Outside of the Church Pt. 02

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The second chapter of a story set in the world of my novel, Rise of the Church: Zadie’s Journey (recently republished).

The church featured in this fictional story is a fictional organisation.

This story is pure fantasy. I condone only safe, consensual sex in real life.

The characters are over 18.

Please enjoy!


Outside of the Church pt.2: Anal Sex Education

Zadie waited in the queue for the morning cavity search. She had just spent her first night in prison, and it was not what she had expected; it was filled exclusively with attractive young women, all dressed in a very immodest uniform. That should have been no surprise, considering that the place was owned by the Secular Church of Acceptance.

‘There’s a lecture on the values of female submission after this,’ said Tasmin, her roommate. ‘Don’t forget your notebook and pen.’

Zadie sighed. ‘Is it compulsory?’

‘Is this a holiday camp?’

‘I’m not sure what it is.’

Tasmin snorted. ‘There’s an anal therapy session in the evening — you’ll like that.’

‘Is it therapeutic?’

‘It’s supposed to help us be better, more submissive women. Or something like that.’

‘Is it working for you?’

‘It is if they ask. You should–‘

‘Step forward,’ said the prison officer — Tasmin had reached the front of the queue.

Zadie watched her new friend stand with her four limbs outstretched as the large man patted her down. One hand slipped under her tiny crop top to check her breasts for hidden objects while the other stroked through her hair.

‘All clear,’ he said, giving her chest a final squeeze before applying some lubricating gel to his fingers.

Tasmin placed a hand on his shoulder to balance herself as he lifted her leg and cupped her bald pussy. She let out a sharp breath as his fingers entered and briefly rummaged inside.

‘Turn around.’

Facing away from him, she stuck out her bottom — her minuscule skirt didn’t even attempt to cover her genitals — and let him slip the same fingers into her anus. He held her chest as he probed and deduced that she wasn’t hiding anything.

‘Next,’ he said, using a wet wipe to clean his fingers.

Zadie approached him with her chin up, determined to begin as she intended to spend the next six months — with dignified acceptance. She had been silly to believe that her little business would evade the attention of the SCoA, as though they would have happily forgotten about her after everything that had happened. They had probably sent spies to pose as her customers from the very beginning; she would have given them full use of her anus, and they would have run straight to their superiors to inform on her. The ingrates.

She tried not to dwell on who might have betrayed her and tried instead to form a new plan for herself. She would finally stop trying to cling to an SCoA way of life and pursue an entirely different path. The idea of going back to university appealed to her most; she could build a new skill set from scratch and enter a career that she could openly talk about. Her incarceration might turn out to be the catalyst for change that she needed for a fresh start.

‘Don’t look at me like you’re my equal,’ said the officer as he checked her breasts.

Zadie looked at her feet, her optimistic resolve evaporating in an instant.

He snorted when she wobbled as he lifted her leg. ‘Put your hand on my shoulder. Haven’t you been watching?’

‘I’m sorry, officer,’ she said as his fingers slid into her pussy.

She made sure to do exactly as Tasmin had done when she turned around for the anal check, sticking out her posterior and showing her willingness to receive her examination. A hand brushed up her chest, gathering the scant fabric of the crop top and exposing her breasts before resting at her throat while a couple of fingers danced and swivelled inside her rectum in search of foreign objects. She became concerned when she realised her treatment was lasting longer than Tasmin’s, but she assured herself that she had nothing to fear, as she was not carrying anything.

‘I’m going to do a deeper search with this one,’ said the officer, turning Zadie to face him and pushing her to her knees.

‘I don’t have anything in there,’ she said as he flopped out his semi-erect cock in front of her face.

‘I’ll see for myself,’ he said, pulling her head to his crotch.

Zadie felt that obedience would be the best option, so she opened her mouth and began to suck, using her skilful tongue to enhance his pleasure to the best of her abilities, and focusing on the spot that made his stiffening shaft twitch. As he became more excited, he grabbed her hair to control her movements, pulling her close and listening to her gag softly as her gullet massaged his bulging glans.

‘Sit on the table,’ he said, finally letting her breathe.

Eager to demonstrate her compliance, she sprang up and hopped onto the table, pre-empting his command and opening her legs adana seks hikayeleri to welcome him inside.

‘This gives me an extra few inches for a more thorough search,’ he said, giving her a quizzical half-smile as he held her knees high and slipped into her bowel.

‘Whatever you need to do, officer,’ she said, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he established a steady rhythm.

