Orange Walk Films Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation and Lesbian – by Polly+Anna (1184 words) Orange Walk Films


Saturday – November 14, 1993

This story begins 11/12/1993 the day after the youngest of us turned 18.

We received an excellent classical education at the New River Academy where we were taught the old-fashioned concept that sex was the act of inserting a penis into a vagina. On the one hand it wasn’t a terribly inclusive definition. But it had its advantages. As girls we could never-ever get into trouble together, no matter what we did with one other.

We had seen male produced porn of girls scissoring with their legs intertwined so they could grind their crotches against one another. Maybe it was popular on video because it was visually appealing. But as someone who had used her fingers on herself, I could conclusively say that replicating said behavior did not hold any erotic appeal for me. Frotting or tribbing – rubbing your penis or clitoris against something or someone firm – that was something that I could see as being pleasurable, but not scissoring.

Even though I didn’t see the point, in the interest of being fair minded Anna and I discussed scissoring as a potential cinematic sex position. But together we decided that there were just too many other more viable options. While the potential orgasmic payoff of having me dive in on my girl as she laid back with her lovely legs spread wide was obvious, we decided to enjoy that one in private.

It would certainly be enjoyable for Anna to be relaxing on soft pillows and silk sheets without any requirements other than for her to enjoy the ride. But my head would almost certainly be in the way of a really juicy close-up escort istanbul shot. Similarly, we rejected sitting positions such as Anna on the forward edge of the sofa or our bed.

Dale and Lance arrived early, I made coffee and we moved the equipment to begin the day by recording in the master bathroom.


Female Ejaculation – a film by Polly+Anna – c. 1993

[fee-meyl ih-jak-yuh-ley-shuh?n ]


the expulsion of copious clear fluid by human females from Skene’s (paraurethral) ducts during or before orgasm.

Orange Walk Film


Anna and I started out naked in the big walk-in shower stall. First, we sprayed each other with the movable pulsating shower head as we lathered one another’s hair. To avoid the spray Dale shot the scene from as far away as he could, which happened to be the open door to the patio, zooming in on me as I focused the spray on Anna’s sweet vagina.

I played around with the various pulse and spray settings until I found one that she truly enjoyed and the camera recorded the running water gently moving her intimate parts around faster than any human tongue could. It recorded the little sounds and the facial expressions that she made as she orgasmed quite quickly while leaning up against the cool white tile.

We hadn’t actually planned on it, but Dale pointed out that while incredibly hot, the shower segment was really short. Improvising, Anna decided that she would make me squirt. As Dale continued to record us, she took two of her slender fingers and went in search of my G-spot a couple inches inside of my moistened vagina.

Now as we all know, in a girl everything is in there fatih escort pretty close together. Anna was going to make sure that my Skene’s gland swelled up nice and pushed my G-spot out by giving me an incredibly erotic kiss with enough tongue to make Gene Simmons jealous. Standing a bit to one side to improve the camera’s angle, she had one hand inside of me and was pushing on my vagina’s anterior wall while running the other hand through my wet hair and kissing me over and over again.

It worked, and my version of a dude’s prostate began to swell and push on the spongy tissue above it that surrounded my pee hole. I became a little lightheaded as the blood rushed down there and the expansion of my spot pushed in on my bladder. It felt a little bit like I had to pee. As my spot became even bigger and more sensitive, Anna turned her fingers around in my cunt and made a hook. She had inserted her middle and ring fingers into my vagina and was pushing with authority on the upper wall, while leaving her index and pinky fingers outside and pointing so that they stimulated my swelling labia and the vestibular bulbs beneath.

She alternated between pushing repeatedly on my swollen spot and relaxing the pressure like an obsessive maniac trying to get a reluctant elevator car to appear. She varied the intensity of her pressure, at times pressing lightly and other times more intensely. I moaned, I shrieked, and I had an intense squirting orgasm captured in vivid HDVS detail on UniHi ¾ inch tape.

Lance brought us some nice fluffy towels while Dale moved the video equipment to the bedroom so that we could record our second movie of the day. It was imperfectly bahçelievler escort titled as Anna and I are actually more accurately described as bisexual. But we were going to save that title for a later movie when Lance and Dale participate. Besides, lesbian does accurately describe the… Well, whatever activity we are engaging in together on screen.


Lesbian – A film by Polly+Anna – c. 1993



a homosexual woman (from the Greek island of Lesbos, home of Sappho)

Orange Walk Film


While we dried off and had some more coffee Lance made the bed, hospital corners – so it was nice and tight, I tell you he’s a keeper. I laid down on the grey silk sheets and Anna climbed on top of me and straddled my face. Her sweet and savory vagina was just a tongue’s length away and she began to slowly, erotically grind her twat into me as I began to lick her.

Anna was queen for the day, as I carefully ate her, my attention as well as Dale’s and Lance’s was totally focused on her. No reciprocation was expected, my nose and tongue were simply tools to provide her with pleasure, a concept that greatly appealed to my more submissive side. She wasn’t nearly big enough or heavy enough to crush me, but the sensations I was receiving from her personal lubricant dripping down into my face convinced me that being slowly, erotically suffocated by my lover’s pussy would be one hell of a way to go.

Besides, my hypoxia was psychological, not physical. I was so thoroughly enjoying the scene, and the taste and the aroma were just too much. I simply didn’t think to concentrate on breathing like I did when swimming underwater.

I had both of my arms wrapped around Anna’s midsection, but I was holding us together not trying to separate us. She was gripping the bed’s grey upholstered linen headboard with both hands. Her back was beautifully arched, and Dale had the camera focused nicely on her sex as it ground into my face.

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