Open Wide

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Pat felt the anxiety growing in his gut as he walked slowly along the low lit corridor, leading to suite 315. He was trying to prolong his arrival as long as possible.

At the sweet age of thirty three, he was still apprehensive about dental appointments.

Creeping along he thought he smelled the all too familiar scent of alcohol and antiseptics. Looking up, sure enough, the bold numbers 3 1 5 were displayed in large tiles on the door.

Pat reached for the handle as his hand shook uncontrollably. He laughed inside at what his buddies would think of him if they could see him now, trembling at the thought of sitting in a hard, cold dental chair with his mouth gaping wide open, at the mercy of some fanatical dentist.

Pat’s mind always went wild during his dental appointments, why should today be any different?

Gripping the door handle, taking a last deep breathe, Pat slowly pushed his way inside.

“Hello there,” sounded angelically beyond the frosted window at the counter.

“Was that a recording, triggered to go off when the door opens?” Pat thought with an audible laugh as he walked to the counter to check-in.

“I hope you’re not laughing at me.” The cute little assistant said softly, rising to her feet.

A big smile flushed over Pat’s face as he answered, “Oh no…not at you. Your hello there sounded like a recording was all.”

Pat couldn’t believe he just said that.

“Oh, it’s all right. You’re not the first patient to say that.” She offered with a giggle. “It’s 3 o’clock. You must be Patrick Gibbons.”

“Yep. Sure am.” Pat answered as his eyes surveyed the girl’s small frame while she gathered papers together, affixing them to a clipboard. “Got a name?” he asked as she handed him the board.

“It’s Sydney,” she answered with a blush, brushing her long blonde hair back over her left shoulder.

“Pretty name.” Pat smiled, taking the paperwork and turning to find a seat.

“If you’d just fill those out completely and bring them back to me when you are finished, I’ll bring you in then,” she said with a wink.

Pat’s mind was wandering as he tried to concentrate on the questions he was supposed to answer. He could hear Sydney’s voice as she answered the telephone. She sounded like an angel. Pat knew he would be in good hands today!

When Sydney finished her telephone conversation she rose from her desk and walked out of bursa escort view. Pat was hurriedly answering the questions, scribbling his responses. He was so intent he hadn’t noticed the door had opened and Sydney was standing beside him.

“All finished?” Her voice sounded.

Pat jumped with a start as his face flushed.

“It’s all right Patrick. Trust me. I’ll take good care of you. I promise.” She added taking the clipboard from him.

“You can call me Pat if you want, all my friends do.” Pat said, standing up.

“If you wish.” Sydney answered. “Want to follow me?” She added, leading the way through the waiting room, into the office and into the first operatory.

“Nice office.” Pat commented for lack of something better to say.

He was watching her cute little ass swaying from side to side as she walked but he certainly didn’t want to comment on that!

Sydney stopped in the doorway of the examining room, motioning for Pat to come inside.

As Pat walked in, he brushed against Sydney’s ample breast. A lone tingle raced through his body as his thoughts went wild.

Suddenly he envisioned this little angel, topless, working over him. Those big, beautiful breasts were waving across his chest as she placed those little cardboards in his mouth to take x-rays of his teeth. Her nipples were dark and full and erect. He felt the strain in his groin as his member began to swell with excitement.

“Go ahead and have a seat,” Sydney said, startling him from his thoughts.

Pat sat down in the chair as she lowered the arm, confining him in place.

Smiling, Sydney walked to the counter to get a bib. She looked back over her should to see Pat adjusting in the chair. Her mind was also reeling.

Pat was a handsome guy with a bald head and a neatly trimmed goatee. He was dressed casually in a sports team t-shirt and blue jeans. It was the bulge in his jeans that caught Sydney’s attention when he took his seat.

With a clipped bib in hand she came around to the side of the chair. Draping the paper across Pat’s chest she fastened the far end with the clip.

“There you go,” she said sweetly, stepping back to observe her handiwork.

“Thanks,” Pat said lowering his hands to his lap, trying to cover the growing bulge in his groin.

“The Doctor should be here in a minute to have a look, then I’ll be back to take some x-rays.” Sydney bursa escort bayan said as she left the room.

Pat sat in silent agony. His mind was racing. His groin was aching. His hands were sweating as he closed his eyes. Images of Sydney, naked and wanton flooded his thoughts as he settled into the comfortable darkness of the contoured chair.

