Palm Springs Business Trip Ch. 04

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Thanks to Stephen7redo for editing this story for me.


Cassandra meets a lovely and confident redhead at the hotel pool.

Isabella and I somehow were able to finish inspecting the required number of rooms before heading down for lunch with the other department heads. After lunch I said a bittersweet goodbye to her and went on to work with the front desk staff. I stayed with that team for about an hour, as there wasn’t much there to cover and they seemed very well trained already. From there I went over to Food and Beverage for about an hour also and then on to the always exciting Accounting department.

By shortly after 3 o’clock that afternoon I was done with my first day of reviews and training. So with the extra daylight time I decided I would go lay out by the pool. I grabbed my briefcase and purse out of the manager’s office and headed upstairs to my hotel room. As soon as I walked in I looked at the bed and my mind flashed backed to earlier that day when I was fucking Isabella’s pussy and she fucking mine with the sex toys I’d brought on this business trip. I grinned at the pleasurable thoughts when I looked over to the nightstand and saw a small envelope propped up against the lamp. I walked over and picked it up seeing it was addressed to me. I opened it and read the small note inside:

‘Hi Cassandra, I really enjoyed being with you today and would like to spend the night with you before you leave. I know we could have an even more lust-filed time if we could share a bed all night long.



My pussy got instantly wet as I stood there next to the bed we had already shared and with the thought we could spend not just a long hour together but a whole night there, naked and groping, licking, sucking and kissing one another. Then suddenly I pictured Dillon and me in that bed.

Damn could that man fuck!

Then I close my eyes and envisioned all three of us in that big bed and Dillon taking turns fucking the hell out of our pussies and each of us ladies taking turns sucking on him and one another. The thought of having a threesome with Isabella and Dillon was so hot.

Damn! My pussy was on fire!

I slipped a hand down the front of my body and was just about to press my fingertips over my damp thong and hot pussy. But then I suddenly opened my eyes and took a deep breath before I refocused on why I had come up to the room early. It was time to go down and get some sun and relaxation, while showing off my body I had worked hard to tone over the last few weeks. I went over to my suitcase and took out the two bikinis I had packed. One was an all-black number and the other was blue with some yellow polka dots all over it. Both of them didn’t cover much of my body so the color of the material was the least of my decisions to make. I decided on the black one when I remembered how good the cups of the top felt around my boobs and how the soft crotch snuggled up to my pussy lips nice and tight without pinching them. I quickly took off my day’s professional clothes. As I stripped down to my thong, I noticed how damp they really were, there was no simple wet oval on the crotch but rather a huge splotch of dark wetness covering nearly the whole front. It was no wonder, as glistening wet as my pussy was after all the lascivious thoughts of Isabella and Dillon I’d been having that afternoon. I didn’t have to look too closely to know how raised and ready my clit was as I could feel it calling out for some earnest attention. I nibbled on my lower lips as I glanced down toward the nightstand drawer knowing what was inside. It didn’t take long to decide to get out my trusty vibrator and have it join me on the bed to and to get myself off really quick like.

And I mean really quick!

I put the setting on high and buzzed my clit like a mad woman. The sensations were so incredible and I was so wet and horny the vibe slipped up and down between my slick pink lips and over my swollen clit with ease.

“Oh yesssssss, play me, suck me, lick me…oh ffffuuuccccckkk, I’m…gonna…cummmmmmmm!” I screamed out to no one or nothing but the four walls of my luxurious hotel room. That is unless someone was walking by my room about then as Isabella and I had by that lusty couple’s room earlier that day. I only knew the guy’s name as the hotly sexed woman had yelled out his name on the other side of their door.

I sure wished I could meet Jacob and his wife.

So, I swear I must have cum in less than two minutes. I knew I had been horny as all get out but not so horny I could cum that fast. As soon as I took another big breath I got up off the bed, vibe in hand and grabbing the bigger dildo from the drawer and scurried off to give both toys a good and well deserved wash. They had earned their keep a couple more times, shared with two new lovers. Dillon may not have been an expert but he got me off very well. Now Isabella was the sex toy expert. And as I stroked away lovingly with the soaps suds on them both, I knew it wouldn’t be Beylikdüzü escort long before they both would be in use pleasingly on me or hopefully, or maybe even someone else that would join me in bed that night.

