One Unique Village Pt 1_(0)

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Chapter 1

The sun would rise up over the mountain tops, casting the valley into long shadows as the hues of red and orange splayed across the land. Slowly as the bright sphere of light rose higher and higher into the sky, the shadows would begin to vanish, the morning mist dissipating a little at a time until none remained. Bird would be waking up, chirping and singing along to a song that only they seemed to know, a few insects buzzing about and frogs croaking in the distance. It was a peaceful scene, the low rice paddies covered in the vanishing mist, all the way up to the tall mountains that provided protection from the weather. All of it added to the beauty that was their fair village.

The village rested in this valley, all the buildings of an older more rural design, all of wood with either clay or wood shingling on the tops to keep out the elements, and screen or paper doors, though some were wooden as well. This early in the morn, a few houses already had fires going, their chimneys smoking as they prepared breakfast for their families. Somewhere in the distance, a rooster crows signaling the beginning of the new day.
This day was much like any other day except for one thing, today was the day that the elder females of the village were to take in the young men and claim them as the one that they would teach and train. Many of the females in this village weren’t simply female but possessed a little… something extra to say the least. This year there were five boys coming of age for the selection. They were Nensho, Jun, Hikari, Satomi, and Nel. Of them Nensho was the closest to making the age cut off, just having had his birthday a few days before and he was nervous.

The kitsune, to be given to the elder females, were required to be of at least eighteen years of age. Bristling with excitement, Nensho would be looking forward to what was to come, having barely been able to get any sleep the night before. There were many things that he already knew from what other’s hand told him so he thought that he’d be able to make a good impression on whomever he was given to, and placed into the care of… this was where Nensho was wrong. As the day progressed, more and more of the village was set up, the main stage at the center of the village, heading toward the villages temple, was set up and the boys dressed in traditional garb.
The event was scheduled to take place at noon and the boys would then be given away to those that volunteered to take them in. If more than one wanted the same child, then they would be raffled off to figure out who they would go to, a drawing simply between however many were in question of wanting them. Smiling out at the crowd, a slightly nervous expression on his face, Nensho would wait, the other’s already having been given away and taken by those that had claimed him, leaving him standing alone on the large stage, a small blush on his cheeks from being the center of attention.

Sighing softly, he walks to center stage as the elder was speaking. “And finally, here we have Nensho, who has only just turned eighteen within these past few days.” Nensho gives a small bow as he hears this and looks out over the gathered group, his eyes wondering who it was that was going to take him in and teach him what he didn’t already know, a small smile forming on his lips before it quickly fades away going back to customs as he stands back up, twirling slowly to show off his form. He was of a very slender build with almost no curves besides that pert ass of his which had his single snow white tail resting above it.

Some murmuring arose from the crowd as one by one a few females called out their willingness to take Nensho in, and one by one they would walk up to the stage, depositing their name on a slip into the raffle. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his face feeling hot from both excitement and embarrassment for being raffled off like this but he knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Closing his eyes to try to steady himself, he brings a hand up to his chest and takes a deep breath, only now realizing that there wasn’t any more talking coming from the crowd, which caused him to open up his eyes just as the elder reached into the bin and pulled out a slip with a single name written on it. “Atria Silverthorn, Nensho goes to you.” The elder gives a bow and Nensho tries to do the same before he is hurried off of the stage, the closing speech ringing out through the air as again, he could hear his own heart pounding in his chest.

It was only a few minutes before he sees her, standing there in a beautiful white kimono with red leaves decorating one side, falling as if they were caught in the wind. He smiles softly to her giving another bow. “I thank you very much for taking me in miss.” He stands back up looking her over. She had a rather large chest which rested heavily on her body, though further down her waist narrowed quite dramatically before widening back out into supple hips giving her that perfect hour glass figure. He found his eyes glued to her in an instant realizing just how beautiful his caretaker was, causing him to blush again before clearing his throat. “I’m in your care.” He adds.

Smiling softly Atria reaches out and pets him on the head before she takes his hand. “And I am in your care as well Nensho, but you will see how things go once we have arrived at my home.” She began to walk slowly, pulling him along with her so that he could keep up. Nodding his head in silence, his eyes were glued to those swaying hips that were in front of him, her kimono hugging her frame perfectly as he bites his bottom lip, part of him eager to be alone with her and see just what all she had to teach him, and hopefully be able to impress her with what he already knew.

