Painted Goddess Ch. 02

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Marcus lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling of his apartment. What a day! He’d ridden his bike over to the MP Building to check on his club’s new homeroom. Things had looked fine, so he hopped into the elevator to leave. Then, on the very next floor, the door had opened on heaven: A strawberry-haired goddess, covered from waist up in an amazing tribal pattern of multicolored paints, was standing there and she’d stepped into the elevator car with him.

He’d literally sweated with nervousness, fought the urge to drool over her stunning figure, become so overcome with lust that he’d missed his own floor, and practically dropped to the floor when she stepped out. Then she’d turned around and invited him to follow.

That was about 4 hours ago, and he was exhausted. They’d had sex, the most amazing fucking he’d ever had, by far the most incredibly stimulating experience of his life. She’d kissed him and left him there, in the showers, walking her gleaming, clean body out the door. And he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He kept in good shape but didn’t consider himself especially attractive; his social skill with the opposite sex wasn’t exactly the stuff of legends. All his adult life, he’d been in mostly chaste relationships with women who appreciated his personality enough to look past his awkwardness. He had no complaints, but nothing he’d ever been involved in had even approached his night with a painted goddess.

He knew he should probably drop it. They’d had their fun and parted, leave it at that and hold onto the memories. But hecouldn’t. She’d responded to him like no woman ever had, and she’d driven him wild. He couldn’t just move on, he had to make an effort to try and find her, see if they could ever have more, if the amazing bond they’d shared was deeper than a single night of pleasure. Swinging his legs over the side, he hopped off his bed and poured a drink to think of a way to track her down.

He could try running her name, “Mandy”, through the student database. But it lacked photos and he knew little about her, really. That body paint had to be professional work; he could keep an eye out for an article or poster of some sort to pop up on campus. But as soon as something like that came out every horny guy on campus would be trying to crawl into her jeans.

The gym bag! She’d had a bag, with towels, fresh clothes, and that incredible black leotard that she’d pulled on afterward in place of underwear. She definitely worked out regularly; she was toned and had stamina. He didn’t recognize her from his own workouts, but that merely excluded the Old Complex pool and his biking route, she probably stayed at the new MP building. All he had to do was hang around the building long enough to catch her coming or going to a workout, shouldn’t be a problem. Satisfied at bursa escort his plan, he lay back down to sleep, trying to think of things to say to her when he finally found her.

The next morning he woke early and sent “I’m sick” emails to his professors. His attendance was damn near flawless, he could risk a day out of circulation. He hopped in the shower and fought the urge to stroke his cock as thoughts of Mandy’s body flowed through his mind. He didn’t want to waste time, and he knew the real thing would be worth the wait.

Packing a bag with his usual swim supplies, he dressed in what he hoped was his best looking casual workout clothes and got ready to leave, to execute his master plan for being reunited with his painted goddess. Then someone knocked on his door.

“Who is it?” He asked with some irritation. He couldn’t risk missing her because some hall-mate wanted to share some stupid problem.

“Hey Moose” Called a muffled voice “Open the hell up”

That was strange, he’d memorized the voices of his hall-mates to keep track of the noisemakers for his weekly RA report, but this wasn’t one of them. It sounded oddly flat, like someone trying to disguise their voice. Who the hell was playing a prank at this hour?

Walking over, he pulled to door open without checking the peephole, intending to angrily deal with the troublemaker face-to-face. But the sight he saw melted all those thoughts away. Standing there in fresh clothes and beaming with her seductive smile was Mandy, in the flesh. They’d met only fleetingly, but her compact, athleticly toned body was burned into his brain. His jaw dropped open and she took the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. Oh yes, definitely Mandy!

“What, well….How did you find me?” He stammered out.

“It took a little doing, Mark. But I mentioned your nickname to some of the staff at the paper and wouldn’t you know it, the TV critic’s in your club” Still beaming, she laughed, a heavenly sound.

He gawked, he had been ready to stay at the gym all day to find her, to track her down and try to start a real relationship, and here she’d tracked him down even faster. She’d come right to his door. For a moment, panic came over him, what if she was just warning me off? What if she’s going to say she’s married, or in a long-term relationship? His mind raced through scenarios good and bad as she started again.

“Anyway, I tracked you down because…well it’s hard to say clearly” She shifted uncomfortably and looked down the hall to make sure no one was watching. “I wanted to say you made me feel like nobody has ever made me feel before. It was more than physical, youwanted me…” Her voice trailed off and she locked his eyes again with her emerald beauties.