“Good afternoon Mr. Gibbons,” came a sultry voice from beside him.

“Am I dreaming?” Pat thought as he tried to open his eyes.

Suddenly, a soft hand was pressing gently into his right shoulder.

“Relax, Mr. Gibbons. I won’t bite you. You can open your eyes.”

Pat opened his eyes to find Sydney perched on a stool beside him.

“You’re the Dentist too?” he asked confused.

“Well, my practice is fairly new and I can’t afford office help yet,” she answered with a blush. “This isn’t a problem is it?”

“Not at all,” Pat answered with a smile.

His thoughts were really racing now. He had Sydney all to himself!

“Well then. Open wide and give me a look here.” She ordered softly, bringing her delicate hands to his face.

Sydney leaned into Pat as she peered into his open mouth. He could feel her left breast lodged against his right shoulder. Consciously he adjusted in his seat, trying to get a better feel.

“That doesn’t hurt, does it?” She asked, pulling back, removing her explorer and mirror from his mouth for him to answer.

“Not at all, Doc.”

Sydney resumed her position, nestling her breast into Pat’s shoulder.

A low groan escaped his mouth as his groin began to pulse.

“You have beautiful teeth Patrick,” Sydney complimented, withdrawing her instruments from his mouth. Pushing her stool back she added. “I would like to give you a good cleaning though.”

Pat wanted to scream, “yes”… He wanted to feel her body close to his. At this point he didn’t care what she did to him!

“Sure, Doc. Go right ahead.” Pat answered, looking over to her, seeing her face turn a bright red as he said the word ‘ahead’.

“Hmmmm.. What could she be thinking?” Pat thought. He knew he was certainly attracted to her.

Sydney stood and sauntered to the back counter to get instruments while Pat watched her every move. She walked so gracefully, her hem rising up those shapely legs with every step.

“Do you have a sensitive mouth Patrick?” Sydney asked bursa bayan escort in that sultry voice.

Pat was squirming in his seat. He’d love to show her how sensitive his mouth is!

“Why do you ask?” blurted from his lips.

“I just need to know how firm of a touch I need to use,” she answered professionally.

“I can take anything you want to give me, Doc,” Pat answered without thinking.

“Is that right?”

Sydney was returning with a tray of instruments in her hands. Her dress looked as though another button had come unfastened, exposing even more of her voluptuous cleavage.

She sat down on her stool. To Pat’s surprise she spread her legs wide open, rolling her stool closer to him, coming to straddle his chair.

Pat gulped, trying to contain his excitement and the urge to stare at her open thighs.

“Open wide for me Patrick… “

Pat closed his eyes and opened his mouth, anticipating the feel of cold steel against his teeth; instead he felt a warm hand moving gently up his leg! He dared not open his eyes…

Nimble fingers were soon unzipping his fly as he jerked in his seat.

“Relax Patrick… relax….”

His mind was reeling. This was his lucky day!

A coldness washed over him as his cock was released from his jeans.

“Oh Sydney…” he gasped as a warm mouth engulfed his swollen tool.

Suddenly he felt weight across his extended legs. Sydney was draped over his legs, pinning him to the chair. He felt her heaving breasts crushing into his quivering thighs. She was nursing on his rod, grinding her melons between his legs…

“Mmmmm,” she moaned with her mouth full of man meat.

Her sweet vibrating hum was driving poor Pat crazy as he struggled beneath her weight, trying to get into a more manageable position.

“Oh Sydney,” Pat moaned as she deep-throated his swollen tool.

Sydney was sucking and licking as if there would be no tomorrow… her talented fingers were wrapped around Pat’s throbbing shaft, working up and down as his rod was being drawn in and out of her warm, moist mouth.

“Oh baby… I’m about ready to explode,” Pat groaned as she continued to work her magic.

Pulling away from his groin Sydney whispered, “Cum for me baby. I know you’re ready.”

Without hesitation Pat exploded inside Sydney’s smacking lips. She swallowed and sucked like a real Pro.

Spent and totally drained, Pat melded into the chair.

With a smile on her face, Sydney carefully tucked Pat’s spent, member back into his jeans, rolled off him and primped before settling back onto her stool.

“I believe you are ready for your cleaning now Mr. Gibbons. Open Wide.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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