After what had seemed like an eternity of walking, but what had only been minutes in reality, they arrived at the woman’s home, which she opens up and motions for him to enter. “Take your shoes off when you get inside and head to the living room directly in front of you afterward. I’m going to go grab some water and meet you out there.” She instructs and after he steps in, she followed and closed the door behind them. Slipping off her shoes, she does just as she said she would and heads to the kitchen, the sound of water filling two glasses could be heard as she pours it from the chilled water jug as Nensho slips off his shoes and walks out to the living room, sitting down nervously.
Walking back with a smile. Altria offers him the glass and takes a small sip from her own, her beautiful pink lips pressing against the glass before she clears her throat, setting the glass down. “Now then Nensho, there are a few… misconceptions here that we must get cleared up güvenilir bahis and some guidelines placed into effect. As you know I’m supposed to be your teacher, your mentor, your caretaker, and for a time, your lover.” She flashes him a sultry smile before she continues. “All of this you know and have been waiting for correct?” The entire time Nensho had been listening patiently before he nods with a large smile, holding his glass gently in his lap.

“Yes miss, I know this very well. I’ve been looking forward to this day and learned lots and lots so that I could please you and make a good impression on you my first time here!” As he speaks his ears perk up more, his eyes alight with excitement as his tail sways. His words elicit a trill of laughter that almost sounded like a songbird from Altria’s lips before she shakes her head. “That’s one of the misconceptions that I’m going to clear up very fast little Nensho, for you see, you aren’t going to be pleasing anyone in the way that you think…” She walks around him, trailing a single finger over his shoulders and then across his chin to tilt his head up. “Before you are allowed to bred and break a female, you must first know what it is like to be bred and broken yourself.” Licking her lips Altria steps away from Nensho and sits down, folding one leg over the other.

The boy gives her a confused look wondering what was going on as he tilts his head to the side for a moment. “W-what do you mean miss?” He asks curious.
“Just what I said little Nensho, that’s exactly what I mean.” Her smile never faded from her lips before she clears her throat. “This should make it more obvious, strip.” She gave a simple order, the final word sharp and definite giving no room for question. Jumping a bit at the harshness of the order Nensho stands up and blushes. “Y-yes miss Atria.” He knew better than to disobey the one that was going to be caring for him, but just how far was this going to go? Biting his bottom lip, he unties his obi, the sash that held the traditional kimono shut, from around his waist. The sound of fabric sliding over fabric fills the air, a small shiver traveling down his spine, as he pulls it away and then drops the kimono from around his shoulders leaving him bare.

Her smile growing, Atria looked him over and nods her head in approval before she uncrosses her legs. When she does so, a rather large bulge could be seen tenting the fabric as she beckons the male over to her, curling a finger toward her person as the tip of her tail lazily sways showing how happy she was with her little prize. “Mmm such a cute boy, I was lucky to win you.” She coos out. Walking forward slowly Nensho stood before her. “Now then little Nensho, sweet Nensho…” She noticed his eyes sweeping over the bulge in her kimono and giggles. “I’m going to show you just what it means to be a good boy.” Slowly she unties her own kimono and lets it open up, a large shaft of meat springing free, though not fully hard as a sigh of relief escapes her lips. “Much better.”

Nensho’s eyes widen as he sees the size of her cock and whimpers a little bit. She was much larger than him, and thicker to. Atria giggles hearing him whimper and clears her throat. “Good boys don’t whine over their treats; now then why don’t you go and get it hard the rest of the way hmm? You must know how to handle one since I’m sure you’ve played with that one that you have between your legs enough.” Her words were again more of an order than a question. Hesitating, Nensho licks his lips, his throat suddenly feeling dry even though he had just had water.

Not standing for the hesitation, Atria grabs the back of Nensho’s head and pushes him forward, shoving his face against her cock as she grinds against him. “Like this little one, don’t be afraid to get up in there, to rub the musk of your mate’s shaft all over your face, to bask in its glory… to fall in love with the naughty scent.” She again coos out as she moves her hips more and more, her thick shaft hardening further to reveal a duo of testicles hanging heavily between her legs, covering a smooth pair of silken lips that were hidden from sight further below. Giggling she continues pushing on his head and gives another order. “This time you better listen, and listen quickly little Nensho.” She looks down into his wide eyes, marveling at his blushing face. “I want you to lick my shaft, get it nice and wet because I’m going to be breaking you in soon, here and now.”

