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It was close to 6pm on Friday evening in early April, and 46-year-old Marty Correnstock was relaxing lazily on the sofa in his house in an affluent Miami neighborhood. Marty was waiting for his 19-year-old son, Jay, to get home after the day of classes at the University of Miami. The boy should be home any moment now, and Marty was looking forward to a quiet dinner with his son.

Marty owned a successful landscaping business which he built from scratch over the period of 20 years. By now the company basically run itself, and Marty had quite a bit of free time on his hands. He could easily sell the company and retire, but he loved his business and was not ready for the life of indolence yet. Marty was a powerfully built man, standing at 6’02” high, with a massive muscular frame, and extremely thick thighs, neck and shoulders. He run 6 miles every morning, pumped iron three times a week at a gym, and his body was still in great shape. He weighed 205 pounds, all of it solid muscle, and was as strong as a horse. At 46 Marty still had a full head of spongy black hair, and his whole body was covered with a dense curly black fir. Marty had clean-shaven chin and cheeks, and sported an impressive wide mustache.

Jay was Marty’s only child. Jay’s mother, Marty’s ex-wife Karen, run off with some random guy she met at work when Jay was only five years old. Karen was already heavily pregnant with her lover’s child at the time of the divorce, and she moved to the West coast with her new husband soon thereafter. Karen insisted that Marty get full custody of Jay in their divorce agreement, and she gave up all the spousal support in return. Since then Marty was raising Jay as a single dad. Marty did not really miss Karen, as she was an indifferent and mostly absent spouse even while they were married. But he was still upset that she completely cut off contact with Jay. The boy could sure use some support from his mom, and he had at least one half-sibling somewhere out there, whom Jay never met. Still, Marty had to make the best of it, and he tried to be the best dad and mom for Jay while the kid was growing up.

Jay inherited little from his father in terms of physical appearance, and took mostly after his mother. Karen was a petite slender Asian woman, and Jay had slightly elongated almond-shaped dark brown eyes that he clearly got from her. Jay had a slim, almost skinny, body, with smooth deep golden skin. He had very little body hair and at 19 years of age still did not even need to shave. Jay did get from his dad a head of curly spongy black hair. Another thing that Jay got from his father was having good athletic abilities, although they manifested themselves differently. Jay has a strong, flexible, slender, agile body, and from fairly early age he got involved in swimming and gymnastics. He was on the swim team in high school and now in college as well, and also took up rock climbing. Standing at 5’06” tall and weighing about 130 pounds, Jay was strong, lean, and almost wiry. He was a studious although not particularly academically oriented student, and Marty was happy that Jay got into the University of Miami and continued to do well there. Marty was fiercely proud of his son and was determined to give Jay the best start in life that he could.

The father and the son were always close while Jay was growing up, including through the ordinarily different teenage years. Jay hero worshipped his manly butch dad and treated him with reverent respect. Marty knew that Jay had a particularly affectionate nature and craved physical contact and reassurance. This went somewhat against Marty’s own inclinations, and he found it difficult to overcome his own macho alpha male instincts. But about 3 months ago, shortly after Jay’s 19-th birthday, their relationship took an unexpected turn that brought them closer together and allowed Jay to receive the physical affection from his dad that he so much wanted and needed without Marty sacrificing his alpha dog persona. Now after 3 months of Marty administering Jay some very special daily training, they moved to quite a different level of closeness that Marty greatly enjoyed exploring.

Marty smiled as he thought back to those events, while slowly stroking his dick through the track pants, flipping the TV channels and waiting for Jay to arrive.

A car horn sounded, and Marty saw his son’s red pick-up truck pull into their driveway. Marty got Jay the truck as his 19-th birthday present, and the boy was still very much in love with the car. “I am spoiling the boy!” Marty thought nonchalantly, but he smiled knowing that he really did not mean it.

“Dad, I am home!” Jay shouted, opening the front door. As Jay walked into the house, he was accompanied by a stocky muscular brown-haired boy and a tall slim blond girl. Marty recognized the boy as Ron, one of Jay’s college buddies that Marty met a few times earlier while picking up Jay after classes. Marty assumed that the tall blonde was Tammy, a girl from one of Jay’s classes that he was constantly taking about for the last couple fixbet of weeks and on whom Jay seemed to have developed a strong crush.

“Hey kiddo, hope you had a good day!” said Marty, getting up to greet his son. Jay hugged his dad and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hey, dad, this is Ron, I think you remember him, right? And this is Tammy, my friend from school,” Jay explained.

