Our Kids Ch. 04

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Sasha arrived at our house at 9 p.m. and helped with the loading of the stuff into the truck and the boat. All she had was a small duffel bag of stuff, that’s all she would need. She wore shorts, a tank top and a zip front hoodie and flip flop sandals.

We were finally able to leave home at about 5 a.m., Friday for the 8 hour drive to Lake Mead. By arriving on Friday, we would have an extra day to move upriver from the marina without fighting the traffic on the highway or on the lake. Towing the 17 foot tri-hull runabout would add a little time to the trip, because I like to take it easy on the truck and on the trailer, but having the little boat along always makes the vacation more fun.

The drive to Lake Mead was totally uneventful, but we made a gas and coffee stop in Barstow and stopped for breakfast in Baker. The “tallest thermometer in the world” told us that the temperature was already 85 degrees, and it was only 9 a.m.

Instead of going all the way into Vegas, we took the Henderson exit from I15 and headed toward the lake. But first we had to stop at the large supermarket for a few perishables and lots of ice.

We arrived in Echo Bay at 1:00 p.m. The marina was quiet and peaceful but starting to get busy with some of the rental houseboats returning a little earlier than necessary. The upper parking lot was pretty full and there were a few small boats lined up along the dock, waiting for their trailers to be brought down the ramp so they could be hauled out. The temperature was in the low 90s but it felt warmer. I couldn’t wait to get on the lake where we could shed the now sticky damp clothes we had on.

We unloaded most of the supplies into the runabout as soon as Trev and I launched it. The rest we carted down to the dock for loading directly onto the houseboat. It was nice having so many people to make the trips back and forth and yet to have someone standing by the ever growing pile of stuff on the dock.

Our houseboat is private, owned by my brother-in-law and me. It is a nice comfortable size, 50ft x15 ft, with a twin IO system, and lots of batteries charged by a generator as well as solar and wind power. The girls ferried Trev to the houseboat so he could move it from its mooring. They also transferred the first load of stuff from the small boat to the big one. Then they took both boats to the fuel dock for topping off.

While Becca and I went to the little store at the marina for extra sunscreen and to pick up any mail we might have at the little message service they have for lessees, Trevor moved the houseboat from the fuel dock to the main marina dock and the three of them loaded the last of the food and drink supplies. We received a note that Becca’s sister and her family would be arriving to meet us later in the week.

Finally we were ready to leave Echo Bay marina at 2:30. Although the afternoon breeze was starting to kick up, it was still hot and sticky so as soon as we shoved off, we got down to bathing suits. Becca was wearing a skimpy thong bikini as she worked around the cabin, putting things away and organizing the ice chests. I am always reminded of the pictures of the crowded conditions on submarines at the beginning of a long voyage as we depart for our weeklong trips on the lake. It seems we have everything except sides of beef hanging from the bunks. As soon as we were in the open water, I moved to the upper bridge to pilot the boat while staying out of my wife’s way. The kids, also knowing better than to be around during this phase of the trip, had clambered into the runabout and were leading the way to find the cove across the lake where we would spend our first night on the lake. It wasn’t long before they were just a small speck in the distance and then they were gone completely from our view.

About an hour later, we were clear of the last straggler rental boats heading back to the marina for late check-in. The lake was almost empty except for a few flat bottoms thundering along the shore either with or without skiers in tow. I turned on the CD player and cranked up the volume as I heard the Eagles’ Hotel California start up. I stood behind the helm playing one of the greatest air guitar riffs ever. Shortly after that track ended my lovely wife appeared by my side. She was carrying two plastic glasses and our first pitcher of margaritas. I changed the CD to Jimmy Buffet’s “National Anthem” so I could begin wasting away. My wife stood swaying to the music. She was totally nude and she was dancing in as a seductive way as I could imagine. My cock came to attention as I watched the sweet lips of her freshly shaved pussy as they slightly opened and closed with her lascivious dance movements.

We found the appointed cove just north of Cottonwood Cove at 6:15. The kids had made good use of their head start and had gathered a huge pile of firewood and built a 7 foot round fire ring. Now Tinley and Sasha were sharing a large silver air mattress that was floating off to one side of the cove. It was tied to the transom of the tri-hull which tuzla escort was nosed on to the beach with a rope connecting it to a large boulder. Both girls were already nude and avidly working on their tans. Trevor had gone for a little hike.