His cock darted back and forth as it relentlessly scoured her rectum, and he began to ram it in with some force, giving him that little extra reach for maximum certainty of her innocence. She whimpered quietly as he struck her colon over and over, but she didn’t hinder his investigation.

‘All clear,’ he said, suddenly ceasing his thrusting.

‘Can I help you with anything else, officer?’ she said as his ejaculating penis spasmed deep inside her.

‘You’re free to go,’ he said, pulling out of her and turning to the next woman.


‘What are you in for?’ said Zadie, screwing her face as she tasted the slop on her spoon. ‘Oh, what is this?’

Tasmin laughed. ‘It’s all the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy, beautiful body.’

‘I’m sure normal prisons a more humane. So, what–‘

‘I attended an anti-SCoA march.’

‘Really? That’s what you’re in for?’

‘I may have thrown a butt-plug at a policeman.’

‘Ha! ­­­­­Did you get it back?’

‘I remember you when you were their golden girl. Never thought I’d see you in here.’

‘You must’ve hated me.’

‘Yeah. I did.’

Zadie paused for a moment. ‘Why a butt-plug?’

‘Was making a statement. The church is obsessed with anal, so…’

‘Had you used it?’

Tasmin snorted. ‘I’d never had anything in my arse at that point.’

‘Do you regret–‘

‘No, I had a right laugh! We were proper pelting them with these sex toys. Never seen anything like it.’

Zadie grinned. ‘Sounds magnificent.’

‘I intend to get out of here pretty soon, though.’

‘How long do–‘

‘Nine months. But I’m gonna volunteer for the EEs to reduce my sentence.’

‘The what?

‘Entertainment evenings.’ Tasmin scooped some beige sludge into her mouth. ‘They basically involve riding cock for an hour on Friday nights.’

Zadie raised her eyebrows. ‘I’m surprised you’d sign up for that.’

‘I’ve had my arse probed so many times now that I don’t care anymore. It’ll be nice to have a change from Big Jim over there.’

Zadie glanced over her shoulder at the officer who had fucked her earlier. ‘Does he usually use his cock for cavity searches?’

‘He always does it to the new girls. If he likes them.’

‘I guess it’s a compliment then.’

‘Yeah, congrats.’


‘You will address the guests as “sir”,’ said Big Jim. ‘They’re entitled to use your anus and your mouth. They can rate you afterwards, so if you want an early release, it’s in your interest to make them happy.’

Tasmin raised her hand despite being right in front of him. ‘What if they want to put it in my pussy?’

‘Then you say no, obviously.’

‘They might be sad and rate me lower.’

‘That actually happened to me last time,’ said a woman at the back of the group.

Big Jim shook his head and opened the door. ‘I’ll be watching you all.’

The room had been loud with chatter but went silent when the ten girls started filing inside. Each took a designated spot around the perimeter and stood waiting for the entertainment to commence. The ten guests — most holding a glass of wine — watched the prison officer as he took a seat in the corner.

‘Your hour starts now,’ said Big Jim, checking his watch. ‘Please enjoy.’

Zadie looked around her area, ignoring the three men who headed straight to her. Each of the designated spots featured a drinks table, a stool, and a set of straps that dangled from the ceiling.

‘This is that famous girl, isn’t she?’ said the stockier of the three men.

‘Yeah. Zadie, isn’t it?’ said the handsome, dark-haired one. ‘What on Earth are you doing here?’

‘I got arrested, sir,’ she said as he lifted her little top.

‘You don’t say.’

‘She’s even fitter in real-life,’ said the stocky one, stepping forward to pinch an exposed breast. ‘What shall we do with her?’

The third man — a lanky bloke with big hands — grabbed one of the straps. ‘Let’s see what we can do with these.’

The trio placed their drinks on the table and surrounded Zadie, liberally exploring and stroking the soft skin of her arms and belly and breasts.

‘You guys new to this?’ said Zadie as two of them fumbled to apply the bonds to her delicate wrists.

‘We thought we’d try something new,’ said the handsome one, gently tugging at her nipples as his friends worked on her restraints. ‘We meet up twice a year. Old school friends.’

‘Alistair’s a professor,’ said the lanky one, completing his task and pulling a strap to hoist her arm into the air. ‘So, he’s full of great ideas.’

‘My studies didn’t really extend to organising nights out with the lads,’ said the handsome one — Alistair.

‘He could probably teach us a thing or two in this area, though,’ said the stocky one as he hoisted her other arm.

‘He does sex education,’ said the lanky one, feeding her foot through a bigger loop which he pulled to the top of her thigh. ‘He knows things.’

