Owning my Sissy’s Ass

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We are in a hotel room. I’m wearing a leather catsuit. You are dressed in a Lacy red thong and white stockings. I have restraints on the bed. Ready for later. You stand in front of me. Clitty already hard. I kneel and take you in my mouth. Sucking hard. Tasting your precum. Swirling my tongue around your thick head. But I stop when I know you’re close. I want you close the whole time. But you’re not allowed to cum. If you cum without me giving you permission to, you’ll be punished. Just so there is no confusion about who is in charge, I take out a black leather collar and put it on you. You’re mine now.

You sit on the side of the bed. I zip the cat suit down slowly over my breasts. Take one breast out and make you suck on it. Pushing your head in hard against me. Forcing you to take as much of my massive breast in your mouth as you can. Smothering you with my soft flesh. I release you and as you continue to suck and lick my nipple, I bend down and lightly flick my tongue against yours as you pleasure my now rock hard nipple. I want to cum before I start to really play with you. I open the crotch zip on my suit and guide your fingers into me. My cunt is soaking. You thrust 2 fingers into me. Slowly pushing them in and out while still sucking my nipple. I spread my legs slightly so you can push a third finger into me. I start to buck my hips against you. I want more. You start really finger fucking me. You can feel my juices running down your hand. I bring sikiş hikayeleri my fingers down to my clit. And while you fuck my cunt faster, I circle my clit. Pushing firmly, I cum, you feel my cunt tighten around your fingers. Your clitty is rock hard and throbbing.

Now that I’ve cum, I’m calmer. I can concentrate on you. I tell you to lie down on the bed. I clip your wrists and ankles into the restraints. You’re spread eagled on the bed. At my mercy. I climb onto the bed and pull a blindfold from under the pillow. Fasten it on you. And climb off the bed. Your breathing is fast and heavy. I get the brand new anal plug I got especially for you. It’s a pump one. So I can stretch that fine ass. I grab my harness and a dildo. Climb into it. And get back onto the bed and kneel between your legs. You can feel my dildo against your thighs. I bend over your face and kiss you. Gently at first. Then with more pressure. Then bite your lower lip. You shout in pain. But that just earns you a slap across the face. I laugh as your face registers the shock of me hitting you. I kiss you again. Sucking your tongue into my mouth. Sucking hard. You moan. I stop, and move back down your body. Stopping to bite your nipples. Then sucking and biting at the soft skin above your clitty. I stop and grab the plug. Lube it to get it ready. But first I need to get your ass ready a little. I position my face between your legs and find your tight hole with my tongue. Rimming you a little. I feel your ass clench. I finger myself, lubing my fingers with my own juices and without warning I plunge two fingers into your tight hole. You shout out loud. I slap your balls. You’ll learn eventually. I finger your tight hole with my two fingers until I feel your body relax. Time for a third. I slip a third finger into you. Feeling your muscles instinctively push against me. I keep the pressure on. I love how this feels. You’re moaning. I know you’re close. So I stop.

I move to the top of the bed. Your mouth is open slightly. I kneel up straight and position my plastic cock at your lips. You gasp, try to close your lips. But I slap your face again. This time you grant me access to your mouth. The dildo is so big, you struggle. Splutter. And try to move your head back as I bottom out in your mouth. I can see your throat begin to gag. I pull out, with your saliva coating my cock. You’re swallowing, trying to stop the gag reflex. I bend down, grab your chin and kiss you hard. Straighten up and begin fucking your mouth again. Harder. Rougher.

When I think you’ll puke I pull out. You are struggling for breath. Mouth raw and swollen. Kissing you once more, I move back down to your ass. Grab the plug and slowly push it inside you. You groan. But don’t shout. You know what will happen if you do. It slips in with some pressure. My fingers already loosened you slightly. I pump it up a little. You groan again. Trying to clench your ass. Trying to move your legs. But you can’t. Two more pumps. You are so full now. I’m so fucking horny playing with your ass. I take off the harness and move up to your mouth again. This time I want your mouth on my cunt.

I lower my pussy over your face. I slap your face and tell you to use your tongue on me. I want to cum again. I won’t move until you make me cum I tell you. I grind my cunt back and forth over your face and mouth. Covering it in my juices. I’m so wet it’s hard to get proper friction. If I don’t cum, you’ll be punished. I push down harder against your face. Feeling your lips and mouth on my soft skin. Rocking back and forth I feel your tongue in me. I pinch my nipples hard and cum. Drenching your face as I let go. The orgasm pulsing through my body. Endorphins flowing through my body. I climb off your face. Put the harness back on. I deflate the plug pull it out of you. Lube the dildo. And drill into you. Your clitty softens a little with the sensation. But as I move inside you, you harden again. I move in and out of you. Your body gets used to the sensation. You try to buck your hips to meet me thrust for thrust. I grab your clitty with my hand and stroke you. In time with my thrusts. Your groaning. Moaning. Begging me not to stop. I feel your clitty tense. And you explode. I bend down and take the last of your cum in my mouth. Withdraw my cock and move up to kiss you. Sharing your spunk with you. Kissing you hard and deep. Making you swallow your seed.

You have pleased me. As your reward, I give myself to you. Go nuts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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