“Good to see you again, Ron!” said Marty, shaking hands with the brown-haired boy. “And nice to meet you, Tammy!”

“Hi, Mr C, how is it hanging!” exclaimed Ron while shaking Marty’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Correnstock!” said Tammy shyly.

“Please, Tammy, call me Marty or Mr C! ‘Mr Correnstock’ makes me feel old!” laughed Marty.

“OK, Mr C,” Tammy smiled back.

“You guys are both freshmen, right?” Marty inquired.

“Yes, Sir, we are finishing the first year at the U of Miami, just like Jay. Tammy is still 18, and I had my 19-th birthday two weeks ago.” Ron confirmed.

“OK, Ron, Happy Birthday, even if belatedly so!” Marty laughed back. “Please take a seat guys and make yourselves comfortable.”

“Now, Jay, son, come here for a second,” Marty said pulling Jay to the side. “You know the rules, son, you are always supposed to call ahead if you are bringing company. You know that, right? Why didn’t you call me to say that Ron and Tammy were coming?”

“Sorry, dad, I was so super excited that Tammy agreed to visit that I just forgot! I wanted to show them the truck, the house, the pool, and …,” Jay’s voice trailed off. “I am really sorry, daddy!”

“Yes, son, I know you are. But rules are rules, we discussed that many times before. Now you’ll have to take your punishment, and Tammy and Ron are going to have to watch,” Marty replied sternly.

“But … No, dad, please! Not in front of Tammy and Ron!” Jay pleaded, large tears forming in his brown eyes.

“No buts, boy, you know the rules! Now means now! Get over here and assume position!” Marty ordered, his voice rising.

“Mr C, what’s going on?” asked Ron, with a worried expression on his face.

“Sorry guys, but Jay will need to take his punishment for breaking the house rules, before we can all have dinner. It should not take long, so please sit down and take a gander. I hope the show proves interesting,” Martin explained. Tammy and Ron sat down in comfy chairs opposite the sofa.

“Now, son, come here, get on your knees and get to work!” Marty commanded Jay.

“I am really sorry, guys, but you are going to have to watch this!” Jay told to his friends, his face blushing bright crimson, and tears still welling in his eyes.

Jay then leaned on his knees in from of his dad, who was sitting on the sofa. Jay pulled down Marty’s track pants and boxer shorts, exposing his father’s massive dick.

“Dude, what the hell?!” Ron cried out in shock. Tammy did not say anything but her mouth was also agape in surprise.

“Guys, as I said, Jay here is going to take his punishment now. Just sit back and watch,” Marty explained.

Jay took his father’s meat in his hands. Marty’s cock was impressively large even in its semi-erect state. Jay leaned forward and took about 4 inches of his father’s rod into his mouth and started sucking obediently.

“Yeah, boy, that’s it, put some work into it!” Marty encouraged.

Jay started sucking harder, making loud slurping noises. Marty’s dick quickly became fully hard under his son’s oral ministrations. Marty’s erect sausage was about 8” long, cut, and extremely thick, even chunky. Ron thought that he had never seen such a thick cock before. In it’s erect state, Marty’s man tool was noticeably curved up and to the right, and was crowned by a huge glistening cock-head that was even wider than the stalk. Below the huge fuck-stick there were two massive loose hanging hairy nuts, each the size of a good lemon.

Despite her shock, Tammy felt her pussy starting to tingle in her jeans. She licked her lips involuntarily.

As Jay continued to suckle on his father’s dick, the boy used his right hand to massage the shaft and his left hand to fondle his father’s massive testicles. Marty grunted appreciatively, and started caressing his son’s face, ears and hair.

“Yeah, kid, give you friends hear a good show!” Marty urged Jay on.

Marty then stood up from the sofa, while keeping his cock firmly lodged in his teenage son’s mouth. Jay continued sucking, his gaze now raised up, with his brown puppy eyes locked on his father’s grey ones. Marty held his boy’s head by the ears and started forcefully thrusting his huge man weapon into Jay’s warm wet mouth. Jay gagged a couple of times, but did not avert his gaze and did not let his dad’s cock out of his mouth.

“Mmmm-mmmph,” Jay moaned rhythmically while suckling on his progenitor’s member and laving the huge spongy glans with his deft tongue.

“Man, this is really hot!” Ron thought to himself, rubbing his dick through his pants. Ron had always thought fixbet giriş of himself at 100% straight, but he found the sight of Marty force-feeding his thick sausage to Ron’s slim athletic buddy unexpectedly arousing.

“Yeah, son, come on, boy, you can take more of it!” Marty continued to urge Jay on.

