One Teen, One Mom, Three Aunts and a Cousin

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Summary: Guy discovers family female sex secret at Christmas wedding.

Note 1: This is a 2017 Christmas Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, thor_p, Robert, and Wayne for editing.


My parents picked me up on the way to the wedding, which was a three-hour drive (five for them as I was at a college two hours north) and they figured we may as well take only one vehicle. Plus, with first semester finals done, I would return with them back home for Christmas break.

Which was perfect for me as I was in college and perpetually broke. We even decided to share a hotel room, which may seem weird, but we were a pretty close family and sharing a room with two queen sized beds wasn’t really a big deal. We’d done the same a couple years ago when we took our east coast road trip.

Plus, I really enjoyed spending time with my parents who were still quite young… and truthfully wilder than I was (they still had parties at their house and did the weed I didn’t).

They also were still very sexual towards each other… both in front of me and in the bedroom. I jerked off many times listening to them fuck… my Mom very animated, vulgar and loud in the throes of passion. Or at least I assumed they still were, they certainly had been while I was still at home and in high school.

This was only enhanced by the fact that although my Mom was pretty plain (no one ever called her a MILF), she had big breasts and amazing legs which were almost always encased in nylons… like they were right now… she was already dressed for the wedding even though it was a five-hour drive… a wedding just a week before Christmas… which seemed rather stupid to me, but whatever.

She was also the sweetest woman in the world. She was actually a stay at home mom, unheard of these days, as Dad made excessively good money and thus she did things like chair the PTA and organize the graduation ceremony.

I should also note we had both seen each other naked… although not at the same time….

In my senior year I’d come home early from a party on a Friday night not feeling well (not drunk, the flu) and when I walked in Mom was in the kitchen, completely naked except for a garter-belt and stockings, getting a drink of water.

I stared at her body for a good ten seconds before she turned around and realized I was there and dropped her glass (only into the sink and fortunately it was plastic) as she covered her breasts and vagina as best she could, crying out my name, “Wade!”

I explained, “Sorry, I came home early because I wasn’t feeling well.”

I quickly left the kitchen, my cock hard and my mind carrying away an image that’s still imprinted in my head.

I worried about what she would say the next morning, but she acted like it was no big deal and life moved on.

I, on the other hand, had a new recurring fantasy… one where things had gone very differently that wonderful evening when I’d walked into the kitchen and encountered my nearly-nude mother with her voluptuous, touchable breasts with their large, deep red, hard nipples and her slender figure, round hips and glistening, hairless pussy beckoning me to look more closely. (As you can see, my fantasy always began larger than life, and there was no way my hot fantasy mother was going to cover anything up!)

This was a fantasy I’d carried with me when I went to college and I’d shot hundreds of loads, recreating my memory in a variety of ways.

-She turns around, sees me, walks over, drops to her knees, fishes out my cock and sucks me.

-I walk up behind her, cup her big breasts from behind as she moans, ‘Ready for seconds already, Eric?’ (Eric is my father’s name). and I respond, ‘Sloppy seconds’ and slide my cock in her from behind and she gasps, ‘Oh yes, Wade,’ as I penetrate her

-I walk over to her, spin her around, guide her to her knees and shove my cock in her shocked open mouth and hold her head in place as I face fuck her.

-I walk up behind her and surprise her by simply sliding my cock in her pussy. This fantasy goes either of two ways: 1) where she discovers it’s me and joins in eagerly liking the idea, or 2) where she is shocked and tries to stop me until I dominate her and then she still joins in eagerly but this time calling me Master… this version coming to mind because I’ve heard her get dominated by Dad many times when I eavesdropped.

Of course, in all of these versions of the fantasy I magically begin with pants and underwear or not, whichever works best in the scenario.

And that was what I was fantasizing about a few months later during reading break before finals when I came home for the week, imagining fucking my naked Mom in the kitchen one way or another, when my real live Mom walked in on me.

I was on my bed, jerking off while watching porn on the laptop, an incest scene where a son fucks his mother, when she walked into my room.

She froze and stammered, even as she stared at the eight-inch cock I was pumping, “S-s-sorry.”

To ataşehir escort bayan my surprise she didn’t turn and leave immediately, lingering for a few seconds before scurrying out.

Mom walking in on me was all it took as I came like a racehorse, envisioning a new fantasy where Mom hurries over to me and finishes me off, today with me coming all over her face but tomorrow who knows… as I now had two fantasies I could create variations on in my head.

