Opportunity Knocks Dance Club

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“Nina, what do you think of this color?” Kat says brandishing a sparkly pink blouse.

Nina, dark as Kat is fair, turns and looks at the blouse her friend is indicating. “Oh Kat, that will look great on you!” Nina replies.

The two friends are shopping for their night on the town. They have been working lots of extra hours lately, and have greatly looked forward to this excursion. They have lived and worked together for the past few years. They will be dropping into their favorite hot spot, the “Opportunity Knocks” lounge.

Two hours later, both looking hot and sexy, Nina in red and black and Kat in pink and gold they arrive at “Opportunity Knocks”. It is ten o’clock and the club is quite busy, dark and alive with people and music.

“Come on Kat, let’s find some cool guys, I’m horny!” Nina exclaims. She takes Kat’s hand, both of them giggling, make their way to the dance floor. After a bit of dancing together, Nina notices a dark haired guy watching them.

“How about him Kat?” she asks.

Kat looks. “Oh yeah, he is cute for you. I’ll keep looking.”

Nina makes her way over to the guy and whispers in his ear, soon Kat sees them dancing.

Kat decides to grab another drink before looking any more. Drink in hand she stops and watches Nina dancing with the hot young guy.

‘Mmmm, Nina got herself a nice one,’ she thinks. She watches him as he dances confidently with his hand on Nina’s arm. She surveys the club, but doesn’t notice anyone promising.

While Nina and the hot guy dance, he looks over at Kat. “Is she your friend?” he asks.

“Yes, Christian, my best friend for years.”

“Wow you both are so fine …” he exclaims. “Why don’t you ask her to dance with us?”

Nina looks over at Kat, thinking of a time two years ago. A time when Kat was scared and needed comforting. Her mother was very ill, and Nina was there for her. One night, the comforting had crossed over into a sexual encounter. Nina knows that Kat enjoyed it, but she has been unable to engage her again in this way. She wonders if this would be the way … She looks dead on at Kat and beckons her to come to them.

Kat sees this. Her stomach is queasy she to remembers that night, she also has yearned to be close to Nina again in that way, but her upbringing has kept her from it. The drink has given her some courage. She sees the hot guy, yes … but it is Nina’s eyes that fill her mind. She feels the steps her feet take, not quite believing, but she knows what she craves. Reaching them she takes Nina’s hand. Nina looks into her eyes.

“This is Christian, an old friend from school,” she says.

Kat looks at him. “Hello,” she says smiling.

“Hi,” the hot young guy answers.

He reaches for Kat’s other hand, they have formed an intimate little circle now. They dance, and laugh, and talk, slowly getting to know each other, flirting with their words and movements. They dance through several more songs, speaking loudly to each other over the music and flirting, with a touch here, a look there.

Mostly, Kat flirts with Christian but she takes furtive glances now and then at Nina, thinking back to two years past. Nina, ever confident, obviously flirts with both Christian and Kat. Kat pretends not to notice. Christian is overjoyed at his luck of apparently scoring with two hot women.

A slow song comes on, Christian gathers both women in close and claps his hand behind their backs, his fingertips dangle, patting lightly at the top of their shapely behinds. Nina leans in close and speaks to Kat, looking directly in her eyes. Kat is very wide eyed, she is nervous but ecstatic at being so close to Nina. Christian begins to nibble on the side of Nina’s neck, which feels good and flirty to her, while Kat is mesmerized by Nina’s good looks and listens to her intently.

Nina takes the opportunity to sweep in and kiss her. Initially, Kat returns the kiss, but becomes self-conscious and turns and runs from the dance floor.

“Kat,” Nina shouts as she too leaves the dance floor. Kat grabs her jacket and runs out the exit. “Kat wait,” Nina calls after her, Christian following at her heels. They all leave the club.

Nina catches up with Kat and grabbing her elbow speaks softly, “What’s wrong honey?” She looks into her eyes.

Kat looks back a little teary eyed. “Nina I’m attracted to you …” her voice trails off.

“I know; that’s a good thing …” Nina replies.

“But, Nina, that’s not who my mother raised me to be, it’s not the natural way!” Kat exclaims.

“Honey it is you, it is natural, there Betturkey is nothing wrong with it!” Nina replies.

