeing them being flirty and playful with each other, a slap on the ass, a smouldering look, a kiss that went on too long for company, Ellen was transfixed.

She dreamt of Helen that night, coming home alone, Andy was out of town, and that night and she would be the object of the older woman’s drunken affections. Ellen awoke from the dream already out of breathe and immediately started indulging the dream. Every night that week she’d scroll through Helen’s facebook and imagine herself at these events with her, and then afterwards.

The next time she went to babysit for them she felt so awkward, she was worried they’d be able to tell what she’d been doing, what she’d been thinking about them. They were dressed more casually this time, just seeing some friends for a couple of hours for drinks. But for the first time Ellen saw through the button down shirt and jeans of Andy and the floral dungarees and cardigan of Helen. The moment they left türkçe bahis the house Ellen rushed upstairs to their bed and masturbated. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that ever. She was thankful she wasn’t loud enough to wake the baby.

As July rolled into August she found it a routine to babysit for them and entertain herself in their room a couple of times a week. She had rummaged through underwear drawers, and photo albums, she’d even made use of a vibrator she found until the batteries started to slow and she got too scared to use it again in case they’d figure it out.

It was the 10th of August, it had been three weeks of defiling their bed and Ellen started to feel guilty. Again her thoughts went to her friends, having adventures, filling up their instagrams, being adults in their own right. Not some pervert teenager sneaking around someone’s house and getting themselves off constantly. She stopped what she was doing, and lay on the bed scrolling through Hannah’s photos of India, when a notification on her phone blipped. “Bluetooth connected”. Helen and Andy had left a connection open on a laptop in their room and Ellen’s phone had connected. Her curiosity got the better of her and she had a look at the media files, hoping for some fun holiday photos to get her back in the mood.

What she found was a video file labelled 13th July that year. It was the night they’d been to that dinner party. Ellen clicked play and sure enough the video opened with Helen in that same dress but in their bedroom, she turned away from camera and started to unzip the dress. She let it fall the the floor, and she stepped out of it, sitting back on the bed and spreading her legs as her husband entered frame and started to eat her pussy.

Ellen had never hit save on a video so fast. It was 26 minutes long and went through Andy eating his wife out, to her returning the favour, to her riding atop him facing the camera, to him ploughing in to her moaning her name. Ever time he said “Helen” Ellen could hear it as if it were güvenilir bahis siteleri her name. She played the video through again and again. Any qualms she had about how she was spending her summer had gone, replaced with fantasy and fingers.

She loved hearing what could be her own name so much, she stopped watching and started just listening, placing the phone by her ears, focussing in solely on the sounds of this couple, her bosses, having sex. The same couple who were just entering the house, unheard by the teenager in her own world upstairs.

Helen went to check on the baby whilst Andy opened the master bedroom door to find his 18 year old babysitter naked, writhing in passion on his bed, with a video of him fucking his wife playing beside her. He paused for a few seconds, taking in the sight, unsure what to do. Helen arrived and instinctively let out a noise which alerted Ellen.

Mortified she curled up towards the headboard, grabbing the phone and turning it off. Trying to apologise, to explain, not to cry, starting but never finishing a single sentence. Helen sat near to her gently, whilst Andy picked up and handed her clothes in a soft fashion. Neither of them seemed angry, maybe just embarrassed. But they spoke softly and explained to Ellen it was ok, they weren’t going to tell anyone and they weren’t upset.

Helen made a joke about how they couldn’t judge her, she’d found the sex tape they made, clearly they understood the urge. Ellen continued to apologise but calmed down and asked for space to put her clothes back on. Embarrassed and ashamed with herself Ellen put her clothes on and deleted the video before joining the couple downstairs.

Andy brought out cups of tea for them all and changed the subject to their night out, making it normal again. Ellen smiled and felt safe. She apologised one last time before she went home and Helen said, “what for?” and smiled back. Ellen left and went home that night, feeling strangely proud of herself, she ended up feeling empowered by what happened and the least like a freak or pervert she had for weeks.

Meanwhile Andy and Helen were hoping she would feel more freaky as they made plans to invite her over on a night when they wouldn’t be going out.

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