I cleaned myself up and went to the kitchen to grab a snack, jerking off making me hungry for some reason, and she apologized, “I’m so sorry, Wade.”

I joked, “Well, now we’re even.”

She blushed as she said, “I should have knocked, I was just coming to get your laundry.”

Yep, I was eighteen and Mommy still did my laundry. Pathetic, but it had just always been that way.

I couldn’t help it, as I joked like Dad would (Dad often teasing Mom about me seeing her naked, as he thought it was hilarious), “And I was just coming, too.”

“Wade!” she gasped, even as I noticed, or I thought I noticed, her glancing down at my crotch.

“What? I’m eighteen. I masturbate,” I defended, and then added, “A lot.”

She shook her head as she repeated, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s no big deal,” I shrugged.

She responded, “Au contraire, it is indeed a big deal.”

Although her words implied she was still mortified by walking in on me, her tone implied something else entirely.

She was talking about the generous size of my cock being a big deal… at least I was pretty sure she was talking about my cock.

I was so stunned I was speechless as she walked out of the kitchen, leaving me bewildered and horny again.

That was the last time I’d seen Mom until today, although I’d seen her daily in my stroke fantasies and even usually when I was fucking my friend with benefits Janie.

That brings you up to date about what led to our drive to the wedding and everything that followed.

The day was full of subtle hints that I didn’t catch onto until it all came to a head in the early evening.

As we drove, Dad asked, “Got any hot coeds?”

“Eric!” Mom scolded.

“What?” Dad asked. “Can’t I enquire if he’s getting some hot college booty?”

I laughed, “Never say booty, Dad.”

“What, I’m not up with the lingo?” he asked, then continued, “Have you given a girl a Cincinnati Bowtie yet?”

“Eric!” Mom gasped.

“What? You love it, dear,” Dad teased.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Eric, don’t you dare!” Mom objected, clearly mortified.

“When you reverse tit fuck a nice rack so your balls are sliding up and down her neck,” he revealed.

“Oh,” I said, the position sounding okay, but more focused on the idea of Mom liking it… the idea of Dad or me fucking those huge tits quite a turn on.

“I don’t like it, you do,” Mom clarified.

“You never complain,” Dad shrugged.

“Probably too much information for our son,” Mom pointed out, her face apple red.

I added, “Not sure where you got that term, but college is pretty normal.”

“What, it’s not a bunch of orgies?” Dad joked.

“No not really, we only have those on weekends, but of course weekends begin on Friday at noon,” I whimsically played along.

“Thank God,” he said, “I’d hate to think I’m paying for you to go to college and learn things.”

Mom asked, “Do you have a girlfriend yet?”

“Not really,” I answered, Janie and I never going out dates. I call her when I’m horny, she calls me when she’s horny… which means we fuck every day or two.

“Friends with benefits,” Dad accurately surmised.

“Something like that,” I nodded.

“What’s that?” Mom asked.

Dad answered, “A friend you can call on for sex.”

Mom joked, “As much as your Dad’s gone, I need one of those.”

“If you want Sarah, go for it,” Dad responded, Sarah a hot young woman from across the street.

“You and your lesbian fantasy,” Mom sighed.

Dad asked, “Please tell me you’ve seen two girls going at it.”

“Nope,” I said, before adding, “other than some kissing.”

“Well, porn movies have definitely deceived me,” Dad joked.

“Wanting to gross Dad out, knowing he was homophobic, I added, telling the truth, “I did see a guy blowing another guy in the bathroom, though.”

“Gross,” Dad said, his entire face grimacing.

Mom asked, “What, two girls munching pussy is okay, but a guy sucking another guy’s dick isn’t?”

“Obviously,” Dad nodded. “Two girls are hot; two guys are contrary to nature.”

I was in awe of Mom saying pussy and dick in front of me. I’d heard her say way worse when eavesdropping… but she was pretty prim and proper when I was around… usually tolerating my perverted father’s verbal excesses but not joining in.

“Such a double standard,” Mom said.

“It’s just the way the universe works,” Dad shrugged.

“Well I totally disagree. I’d rather watch a guy blow or fuck another guy than see two girls eating twat,” escort kadıköy Mom added, playing around and enjoying turning it on her husband.

“Gross, gross, gross,” Dad said, actually shaking his head.

Mom continued, “What? You wouldn’t let Dave suck your cock? I hear guys are far better cock suckers than we gals.”