Nensho was about to whimper out and complain but he remembered already what had happened the first time he had done this and leans in, his nose wrinkling from the thick musky scent that hung around him, permeating the with the smell of her sex. Slowly he would listen and slide out his small, warm tongue, flicking it over the underside of the smooth skin of her cock. Just one lick sent a shiver down his spine, his eyes shutting halfway.

Upon feeling the first lick, Atria smiles and giggles. “That’s it little Nensho, be a good boy and get it nice and wet for me.” She was quite enjoying putting this little one in his place when he had seemed so hopeful and so excited to show her what he knew before. Her words reached him but part of his mind didn’t fully grasp what was being said as again he was licking her shaft, his tongue lapping over it again and again as he starts to pant a little bit. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, why his body was responding like this… it felt so hot all of the sudden. Shivering he looks up at her with large eyes and licks all the way to the tip, his tongue swirling around the underside of the crown before moving back down, remembering the tips he had been told to give those that were doing this to him.

After a bit more of this, her cock throbbing and jumping from the gentle sensations, Atria wanted more. “That’s all well and good dear but if you don’t want it to hurt, you’re going to need to get me much, much wetter than that.” With this being said, she gripped the top of his head and pushes her fat tip into his mouth, pushing down slowly as she moans out, forcing the throbbing shaft down into his mouth and throat as she bites her bottom lip, one hand moving to massage and tease her own breast, her fingers rolling slowly over her nipple. “Fuck it’s so tight and hot!” Nensho could already feel his eyes watering and she wasn’t even halfway in with her length yet, already pushing against the back of his mouth and throat. Struggling not to gag, he couldn’t help himself as she pushes forward suddenly, bottoming her cock out into his throat. The little boy gags, his throat tighten up around the invading member.

This earns him a moan of pleasure from Atria as she starts drawing back, Nensho gasping for air as it was about to leave türkçe bahis his mouth, only to find himself once more able to breath as she thrusts back into his mouth and throat, using him as she saw fit. “God I could just use this little mouth pussy of yours until I cum but… I have to teach you what it feels like the proper way.” She bobs his head along her shaft faster and faster until she finally pulls off, looking at the spittle covered, reddened face of the young male before she pushes him over, gripping his hips as she grinds her thick cock against his ass. “Now then, I’m about to take your anal virginity Nensho, it, just like you, is mine.” She spits down into the crack of his ass just to give a little more lube, rubbing the thick head against his tight puckered hole before groaning as she pushes forward.

Nensho winces as he feels that thick length trying to push into him, clawing at the couch beneath him as he shakes his head, his back arching as his breath comes in hissing gasps through clenched teeth. “It’s not going to fit miss Atria! It’s too big and I’m too tight!” He whimpers again and looks back at her with hopeful eyes. Atria shakes her head and draws a hand back spanking his ass. “When I say I’m going to take something, you say yes ma’am, you don’t complain!” She glares at him before pushing forward suddenly with a low growl escaping her lips soon turning into a moan as she feels that thick tip of hers being swallowed up by his virgin pucker. Shuddering she thrusts forward with a grunt, spreading that once virgin hole wide around her length as Nensho shudders himself and groans out, trying to not cry as it felt as if he might be torn in half. He looks back at her with a pathetic and hopeful look as she starts to draw out, but groans and yips as she slams right back into him, pushing more and more of her length inside. The most pathetic part of it all, he was as hard as a rock, leaking precum all over the couch.

Slowly but surely Atria would begin to build a rhythm of thrusts, drawing almost all the way out before slamming back into her little kitsune, pushing further and further inside of him until she was hilting herself each time, her own heavy orbs resting against his as she keeps herself there, grinding her hips to stir up and churn his insides before drawing out. To Nensho it felt like his body was on fire, every nerve firing at once, a mixture of pain and pleasure as he was in a hyper sensitive state from the way she was treating him. In the small amount of time that she had been thrusting into him, his grunts of pain and discomfort had turned into moans and groans of pleasure.

