Our Dirty Secret Ch. 02

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***This is the companion piece of a two-part story. To read the first part go to: http://www..com/s/our-dirty-secret ***

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“Fuck, that was so hot.”

You grab me from behind before I barely have a chance to get the apartment door unlocked. You’re rubbing my ass through the thin material of my skirt. I can feel your hard cock pressing against me.

“Oh my God, Baby, do you know how fucking hot you make me?” you whisper in my ear. I groan as your hands find my fleshy tits and squeeze them. It’s almost physically painful but I pull myself away for a second to shut the door. You moan in protest.

“Just let me shut the door…” I laugh as you pull off my coat and pull me to you by my hips.

“Let them see… let all the neighbors see… I don’t care if they watch us.”

After what we just did, you kind of have a point.

I just manage to get the door shut before you pull me to you again from behind and start kissing my neck and biting my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. You reach under my shirt, pushing my bra up, not even bothering to unhook it, and help yourself to two big handfuls of tit. I can feel my clit throb as you tug on my nips, pulling them into little points, and rake your teeth across my earlobe. Your breath is hot against my neck.

“Did you like that? Being my little buttslut? You like having me fuck you in your asshole in front of my friends?” Oh boy. When you start talking dirty to me, I know I’m in for wild night.

I’m practically panting as you grab a big fistful of my black curls and yank me to the wall, bending me over and making me brace my arms against the wall for support.

“Spread your legs.”

I almost giggle to myself, marveling at the fact that you are normally such a sweet, polite, mild-mannered guy: no one would ever guess that the prospect of fucking my butt turns you into such a dominant, dirty, wild man.

You pull my skirt up over my back, revealing my bare ass. Other than a pair of boots and thigh highs, I’m naked from the waist down. You crouch down so your face is level with my ass, and spread my buttcheeks open with your big hands. The butt plug is still in place, lodged between my cheeks, and as you pull the skin taut I can feel my asshole contracting and pulsing around the plug, almost like a mouth sucking on a pacifier.

“Oh fuck,” you moan, and I can feel your hot breath against my pussy lips. I can feel you licking around the plug in my asshole, as you tease my clit with the length of your finger, snaking it back and forth between my lips. It’s my turn to moan as I feel your tongue dip lower, sucking and licking my big split peach like a wildman. I love it when you eat my pussy from behind.

“Oh God, yes, eat that pussy,” I groan. I can hear you sucking and slurping obscenely as you go back and forth between munching my wet box from behind and teasing my asshole with your tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmm” you moan with your mouth pressed into my puss. I can feel the vibrations in my clit, and my juices are just dripping onto your face. Between the lube, your cum, and the butt plug, my ass feels incredibly full. Each time you circle my butthole with your tongue it’s like torture.

“You like coming in my asshole, baby?” I ask you, playing the memory over in my head, thinking about how it felt to hear you grunt as your hot cream flooded my bowels, making me drip. You groan again. “You like pumping your hot cum up my butt?”

“Yes, baby,” you moan lifting your face out of my spread ass, “it was so fucking hot.”

“So you want to do it again?” I tease, “Or you wanna suck your cum out of my asshole first?” I know how much sucking and licking your own cream from my freshly fucked hole turns you on.

You get up quickly, and pull me with you over to the bed. Before I can even say anything, you press me against the wrought iron footboard, kissing me deeply. I can taste my pussy all over your lips and tongue, as you kiss and lick my lips, driving me crazy.

I unbutton your shirt and pull it off of you while we kiss, letting it fall to the floor. I pull off my top as you unhook my bra, letting my 38D tits swing free. You quickly lick each nipple, leaving them puffy and wet with your spit, then kick off your shoes as I push my skirt down over my hips and step out of it. I’m still wearing my thigh highs and my boots, and you’re still wearing your jeans, as you break away from me and go to lie gaziantep escort bayan on the bed.

“Come on, baby. Come sit on my face.”

