Oooh… Ch. 03

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Oohhh. What a way to wake up! Sooo nice!

They must have been very careful to put the handcuffs on without my noticing it — the blindfold can’t have been too difficult. What after the fucking he gave me last night, I must have slept like a newborn baby. I woke up when they put the ball gag into my mouth.

Oh — my bladder is full. I’d like to get up and pee, but they won’t let me, and I wouldn’t really want them to, either. I love lying on the bed stretched out and open to them, my pussy covered in last night’s cum, my nipples stiff and tender with the rings through them, and hands taking any liberty they like. One hand is softly tugging at the ring through the hood of my clitoris. I don’t know whose it is; they usually start very soft and tender.

I’m three months pregnant. I was afraid at first it might be Mary Louise’s, but Molineux said she can’t father (or is that mother in her case?) a child. Hermaphrodites usually can’t, it seems.

I had thought it would take my appetite for sex away completely. Some mistake! Phew, I’ve never felt more in the mood, and that really means something.

Molineux is very solicitous. I’m not allowed to do anything much, but he seems to love touching and cuddling me even more than usual, and we seldom go to sleep before he’s given me a good fucking.

And my labia feel funny all the time. I couldn’t really say in what way — it’s just a little weird, and very sexy!

Molineux is sooo sweet! He never could keep his hands off me much, but since I’m pregnant… Only at official occasions and during meals will he behave! Oh, and when we got married… He had chosen my underwear for that day and he knew what I looked like under my decent white dress, and Janine, my lady’s maid (not with a capital. I thought it looked better the other way…) had rouged up my nipples, and he kept looking at me, and I think he had an erection almost all day! You should have seen him once we were alone… or perhaps better not. But it was sooo sexy! I was sore for three days.

There is a tongue at my nipple. It’s flicking the ring through it back and forth, and drawing circles around it, and it’s making it quite wet with saliva. It feels really slick and sweet. I wish I could see whose it is — once they’re at it longer I will find out.

Oh! Now there is a finger touching the inside of my pussy, too, and another tickling my rosebud. Oooh, I wish they’d put it in, too — but they know too well how to get me all wet and willing and begging for it — and they love to hear me beg.

But as yet I can’t — not until they remove the gag, and all I can do now is bite it and clench my pussy muscles around the finger inside and push my chest out to get more of that tongue on my nipple. Please, please, please.

The tongue stops again, and it is replaced by two hands pulling my nipple rings, softly but without mercy. It makes me sooo hot! Oh, my pussy must be dripping; I can feel the top of my legs getting wet.

There is a tongue at my navel now, and it pushes the tip inside. I’d like to have a navel piercing — I must remember to ask Molineux. He’ll probably like it, too; he was so happy when I agreed to have my clit hood pierced!

Yes! xslot giriş The finger at my rosebud pushes its way inside! Oh, lovely! Please, go and move it — please, please — ahhh… good. Yes, that’s what I like. Yes!

They have stopped tugging at my clit ring with their fingers to replace them by a mouth. Oooh, even better! It sucks at my clit and makes it grow a little. I can feel it’s not its full size yet, but it does pulsate and I can feel my heartbeat between those lips. They must feel it too, I suppose. I don’t know for sure; I only sucked someone’s clit once and I can’t remember. Perhaps I can ask Janine to let me try? I’ll have to ask Molineux first.

The fingers at my left breast are replaced by a mouth again — I can feel the chin against my breast. It’s slightly raspy, so that must be Molineux, and the mouth on my clit is Mary Louise’s. Molineux can suck in such a way that makes me go all warm and weak inside. He is sooo sexy!

Mary Louise has taken her mouth off my clit. Oh — oh dear! Oooh! They’re putting the egg in my pussy — I can feel it pop in. They just let it sit there for some time — oh please, don’t switch it on –do switch it on — oh, I don’t know… It always make me shake and shiver when they play with me with it and make it vibrate inside me at any speed they think fit.

It works by remote control, and Molineux once used it on me when we were having dinner with his mother. I must have gone very red and sweaty for she asked if I was alright a couple of times.

If I was alright? Man, I was cumming so hard it took all I had not to squirm and sigh all through the meal. And Molineux just sat there smiling at me sweetly.

He took me to the bedroom straight after the meal. Oh, I really needed that. I’d gone so horny I almost ripped off his clothes. Wow, was I dripping! I think that was the time I got pregnant — we were at it all afternoon. Hmmm, that was really nice.

All the hands and mouths have stopped. They have turned on the remote; the egg in my pussy is buzzing softly. The vibrations run through my pussy and up to my clit. Oooh! I feel all swollen and bloated and I think they must be watching me squirm. Please! Please touch me again! Oh, if it weren’t for the gag —

There is something warm against my cheek. I know what it is, but I can’t feel whose. The skin of Mary Louise’s is slightly looser than Molineux’, but I have to have my lips around it first to find out. Blast that gag! I’d like to suck it in and taste it.

Oooh. I feel as if I were just a pussy, and two breasts and a lot of nerves — my whole body is tingling. I wish they would do something about it — I need them inside, and they’re just stalling. They know that the longer they wait, the wilder I’ll fuck them and the harder I’ll come. Please — don’t wait too long — please…

The go back to my clit and nipples. I can’t feel the hairs of a chin on my breasts any more so they must have changed places. Mary Louise is sucking my nipples really hard now alternating between them, and playing with my nipple rings with her tongue, and Molineux is all over my pussy with his tongue. He know exactly xslot how to drive me wild, and he loves it. They make the egg in my pussy vibrate harder too. Molineux is lapping up my juices — oooh, there it comes — I can always feel it — yes — oooh, they make me squirt all over his face. I know he likes it; it’s why he loves to torture me like this.