Faster and faster her hips would go as she starts to pound into his little rear, swearing under her breath time and time again, smacking his ass as she holds his tail out of the way, her leaking precum acting as further lube while she moans, still playing with her breast. During this time Nensho would start to push back against her, wanting more and more, tightening his asshole as she goes to pull out, releasing and relaxing it as she pushes back in to keep her length buried deep inside of him as long as he could. He could already tell that he was going to fall for being used like this, to become addicted to being nothing more than her little breeding bitch even as he whimpers out in joy and pleasure, his tongue hanging from his mouth as he feels her heavy orbs smacking against the back of his own much smaller sack.

“Oh god miss Atria, it feels so good!” The young boy would cry out as he tenses up, shivering and shuddering as he feels wave after wave of pleasure rolling through him. Atria laughs and shakes her head. “Such a little slut, aren’t we? Getting off so easily from being rammed in the ass by the one that just took you in today, whimpering like a good little toy to be used and bred for her pleasure.” She growls out and picks up the speed, her cock twitching as she grew closer and closer to the edge. She hadn’t expected him to be this tight, to feel this good wrapped around her the first time. After a few more strokes she couldn’t handle it anymore and slams herself balls deep into his asshole, her cock throbbing and swelling before she unloads into him, flooding that tight asshole of his with wave after wave of her thick, hot cum.

Nensho moans out like a whore at this point, his back arching, his tongue hanging out, and the worst part of all, his cock spraying his own hot cum all over the couch below him as he feels her pumping so deep inside of him, filling her with that hot cream as he shivers, panting loudly as he looks back at her, his face flushed red, completely colored over as he smiles weakly. Atria groans and shivers as well, holding him close before she returns the smile and leans in, kissing him deeply on the lips before murmuring into his ear. “You’re my little bitch now Nensho.” She picks him up, still deep inside, and walks to her bedroom, each step causing his body to shake and move, her cock stirring up his insides a little bit more. This causes Nensho to moan out weakly and shiver, managing to open his eyes and look at her, biting his bottom lip softly.

“Y-yes miss I’m your little bitch now.” He mumbles back to her, his face a pure red color showing off just how embarrassed he was over the entire thing, a small shiver running through his body as he feels her thick cock twitching deep inside of him. Atria feels him shivering but smiles at the sound of him accepting what he was now and nods her head. “That’s good. Well then, I think it’s about time that we go and get cleaned up before we hit the bed to relax and take a little bit of a nap after that hmm? I’m sure I’ve worn my little toy out.” A soft giggle escapes her lips, her tail swaying happily behind her as she makes her way into the master bathroom, him still firmly in her arms, her cock still planted right where it belonged, deep inside of his tight, hot little hole.

“Now then.” She whispers to herself and moans out softly slowly sliding her still hard length out of her little toy and shivers, her cock covered in her own cum all over as she gets the shower going. The village may have been of an older design, but they still had running and heated water for whenever they didn’t want to have to use the hot springs or take a full blow bath. Stepping into the shower first, she motions for Nensho to follow, the hot water washing over her back and wetting down her fur. “Let’s see if you really know just how much of a good boy you’re supposed to be and that you’ve learned your place little one.” She points at the ground in front of her.

For a moment Nensho didn’t realize what she was wanting, then his eyes widen as he bites his bottom lip, whimpering and wiggling his hips before he walks into güvenilir bahis siteleri the shower after her, his blush growing all the more before he gets down onto his knees, knowing that if he didn’t listen it would only be worse for him. Slowly he reaches out with one soft hand, gripping the base of her throbbing, cum covered cock and then leans in, his tongue running along it as he starts to lick her clean of her seed. He pulls away at first, tasting his own ass on her cock, which causes her to growl. In response, he pushes his head forward and without hesitation this time, takes her thick length into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip and pushing his head down her length, starting to bathe it and clean it of everything that he could, pushing himself down further and further as he pants through his nose.

“That’s my good little slut, get me nice and clean.” Atria moans out softly as she leans against the wall, the hot water washing past her and down onto the top of Nensho’s head as she smiles, licking her own lips. Reaching down she runs her hand through his hair as she feels him bobbing along more and more, taking more of her length deep into his throat on his own. He had already learned his place so much, though with him giving in so easily… it almost seemed lacking for some reason. Gripping one of his ears, she rubs it nice and slowly. “Just look at yourself Nensho, before you were so eager to please me, to make me realize how much you knew about what you were doing, and now… you’re just a little slut hungering for my cock. You broke so easily.” She shakes her head and laughs a little bit, holding back her moan. “Maybe you were always meant to be like this, to be the bottom bitch of someone else, being on the receiving end of a nice thick cock.” She makes sure to pronounce the last word sharp and harsh trying to get to the little one that was between her legs.