Obediently, Jay dove onto his dad’s fat 8-incher, deep throating almost the entire length and tugging on his father’s heavy testicles. That proved too much for Marty, and he exploded in his son’s mouth, sending several streams of hot sperm deep into Jay’s throat. Jay gagged but swallowed as much of this father’s seed as he could, with the rest spilling over on the boy’s cheeks and chin.

Jay pulled off from his dad’s still erect dick and licked it clean from the rest of Marty’s cum, also wiping his own face and licking his palm and fingers to get the spill over semen as well. Marty leaned forward, hugged Jay and planted a long wet kiss on his boy’s pink fresh lips.

“Yeah, boy, that was really nice! I know that you are not supposed to get snacks before dinner but in this case I think it is OK to make an exception!” Marty smiled at his son and at Jay’s two friends.

Somewhat uncertainly, Ron and Tammy smiled back. They greatly enjoyed the show, although both were still processing the information. Jay’s face retained a series expression. He knew that things were almost certainly far from over yet. He was correct.

“Now, Jay, son, you are still wearing it, right? You have not taken it out since the morning?” Marty asked Jay, looking stern again.

“Yes, daddy, I am still wearing it. Since 7:30am this morning,” Jay answered in a low voice.

“That’s a good boy! Now, lean over and let’s take it out!” Marty said.

“Please, dad, do we really have to do this now? I don’t want Tammy to see,” the boy pleaded.

“Now means now! Come on, boy, we haven’t gotten all day!” Marty ordered impatiently.

Jay knew better than continuing to argue. He quickly removed his t-shirt and jeans, standing there wearing only white socks and his ninja turtle briefs. Marty pulled his son on the sofa, laying Jay across his knees on his stomach. He slapped the boy’s butt a couple of times lightly and pulled down Jay’s briefs, exposing a hairless smooth butt. Jay’s ass was paler than there rest of his body but it still had a creamy golden complexion and bragged two compact bubbly firm globes. Ron, despite himself, felt his cock twitch and jump at the sight.

Marty slapped his son’s naked buttocks again and reached between them with his right hand. To the shock of Tammy and Ron, Marty proceeded to pull out from Jay’s crack a large shiny metal butt-plug. Jay whimpered lightly as the plug came out.

“Yeah, very nice!” Marty exclaimed, inspecting the plug approvingly. The shiny metal surface was covered in streaks of Jay’s brownish anal juices with a couple of visible specks of fecal matter.

Marty brought the plug to Jay’s lips.

“No, daddy, please, no!!” the boy begged.

“Come on, now, open wide and clean it properly!” Marty commanded, with a hint of anger in his voice.

Jay opened his mouth obediently and closed his moist pink lips around the plug, suckling on it gently.

“Oh, fuck!” Ron thought to himself, rubbing his dick hard through his jeans. Tammy was now rubbing her crotch through her pants too.

“Yeah, boy, clean it up good!” Marty enthused, massaging his son’s juicy butt and stroking the small of his back.

Marty took the plug out of his son’s mouth and inspected it again.

“Yes, very nice, good job, my boy!” Marty said approvingly.

He then stood up from the sofa and flipped Jay on his back, with the boy’s privates now fully exposed. Jay blushed but knew better than to try to cover himself. Both Ron and Tammy stood up and moved in for a closer view. Marty pulled Jay’s hands above his head and spread the boy’s legs wider apart. He then gave Jay’s cock and testicles a couple of quick tugs.

Jay’s uncut cock was still soft. It was darker than the rest of his body, at about 3.5” in its soft state, hugged below by a small compact dark brown ballsack. Jay’s genital area was shaved completely clean, with no hair anywhere. His strong slim lean legs were covered by creamy smooth hairless golden skin, that got darker again on his knee-caps. Tammy’s mouth watered as she looked over the boy’s young sexy naked exposed body, feasting her eyes on his strong limber frame, flat nicely muscled tummy and broad smooth chest crowned by a pair of tiny dark brown nipples.

“Shit!” Ron thought to himself, “I have never wanted to mess up with a guy before, but I could definitely enjoy a piece of that!”

In the meantime, Marty reached under the sofa and pulled out a large flat cardboard box. He opened the box and pulled a couple of small plastic pink clothespins, which he proceeded to clamp around each of Jay’s nipples. Jay moaned softly but did not say anything.

Marty reached into the box again and pulled out a large blue plastic dildo, about 7” long, with an arrow-shaped head. Marty pushed a button at the base of the dildo and it started vibrating with a loud buzzing noise.