Her arms bound above her head, Zadie gasped as long and nimble fingers stroked her bare pussy under her little skirt. She watched Alistair’s hungry eyes as he rubbed his hands up and down her torso, drinking in the feminine beauty of her compact body. She thought he was going to lean in for a kiss, but his friends had other ideas.

‘I can’t wait to be in there,’ said stocky guy, prizing her buttocks apart as he knelt behind her.

The lanky bloke grabbed both her breasts with one huge hand, obstructing Alistair’s more gentle exploration. ‘Let’s suspend her.’

‘Calm down, Freddy,’ said Alistair with a laugh, ‘we’ve got a whole hour with her!’

‘I want to try out the other girls, too!’ said Freddy, yanking a cord and making Zadie shriek as she was abruptly lifted off her feet. ‘Sorry, Jase, were you finished studying her arse hole?’

Zadie flailed her legs and wobbled about for a moment before Jase grabbed her from behind, holding her still and massaging her naked breasts. Alistair moved out of the way to let Freddy — his hard cock hanging out of his trousers — stand between her legs, and she relaxed her anus as he pushed into her. She rested her head back against Jase and was rocked back and forth as she absorbed Freddy’s eager thrusts; the lengthy shaft reached deep inside her, punching the innermost limits of her rectum with each lunge. Her skirt was bunched up to reveal her glistening pussy, but it remained ignored. She gave Alistair a little smile as he sipped his drink at the table — his unwavering gaze was intense.

The other men appeared to have come alone; they had each claimed a girl and proceeded to fuck her. Some had bound their girls, while others had given them more freedom and control. Two of the girls were sat on their stools, staring forlornly at the floor like unpopular rejects on sports day. Zadie thought they were pretty enough, yet Alistair seemed entirely disinterested in them.

Freddy ripped his throbbing cock out of Zadie’s bowel. ‘No, no, no, don’t come!’

Jase laughed and released Zadie from his grip, letting the straps take her full weight as she hung from them. ‘My turn.’

‘Shit, that was close,’ said Freddy as the twitching of his penis subsided.

As the two men swapped places, Zadie glanced around the room to see Tasmin energetically riding a man on her stool. She must have had plenty of experience, as she didn’t seem at all fazed by the impressive girth of the invading phallus; indeed, she seemed to be enjoying it, which was a surprise to Zadie considering the girl’s history.

Jase’s penis was surprisingly thick, and Zadie appreciated the satisfying stretch as it forced its way inside. He held her legs wide open and watched her breasts as Freddy’s hands pressed and manipulated them. He fucked her at a more relaxed pace, savouring the moment as he massaged her innards.

‘Want to get a girl each?’ said Freddy, nodding towards the two unused girls.

Jase smirked. ‘Sure. Looks like Alistair’s waiting for this one.’

Zadie was left dangling as they went to make their claims. She watched Freddy pull his girl to her feet to inspect her petite body; Jase let his girl remain on her stool as he fed his meaty cock into her mouth. Zadie was thankful to have received a preparatory enema.

‘Finally got you to myself,’ said Alistair, slackening the straps and lowering her legs.

‘Your friends have abandoned you, sir,’ she said with a smile, letting him remove the bonds around her thighs.

‘You’re very wet,’ he said, running a finger along her slit. ‘Do you enjoy being used like a toy?’

‘I can’t help getting excited when someone puts stuff inside me, sir.’

He drew back her clitoral hood to inspect the swollen bud within. ‘I think you’d make a perfect demonstration subject for my classes.’ He dipped a finger inside to gather her juices before tenderly circling her clit. ‘What if I could get your sentence reduced some more? Would you be my subject?’

Zadie writhed and squirmed as he tormented her most intimate spot. ‘What does–ah! What would I have to do?’

‘You’ll just lie back and let me explain the ins and outs of your sexual parts to my students.’

‘I think I can manage–‘ Zadie gasped and thrust her chest forward as he pinched her tortured clit. ‘I can manage that.’

He brushed his hands up her sides as he straightened up behind her, pressing just firmly enough to appreciate the silky, soft textures of each part of her body; he continued up her arms to the cuffs at her wrists before pulling at a strap to raise her bound hands even higher above her head. She whimpered softly as her body was stretched out and she was forced to stand on her toes.

‘I look forward to working with you,’ he said into her ear as he embraced her from behind, cupping her breasts and kissing her dainty neck.

