Our New In-Laws Ch. 04

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From the moment she stepped from their RV, Allison found herself swept up in the riches around her. The antiques and ornate decorations screamed great wealth. From her youngest memories her parents tried to achieve riches. Her father was a lawyer, but his practice never found their whale. He spent his career chasing ambulances and disability lawsuits. Her mother resented is inability to strike it rich. Allison listened to many screaming arguments about money. Money made everything possible. Milt and Dee Dee had money; lots of it, but it all came from pornography.

After money, Allison’s parents argued about sex. Her father yelled about the lack of it, and her mother about the unreasonable demands her father made. According to Janice Lennox, Allison’s mother, sex was for reproduction. Allison’s seven brothers and sisters were evidence of her father’s need for sexual relief. Left up to her mother, Allison would have been their last child, but she had to cave to the demands from Edwin Lennox about his need to procreate. To have sex with Janice, Edwin had to claim the right for more children.

Allison was the eldest of four daughters and had suffered most under her mother’s harsh views about sex. No sex outside of marriage, no sex for pleasure, and only the missionary position. Janice pounded into Allison that the man was on top because no respectable woman would ride a man like a cowgirl. For twenty-eight years of marriage she had informed Jack that her mother’s views of sex would hold. She would allow him his rights for procreation and, after Jenni was born, she would allow him monthly access because it was too pitiful to hear him beg. He did ask once for a blowjob and her reaction led him never to ask for anything else. She threatened to divorce him on the spot if he ever asked for such a vile act again.

After she and Jenni arrived this morning though strange feelings flowed through escort gaziantep bayan haberleri her body. Tingles and nervous twitches distracted her from the opulence of the Oscar’s mansion. A curious leakage from her vagina was wetting her panties. She excused herself at midmorning to change. Jack was sleeping when she entered their room. She removed her shorts and panties and the crotch of both were damp. Her fingers touched her privates, something she never usually did. Her vagina was very wet and her fingers rubbed over lips that were oily and swollen. An electric current flashed through her body while she slowly investigated her soft lips.

She pulled out her fingers and could smell their fragrant, musky odor. Laying them under her nose she inhaled. The aroma was new. She didn’t understand why the scent would cause her to tremble. At that moment, Jack snorted and rolled on his back. Allison could see he had an erection. Her husband’s cock extended down his leg and tented his clean white shorts.

The feeling in her privates intensified, and she touched her nether lips to see if the wetness had gone. It hadn’t. If anything, it was worse. She pressed on the sensitive lips, and her body rewarded her with a flash of heat. As she trailed her finger up the splayed cleft she hit the hard bump at the top. She moaned at the sensations this created. Allison had never masturbated and was clueless to the reason for these new feelings.

A twinge from her nipples distracted her from her clitoral investigations. She was sure her breasts had grown. Her bra was tight and her cotton cups felt like sandpaper over her aching nipples. In an attempt at comfort, she removed her pullover shirt and unfastened her bra.

She looked at her sleeping husband and wondered what she would do if he woke up. He hadn’t seen her naked since escort gaziantep hikayeleri their honeymoon. What would he think if he woke up to find her nude hoving over him? What would he think if he woke up with an erection? Would he want to have sex with her? She wondered. As she considered this possibility her fingers returned to her aching clitoris. She began a twisting, circular motion over the hard bud. She caught a reflection of her motion in a full-length dressing mirror. Turning to see her naked body, she thought that she didn’t look too bad. She still had her figure and though her breasts sagged a little, she was good looking. She smiled at the mirror and rubbed a little harder. Mom, you didn’t tell me that this felt so good. She had tried a few times in her teens to masturbate, but her guilt buried the pleasure. Her guilt was missing this morning, and wasn’t masking the tendrils of pleasure that stretched out through her body. What had erased this guilt? She didn’t know, but would worry later why she felt to liberated at this moment.

Her nipples ached. She looked at Jack and wondered if she should wake him. She touched her nipples and imagined Jack’s mouth sucking one. Her fantasy of her husband using her body for her pleasure intensified the pressure of her fingers on her clitoris. She saw in the mirror that her nipples were swollen and hard. Pinching one brought out a loud moan from her normally silent lips. The thought drifted through her mind that the woman in the mirror was a slut, a whore, for taking pleasure like this. The rarely used words flooded her body with new sensations. A ball of fire was growing in her genitals and her fingers fed the flames.

She wished she had her husband behind her. Bending over she imagined him shoving his penis in her deeply. Her mind saw him holding her by the hips and thrusting escort gaziantep bayan ilanları savagely into her hot pussy. Her thumb smashed her clit and two fingers took the place of Jack’s cock.

Her orgasm ripped through her body, and she fell to her knees unable to stop masturbating. Her peak came and waned and she couldn’t top. She peaked again and rolled to the floor. Her hips lifted and she came again. This last climax was so intense that she had to stop touching her bruised pussy. She lay on the carpet gasping for breath. Savoring the sensations she had created in her body she lay in a euphoric fog. The red flashes behind her eyes faded and her breathing slowed.

She touched her flushed cheek with her hand and wondered what had happened to her. Her fingers were coated in her juices. Her tongue reached out and tasted the sweet smelling oils. She had a sweet musky flavor that was very exciting. Her pussy quivered and she tried to touch her lips again, but was too sensitive for contact.

Allison stood and looked in the mirror at a new woman. One flush with the effects of her orgasm, one who knew how to give herself pleasure. Her eyes rested on her husband’s erection. What would he think if she awoke him smelling of sex? Would he want to have sex with her? Or would he want to fuck her? She realized now that there was a difference between sex and fucking. But what would he think of her if she waked him with an arden demand for a good fuck? She knew his cock would create a heat her fingers never could. The fences of her inhibitions were lower, but not that low, yet.

Allison opened her suitcase and removed a fresh pair of panties and shorts. She moved to put on the panties, but realized she was much too wet. Walking naked into the bathroom she took a towel and wiped her soaked genitals. The towel fanned the flames of arousal, but the old Allison was still in enough control. She slowly dressed in front of the mirror wondering if this new woman would explode again soon.

Allison left Jack sleeping and turned downstairs to the patio. As she opened the glass door she realized that her fresh pair of panties were already damp. Tempted to turn back upstairs and change, she decided she liked the feeling and exited the house to rejoin her hosts and daughter at the poolside table.

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