I was shocked (in a good way, in an awe-struck way) by Mom’s blatant sex talk. Hearing her say cock sucker was so fucking hot! Dave, by the way, was an openly gay man who lived down the street from us.

“Fuck, no!” Dad declared firmly.

Mom continued, “Why? A mouth is a mouth, and Dave’s mouth would know what to do with your little man far better than mine does. I don’t even have a cock, so how am I supposed to know what to do with yours?” She was really laying it on thick, knowing full well about Dad’s homophobic buttons and joyfully hammering every one of them. Both Mom and I were working extremely hard to contain our laughter.

“I’m not a faggot!” Dad yelled, getting riled up.

Mom usually backed down as soon as Dad got like this, but this time she didn’t. She said, “I didn’t say you were. Sucking dick makes you a faggot, or taking it up the ass, but getting blown by a guy doesn’t. It’s not contrary to nature, it’s hot!”

“Let’s drop this,” Dad said annoyed.

Mom shrugged, “I was just pointing out your hypocritical point of view.”

He said, “I’m a guy, it’s how we all think, isn’t it Wade?”

Here I had to pick a side, but the reality was I had gay friends and I didn’t see it as a big deal. If a guy wants to suck dick or take it in the ass that’s his prerogative… it’s not for me to judge. That said, it wasn’t something I was into doing. Dad was looking in the mirror at me as I said, “Honestly, Dad? Gay, bi, lez or straight, it’s all the same to me. People are people.”

“Exactly,” Mom agreed.

Dad sighed heavily.

Mom said, looking back at me, “So no girlfriend.”


“Just a chick you fuck sometimes,” Dad added, still in full testosterone mode.

“Yeah, something like that,” I agreed.

And then there was silence.

We got to our hotel room and I went to the bathroom to change into a suit as Dad joked, “You can change right here, you don’t have anything your mother hasn’t already seen.”

“Stop being an ass, Eric,” Mom said, clearly annoyed at her husband.

Mom had used her this is done tone, so Dad didn’t say anything else as I went and changed.

When I came out Mom complimented, “You look very handsome, Wade.”

As I looked at Mom’s big tits showcased in the black dress and then down to her black nylons and her perfectly manicured red toenails in her hosiery, I replied, not trying to hide my sincerity, “You look beautiful Mom.”

“Hear that, Eric? Your son was the first one to give me a compliment today.”

Eric sighed, “This is one of those I can’t win days, isn’t it?”

“It’s beginning to look that way,” my Mom nodded, clearly annoyed at Dad… something that would be remembered as a theme of today and tonight.

At the church, as I sat on one side of Mom, Dad on the other, I noticed as her dress rode up just enough, that she was wearing thigh high stockings. This of course made my dick instantly wake up and secretly salute her. Fuck, she had amazing legs.

Then throughout the bizarre service (the rings were on candy canes, their oaths were based on the 12 Days of Christmas, but the weirdest was that the groom was dressed as Santa, the bride was in a traditional white wedding dress but knee-length so I (and everyone else but I probably cared more) could see her red nylons and her green heels… the wedding party was all dressed as elves). But inadvertently driving me crazy, my Mom sitting next to me was restlessly sliding her feet in and out of her heels.

Fuck, I was so horny and knew I’d have to find a way to shoot a load tonight either in a bathroom or some chick (my success rate at getting laid at weddings 67 percent… although on very limited data… just three weddings, all last summer. At the first I got a bridesmaid who was a year older than I and after striking out at wedding two, I ended up in the back of a limo with the bride’s MILF mother… that itself could be an entire story).

So I’d be lying if I tried to get you to believe I listened to much of the service as I drooled over my mother’s legs and feet, although truth be told I hadn’t listened to the other services either as I zoned out thinking about whatever else popped into my head (sports, how hot the bridesmaids were, etc.).

After the service, Mom, a few female relatives and I went for a late lunch (Dad went golfing with some guys… I was invited, but hate golfing), there being a four-hour gap before the reception/dinner and dance that would follow.

I need to tell you about the women I was sitting with. Mom was pretty, but not hot (I know that sounds cruel, but Mom was more cute than hot (objectively speaking anyway, my subjectively leaning cock would like you to know she’s red bostancı escort hot), her three sisters were all hot (even Aunt Carol at fifty). Tiffany though at twenty-three was almost twenty years younger than anyone else (the anyone in question being my Mom who was a couple years younger than Aunt Dana, the second eldest). Tiffany was a complete oops when my grandparents were in their late forties. She, in addition to hating golf, was the main reason I often enjoyed hanging out with Mom’s female relatives. Plus, I was the only son among the four sisters, the two eldest having only girls (two for Aunt Carol, named Emily and Zelda; and one, Becky, for Aunt Dana. Aunt Tiffany (it always feeling odd to call her that) hadn’t yet started a family, possibly because if she had children she’d need to clean up her language. So today here at the table were just me and six women: my Mom, three aunts and my cousins Emily and Becky. Aunt Carol’s other daughter wasn’t here; Zelda was in Japan and unable to make it.