I giggle as I climb up on the bed, my big boobs bouncing, naked except for my boots and stockings. I straddle your chest facing your feet and squat down, my pussy over your face, teasing you with the sight of the plug winking between my cheeks. You grab my wide hips and pull my ass to your face, and I have to grip your thighs for balance. You press your face up into my split groove again, squeezing and jiggling my fleshy ass cheeks, pulling them apart and squeezing them together with your hands. My bare puffy pussy lips are wet with your spit and my cum, and they slide over your mouth and nose. I gyrate my hips slowly, grinding my whole pussy into your lips and chin, your nose practically pressing the buttplug further into my asshole. You flick your tongue back and forth quickly, trilling it over my clit and that’s all it takes: I lose it and practically scream in orgasm.

“Yes, baby, yesss… that’s it cum for me,” you say as I feel my asshole contracting with my pussy, almost pushing the plug out as I cum.

You wait for me to come down before pushing my hips up, as I fall forward on my hands and knees. You sit up a little, your face level with my ass, running your hands over my cheeks, tapping them playfully as you stare at the object of your obsession between them.

You sit up completely, and place one of your hands in the middle of my back, forcing me down. I’m on my knees, still straddling your chest, but my butt is in the air and my head is resting on your crotch. Only a thin layer of denim separates your hard cock from my face. I try to unbuckle your jeans.

“No. Leave it.” you say. “Keep your head down.”

“Please, Baby?” I whimper. “I wanna suck your cock so bad and you know it. You’re gonna make me wait for it, aren’t you?”

“I said, ass in the air, head down. Good. Oh that’s beautiful.” I feel your fingers brush across the butt plug. You tug on it just a little then let go. My butt sucks it back in. You do it again, tugging on it just a little, teasing my hole, and when you let go, my butthole pulls it back again. You continue this tug of war with my asshole, tugging on it gently and letting it get sucked back in, until it feels like you’re gently fucking my hole with the butt plug.

All of a sudden, you pull the plug out with a pop. All the built up air inside my butt escapes with a pphhhhbbbtttt, sounding like a deflating balloon, leaving my poor stretched asshole gaping open. I feel a huge glob of your creamy spunk drip out of my dilated butthole and run down my dripping cunt.

“Oh fffuuuuck,” you groan, and then lap at my split like a hungry dog, catching your cum as it continues to drip out of my helpless asshole and down my pussy. I feel your cock get even harder as I rest the side of my face against it. And very soon my asshole starts to flutter and close up again, I feel you seal your lips over my asshole, sucking gently. It feels amazing.

“Spread your cheeks for me, baby. Hold them open,” you tell me. With my head down and my ass still in the air, I reach behind me with both hands, pulling my butt cheeks open as you continue you rim my asshole like a man possessed.

“You have so much cum in your asshole…” you groan, sucking on my butt.

“Show me, I wanna see,” I say. I’ve always wanted you to take a picture after coming up my ass so I can see what it looks like.

“In a sec,” he says, “try to push some out for me.”

I push out with my muscles a little and feel my sphincter open up slightly. Some more liquid escapes with a little fart sound and you lap it up. “That’s so hot…” you moan.

I’ve never fully understood why licking your load out of my freshly-fucked butt drives you so crazy. Every other man I’ve had anal sex with always was fine letting me handle the clean-up. After my first boyfriend would bone me in the butt, he would pass out and I would sit on the toilet for twenty minutes, waiting, bored, while his thick cum leaked out of my shitter. So while strange, I don’t mind your letch for tasting your own jism from my ass. It’s definitely more fun this way.

“Uggnnnh,” I grunt as I push my asshole out again, and fart some more of your spunk onto your waiting tongue. You slurp and suck at my pussy and asshole like it’s your last meal, as I push load after load out and into your mouth.

Just when I think I have nothing left, you push me up and roll over.