“I, uh, was going to look for you today” He gestured at escort bursa the gym bag next to the door “I wanted to find you so badly I was going to spend all day there until I found you again. I didn’t want what we did to be done…ever.” Boy did that sound bad, he thought, she’ll probably look for an exit now…

Her expression changed, became completely neutral. Moose fought panic, he’d gone too far. She found his attachment creepy or worse, and his confession had ended any hope of seeing her again. But he was wrong; she placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back into the room, quietly locking the door behind them.

“I was worried that you’d turn out to be some kind of sleaze, or would take your one night and go. But then I knew that wasn’t you. You didn’t take advantage, didn’t force yourself on me. You wanted me the way I want you…” Then she wrapped around him and they shared a long, heavenly kiss.

Their hands roamed each other again and their bodies began to awaken to their mutual desire again. She pulled him over to his bed and they lay down beside each other, sharing a long kiss as their fingers teased and probed their counterpart’s body like they’d known where to touch for years. She broke for air and smiled.

“So I’m guessing you already took the day off.”

“Yeah, I don’t have anywhere to be for hours…” He chuckled.

“Perfect.” She whispered as her eyes closed and her body pressed against him. They locked lips again and she rolled on top of him.

Mandy’s tight-fitting top was a challenge, but Moose’s loose-fitting clothes yielded easily to her hands. She lifted his shirt off and licked his chest in a playful imitation of his performance the night before. She even nibbled lightly on his nipple with her lips, a new sensation that elicited a moan of delight from him. He slipped both hands into her loose pants and gave her athletic ass a squeeze, pressing his erection against her. She looked up from his body and their eyes met again.

“I don’t want to fuck you like last night,” She said seductively “I want to make love to you.” And with that she slipped her top off and wrapped her naked flesh against his.

He didn’t need to be told more than once, locking her in another kiss he rolled their tongues together and removed his boxers with his hands. She reached down and grabbed his swollen cock, guiding it into her drenched pussy. He gripped her hips strongly and slowly brought her down onto him. As he penetrated her she tilted her head back and let forth a sigh of sheer pleasure.

At another time, Moose wouldn’t have believed he wasn’t dreaming. But the passion cascading through his body and the sensations dancing across his skin were no illusion. She rocked her body into his, and he thrust his hips upward, driving his cock deeper escort bursa into her pussy. Her legs wrapped more tightly around him, her hands had stopped and she simply clung to their embrace. He supported her weight while her hands steadied them. He thrust his eager cock deep into her pussy, savoring the felling of her vaginal walls sliding across his member. Then he thrust back even deeper, pressing the base of his cock against her opening before pulling back again. Slowly, he worked into a rhythm, and she began to rock her body with it.

Their pace increased, and arched her back, angling her pussy in concert with his thrusting member, grinding the head of his cock against the hyper sensitive walls of her pussy. As their bodies thrust together, the bed creaked and groaned its disapproval. Neither of them heard it, her sensual moans of pleasure and the sound of their slick skin slapping together grew louder as their pace increased.

Her tits played across his face as they fucked, and he occupied her erect nipples with his hot, probing tongue. He could feel her hot breath on his head as she turned her head toward him, and when she pressed her chest against his pleasuring mouth he could hear her heart racing. The sounds and sensations racing through their lovemaking were beyond his experience, and as they neared orgasm he tried to hold back time, to stay in the moment forever.

“Oh yessssss” She sighed as they thrust into each other. Her juices flowed liberally, and her orgasm came shuddering into his powerful thrust. The moment dragged on, with his cock pumping in and out of her spurting pussy. She reveled in the ecstasy of the best she’d ever had. Finally she came off her high and started to move with his rhythm once again.

He kept driving into her mound, and his tongue probed into her mouth again. Despite how spent she felt, Mandy’s body was already responding again. Her adrenaline began pumping and she felt herself building like before, it wouldn’t be long before she was pushed over the edge again.

Moose felt himself hurtling toward the edge; he’d experienced the shuddering sensation of her orgasm and craved more. As she built up again he rolled her onto her back and raised himself up, all the while driving into her hot depths. As he pumped her, she arched her back and let loose another long, heavenly moan, grabbing at the sheets of his bed as if to hold her body down until he came. With his goddess in ecstasy beneath him, Moose felt himself go completely over the top, and his hot cum came bursting forth in waves. Mandy felt his love flooding her pussy and let go of herself; allowing her own orgasm to flow with his, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him down into a tight embrace.

Long moments later, they lay, still wrapped together, on their sides and stared smiling into each other’s eyes. Neither said anything at first, they just basked in their mutual glow. Moose leaned forward and they kissed passionately again, then she playfully licked the tip his nose and giggled.

He loved that sound.

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