They let me lie for some time, until my orgasm has ebbed away completely. I’m still completely egged on, but the nerve ends are a bit more at rest. Phew! Aren’t they nasty — and don’t I love it!

Someone strokes my hair. Then the hands move behind the back of my head and undo the gag. They take it out of my mouth and I suck in the air. Hhhh… But not for long. They feed a cock into my mouth almost immediately. Good — I needed that. I can tell by the feel of the skin it’s Molineux; he loves my mouth around him and I’m going to give him my best blowjob yet. I’m so in love with him and he tastes sooo good — oh, I really love doing him nice. Please, please, come into my mouth more deeply! Yes — that’s it, baby!

Oooh! Mary Louise must have undone the restraints on my legs. I didn’t notice but I feel her lift my buns and squirting some oil in my crack. She works it into my little hole with het finger, and oils up my crack with her other hand. That feels sooo slick! I could come from the feeling alone, and I moan around Molineux’ cock.

He likes that, too, and he takes the back of my head in his hands and starts fucking my mouth. He knows how I like it — he never really makes me gag; he just makes me feel very sexy and desirable. Oooh, I love his cock in my mouth and down my throat. Come on, baby, give it to me good! Please!

Mary Louise has finished oiling my bottom. I feel the tip of her cock against my back door. Oh, yes, do come in! The head of her cock goes past my sphincter with a kind of pop, and she stops for a moment to make me adjust. Then she pushes in slowly. She sits on the bed on her knees, her lovely, soft long legs folded under mine, and she lifts my bottom to the right height for her. I can feel she’s wearing stockings, her legs are all smooth.

Oh, they’ve revved up the egg another notch. It’s vibrating like mad now, and Mary Louise must feel its vibrations through the thin membrane between my pussy and her cock. Wow! It can’t be longer than twenty minutes or so since I woke up, but I feel all turned inside out and upside down. What joy!

Mary Louise starts fucking my bottom. Oh please, give it to me hard — I give each stroke back to her as well as I can. But my hands are still in handcuffs and it’s a little hard to move.

I start humming round Molineux cock. I know he likes that, he always fuck me even harder when I do. Yes! Go for it! Please, do me good!

I want to make him cum so badly. I’m getting impatient for his cum on my tongue. He tastes sooo good, and it’s already over a day ago. Please Molineux, please Molineux, please Molineux… Aaah, finally! Here he cums! His first spurt comes on the down stroke and I can’t taste that, but he knows I love him on my tongue, and the other spurts come just where I want them. Oooh, sooo good!

Molineux goes limp and his cock slips out of my mouth. I sigh contentedly and smile, and say thank you to him.

Mary Louise suddenly pushes in as deep as she can and holds herself still. I can feel her contract; then she, too, empties her balls. I can feel my backside filled with her juices. And I slump down, feeling in seventh heaven.

Molineux undoes my handcuffs. He takes my hand and puts it on his cock. I stroke and squeeze him to make him hard again. I hear Mary Louise go into the bathroom, and she runs the tap. Good, she must be washing her cock — so she will want to fuck either my pussy or my mouth.

My ministrations seem to work out well; I can feel Molineux grow in my hand. I love the feeling of his cock getting hard and serviceable. I love what he can do with it even better — anything he can do with it. Yes.

I hear Mary Louise return to the bedroom. Molineux gets up, and for a very little time I’m alone on the bed. Then I feel someone lie down on it and I am helped up to a standing position. They’re Mary Louise’s hands. “Please,” she says. “Get down on your knees.”

I go down on my knees and I feel Molineux slide between my legs. He puts his cock against my rosebud; I’m still so slippery with the oil and Mary Louise’s cum that he slides into me like a knife through butter. Oooh, I love his cock inside me, and I know this means I’m going to be DP’d. Yes! I always like that sooo much, and they’re sooo sweet together!

Molineux has his arms around me. His hands are on my breasts and he pulls me into him. Then I feel Mary Louise move between my legs. She pulls out the egg, and it feels as if my pussy lips won’t close any more. But she quickly changes that feeling when she weighs herself down on me and pushes in. Sooo sweet! I really love Mary Louise, and not just because she’s Molineux’ sister.

Ahhh! At last I can really participate. As they ride me hard and fast I buck into them and squeeze their cocks, trying to feel all the sensations at once. They’ve both come already, and so they can last a long time. They do.

Oh please, give it to hard, I moan. I’m getting all sweaty and even hotter than before, and we’re all panting and Molineux is grunting and whispering sweet things to me, and I have one hand on Mary Louise’s beautiful breasts, and the other is holding Molineux’ hand. He’s twining his fingers through mine, and presses them.

Oh, Molineux! You don’t know how happy I am, with a lover like you and your lovely sister into the bargain at times.

I start cumming again, first just a little but them more and more and my orgasms seem to roll into one and I keep cumming and moaning and I try to tell the others to come with me but they are not there yet and I just keep cumming.

Molineux takes my head in his hands and kisses me, his tongue deep in my mouth. Then he releases me and I feel Mary Louise’s mouth on mine. Oh yes, Dear Mary Louise, kiss me please. Oh, I do love the both of you — and you’re sooo good to me!

Finally the two of them cum, only a little time after each other. Mary Louise lies down on top of me and rubs her face against mine, and Molineux bites my ear before he allows himself to let his head sink into the pillow.

I turn my head round and kiss his lips, and then I offer my lips to Mary Louise to do the same.

“Thank you very much, darlings,” I say. “What a great way to wake up!”

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