He pulled her skirt up her waist until the hem sat above her genitals, and he placed a hand against her smooth mons, pulling her against his crotch and opening her anus with his stiff cock. As she balanced precariously on her toes, he only had to bend his legs a little to match the height of her bottom, and she rested her head back against his shoulder, tilting it to let him kiss and nibble her ear as he sank into her rectum. He pinned her against himself as he explored her bowel, gripping her throat and cupping her pussy; his hand slipped in her juices as she responded to his touch, and she was soon dripping between his fingers.

The guest who Tasmin had been entertaining came to watch the pair, helping himself to Zadie’s pert breasts as he sipped from his glass. The abandoned Tasmin waited awkwardly with her breasts exposed like Zadie’s before she was seized by another man and bent over her stool.

‘Let’s give you a little freedom,’ said Alistair, releasing her wrists from their restraints and letting her plant her feet firmly on the floor.

‘That’s what I’m looking for,’ she said with a smile.

Alistair sat on the stool, holding her hand as she straddled him. ‘Take it easy — I’m in no rush.’

Zadie wrapped her arms around him and held his gaze as she let her anus swallow the bulgingly erect cock. She kissed him as he sank into her depths and ground against him when he was fully embedded.

‘Look at these lovebirds!’ said Freddy, gesturing at them as he finished with another girl.

Jase didn’t stop thrusting as he looked over. ‘Mate, you’re not gonna get through many of them at this rate!’

‘I’m happy with that,’ said Alistair, running his fingers through Zadie’s hair.

‘I wouldn’t mind having a go with her,’ said Tasmin’s guy — he had placed his wine on the table and was stood facing the pair with his arms crossed.

‘Sorry, but you’ll be waiting a while,’ said Alistair as Zadie began to bounce.

‘Hey, prison guy, are we allowed to use both holes if we’re sharing?’

Big Jim shrugged. ‘Whatever.’

‘There you go,’ said Tasmin’s guy, stepping closer. His trousers harboured a conspicuous protuberance. ‘You can take the front.’

‘Look, pal, I’m not–‘

‘You can’t hog the best girl for the whole hour.’

‘There’s still plenty of time!’

The man gripped Zadie under the arms and tried to pull her away, but Alistair held onto her.

‘Guys!’ said Zadie, Alistair’s solid phallus filling her bowel. ‘Please don’t fight over me!’

Alistair sighed. ‘Fine. Let’s stand with her.’

Zadie wrapped her legs around him as he stood; he flopped out of her bottom, and the other man almost immediately plunged inside to ravage her innards. With her anus occupied, her pussy gripped Alistair’s cock like a vice as it entered, but her abundance of slippery fluids eased its passage. Her sandwiched body was rocked as the two men established different tempos; her taut orifices both vied for her attention, and her innards were pummelled by a confusion of jostling and oscillating shafts, rubbing and bumping each other through the thin strip of flesh separating them.

‘Oh, damn it!’ said Tamsin’s man, abruptly ceasing his frenzied onslaught in an attempt to stave off his orgasm.

Zadie stopped kissing Alistair for a moment and smiled as the warm liquid squirted into her colon. There was a brief calm inside her while only her pussy was occupied, but another hard cock soon slipped inside to join the fray, giving her a dull ache deep inside as it tested the boundaries of her beleaguered organ.

‘Is that Freddy again?’ she said, twisting to look back.

‘How did you know?’ said Freddy, gripping her torso.

‘Your penis isn’t very anal-friendly, sir’ she said with a half-smile.

Freddy laughed. ‘My first complaint! First anal, too, to be fair.’

Zadie revelled in a world of sensations as the two shafts dominated her insides in an unrelenting frenzy of movement. As one plunged in, the other withdrew in perfect synchrony, barraging her with uninterrupted pleasure which quickly transformed into euphoria. She kissed Alistair with passionate urgency as her juices flowed down his cock to saturate his trousers, and she delighted when Freddy burst inside her, flooding her bowel with yet more semen. Her anus clenched around his throbbing penis as she lost control of herself; her drenched pussy pulsated, rhythmically massaging Alistair’s excited dick and setting him off. She moaned and writhed, oblivious to the many staring eyes as torrents of clear fluid spilled from her slippery orifice.

The three were motionless as they regained their composure, grinning awkwardly as a round of applause spread around the room. Freddy kissed her neck as he vacated her, letting the combined seminal fluids pour forth and mingle with her own juices. She kept her legs wrapped around Alistair as he sat back on the stool, and they exchanged a long look until she broke the tension with a girlish giggle.

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