Christian runs up out of breath, he catches the end of their conversation. “Kat you are beautiful, and so is Nina …what could be wrong with you loving each other?” he says. He takes Kat in his arms and kisses her eyelids, tasting her sweet salty tears.

“Let’s go home Kat,” Nina says, she looks at Christian. “Do you want to come?” she asks.

“You bet I do,” he replies smiling. They all climb into Nina’s car, every one of them thinking differently about the evening. Nina is so excited at the prospect of being with Kat, she tells herself to keep her mind on the driving. Christian is filled with a golden glow of anticipation, visions of the two vibrant women filling his mind. Kat is now recovered from her tearful apprehension, she knows that Nina is what she wants.

They arrive at the house, Nina shows Christian around a little while Kat pours some red wine. When Nina and Christian return, they all sit down together on the leather couch, slowly sipping the red wine, feeling their inhibitions melting away. Christian, a bit overly excited, looks at both beautiful women and when they pause in drinking he takes their glasses. He places the glasses on the coffee table and putting an arm around each girl, he pulls them in close. He looks alternately at one, then the other, kisses one, then the other. Each girl watches as her friend is tenderly kissed by Christian. Christian draws back from kissing Kat and stares intently at Nina, giving her a knowing look.

Nina looks at him pointedly, then turns and kisses Kat quickly. Kat wasn’t quite expecting this yet, but she yields to Nina’s embrace, her heart quickening. Nina stops, “Is this ok Kat, are you sure?” she asks her.

Kat looks into Nina’s eyes somewhat shyly, nodding and turning her head away.

“Kat, you have to be sure,” Nina says.

Kat looks at Nina more directly now, and answers, “Yes, I am sure.”

This time she doesn’t look away. Nina smiles. She leans in close to Kat again, kissing her softly several times in a row. This time Kat hungrily and quickly goes for Nina’s lips over and over. This time it is she who grabs and clings to Nina kissing her more forcefully.

Christian, not one to be left out, holds firm to their waists and kisses each of the women’s necks, in turn. All three young people become excited very quickly. Nina reaches up under Kat’s shirt and runs her fingertips over Kat’s soft pink nipples, Kat gasps. Christian follows suit and rolls Nina’s brown nipples between his thumb and index finger.

Hearing Nina’s breath quicken, he stops and begins to lift her shirt up over her head. She offers no resistance, once her breasts are bare she turns back to Kat and lifts her blouse away. Nina looks pointedly at Kat, still checking to make sure she hasn’t changed her mind about all of it …

Kat looks very calm and ready for what is to come. Nina takes Kat and Christian both, by the hand and leads them to her room. It is a large room with a four poster bed draped in gauze, encircling it in an intimate tent. They each step up on the bed in turn. Christian looks at Nina as he takes Kat’s hand, Nina does the same. They both guide her down onto her back, and then lay next to her. Each begins to kiss her, her mouth, neck, collar bone and trail downwards to her creamy white breasts. Christian softly caresses Kat’s breast with his fingertips, circling towards the nipple. Nina watches and mirrors his actions on the opposite breast. Kat is so very excited, nothing like this has ever happened to her before. She almost jumps when she feels twin mouths warm upon her nipples … She feels a tingling in her pussy, and she knows she is very wet. Christian and Nina both keep licking, and suckling at Kat for a while.

Then Christian says, “Kat, let’s play with Nina now.”

Kat and Nina change places. Kat suckles Nina’s brown nipples while Christian trails his mouth down Nina’s body, kissing here and there followed by hot breath. Reaching her waist, he tenderly removes her skirt. He gazes at her black lace panties, taking in the sexy view, but not for long … he quickly dispenses with those. Christian begins to lick and stroke Nina’s pussy. She begins to moan in response to that and Kat’s attention to her nipples. Christian stops and returns to her mouth, Nina implores him, “Why are you stopping?”

“I want to fuck you Nina,” Christian says.

Nina smiles she is acquainted with Christian’s fucking. She softly pushes Kat away, and Betturkey Giriş rises up to her hands and knees. Christian hurriedly shucks his pants and briefs. His cock is at a proud right angle, both girls’ eyes grow wide at the sight. Christian positions himself behind Nina.