Lake traffic was very light. Off in the distance we could hear a big-blocked ski boat as it pounded across the waves. Otherwise, the only sound was that of the insects ticking in the early evening heat. The cove was very secluded and the water was glassy smooth and very warm. It was a perfect place to splash around and relax. We nosed the houseboat onto the beach and had it securely tied off by 6:30. Trevor arrived back in camp just in time to throw the last loop onto the iron stakes that I had pounded into the shore.

Becca made another pitcher of margaritas and whipped up some hot dogs, chili dogs and chips for dinner. All of the paper and plastic wear used for dinner would burn nicely in our bonfire later, since she heated the chili in the can it came in; there was no clean up. And since none of us had put on a stitch of clothing, there wasn’t anything to wash when I cleverly shook up a bottle of beer before I opened it and sprayed everyone down just to take the tension out of the day.

As soon as it was dark, it began to get a little cool. Trevor did the honors of igniting the wood and soon we had a huge fire blazing in our ring on the beach. Our fire was big enough to throw heat a good 10 feet from the flames. We played the CD player and listened to the music, including the latest stuff the kids brought.

At some point Trevor asked Sasha for a lap dance and she obliged. She slithered and undulated her sexy body up and down his bare legs and pressed her tits and pussy into his face. I watched my son’s tongue explore that sexy young slut’s body as his hands freely roamed between her legs and up to pinch and stroke her nipples. His cock was rampant and I saw her lower herself down onto it several times. As she danced away from him his cock was glistening in the firelight.

Then it was Becca’s turn to dance. She started her show in front of me, not only rubbing herself against my face and cock, but also nudging my cock with her head and stroking it with her hands. She even took it into her mouth and gave it a good couple of sucks. I thought I would explode.

As she moved over to our son, I noticed that Sasha was sticking a couple of inches of a long neck beer bottle into her own hot cunt. That little bitch really wanted to cum. One or both of us would have to take care of her later.

Now Becca was dancing in front of Trevor. She turned to face the fire and pushed her sweet firm ass into our son’s face. I saw him take hold of her hips and he leaned his face into her crack. As he licked at her pussy from behind, she reached up and tweaked her own nipples. She closed her eyes and let out a little whimper, telling all of us that an orgasm had pounded through her. Trevor reached around to his mother’s clit and strummed it slowly, bringing her to another, more intense cum.

She stumbled to lie on the blanket with Sasha as Tinley took center stage. My sweet baby danced lewdly in front of me. She tugged and strummed her nipples and avidly played with he sweet young pussy for my viewing pleasure. She inserted a finger and then brought it out and wiped it across my lips. As soon as my tongue came out to lick my lips she grabbed my head and jammed her crotch against my face. I licked the sweet bud of her clit and my tongue also nudged against the lips of her hot wet slot. She humped my face for a few seconds and even reached down between us and stroked my hardness a few times, causing a bead of precum to emerge. Then she twirreled away a few steps and turned to face away from me. Next she bent at the waist and looked at me from between her spread legs as she flexed the hard muscles of her ass.

Then she moved to dance for her brother. Her show for him was just as hot as she rubbed her body against him and let his hands roam freely across her flesh. His cock was as rigid as a phone post and she lowered herself on to it and fucked him wildly. This was just plain rutting-animal lust. He held her tits and pinched her nipples and she bounced and ground on his cock until they both went crazy with wild uncoordinated movement.

“Tinley, I’m fucking cumming!”

“Me too Trevor…ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck!”

I noticed that Sasha and Becca broke their sixty nining to watch the siblings fuck themselves to oblivion.

The activity, sun and alcohol and the early start to the day soon added up to me being totally bushed. I took a quick swim to get the sweat and the smoky smell off of my skin and then climbed topside so I could bed down under the dazzling blanket of stars. Trevor was making a bed out on the sand near the fire. As I reached the top of the ladder I saw that the girls were preparing a bed up there also. I was greeted by the sight of my lovely daughter’s ass and pussy as she worked on her hands and knees to arrange pendik escort the bedding. The moonlight was bright enough that I could see the creamy emulsion of Trevor’s cum as it leaked out of Tinley’s fuckhole. My cock responded in its normal way, so I snuck up behind her and dropped to my knees. I quickly took hold of her hips and drove my cock into her gooey cunt and began fucking my sexy teenaged daughter immediately.

