Open Window

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I turned my head and said “That’s the third time she’s been past.” Mistress Sheena smiled enigmatically and commanded me to continue. With both hands on one breast, I raised the nipple to my mouth and with my long, studded tongue traced around it, then sucked it into my mouth. I caught the eye of the woman below….held it and moved one hand to my naked cunt, pushing a finger deep inside.

Mistress Sheena beckoned me to retreat from the window. “Who is she? Do you recognise her?” I certainly did. She is a professor at the college I attend, a woman of about 35, bespectacled, serious and a closet case if ever I’d seen one. She lives in the women’s apartment complex here on campus, a floor above me. We’d passed in the halls a number of times and I had noticed she had stopped, turned and watched me move, on more than one occasion. That heightened my exhibitionist sensibilities. The last time it happened I had just returned from a swim and had nothing on under my sarong. I had dropped it at her feet, and she had handed it back to me, appraising my tits whilst she did.

“She is entering the building” my Mistress said “Go to her. Bring her here. Here – wear this. Show her what a slut you are!” Mistress Sheena tossed me a pair of tight black glossy plastic shorts and a halter bra which had half-moon cups which left my nipples exposed. It did however push up my tits to make them appear larger than the 32B size they are. The shorts were so tight and skimpy they cut into my ass and cunt, leaving the cheeks and my full, fleshy, plump labia lips exposed.

A few minutes later I returned, my sugar cup full. “She will be a moment or two” I reported. “She is following behind.” My behind, I hope, I thought.

“Very well, remove your shorts and lean over by the window. Rest your hands on the sill, and stick out your ass. Look out the window”, I was told. I obeyed, and a few moments later found myself being paddled on my firm, taut, athletic butt. I yelped. I wriggled my ass some more. It was stinging, and feeling very, very good. I heard a gasp, an intake of breath behind me and knew she had arrived. I continued to stare ahead, out the window, watching the curtain twitch in the apartment Eryaman Rus Escort opposite. Whack, I felt the paddle once more, but the style was somewhat different. I glanced over my shoulder to see that she had replaced Mistress Sheena as my tormentor. Juice started to flow down the inside of my legs.

She was wearing a beige sweater set, a pair of beautifully tailored pants in a slightly darker hue, her auburn hair was fixed in a chignon, her makeup perfect. On her feet she wore low-heeled pumps, not needing any heel to add to her 6 foot in height. She towered over me…leaning forward as I was my slight, boyish 5′ 2″ frame was diminutive. I am lean, like a boy (except for those fleshy love flaps), sporty, a tomboi / leaning butch. My hair is almost non-existent, thanks to my weekly

, and I have piercings and tatts in various places.

Mistress Sheena continued to stand to one side. She and I had met on-line. She had grilled me as to my suitability, had asked me to prove my exhibitionism before she would deign to dominate me. After several rigorous inquisitions in which I had to provide her with a full sexual history, undertake personality assessments and even consent to a graphology (handwriting) analysis, she had tested my credibility by insisting that my then girlfriend and I fuck publicly, without my g/f knowing my intentions.

She had dictated my wardrobe (she wasn’t at all interested in my g/f) – I was to wear a short plastic coat and nothing underneath. NOTHING! She sent us tickets to the movie ‘Bound’, showing in a retrospective viewing at an art house cinema near campus. She was quite explicit. During the first half hour I was to fondle myself, making myself cum – noiselessly. As soon as I had cum (I assured her I would, and she deduced from the inquisitions that I would) I was to undo the coat and mount my g/fs girlcock. I had told her my g/f always packed when we went out. I was to sit on her cock, which I would release from her zippered trouser-clad crotch, and rock and bounce to orgasm and to scream at my own release. Whilst my g/f was never to know I had been put up to this, she, Mistress Sincan Rus Escort Sheena, would be watching from her vantage point and assessing me.

I must have passed, because that night I had an email instructing me to stay home that night – she would arrive at 10pm, which she did, on the stroke of the hour. She cannot abide lack of punctuality. She said I would never be allowed to see her anywhere else, and she would rarely touch me herself. She would procure for me, direct me, and see that my exhibitionism was fully deployed to my satisfaction. What was in it for her, I asked? She assured me it paid off for her too, but would not be more specific.

All these memories filled my mind in the moments between the first WHACK of the paddle from The Professor and the second….and third. My assailant then ran one hand along my naked spine, lingered on my neck and rubbed slowly across my shaved nape and head – the feeling of her hand on my bristles caused droplets of cunt juice to ooze from my centre. I felt her stiffen and stop; her hand froze on my nape. “My God” she exclaimed “The curtains are open still…”

Mistress Sheena moved towards the window, and pulled the curtains yet wider open. “Yes!” she commanded. ” You are to fuck in open view”.

The Professor stepped back. “I-I-I can’t” she demurred. “It would mean my job if I am seen.” She turned as if to go.

Mistress Sheena allowed her to step back from the open window into the centre of the room. “I don’t think so, dear lady. This is what you want, this is the fulfillment of your inner-most desires and passions and fantasies. This is your core! Denial will bring certain curtailment of your essence. Step back towards your desire.”

With these words, The Professor fell completely under the spell of Mistress Sheena. She removed the pins from her maidenly bun, and allowed her auburn locks to tumble past her shoulders. Mistress Sheena indicated to me that I was to proceed. I reached out my hand for The Professor, pulling her gently to centre-stage, in front of the open window. I unbuttoned her sweater and removed it, tossing it from the window. Etlik Rus Escort

I did the same with her bra. I sat on the sill, and began to suckle the perfect, rounded and firm breasts. Her nipples hardened in my mouth, swelling to the insistent touch of my tongue. I swept my tongue over, and all around the hard, nobbly buds in turn. I found their centre and pressed down with my tongue stud…then dragged my tongue around their perimeter, then sucking hard and long on each nipple, then pushing her breasts together as close as possible, taking both nips into my mouth and drawing the nips out as long as possible in a gummy, sucking movement. I could feel the balmy air on my back. I looked up to see her staring ahead, out the window momentarily, before arching her neck and letting out a low moan of utter pleasure.

I moved my hands to her trousers and unbuttoned and unzipped the side opening. My hands smoothed them down over her hips and down her legs, and she stepped out of them. She stood before me in a g-string. I clasped her bare ass cheeks and kneaded them. She stood 10 inches taller than me, so she could both watch and be seen clearly through the window. I returned to her delicious breasts, feasting on them, burying my face between them, as one hand plunged behind the small triangular slip of fabric covering her pussy. I hooked fingers around her mound and allowed them to begin to explore her lips and wet, slippery slit. She was beginning to pant and moan like a bitch on heat.

As I thrust two fingers deep inside her wetness, she began to ride my fingers, fucking them as might a bucking beast. She was completely lost in her own pleasure, shouting “Fuck me, harder, deeper…” I complied, increasing the number of fingers inside her to three, and using my other hand to remove the g and start to trace her ass crack. “Oh my god” she shouted…”yes, yes, yes, my ass too!” Her words would be carrying fully beyond the window and out to the street and buildings yon.

“Oh, yes!” she shouted “Oh, yes!” “YES YES YES” she shuddered and shouted her cumming, and at the moment she gripped my fingers in her cunt with her spasms, I thrust one finger into her arse – a few millimetres, then past the resistance to the second knuckle. She laughed and cried simultaneously and I caught her – just – as she swooned forward…

I knew now I had not been failed by Mistress Sheena. The vetting process had been worthwhile. I could hardly wait until my girlfriend came home in about half an hour. This would be the best birthday eve she had ever spent!

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