One Special Spring Day Pt. 06

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Ratman39 provided proofreading and editing of this story. Thank you, Ratman39 – you totally rock!


Just as Mike is about to take Bonnie’s anal virginity, he is distracted by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching the door from the hallway. Mike realizes from the sound of those footsteps approaching there is more than one person about to enter the office. Mike becomes disappointed, as he realizes Bonnie’s anal virginity which he was about to take and the intense anal orgasm will have to wait.

Mike can feel the pain, and Bonnie can see it in his eyes as he was looking forward to taking Bonnie’s anal virginity. Mike quickly pulls his trousers up while telling Bonnie, “Just cover up for now.”

All three stay where they are, while focusing their attention on what is about to happen as the key enters the lock and the office door opens.

Bonnie starts to smile as her Master, Officer Graham, walks into the office saying, “Hello Amanda, I can see by the smile on your face you have been enjoying some special time with our friend Bonnie.”

Amanda looks at him and says, “Yes I have, and hopefully you will let me share her again.” That makes Bonnie smile as all three of them can feel the sexual tension that Bonnie’s Master brings into the room.

Bonnie is somewhat startled by the sight of a big black man coming through the doorway as he is entering the office. She has never met him before, and she has no idea who this gentleman might be. She guesses he is about 40-years old.

Officer Graham turns to him saying, “Please come in and join us,” and then says to the group, “Let me introduce you all to the Warden, who has allowed us this office here at his jail. His name is Daryl, but all three of you will only address him as ‘Warden Daryl, Sir.’ Do we all understand this?”

Officer Graham awaits their response of understanding as Bonnie responds back, “Yes, Master” bringing the other two to respond quickly.

Warden Daryl gives a quick glance at Amanda and Mike, but his eyes come to rest on Bonnie as he appears to look her up and down completely enjoying every inch of her body. His presence causes Bonnie to be filled with nervousness and awkwardness, as she has never been with a black man before. Warden Daryl immediately shows the signs he is attracted to Bonnie with his rather large cock becoming erect just standing there looking at Bonnie.

Warden Daryl visualizes the pleasure of using her body for both his and Bonnie’s pleasures as he looks into her eyes. Bonnie stares back into Warden Daryl’s eyes but is still feeling a little awkward.

The sexual tension she feels coming from Warden Daryl and her Master is making her feel a little dizzy, and the silence is driving her crazy as she also thinks to herself, “Lucky I am not standing.” Bonnie still laying there in just her sheet looks at each of the men and says, “Hello, Master nice to see you again and nice to meet you Warden Daryl, Sir.”

The two men continue staring at Bonnie while they visualize fucking her and the pleasures they are about to receive from Bonnie very soon. Master then says, “Bonnie, Warden Daryl needs to talk to you as he has some important things to ask you before your visit.”

Warden Daryl approaches Bonnie and says, “Bonnie, Officer Graham tells me you are just Bill’s girlfriend and not actually a part of Bill’s family.”

Bonnie replies, “Yes, Warden Daryl, Sir, that is correct.”

Warden Daryl continues, “This jail has strict rules about visiting privileges and due to that you are not allowed to visit.”

Bonnie lets out an audible gasp at Warden Daryl’s words, and says, “Oh, please, Warden Daryl, Sir.”

He stares intently as her and continues, “However, you are a sexy lady, and I see there is a slight attraction between us. I might be willing to bend the rules and allow your visiting privileges ümraniye escort for Bill to go through, but I need something from you in return.”

Not meaning to, Bonnie cuts him off, and says, “Warden Daryl, Sir, what can I do for you?”

He looks at Bonnie and continues, “I want you to submit and allow me to take my nice 10 inch black cock, slide it into your pussy and fuck you nice and hard. What do you say, Bonnie?”

Bonnie with a slight puzzled look on her face, looks at Warden Daryl with her voice stuttering a little and says, “Warden Daryl Sir, that is something I am not willing to do. Please is there anything else we can do so I can earn visiting privileges?” Bonnie a little scared and excited inside waits for Warden Daryl’s response hoping he is not insulted by her answer.

Warden Daryl replies, “Bonnie, sweetie, just take your time and think about this.”

Bonnie however feels a unique wetness feeling starting to building up in her pussy and also is having some stressful thoughts about what might happen. She has never been with a black man before or had a 10 inch cock inside of her before, and she is filled with erotic thoughts and feelings as images start to pop into her head. She blurts out, “I don’t think I am ready for the experience.”