“Oh daddy, fuck me good. I haven’t had enough of your big cock today.”

My member slid in and out of her steaming cum filled cunt But he didn’t last as long as I would have liked. Soon I was pumping a gallon of my seed into my daughter’s womb to mix with her brother’s cum to the point that the flood squished out around my cock and dripped down my ballsac, forming a puddle on the foam mattress.

“You guys are so nasty!” Sasha said as she sat watching us. “Tinley is turning into nothing but a fuck slut Mr. Compton, I hope you’re satisfied.”

“Oh yeah, satisfied for now.”

Tinley stuck her tongue out at her friend, reminding me how young she was.

“Hey bitch,” Sasha said, spreading her legs lewdly, “I got a place for that tongue…”

“You’re the nasty one!” Tinley said as my wilted cock slipped out of her still gushing hole. “Daddy, she’s such a nasty slut, shy did we bring her anyway?”

“Honey, you answered that question by yourself…because she’s such a nasty slut…and we love nasty sluts.”

Out there, away from the city and in the clean air, there are billions and billions of stars. On this night I could easily make out the bright band of stars called the backbone of the universe. Becca snuggled next to me slipping my sticky limp cock between her asscheeks so that the head nudged against the hot hole of her pussy. Soon I could hear the measured breathing and soft snoring that told me she was asleep. I followed a few minutes later.

I awoke early and peeled myself slowly away from Becca. She had gotten a bit chilled during the night I guess, and had stayed close to me. Now it was getting warm but not unpleasant. The boat was situated in a cove facing to the east, so the sun was still hidden behind the high bluff in front of us.

As I carefully moved to the aft of the boat, everyone else was still asleep

Trevor, Sasha and Tinley were intertwined like a basket full of seven snakes, six nice legs and a cock all tangled together where they had passed out at some point during the fucking filled night. From the positions they were in, it looked like Sasha had enjoyed our son last. His cock looked like it was glued to the crack of her ass.

Once below I made a pot of coffee on the small fire that I revived from the smoldering remains of last night’s conflagration. I then took a cup of coffee, a washcloth and a small bottle of biodegradable soap and went for walk around the point at the end of our cove and quietly sliped into the warm water for my morning bath. I could have used the shower on the houseboat, but there’s nothing like a morning bath on the lake. It feels great to start the day fresh in the beautiful setting. But for the modern amenities, this must have been what Adam felt like.

I headed back around the point about a half hour later. I could hear activity on the houseboat and the great smell of cooking bacon wafted across the beach as I approached.

After breakfast cleanup Becca and I took the small boat back to Echo Bay marina. I realized that I had left a case of engine oil and a box of potty powder in the truck and I wanted to be sure to have them with us before we got too far upriver. The johns on these boats can get pretty rank if you don’t protect them and with company coming out later we needed to be prepared. We could buy the stuff ahead at Temple Bar when we get there this afternoon, but if they are out of stock we could be out of luck, plus, their prices are pretty steep for those little necessities.

Becca grabbed a pair of shorts and a top for each of us to throw on as we approached the marina.

Becca went to the marina store while I returned to the truck and put the supplies in a cart to take down to the dock. It was already very hot and the sun reflecting off of the vehicles in the parking lot was very bright. In less than 20 minutes, Becca and I were back on our way upriver. She sucked on a Big Stick popsicle which was already melting faster than she could keep up with it. On the way back to our cove, she told me that she had overheard a conversation in the marina store about other boats which had departed onto the lake about an hour earlier. People were commenting that the passengers were probably some incestuous swinger family and friends. They said it looked like two families and you couldn’t tell who was with whom since everyone was freely hugging and kissing like long lost lovers every time they turned around. They also said the people were all naked or nearly so before they even crossed the buoy line out of the marina.