“Get on your knees,” you say and unbutton your jeans, sliding them down your slim hips to the floor. Your long hard cock springs free and slaps against your stomach. I kneel on the floor as you walk around to the side of the bed. I reach for your gorgeous cock and slide my lips down the shaft, sucking and licking it for all I’m worth.

“That’s it. Get it nice and wet.”

You groan as I take just the head into my mouth and suck, then take the entire length drooling my spit down the shaft.

Some of my friends don’t really get us as a couple, I guess they think we’re a funny pair because I’m so curvy, and you’re so lanky and tall, but I couldn’t care less. Besides, none of them have seen your cock. It’s like the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen: long and hard and curved slightly up, with a pronounced puffy head. It feels amazing in all my holes, but it’s not so big that I can’t handle it. I slurp happily, bobbing my head up and down on your cock, as you grab a big fistful of my hair, forcing me to look up as you smile down at me.

“Hands and knees” is all you have to say to me and I quickly pull myself back up on the bed and wait for you patiently on my hands and knees. You grab your phone out of your jeans and the bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer and get on your knees behind me.

“Holy fuck, baby, your ass would give a dead man a hard-on.”

I hear you click open the top of the lube bottle then feel cool liquid running down my ass crack as you drip the contents onto my upturned ass. You click the bottle closed again then toss it on the bed, and use your dick to spread the lube around my bunghole. I can feel the ridge of your dickhead as you slide it over my hole, getting us both slippery and hotter by the second. You tap the head of your cock against my asshole, like you’re knocking on a door, then slide it back and below. You glide your dick between my pussy lips, fitting it like a hot dog in a bun, and start sawing your wet dick back and forth between my puffy lips. Then you slide it back up and between my buttcheeks, tapping your dick against my asshole again for good measure. You do this a few times before I start groaning and writhing.

“Baby, please, you’re torturing me,” I moan.

“You want me to fuck your butt?” you say.


“Then say it.”

“Please baby, please, I want you to fuck my butt!”

You grab your dick and wedge the head into my tight asshole.

“Hold still,” you say. I hear you reach for your phone then the sound of the camera clicking away.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m taking some pictures for you. I thought you wanted to see your hot ass wrapped around my cock.” You press your dick against my asshole until it gives way, and you slide further in.

“You all the way in?” I ask, knowing the answer already.

“No, not yet. a few more inches. Open your ass up for me. That’s a girl…” My butthole flowers open some more and I groan as you sink in balls deep. You click some more pictures of your cock buried up to the hilt in my ass, as I adjust to the sheer size of your dick in my tight hole. My butt feels stuffed full. I feel like I sat on a parking cone. Your dick is much larger than the plug and no matter how many times you bugger me, it still takes some getting used to.

I’m panting and sweating, getting used to the intense feeling of your huge cock up my shitter, when I feel you grab my hips with both hands and begin slowly sawing in and out of my butt. I grit my teeth. Between all that lube and whatever cum is left in my ass, you glide pretty easily as you start humping my butt. I hear myself grunting as your dick saws in and out of my stretched hole, it’s like an out of body experience.

“Play with your pussy,” you instruct me, and I reach my hand back between my legs and start diddling my clit.

“Mmmmmmnnn…” I sigh, as I happily strum my fingers over my throbbing, swollen clit. I reach further back between my legs and tug on your heavy balls, feel around your shaft as it slides in and out of my anus. My pussy is practically dripping with spit and cum and it’s getting your balls wet every time your cock hits home. In no time, I start humping my ass back against you, as our motions quicken and intensify.

“You ready? Cause I’m gonna pound that ass,” you whisper through gritted teeth.

You pull your hips back, pulling your cock out halfway, and then push it back in hard and quick, as you start humping me faster and faster. Your heavy balls start to swing as you fuck my butt, and I feel them slapping against my wet pussy over and over again as you continue to pound my ass. I have to take my hand off my clit and steady myself as your hips slap into my butt, my tight asshole gaping from your battering dick’s assault.