Nina calls Kat to her. “Sit in front of me Kat,” she says.

Kat does as asked. Nina reaches for her and draws her closer. She begins to suckle Kat’s pink nipples.

Nina gasps as Christian grabs her hips, draws her towards him and positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She fights to keep from biting Kat as Christian plunges deep into her wet pussy. Nina begins to breathe heavily, with Christian’s expert stroke work, yet she controls her mouth on Kat’s breasts.

In an excited breathy voice she tells Kat to kneel. Kat draws up to her knees. “Take off your clothes Kat,” Nina says firmly.

Kat does as she is told. First goes the gold skirt, followed quickly by the pink lace panties, revealing her pretty blonde pussy.

Nina begins to lick Kat’s pussy with an experienced tongue. Kat moans with a high pitch. Kat remembers this from two years previous, it has been a long wait. She wonders now, why she had a hard time with the thought of being with Nina again. She throws her head back, her eyes roll back. ‘Nina really knows what she is doing,’ she thinks. Nina expertly flicks her tongue with light movements over Kat’s little pink button; every so often she stops and licks up between Kat’s labia. Nina then pumps her tongue in and out of Kat’s pussy. Kat can hardly contain herself.

Christian, meanwhile, steps up his pounding of Nina’s pussy. Nina begins to moan quite loudly into Kat’s pussy. Kat begins to orgasm from the feel of Nina’s hot breath on her; her own breathing is explosive and deep as she comes. Nina stops her ministrations on Kat, as she is seconds from coming and cannot control herself any longer.

Christian pumps like a machine; he has great control. ‘In, out, in out, in, out,’ he thinks. He pushes, pounds, slams and smashes up against Nina’s tight little pussy. His balls whack at her dark mound and she shivers. He continues on, he feels his cum building with pressure, getting ready to release, still he pounds on. Nina’s lithe little body is shaken and she shudders to orgasm. With three or four last big pushes and plunges, deep into Nina Christian comes. Falling forward onto her, he exhales loudly.

The three friends huddle in a warm, sweaty, sex fragrant ball of flesh, exhausted and spent there on the four poster … They all steal glances at each other, smiling coyly in the warm afterglow of post sex bliss.

Kat awakes the next morning alone in the bed, sun streaming in the window.

“Where are they?” she wonders to herself. Padding into the kitchen she smells eggs and toast.

Nina, looking gorgeous as ever is scooping eggs onto a plate. “Oh, hello sweety,” Nina says.

“Where is Christian?” Kat asks.

“Oh, he had to go to work early. We didn’t want to wake you , you looked so peaceful!”

“Ok,” says Kat.

“Let’s have some breakfast,” Nina says. Kat sits down and begins to eat, looking up she sees Nina staring at her. Nina says, “You don’t regret last night do you?”

In response, Kat looks deep into Nina’s eyes, then kisses her softly on the lips. Nina kisses back, more firmly still. Suddenly, Kat stands and takes Nina’s hand. Leaving the eggs behind, she leads Nina back to the bedroom.

This day Kat takes the lead, she guides Nina down onto the bed. Clambering up above her, she begins to kiss her tenderly, first lips, then neck, collarbone and further in. She breathes hot breath close upon her, reaching her breasts she encircles first one then the other with tender kisses. Next she suckles each nipple in turn, first gently, then more firmly. Nina writhes and moans with every touch and suck of Kat’s lips. She has been waiting so long for this. As much as she enjoys Christian’s manly touch, she is in heaven with the feel of Kat’s velvet lips upon her. Kat pushes Nina’s robe from her shoulders, and slowly moves downward touching and kissing every bit of skin she passes.

As she draws closer to Nina’s pussy, Nina’s breath quickens. Kat rests her hands firmly under Nina’s thighs, thumbs grasping their sides. Kat brings her face in close to Nina’s dark curls, taking in the sight and scent of her lover’s pussy. She sees glistening there evidence of Nina’s obvious arousal. Her neat pussy is oozing her responsiveness. She glances upward, Nina has lain back with her eyes shut, waiting for the delight which she knows will come.

