Our Dirty Little Secret

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To understand the story you must first understand a little about Bella. Bella, now 18, hasn’t had it easy. She’s never been given the easy road nor had material things handed to her on a silver platter. From an early age, she’s experienced firsthand how immensely strenuous life can be.

She’s always been shy…timid, even. Never quite seeing herself as very pretty, she had few boyfriends. Of course, like most young girls, she had the occasional stranger flirt, or stare. Nothing that stood out though…that was, however, until a quiet afternoon at home a few weeks after her 18th birthday.

Early Sunday afternoon, she sat in front of her computer as her favorite songs played. Waiting for the time to pass before she was to be dropped off to a local church she recently began going to. Dressed in a combo of her favorite pair of worn in jeans and a simple shirt, her silky straight hair laid just right. She wore makeup, but just enough for a natural look…she had no one to impress.

The afternoon went on as usual…finishing her chores just before showering and getting ready. Her music was her sanctuary. She played it whenever possible. It said more about her then her mouth ever dared. She sat quietly listening, getting lost in her own thoughts when he stopped at her desk.

His name was Liam . He wasn’t tall, but he was taller than her…though, tuzla escort who wasn’t. His hair was a shade between rough sandy blonde and brown. He had piercing blue eyes a smile that could melt you. She’d noticed that he was pretty easy on the eyes a few years prior, but never pursued anything…he was her step father. How could she. She’d had a crush on him for a while, but pushed it out of her mind.

On this particular day, however, he made it difficult. Standing over her, she glanced up. He smiled, his eyes wandering over her, and then walked away. She didn’t think much of it.

As time passed slowly, she decided to finish the few dishes in sitting in the sink. Warm water running down her hands as she rinsed the soapy suds off a mixing bowl. Slowing her hands, she lifted her head to glance over her shoulder, feeling someone behind her. Just then, Liam walked up, hugging her from behind. He could be an affectionate person, but this surprised her.

She smiled softly just as he leaned in. “Mmmmm, you’re so sexy…what I would do to be 16 again…” Her smiled was replaced by surprise. Utter surprise. She heard him smile and felt him pressing against her gently, “You drive me crazy, you know that?” Glancing back at him unsure of how to respond, she let a small smile say what she couldn’t.

Seeing her reluctance, he backed off slowly, continuing tuzla escort bayan to eye her up and down whenever his eyes wandered in her direction.

She finished the dishes as her mind began to roam. She didn’t know how to take it in or what to think…so as usual; she began cleaning and straightening things that didn’t need it. Trying to keep herself busy, until she couldn’t any longer.

Settling back down in her big chair in front of her computer, she played music that suited her confused state of mind.

Just then, he stopped at her desk again…this time pulling the chair out as if to ask if he could sit. She looked up briefly and nodded yes. He slid into the chair and stared at her until she broke and met his gaze. He smiled at her uneasy expression. “I was wondering if you could look something up for me…I’m not very computer literate,” he admitted.

Quietly they sat as they reviewed the pages she pulled up for him. Noticing his eyes moving in her direction more and more, it was hard not to return the favor. She did the best she could; focusing harder then she should have been to the computer screen.

Just then, he placed his hand on her thigh. Her eyes moved from his hand to his face. A sly smirk painted there. She felt the warmth of his hand as he began gliding it up and down, slowly…gently. Suddenly leaning in…his escort tuzla lips almost touching hers, he whispered “kiss me, Bella..” Nervous and unsure she slowly, and reluctantly, shook her head no, not taking her eyes away from his. He smiled and let his lips brush hers as he backed up.

Keeping his hand in place, he turned his attention back to the screen…his fingers dancing subtly against her leg making it hard for her to focus. “He must have some kind of magic touch” she thought to herself as she felt her panties beginning to dampen from the simple feel of his fingers on her leg. Becoming braver, he inched it towards the most sacred of places upon her body, stopping just short. Her mind spinning like never before…she became more aroused then she’d ever allowed herself with another person present in her short 18 years of life.

Once he finished his research, he let his hand slip off her thigh and slid out of the chair. He thanked her and turned to walk away before turning back and leaning down close. She bit her bottom lip unsure of her strength to say no again. He smirked and whispered “don’t mention this to your mother…she’d cut my dick off…” and with that, he was gone.

She sat, deep in thought…taking it all in. With her mind spinning and a small pounding heartbeat between her legs she slipped quietly upstairs. Lying on her bed, face towards the ceiling, eyes closed, hand hidden inside her jeans, she bit her bottom lip to keep quiet as she took care of what he caused. Little did she know at that moment…the best was yet to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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