At the table Aunt Carol, Mom’s oldest sister, said to me, after they’d all complained about their men for about twenty minutes, “You’ll make some girl a great husband one day.”

“I hope so,” I said.

“All by itself, the fact that you hate golf makes you a keeper,” Aunt Carol said. “I mean seriously, I know it’s California, but it’s the week before Christmas… couldn’t they acknowledge that golf is out of season?”

Aunt Dana, the second oldest sister argued, “Actually I’m happy Gary likes golf; it means I get more time alone.”

“True enough,” Aunt Carol nodded.

“I usually golf with my man,” the much younger Aunt Tiffany added, she only five years older than me.

“Except when it’s just the boys,” Mom pointed out.

“They need their male bonding time,” Tiffany explained.

And as Mom downed her second drink already, “We need our female bonding time too.”

Realizing I was the odd man out, literally, I offered, “It’s okay, I can go and let you ladies have your girl time.”

“No, no,” Carol stopped me. “We’re just venting.”

“Well vent away, then,” I joked, enjoying being surrounded by so many beautiful women.

After a couple more minutes Carol, who was definitely the ringleader of the group, asked, “So Wade, you must have a girlfriend.”

Mom answered for me, “He has a friend with benefits thing.”

“Mom!” I said, “That’s not something my aunts and cousins needed to know.”

“What’s a friend with benefits?” Carol asked.

Tiffany answered, her swearing typical of her but hot, “A fuck buddy.”

“A what?” Carol questioned.

Mom explained, “A friend you call up when you need to get laid.”

“I want to go back to college,” Dana joked.

“I want my own friend with benefits,” Mom added.

“Mom!” I gasped again.

“What? Your dad doesn’t pay any attention to me anymore,” she revealed.

“He’s probably banging his slutty secretary,” Tiffany provocatively stated, loving saying outrageous things, always crude which I found hot… if she weren’t my aunt I’d be going after her tonight at the dance when she got tipsy and vulnerable.

Mom scoffed, “That would explain the long hours he’s been working recently.”

Carol added, “I have a friend with benefits. Actually I have a couple.”

“Do tell,” Tiffany asked, as they suddenly seemed to forget I was there.

Emily, Carol’s oldest daughter, pleaded, “Please don’t even go there, Mom.”

Carol shrugged, “Why not? My seven inch rabbit and ten inch black dildo are always there for me.”

My already hard dick flinched in my trousers.

“Mother!” the prim and proper Emily gasped, clearly mortified by her mother’s revelation.

“Ten inches?” Tiffany mused, impressed. “I may have to get one of those.”

“Highly recommended,” Carol smiled, before adding, “I apparently need to get my daughter one too.”

“Christmas is only a week away,” Mom pointed out.

“Oh My God!” Emily gasped, exasperated.

“That’s exactly what you’ll be screaming about ten minutes after you open my gift,” Carol added, enjoying embarrassing her early twenties prudish daughter, before adding, “and if you add the rabbit on your clit at the same time you’ll be a changed woman.”

“Please stop!” Emily begged, covering her ears with her hands.

Tiffany added, “Other than reproduction, making money and fixing things, men have no real purpose, given the recent technological improvements in sex toys.”

Mom scoffed, “Fixing things? My husband can’t even fix a leaking toilet.”

Dana said, “I even read somewhere that in the next ten years there’ll be sex robots you can buy. If you suck one off you’ll be able to choose chocolate, strawberry or piña colada.”

Mom surprised me when she said, “I’d rather just have some young stud I could call up when I needed some.”

“A boy toy with benefits?” Carol quipped.

“A BDBB, a big dicked boy with benefits,” Mom said.

I couldn’t believe they were talking about this so casually and openly. Did women always talk like this… like men?

“And one who can reload quickly,” Dana added, “unlike my hubby who’s good for a four-minute marathon then nap time.”

Mom added, as she looked at me to see how I was taking all this, “Wow, that is a marathon compared to Eric.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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