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Beatrice had finally lost all control of her life when she sent a picture of her breasts to her nephew Adrian over the internet. Her emotions upon clicking send were mixed. Horror mostly. Then, disappointment at herself. Then embarrassment, shame, and humiliation. Finally, once the shock had died down, she put a hand under her unbuttoned jeans and began touching her sopping wet pussy, resigned to her fate. She imagined her nephew’s reaction to seeing so much of her body.

It had started a long time ago, over a month at least. It was when Beatrice decided to get closer to her nephew by secretly playing the same online game he played. It was a video game she saw the name of when she was cleaning his room once. He had already been living with her for a few weeks. It was cheaper than a dorm at his college. Bea’s older sister, his mother, had been quite thankful, and Bea had no reason to refuse him. She was single, and enjoyed finally living with a man again. She had to admit, it was especially wonderful living with a young, athletic, attractive man. She was something a recluse at the best of times. Her last boyfriend has been a decade ago, back when she was in college herself.

Adrian liked to play an online game called “Journey Tale.” It was a fantasy game where you were able to choose what your character looked like. She took some time to learn it, found him online one day, and after making sure he was playing, tried introducing herself to him over the internet.

It was silly. It was stupid. But it was liberating as well. She could be whatever she wanted in the game, so she chose to be a short, lithe, nimble creature. She had always wanted to lose weight, and while she knew some guys liked curvy girls, if she could be anything, why not choose this?

He liked her at least. She started chatting with him in game. He helped her on the first few quests. She learned more about his friends. It was actually more social interaction than she was used to. Her book club still met occasionally. She still had friends she met on the weekends, but she wasn’t close to anyone at work, and this was a nice outlet that kept her from needing to leave the house.

It was about a week before she could say she was Adrian’s friend in the game. Out of the game, she was still his aunt. They were polite with each other, but she never mentioned the game. As far as he knew, she was just reading her romance novels in her room as usual.

It was maybe a month in when they got a lot closer. He started talking about how lonely he was feeling. How his girlfriend had broken up with him due to distance. And how he was getting more stressed with his part time job. Bea comforted him all she could, but she wasn’t brave enough to talk to him in person about those sorts of things. Instead she asked if there was anything she could do. He responded,

“Lol, not unless you know any cute girls near where I live.”

She asked, “Well, where do you live?” She rolled her eyes as she typed.

Then she gulped. He told her the truth. He said the city and college and everything. Not the exact address of course. She hesitated. Then she responded, “You shouldn’t just give that info out online to strangers.”

“You aren’t a stranger.” he typed back quickly. “I trust you not to sell my info to bots, okay?”

“Right.” She answered and thought long and hard about her next reply. She continued, “I live around there actually.”

“No way!”

“Yea, last fifteen years.” She regretted admitting that. But then again, there was no way he would know who she really was.

“Huh, maybe my aunt knows you.” She froze. “Lol, JK, she never leaves the house.” She sighed in relief. “Well, you aren’t really a girl are you?”

“Why do you say that?” She asked.

“I mean, most of the people on this game just make cute girls to play as.”

“Well, I am a woman.” She defended herself.

“Send a pick of your boobs or I wont believe you.”

She blushed, then angrily typed, “Fuck no!”

“Haha, I knew it.” She fumed.

“Why don’t you post your cock first?” She asked. She smugly leaned back.

Then she saw there was a file transfer. There was no way it was what güvenilir bahis she thought it was. She felt her heartbeat in her ears. She hovered her mouse over the file to open it. She gulped as the clicked the icon.

There was a picture of a cartoon chicken. She felt the stress leave her body, “You scared me for a second.” She typed.

“So you did click it?” he asked. Fuck. She gulped. “Do you really want to see? We can trade if you want.”

“No way!” She refused.

“Well, fine then.” And that was that. He changed the subject to the game again.

She had thought about that moment for long time after. It was about a week after when he invited her to a different online game. It was chat role play. One person would type what their character did, then the other, taking turns. She liked it more than the other game, even though there weren’t any pictures or avatars. She liked it a lot actually. Apparently, no one else would play it with him. After another week, they hardly even played “Journey Tale”. All they did was this online role play. They would still do the same kinds of things though. She would pretend to be a character, and he would be the other one. It was like being a kid again.

Up until this point, it was harmless fun and she felt she hadn’t done anything wrong. She had been a bit deceptive, but she rationalized it as just her shy self. It was hard for her to open up to anyone, and this felt a lot safer than talking to anyone in real life. It was at this moment that she felt might have been the beginning of the end. This was the moment she should have stopped. She didn’t realize the rules of the game, but she loved reading, and so when they were role playing characters, she just wrote what she knew.