We got back to our cove by 11:00. It was already aydınlı escort very hot and bright. Except for the strange ski boat tied off to our houseboat, everything seemed fine. The kids were quietly sunbathing. Trevor was swimming and the girls were back on the float with two twenty something guys hanging on the sides talking to them. The girls were sitting up with their naked pussies open. Their legs were slightly open.

Trevor swam over to us as we carefully entered the cove and hauled himself onto the boat. He explained that they had been playing all morning and now were resting. The two guys had just passed by on the boat and saw the girls and came over to make friends.

We motored up to the raft and said hello. When they saw Becca and me and the fact that we were nude and making no effort to cover up they acted even friendlier. Becca had been sucking my cock as we entered the cove, so my dong was full and bloated. Becca, always the accommodating hostess, invited the lads to join us for lunch. They said they were students at UNLV studying hydrology and they had a monitoring station set up in this cove. They had classes starting at 3:00, so they were going to have to leave by 1:00. Neither of them could maintain eye contact, but they both openly admired my wife’s pussy and swaying tits.

After a light lunch the guys left and Trev took the runabout upriver while the rest of us stayed on houseboat to move upriver. Since it was afternoon and very hot, it was time to light the drinking lamp. Becca and the girls mixed up a couple of pitchers of margaritas and the four of us consumed them at a rate that gave us all brain freeze at least twice.

The girls and Becca are very friendly and they attracted a bit of extra traffic as they waved at the ski boats and houseboats that came within view. A couple of boats actually changed course when they saw us and came closer for a better look.

I proudly watched my lovely wife and daughter and their hot little friend as they gleefully waved at the passing boats. When Becca saw how much I was enjoying the view of Tinley and Sasha’s sweet asses ahead of me, she dropped to her knees and sucked my hard cock until I had to sit down, seconds before ropes of cock sauce fired out of my cum cannon all over her tits and face. One of the houseboats that were pacing us, running parallel just 15 feet to our starboard sounded their horn and everyone cheered.

We headed for Temple Bar to top off fuel. It’s one of the realities on the lake that the big houseboats guzzle gas. Also, Temple Bar provides another opportunity to stock up on ice, which depletes almost as fast as gasoline. Although our houseboat has a freezer of its own, it is hopelessly outgunned by the heat and our rate of consumption. The little settlement is in Arizona, so there are no slot machines to be found, but TB does provide another point of civilization for those who find the river and the bluffs too austere for their liking. We don’t have that problem, but still we like to stop there. Although it does mean that we have to get dressed again.

Becca was wearing white parachute nylon shorts (with the lining removed) and a white tank top and Tinley and Sasha were dressed in skimpy thong bathing suits. They got a lot of surreptitious stares as men and boys, and even one good looking woman, took the opportunity to admire the lady flesh. The ice house helper, Scott, openly admired the ladies and the stiff tenting of his shorts betrayed any thought he had of being discreet.

In the gift shop/store some young guy recognized Becca from the boat. He couldn’t help himself so he struck up a conversation with her as though he were an old friend. It was clear that he was taking every opportunity to sneak peaks at any parts of her body that were covered. Trevor and the girls bought the ice from the icehouse and took it down to the houseboat after the refueling operation. When it was about time to leave, Becca once again couldn’t help herself so she bought a gallon of rainbow sherbet. Luckily it was frozen solid.

As we were leaving the store we looked up at the sound of a boat horn. Trevor and the girls were waving at us as he maneuvered the houseboat toward the marina exit. I guessed that we were relegated to the runabout.

We caught the houseboat about 2 minutes after crossing the buoy line out of the marina. One thing about houseboats, even the best and fastest are a lot slower than a runabout with a small block Ford. We pulled along side and Tinley came out to the walk way that runs the length of the boat. Her skin was glistening with lotion. Becca gave her the sherbet to put in the small electric freezer in the galley. Then Sasha came out to the side of the boat with a quart thermos and handed it to Becca.

Becca gave us a little shove and I slipped the Morse control forward. The unmuffled exhaust roared and echoed off the side of the houseboat and the acceleration sat Becca down in a hurry. I had timed it perfectly. The boat lurched forward and in a few seconds we were on-plane and skimming across the lake at a very nice pace. We weren’t going very far today, just across the lake to one of the very nice coves on the Nevada side. It would take the houseboat a lot longer to get there than it would us.

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