Kat draws in the flesh of Nina’s inner thighs, into her mouth forming a soft kiss. Then extending her tongue she laps gently at Nina’s clit, once, twice, three times … Nina writhes, her nipples are firm, she is so in tune with Kat’s touch. Moving downward Kat encloses Nina’s labia within her mouth, giving it a quick but soft smooch. Next Kat begins to lick Nina from the ends of her labia up through her slit, touching on her little button with a quick flick over it, then a small kiss smooch on it.

Nina is very vocal now, she calls out softly, “Oh Kat, oh oh …”

Kat continues this motion licking up from the labia, through the slit, to the clit, suck then return down and repeat, again and again, and again.

Nina loudly breathes her arousal, and little high pitched sounds begin to escape her mouth. “Oh, oh, uh, uh, ohhhhh.”

Kat smiles inside, delighted at hearing Nina’s obvious excited response to her attentions. She then moves her tongue’s attention to Nina’s clit, and at the same time smoothly glides one finger up into Nina’s pussy. Back and forth, back and forth, she wiggles her tongue across Nina’s clit, while starting up a gentle motion of her finger forward in and backward out of her pussy, keeping up this rhythm and pace for a while then slowly increasing speed and pressure. She languorously glides her tongue round and round Nina’s clit, while building up to a fast pace, her finger motion in Nina’s pussy. She looks at her dark exotic lover’s face with desire, and notes pleasantly Nina’s abandon.

Nina lies back with her eyes closed, her breath heavy and deep quickens, and she turns her head back and forth as she begins to let loose little soft sounds of pleasure. Kat removes her fingers for a moment and replaces them with her tongue. She pushes it outward to form a fat cylindrical shape, then probes deep into Nina’s pussy, forward and back, forward and back within Nina’s moist sex. At the same time her thumb rubs over Nina’s clit firmly, back and forth, back and forth. Nina’s breathing grows ever more fast and sharp. Kat’s tongue darts quickly in and out of Nina’s pussy, and her thumb moves ever faster across her pink clit.

Nina’s head moves back and forth quickly and she utters little excited sounds as she thrusts her pussy into Kat’s face. Suddenly she grabs Kat’s head on each side and presses her fingers down forcing Kat’s mouth deeper into her sex. Kat’s breathing is a little restricted now, yet she keeps her tongue’s probing in motion, ever faster devouring Nina’s pussy. Suddenly with a convulsive jolt Nina cums.

They lay next to each other panting in exhaustion. Kat’s hand trailing over Nina’s pussy lightly stroking. Nina turns to Kat and gently kisses her neck, murmuring, “My sweet,” then looking in her eyes, she begins to softly encircle Kat’s lips with her own.

Increasing the firmness of her kiss and feeling Kat’s lips enthusiastically responding, she clambers onto Kat’s body, pressing herself to her. Their hands roam silky soft over each other’s curves, simultaneously stimulating and being stimulated, goose pimples rising. Nina flips over off of Kat; she softly spreads Kat’s legs and scoots in pressing her pussy against Kat’s own. Looking in each other’s eyes, they smile and begin to move, pressing pelvises softly but firmly together. Grasping each other’s shoulders they pull forward and push back rhythmically, their juices mingling together. The excited pussies press and mash into each other sending tantalizing feelings up each girl’s spine. They breathe excitedly as each nears cumming; when it happens they clasp tightly to each other and shudder.

The afternoon is passed away in this manner with each girl being the receiver and giver of passion. They nap in between bouts of pleasurable excitement, pausing only briefly to grab a glass of water and a bit of cheese on the fly. Finally, exhausted and stimulated to the max, they fall deeply asleep snuggled up together.

Nina is the first to wake, sensing a presence in the room; with sleepy eyes she looks up.

Christian is standing before the bed naked, wide eyed at the sight of two nubile females. His proud cock pointing out arrow straight, he exclaims, “Who is up for a little play?”

Nina nudges Kat, who awakes just in time to see Christian looking over at them with lust in his eyes and his hand on his hard cock.

Kat looks at Nina with a smile and they both open their arms to Christian who dives between them ecstatically. The girls glance at each other knowingly and link hands over Christian’s back. He alternately kisses first one then the other … as the sun drops below the horizon and darkness settles over the young lovers.

Kat Silvry c2007

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