“Um, What are you doing?” he broke character. After her last comment.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked back.

“This is a SFW channel.” he said.

“Oh!” She blushed. She had been a little explicit in her last paragraph. “I’m sorry, it just felt natural for the characters, you know?”

“I mean, I get it.” Adrian typed, “Look, how about we move it to a NSFW channel?”

She agreed. And then things got messy. Adrian was a good writer, and a good roll player. She enjoyed the stories they had made together. But he was frankly and excellent writer of smut as well. This could not have been the first time he had done this. She asked after a steamy role play session,

“Have you done this before?”

“Well, with my ex.” He admitted “Not anymore though, you know.”

She realized then how lonely he was. He was trusting some stranger who might be on the other side of the world because he had no one to be intimate with. He didn’t even trust that she was a woman either. She looked down at her body with worry before typing in, “Hey, I have a confession.”

“You’re a guy?”

“No!” She grumbled, “But I don’t look like my avatar. Or the character I just played.”


“I’m a bit bigger.” She said.

“Oh, That is fine, I guess.”

She clarified, “I’m not fat or anything.”

“I never said you were.”

She growled to herself before typing, “Is this a private channel?”

“Well, yes. What, are you going to post nudes now?”

She looked around her room and pulled her shirt up to the bottom of her bra in front of her webcam. She took a picture of her midriff and belt.

She sent the image.

“Nice.” She felt a rush of adrenaline at that. “Yea, you look fine.” he said.

“Just fine?” She asked.

“Well, that was just your belly. You’d have to post more for me to be sure.”

“Nice try.” She rolled her eyes.

He sent a picture to her. She opened it. She bit her lip. It was him holding up his shirt. He had abs? She had never seen that! She slurped up her saliva, trying to remind herself she she was talking to. He said after the image, “I showed you my tits. Your turn.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes, “Lol. Yea no.”

“Well, maybe a full body pick or something?”

She stood up and made sure her face was not in the shot. She stood a bit away from the webcam before taking the shot from a sideways angle.

“Oh shit.” he typed, “You are hot.” türkçe bahis She giggled to herself. “And you’re single? And in my area? How do I know this isn’t a scam?”

“A month long scam?” she asked. “And I haven’t even asked for money yet?”

“I guess that is unlikely.” he agreed. “So, meet IRL?”

She was about to say yes. She paused. She had almost forgotten who she was and who she was talking to. “I can’t.”


She tried to think of a reason, “I want to keep this in fantasy.” she said.

“But we are both single right? So what is the problem?”

“I’m too old for you.” She tried.

“I mean, come on, what are you, thirty?”

“Thirty two.” She admitted.

“I’m only twenty.”

“You are still in college.”

“Well, you are still role playing online.” he had a point. “Come on.”

She lied, “I can’t leave the house.” She started, “I have a condition. I didn’t want to talk about it before.”

“Oh. Wow, that sucks.” He responded. “What kind of condition? Maybe I could come to your place?” She didn’t want to lie to him so she just paced around the room anxiously trying to think of an excuse. Finally he continued, “Never mind.”

She quickly typed, “I really want to, I promise! I just really don’t like to talk about it.”

She felt terrible for deceiving him, but there was no way she could let him know the truth. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to force you.”

“It’s fine.” She tried to appease him, “I just want to change the subject.”

“You want to keep going then?” He asked.

“Role play?”

“Oh, that to.”

“You meant pictures?”

“Well, yea. What do you want to see of me?” She was breathing heavy. She knew he was just in the other room.

“Stop playing with my heart.” She typed. “You don’t want to see anymore of a girl like me.”

He sent another image. She checked it and nearly fell over backwards in her chair. It was a picture of his lap, and a bulge going down the leg of his pants. It was one thing to write about characters doing sexy things. It was even more wrong another to send pictures of her body to Adrian. But to know she gave this kind of reaction to her nephew was crazy! She covered her mouth in surprise and looked away. Then she looked back through her fingers bashfully.

“You still there?” She saw him type. She had no idea how to respond. “Sorry, that was probably too much.”

She quickly typed, “No, I was just surprised.” She was breathing heavy. She was standing and pacing again, not sure how to continue.

“Can we pretend I never sent that?” he typed.

She shook her head and sat back down. “It’s fine Adrian. It’s not like I haven’t seen one before.” Though it had been a decade, “Did you really get that by seeing me though?” She asked.

“Well, the smut helped too. You’re awesome at that by the way.” She blushed. “It read like one of my aunts novels though.”

She paused before asking, “You read your Aunts novels?”

“Well, sometimes she leaves them laying around. I don’t think she notices when I borrow them.” She hadn’t.

