Out For Dinner

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The look on his face was a mixture of fear and pleasure. He didn’t want anyone to realise what was going on under the table, but it was that which was causing the pleasure. They were sitting around a table in a restaurant, a group of them out to dinner to catch up on old times, and seated next to him was an ex-lover. They had never really spilt up, more like drifted apart when she’d left for university several years ago, they’d kept in contact at first but soon found that communication was lacking. From the look in her eyes and the feel of her hand as it gently rubbed his cock under the table the spark was still there between them, and the bulge that had formed in his trousers showed her that the feeling was mutual.

He sat at the table in a daze wondering what he should do, he couldn’t keep going as they were or he’d cum right there at the table but he didn’t want her to stop either. Another of his friends waving a hand in front of his face snapped him out of his dream-like state.

“Wake up buddy,” the friend said. “Are you alright? You’ve gone a bit pale.”

Seeing his chance to leave the table and relieve himself without embarrassment he replied “It’s a bit hot in here for me, I’m gonna go and get some fresh air.” With that he pushed back his chair extracting himself from her loving caress and excused himself from the table. He headed out the door and towards a quiet alley he knew there was between the restaurant and the next building. He checked to make sure there was no one around and then quickly unzipped his trousers and took out his large penis.

“Need any help with that honey?”

He turned around suddenly to see the owner of the voice bursa escort and was excited to see that his lover from the restaurant had followed him outside.

“I told the others I was gonna check that you were alright but it’s hard to tell, I think you’re gonna need a more thorough examination,” she continued as she moved towards him with a mischievous look on her face.

As she reached him she put out her hand to continue the job she had started earlier, this time without the obstruction of his trousers and shorts. She grasped his cock in her hand and began to slowly pump back and forth building the tempo. Their mouths met in the most passionate kiss he could remember experiencing, and the feelings he had for her came flooding back as their tongues met in a loving embrace.

Wanting to return the favour she was paying him, he slid his hands down her sides until he reached the hem of the short black dress she as wearing. He caressed her behind lovingly before moving his hand under the soft material of her dress and pulling it up until it was bunched around her waist. Moving his hand around to the front he pulled her underwear aside and slipped a finger into her warm cunt feeling how wet she was already. She moaned in pleasure and increased the work she was doing on his erect member.

He slipped another finger into her and he could feel how excited she was getting as he moved them in and out brushing against her clit each time. He doubled his efforts as he felt his orgasm nearing, wanting her to be pleasured at the same time. Their moaning became louder and out of control as they both came together, their juices running down each other’s bursa merkez escort hands. They shared another passionate kiss before attempting to clean themselves up ready to head back into the restaurant to their friends who would be wondering where they had got to.

The last thirty minutes of the meal was torture for both of them, desperate for each other’s touch and longing to finish what they had started earlier. When the friends were finally ready to part company he jumped at the chance to offer her a lift home saying it was on his way and she readily agreed, a look passing between them confirming that she wouldn’t be going home tonight.

When they reached the car he slid into the drivers seat and started the engine, she got in next to him and settled in for the ride home. A comfortable silence lay between them as he concentrated on driving home as quickly as he could. Stopping at a set of traffic lights he glanced across at her and a smile spread across his face as he saw her sitting there, one hand caressing her breast and the other down her underwear rubbing her clit rhythmically. His huge erection that suddenly formed was trying to poke it’s way out of his trousers and as the lights turned green he knew he wouldn’t last the distance to his house without losing concentration.

Five minutes later, after breaking the speed limit countless times, they arrived at his house. He stopped the car and turned to look at her working herself into a frenzy in the passenger seat. Not wanting to miss out on any of the action he took her hand from her underwear, sucked the juice from her fingers and whispered, “follow me.”

He bursa sınırsız escort led the way from the car to the house and without saying a word they headed straight for the bedroom, practically tripping over themselves in their haste. As soon as they reached their destination they impatiently started ripping their clothes off. As she removed the black dress she was wearing, her purple underwear was briefly revealed before that too was discarded along with all his clothes.

Their mouths hungrily explored each other with their hands not far behind, he sucked on first her right nipple and then her left making her squeal in pleasure. She reached down and started fondling his huge erection but before she could start to pleasure him more he moved her around and threw her onto the bed in a wave of passion. Their kissing continued while their hands explored each others bodies, her hands found their way back to his throbbing cock whilst his fingers found their way back to her moist cunt where he played with her waiting clit. Before long he had her screaming with pleasure and he knew she was building up to an intense orgasm.

“Yes!” she screamed, “Fuck me!” Remembering what she liked best and what satisfied her the most, he gently removed his hand and rolled her over. She moaned in pure delight as his large cock entered her cunt from behind and they started moving in rhythm with each other, slowly at first but as they got closer and closer to their climaxes their pace became faster and more powerful.

As his deep thrusts hit her magic G-spot he reached around her and started rubbing her clit again. This drove her crazy and within seconds she was screaming in pleasure as he came within her and the strongest orgasm she could ever remember washed through her body. They collapsed onto the bed together in exhaustion and drifted into a peaceful sleep, satisfied smiles on their faces, happy to be back in each other’s arms where they belonged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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