We’re both sweaty and grunting, and with every thrust, your thick pounding cock forces air up my butt making lewd squelching noises as you fuck away. The sounds of our animalistic fucking overwhelm me: the sound of the bed creaking, your grunting, my moaning, your hips bucking against my fleshy ass, your swinging balls slapping against my wet pussy, and my butt helplessly farting and squelching around your pistoning cock.

You grab a huge handful of my hair and pull on it like reins as if you’re riding a horse, while you continue to brutally pound my upturned ass. I feel like a bitch in heat being fucked by a championship stud.

“You like me fucking your tight ass, baby?” you moan into my ear. “You love it, don’t you? You love it when I ride your ass.”

“I do. I do love it. Ride that ass…”

I hear a loud smack as your hand makes contact with my fleshy ass. I feel a slight sting as you continue slapping each of my buttcheeks, back and forth, making them jiggle while you ride me. You know how it drives me crazy when you spank my ass.

“Oh, shit, baby, I’m gonna cum soon,” you moan. “You want it up your asshole?”

“Yessss… pump all that hot cum up my shitter,” I beg you. My ass and my pussy are on fire.

You reach down underneath me to palm my dangling dugs, rolling the nipples between your fingers. Your cum-filled balls are still smacking my wet pussy over and over.

“Baby, I’m gonna cream your asshole so good you’re gonna be shitting my cum for days.”

That pushes me over the edge: I moan and cum, almost blacking out from pleasure, my pussy and asshole spasming. You tug on my swollen teats while giving my ass a few final pumps, then pause as you spurt your warm jizz deep into my bowels, over and over again, flooding my tight ass with your hot cream. You groan and shudder against me, and we collapse on the bed, you on top of me, your cock still buried in my ass.

“Oh my God, that was amazing,” I sigh, totally spent and filled with cum.

“Hold on, baby, one more thing,” you say, as you pull me up on my knees again, “keep your ass in the air for a sec.”

“What are you doing back there?” I ask, as you reach for your phone.

“You’ll see…” you say.

You pull your softening cock out of my sore asshole with a slurp. It’s amazing how empty I feel all of a sudden as the cold air hits my open ass.

I hear you clicking away behind me, taking pictures of my used asshole, as I kneel patiently. I feel your cum spilling out of my stretched hole but I can’t stop it from dripping down my pussy and onto the bed. I hear a few more clicks and then a moan as you start tonguing my poor abused butthole in earnest. Your tongue is like balm to my sensitive flesh.

“Here, look,” you say as you pass me your phone, then continue to rim my ass for all you’re worth.

I scan through the pictures you took: your dick wedged between my buns, the fat head poking into my hole, then my asshole swallowing your entire cock up to the balls. My breath catches in my throat as I come to the last few pictures, they’re so hot. I can see my dilated hole gaping open, brimming with cum, my ass cheeks bright red from the spanking you gave me. And then a second shot, your white spunk dripping from my stretched butthole and down my cunny, coating the pink lips like a thick layer of paint.

I can’t believe it’s possible but between the pictures of my gaping asshole dripping cum, the feeling of your tongue between my pussy lips and sound of you lapping and sucking at my spread ass, I come again, really hard. I moan and shudder as liquid gushes from my cunt, wetting your face and the bed.

“Holy fuck,” you say, “That was so hot.”

You move up to kiss me. I’m still trembling but you hold me while I come down, and I lick my sweet cum off your face. You laugh.

“Wow, all of that activity has made me starving,” you say. “You want a sandwich?”

And just like that you’re back to your normal, mild-mannered self. I laugh to myself as you innocently walk into the kitchen, naked and smiling, and pour yourself a glass of milk. All of your friends may know you as a calm, easy-going, fairly innocent guy, but I’ve seen both sides of you.

Don’t worry, your dirty little secret is safe with me.

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