“Well, that is a high praise.” She responded.

“Huh.” She saw those three letters and waited. There was no other text. He was thinking.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” he continued. “Just a coincidence I guess.”

“What coincidence?”

“I just realized you look like someone I know.” She held her breath. “Like, a whole lot like someone I know.”

“Who?” She asked. Her heart beating in her ears. Was she going to be found out like this?

“My mom.” He said. She sighed in relief. “You are hotter than her though.”

“Sounds a bit creepy.” She played with him, “Didn’t you just show me how turned on I made you? And now you say I look like your mom?”

“I mean, you are different enough.” he continued. “Lol”

“Lol?” She asked.

“I just realized why you write so similar to those books.” he said. “My aunt has that same book that’s on your bed.”

She turned to the bed and recognized it. Bea was getting too close to getting caught.

“First your mom, then your aunt? Really?” She tried to deflect.

“Yea, sorry, I guess it’s not a sexy topic.” he said. “Hey,” he continued, güvenilir bahis siteleri “How did my pick make you feel though?”

She thought about it. She typed, “Excited.” Then quickly added, “But also confused.”

“So, I guess you don’t want to hear about what I am doing now with the pictures you sent me.”

She typed before she could think, “What are you doing with them?”

“Ha Ha, that didn’t take you long.” he responded.

“Just tell me.” Bea demanded.

“Well, let’s just say my pants aren’t so tight any more.” She gulped.

“So, I’m that hot am I?” She asked. “Even clothed?”

“Well, I have to work with what I’ve got.” He said.

She looked around, her hands touching down the inside of her own leg. This was crazy. How was she so turned on too? “Do you want more?” she asked.

“Hell yea!” Adrian responded.

“Like what?”

“How about a butt shot?”

She stood, turned, and took a picture, still careful to keep her face out of frame.

“Oh wow. Nice panties.” she hadn’t realized they were showing. “Can I see more?”

She lowered her jeans just a little bit. Then a bit more. Then she thought about it for a few moments more before bringing them halfway down. She took a picture of that.

“Jesus that’s beautiful!” She bit her lip as she pulled her jeans back up, but kept them loose and unbuttoned “What about the front?”

She might as well. She lifted her shirt up and revealed her bra.

“Bery goed.” She laughed. “I mean, Very good.”

“Typing getting tough?” She asked.

“Very. Not used to it with my left.”

She sucked on her teeth. She itched at her own clothes. “You promise not to send these to anyone?”

“Of course not!”

“And this is a secure channel?”

“Yep, just you and me here.”

“I know where you go to school! I will kill you if these get out!”

“I know! I know!”

She felt lightheaded and hot when she finally did it. She unbuckled her bra and lifted her shirt up. They were just breasts. Well, larger than most. By a lot actually. She posed, pressing them together.

“Oh my god!” She saw him type. “That is amazing!”

And that was it. That was the moment that she lost all control and resigned herself to this feeling.

Then she heard it. It was so soft she had not heard it before. She heard a swift slapping sound coming from the room down the hallway. She heard a growl so low that she would not have heard it unless she were expecting it. She heard a rhythmic squeak of Adrian’s chair.

She could not help it. With her breasts out she began to tear into her jeans and touch herself. The idea that he really liked her, that her body was so appealing it would force him to make such noises was so hot she could not resist.

“I’m typing left handed too now.” She admitted.

“Oh, an exhibitionist?” He responded.


“Is it because you are inside all the time?”

“Probably,” She silently gasped. She heard Adrian lightly moan from the other side of the wall and squeaked her own reply so soft she hoped he could not hear.

“Show me?”

She stood, turned, lowered her bottoms and took a picture of her bare ass, her fingers between her legs.

“Holy shit that’s hot.” He jerked himself to her image and she circled her clit. “More?”

She showed her front as she masturbated for him. It was everything from her shirt and bra bunched under her armpits to her panties and pants at her knees.

“Amazing.” He saw the writing she as she heard the tapping, slapping noise reach a crescendo. As she heard him nearing his peak she felt herself completely lose control. Her breathing was ragged. She could not stop from groaning. She chirped and squealed as she came with him, just thirty feet away.

She grabbed her pussy tight and yelped. Wave after wave of climax hit her over and over again. She closed her eyes shut and quaked, nearly falling out of her chair. She continued rocking her hand for another minute more before looking up at the text.

“I came.”

“Me too.”

“No way.” She spread her legs wide and took a picture of her sopping wet pussy and blushed body. “Oh my god.” he typed again. “You are going to make me hard again.”

She felt pride well up inside her, but responded, “You probably need to get to bed. You have school right?”

“I guess you are right”

“Same time tomorrow?”

“Of course!”

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