Warden Daryl appears a little upset and somewhat disappointed, but is willing to keep talking to Bonnie. He sees the look of fear forming on her face as she is still waiting for his response to her not accepting his proposal. He says to Bonnie, “Since you are saying no, then I will not grant you permission to visit your boyfriend.”

Bonnie says to Warden Daryl, “Please, can you give me a minute to think about this?”

Warden Daryl explains to Bonnie, “We will go slow and relax you into it, I promise.”

Bonnie stares back at him and says, “Thank you for telling me you will start slow, Warden Daryl, Sir.”

Warden Daryl continues, “Without you saying ‘yes’ to my request then you will not be allowed to visit. Once we get started, and you are comfortable I just want also to tell you, I like to move in and out at a pace you probably are not used to or have ever experienced. That is part of my pleasure of enjoying such a long and thick cock. It will feel good in your special place, and I will enjoy watching your facial expressions while I am sliding in and out of that pussy.”

Master looks at Mike and Amanda telling them, “You can stay and watch if you desire but step back and give us our space. Feel free to pleasure yourselves or each other as you watch and enjoy the show.”

He then turns back to Bonnie giving her an intense stare for a minute as Bonnie stares back into his eyes, and feels her face getting flushed while her body is starting to tremble when he finally says, “Bonnie, what is your response going to be to Warden Daryl’s proposal? Tell me what you are feeling and thinking of this situation.”

Bonnie says, “Master, you know I will and want to do anything to please you. But this is just feeling awkward, and I do not know what to do with my feelings as I have never been with a black man before.”

He responds back telling Bonnie, “I will be right here with you, so will you be able to accept his proposal knowing that?”

Bonnie lets out a loud gasp. She starts to speak saying, “Master,” but is cut off by her Master.

Bonnie’s Master starts to explain what they are going to do to her tonight. He says, “Warden Daryl and I want to double-penetrate you. Do you know what I am talking about?”

Bonnie looks into her Master’s eyes and says, “Well, yes. I know what that means.”

Master replies, “I want you to know that having this experience with the three of us means a lot to me.”

Bonnie knows she needs to please her Master, or she might be punished as he really has not done that to her since pendik escort this arrangement started. She finds it difficult to say, “No” to her Master. She is filled with all sorts of emotions for Bill, as she considers what might happen should she say, “No” to Warden Daryl. He could do things to him to make her submit, or as he already said deny Bonnie’s visitation altogether.

Master says to Bonnie, “Hey, how long is this going to take? Bonnie, I want this to happen tonight.”

Bonnie clears her mind and says, “Warden Daryl, Sir, yes I submit to you and the pleasures your about to give me and look forward to you fucking me both alone and with my Master while I return the pleasures.”

Bonnie thinks about Master’s words, “double-penetration” as things are quiet for a moment. The thoughts of the words, “double-penetration” cause her to shudder inside as she thinks about this experience and receiving her first black cock.

Bonnie’s Master speaks saying, “Warden Daryl, please lay down there next to Bonnie for the moment and once Bonnie gets comfortable she will climb on top of you allowing her to slide it slowly in at her pace so she can adjust easier to your size. Bonnie, we will let you ride Warden Daryl’s cock as it slides in and out of that pussy, but your anal virginity is all mine as I am your Master.”

Bonnie appears to be getting use to his large 10 inch thick cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy so this makes Officer Graham Bonnie’s Master happy as he decides it is time. He tells Bonnie, “Just relax sweetie as I am about slide my dick in your virgin ass, and then you will be ready to experience being double penetrated.”

He then asks Daryl, “Pull out for a minute so I can use her juices from her pussy as lube for her ass.”

Warden Daryl says, “Oh, yes.”

Bonnie’s Master then tells him, “As soon as I pull out, slam it back into her quick. This will be my cue to slide it in as she will be thinking about what you did and not paying my invasion any attention. Amanda before we get started I want you to take that dildo get it wet with Bonnie’s juices and use it on yourself.”

Master looks into Bonnie’s eyes and says, “Bonnie are you ready for me and Warden Daryl to commence these new experiences?”

Bonnie replies, “Master and Warden Daryl Sir, I am ready relaxed and trust you both so come be my first Black Cock and take my anal virginity giving me new experiences with orgasm never expected. Master may I make request to have Amanda not be allowed to cum until we are finished so I can make her cum by my tongue to complete these experiences?”

Master says, “Bonnie, you got your request,” and he looks at Amanda to make sure she heard.