And indeed, she was, Nensho’s face was growing redder and redder by the second, not from his lips wrapped around the length that was pressing deep into his throat over and over again, not because of the taste of his own ass or of her cum, but because of her words. She was right, he had been so eager to learn and show her that he was someone that could please her and yet here he was, pleasing her in a completely different way, it was humiliating. Opening his eyes, he looks up at her, the water splashing over his head as he lets out a low growl, which sends the vibrations deep into her cock. Moaning out Atria raises an eyebrow. “My oh my, you have some fight in you still hmm?” She tilts her head to the side and licks her lips. “I can fix that quite easily.”

Without warning she grabs Nensho by either side of his head and pushes him against the wall that was behind him, pinning him in place. Moaning softly, she slowly starts to rock her hips, her foot lifting and pressing against his cock, grinding against it as she lets out a soft growl of her own. “This is what happens to those that misbehave and think that they are more than what they are, they get punished and put in their place.” He winces and accidently lets his teeth brush over her shaft as she was thrusting into him. This causes Atria to hiss through her own teeth and growl out louder this time, gripping his hair and pulling on it firmly before she slams her entire length into his mouth and throat, making it bulge around her length as she grinds her heel against his cock. “Don’t you ever, ever think about biting my cock again!”

The way that she held him and her hips, she made sure that Nensho couldn’t move, his head pinned between her crotch and the wall as she glares down at him with a wicked smirk on her face. “Let’s just see how long you can hold your breath as punishment hmm?” His eyes widen hearing this and whimpers as he tries not to gag on the length that was being held in place by her powerful hips, unable to do anything except wait and accept what was happening to him he tries to relax, though the grinding of her foot on his cock was making him groan out in a mixture of pain and pleasure due to her skin being so silky to the touch. It wasn’t long before he could see spots dancing before his very eyes, his vision starting to fade in and out as if the world was losing focus around him. Atria notices the change and pulls her hips back, though she doesn’t release his head, and slips her cock out of his mouth with a wet satisfying pop.

Nensho gasps for air, his consciousness returning to him as he looks up at her, his eyes watering with an apologetic look on his face. The tears, combined with his red face only served to heighten her joy as she sees the single strand of saliva connecting her cock to his mouth before she giggles. “I’m sorry miss, I’ll behave, please, I won’t do it again.” He cries out to her, some tears spilling out from over his eyelids. Atria shakes her head and sighs. “Aren’t you supposed to be a boy Nensho? Good boys don’t cry, they make up for their mistakes.” She grinds her cock against his lips and he nods his head, licking over the tip as he looks up at her, his eyes still watering and his face still red he wanted to make up for his mistake.

Slowly, but faster than last time, he takes her cock right back into his mouth, gripping her hips for support as he starts to bob his head, noticing that she was allowing him to, and bathes the underside of her cock with his wet, soft tongue. He shivers and groans, the vibrations of which, combined with his actions, had Atria moaning out softly. Just from this she was already getting closer to the edge again, the excitement of having a new playing being a bit much for her to handle at the time, she knew that she’d get used to it again and then she’d really be able to enjoy her fun. “Mmm that’s much better but still, you’re not a good enough boy yet to get to enjoy that treat.” She teases him as she pulls her cock out of his mouth, slapping his cheek with it. This leaves a smear of precum and his own saliva on his skin as she picks him up, turning off the water and dries them off, though she leaves her length ready. “For tonight, we are going to get that body of yours ready so that you can take my length easier, and as such.” She holds him above her length, his tight puckered hole pressing against her fat tip. “You’re going to sleep with my throbbing cock deep inside of you.”

Biting his bottom lip, he nods and mumbles to her. “Yes miss Atria.” With that being said, she shoves her length back into his puckered hole, by no means being gentle and sighs out softly, laying down on the bed, exhausted from their fun as she strokes his stomach. Soon the gentle grasp of sleep would take hold of them both, drawing them into its realm. Atria had a small smile on her face, and Nensho, well he had just had his eyes opened to a whole new world and the stretching that he could feel far below from that throbbing length told him it was just the beginning.

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