“OK, great, the batteries are still good!” Marty exclaimed. He got a bottle of lube from the box, smeared the lube generously on the surface of the vibrator and spread some around his son’s anus as well.

“OK, Ron, and Tammy, I need your help now,” Marty said. “Please come here and hold his legs up and apart.”

Ron and Tammy were now engrossed in the proceedings and they complied quickly, without comment. Ron stood behind the sofa and held up his buddy’s left leg, by the calf and the ankle. Tammy stood on the other side and did the same with Jay’s right leg. Tammy removed Jay’s white sock from his left foot, and Ron followed suit with the boy’s left foot.

“Come on guys, spread his legs wider!” Marty urged. Tammy and Ron complied, opening Jay wide up.

Marty settled on the sofa next to his son’s raised up and fully exposed ass. The boy’s neat dark pink ass pucker was expanding and contracting in anticipation. Marty placed the head of the dildo at his son’s anal entrance and pushed in steadily. Jay’s rear end was by now well used to such intrusions, and the dildo went in easily, eliciting only a slight grimace of pain from the kid. Marty kept pushing and massaging his son’s balls. In less than 30 seconds he worked the entire 7” length of the dildo, to the hilt, in Jay’s ass. Marty then pressed the start button and the toy started vibrating loudly inside Jay’s rectum. The 19-year-old moaned softly and wiggled his buttocks, adjusting to the invasion. Jay’s dark brown cock was still mostly soft, but it now started jumping up a bit as the vibrator was working its magic inside. Marty grabbed the base of the vibrating dildo and started moving it rhythmically in and out of his son’s ass, while continuing to massage the boy’s velvety nut-sack. Marty looked at Tammy and smiled invitingly, making a nod towards Jay’s crotch.

Tammy, with a lustful look on her face, slowly reached down with her left had and started fondling Jay’s cute boy member. She played with the loose foreskin, teased the dark purple glans with her fingertips, and then started to slowly jack off Jay’s shaft. The boy moaned louder and his dick started to harden quickly.

“Shit, oh, fuck!” Ron breathed out, feeling his own erection straining up in his pants. Ron unbuckled his jeans, let them drop below his knees, pulled out his semi-erect meat and started slowly beating it off with his right hand, while using his left hand to hold up Jay’s leg.

Marty smiled, happy to see that Jay’s friends got involved in the action. Jay’s eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily.

“Come on, Jay, son, open your eyes, boy, no time to hide from the world now!” Marty chuckled.

Obediently, Jay complied with his father’s order and looked down at the action. His eyes were still glistening with tears and had the look of hurt, shame and vulnerability. This was not how Jay had wanted to get it on with Tammy! But Jay was now fully under his dad’s control and was determined to persevere to the end without complaint.

Jay’s dick now was fully hard and leaking profusely. Tammy inspected the pulsating boy toy she was holding more closely. In its fully erect state Jay’s boy pistol was about 6.5” long, very slender and straight, with the elegant elongated cock-head only slightly wider than the main shaft itself. “Wow, very pretty!” Tammy thought as she continued jacking the brown velvety cock, enjoying the warmth and the silky smoothness of its skin. Jay started buckling his hips, thrusting his boyhood harder into Tammy’s palm, and desperately wanting to cum.

His dad realized what was happening. Marty definitely did not want Jay to cum yet, and he changed gears.

He pulled the vibrator from his boy’s ass and gently pushed away Ron and Tammy’s hands.

Suddenly the ringing of the doorbell interrupted their activities.

“Hold on, guys, I’ll see who that is,” said Marty. He threw on a robe that was lying on the floor by the sofa, and went to open the door. It was Lu, their Chinese cleaning lady, and she came to collect her monthly fee. Lu was a 70-something tiny old woman who spoke only a few words of English. But she was industrious, diligent and did a great job cleaning the big house. Marty was often thanking heavens that he was able to find and hire her.

“Come in, Lu, come in!” said Marty invitingly. “Please join us in the living room. I think you will enjoy the show too.”

Lu walked into the living room with Marty and took in the unusual scene. She arched her brow and looked at Marty questioningly.

“What this?” Lu asked.

“See, Lu, my boy Jay here has misbehaved and he is getting his punishment. Please enjoy the view and watch,” Marty explained while shacking down the robe.

Lu walked to the sofa where Jay’s outstretched naked teen body was lying on full display.

“Ooo, pretty!” Lu cooed. “Nice boy, nice boy! He look like my grandson,” she continued while groping Jay’s privates with her wizened hand. She pulled back Jay’s foreskin and scooped a bit of his pre-cum with her fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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