Amanda replies, “Right.”

He then says, “We need to start rolling here as I am about to explode with all this talking and planning we have been doing. Bonnie it is time get on top of Warden Daryl looking into his eyes until every inch is inside of you.”

Bonnie looks at her Master as she settles on top of Warden Daryl letting his cock slowly enter her pussy. Bonnie moans, “Ah, ah.”

Warden Daryl surprises Bonnie as he pushes himself inside a little causing Bonnie to let out the first of many heated moans. Warden Daryl is feeling the erotic pleasure after his little push got his big 10 inch cock fully inside Bonnie’s tight little pussy.

Warden Daryl says to Bonnie, “You feel so good, sweetie.”

He decides it is time to start enjoying Bonnie’s tight pussy, as he takes his right hand placing it on Bonnie’s neck forcing her to lean down leaning down on his chest while Bonnie continues riding his big cock watching her excitement start to build. Warden Daryl holding the back of Bonnie’s neck downward makes the view of her ass wide open for her Master to take her anal virginity.

Officer Graham looks at her ass and bostancı escort anal opening with a smile as it is all his, and he decides to surprise Bonnie. He takes his hand and gives that nice ass a few spanks which startles Bonnie as she has never been spanked in this kind of a situation.

Bonnie moans, “Ouch, Master.”

He decides to give her a few more slaps, and whispers in her ear, “Imagine those slaps could have been a lot worst if you would of disappointed me and said, no to Warden Daryl and what we are about to do to you over the next little while. That means if you do disappoint me you know what to expect. You did hear me earlier when I said all you are getting for lube is what juices I get out of that wet pussy?”

Bonnie says, “Yes Master and I am waiting for you to enter me with anticipation so ask Warden Daryl to pull out so we can get started.”

He looks at Bonnie and says, “Daryl pullout for a moment please and let’s get started.”

Warden Daryl says, “Oh, yes.”

Officer Graham slides inside her pussy after being stretched out from Warden Daryl then slides out. He looks at Daryl and says, “It is time,” which means Warden Daryl is supposed to slide his cock back into Bonnie all at once and as fast as he can. He then used that as his time to take her anal virginity so her focus will be on Daryl not what he is about to do.

They both start to enter Bonnie again while Warden Daryl did what was expected, as it allowed her Master to get his head inside and slowly start to enjoy his new encounter.

Bonnie moans again, “Oh, ah, ah, Master.”

Bonnie is becoming overwhelmed with sexual pleasures from this as she can already feel her first orgasm start to build, she feels her master give her ass a few smacks sending shivers up her spine as Warden Daryl surprises her by grabbing her nipples and pinching them, causing her to explode with her first orgasm but not last as there was more coming right behind them.

Warden Daryl decides to add to this asking Bonnie, “Hey, sweetie, come up on your elbows,” making them both look a little surprised.

He looks at Mike and says, “Come over here and insert your cock in her mouth and let her give you some head while we pound her more.” This surprises them both but makes her start coming as soon as Mike enters her mouth. Bonnie is blown away as she thought it was going to be a three-some with double penetration, but it has turned into a foursome.

The guys are both getting close to coming, and Mike continues his assault on her mouth as they all look over at Amanda, who is sliding that dildo in and out of her pussy like a champ at their show. Since they are about to come and want to make the most of this new situation, they tell Mike to pull out and take it over to Amanda and have her finish with a blow job and to swallow Mike’s cum.

Her Master and Warden Daryl decide they can’t wait any longer and come at the same time flooding her with cum making her have the biggest orgasms back to back she has ever experienced in her life. Her Master looks at her as says, “Did you enjoy your new experience and first anal experience?”

Bonnie replies, “Yes I did and thanks for being my first to fuck my anal opening. I might definitely think about doing it again,” but Bonnie was not thinking it would be too soon.

The three were enjoying the aftermath of this experience forgetting about Amanda and Mike until they hear a scream coming from Amanda, as Mike fills Amanda’s mouth and starts to leak as she can’t swallow fast enough.

Bonnie starts to calm down some from the immense orgasms and fucking she received. She looks over at Amanda and says, “Are you ready, as I did promise in the beginning I would finish you off with my tongue?”

Amanda says, “Oh yes. Waiting to feel you inside me and enjoy a nice 69 with you again especially since cum from your first black experience is still inside you, and I get to help you clean it out.”

Bonnie just smiles at Amanda as she can’t wait for this experience as it will be the first time they will be together in a sexual nature all alone.

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