Who would it be? Isabella? Dillon? Maybe someone new I could add to my list of lusty conquests since I had become a single woman again.

Once that necessary cleaning chore was over I went back into the room and quickly put on my bikini, grabbed my sarong, along with a couple of magazines and suntan lotion then headed to the door. No sooner than I had touched the door handle though than I realized I had forgotten my keycard. I traipsed back over to get it and on the way back I took another look at that big bed and instantly could envision Dillon, Isabella and myself, all three of use perfectly naked, writhing and groping one another.

I knew I had to make that happen!

I squeezed the room keycard in my hand tightly as I finally headed out the door and downstairs.

There were a good number of people down at the pool on a very warm and sunny day. That really was a good sign the occupancy rate of the hotel was high; lots of business travelers and vacationers I presumed for this Southern California location. Still, I was able to find a chaise on the far side, mostly away from the vacationing families and put my stuff down before proceeding to take off my sarong. As I did I felt as if several people were staring at me which was just what I had hoped for in that extra skimpy shiny black bikini I had chosen while at the mall back home the week before. After I put my sunglasses on and lay down with my magazine I was able to clandestinely look around and did find a few male faces and pairs of ogling eyes checking me out. I even caught a couple of women giving me a lingering look, as well as at least one older woman giving me that look and shake of her head at what I assumed was her disgust at the near total display of my womanly body. Oh well, I had what I had, and I was not going to hide it when there were so many men, and women, that obviously liked looking at it.

I settled back and flipped open my magazine. I had figured with the good tan I already had going I wouldn’t burn, so I waited before putting on sunscreen and laid back to read for a while. This article was titled, “How Long was Too Long?” referring to the obvious. Well the longest I had ever had up inside me was about 8 inches, from Aaron, my steady young lover back home. That was pretty long if you asked me. The author seemed to be of the opinion that was more than long enough, even though a poll the magazine had taken said about 35% of women wanted to experience a cock of at least 9 inches or longer. I grinned broadly underneath those sunglasses of mine thinking I could go for a ride on a nice big one like that any time.

It was about then a shadow crossed over my body and up across my face, which caused me to look up. When I did I immediately recognized the redheaded woman from the elevator the evening before that had me with her tall handsome husband, both of which I had seen later that night while Dillon and I were making out on our balcony while I looked up to the balcony seeing them doing the same. She was also the woman that Isabella and I had heard fucking Jacob, her husband, very energetically behind a closed hotel room door that morning. She was a very beautiful sight for very admiring eyes.

The lovely redhead was wearing an orange bikini that looked even more fantastic on her than I’m sure any other woman could pull off with the lovely, long and lithe body she displayed. That skimpy suit revealed plenty of scintillating smooth skin. She walked another couple of steps on a pair of high wedged sandals stopping right in front of my chaise. I smiled, admiring her body, remembering what Isabella had said about her when we had happened upon their room earlier that day during room inspections and listened clandestinely as she her husband got it on very heavily and loudly. Isabella said she had ‘a body to die for’. And as I got a good look at it myself I swear I could have more than satisfyingly died enjoying making love to that sweet sultry redheaded body.

By the time my gaze made its back up to her face I realized her eyes were boring down at me giving me the once over, too.

“Is someone using this chair?” she casually nodded over to the empty chaise next to me.

“No, no one is sitting here, there, I mean,” I said lowering my sunglasses to let her know I was indeed looking her over this time, as my eyes roamed down and back up that beautifully smooth and toned body of hers. Her beautiful red curly hair came down just past her ears and her breasts must have been a good hefty C cup.

“Well, thank you,” she said then sat bag down as she slipped off her sandals and bent over to adjust the angle of the chaise toward the sun.

Oh my! That gave me an excellent bird’s eye view of that sweet, taut bottom of hers. I licked my lips when I could see the skimpy material stretched over Beylikdüzü escort her pussy lips.

“I didn’t want to sit over by the families and have all the horny husbands ogling me,” as she bent over even further to reach for something out of her bag. Those sweet pussy lips I swear blew a beautiful kiss at me!

I swallowed hard. “I know what you mean. That’s one reason I came over to this side of the pool, too,” I spoke not being able to keep my eyes off of her as she lay down. I regained some semblance of proper demeanor and leaned over with my hand out towards her. “By the way, my name is Cassandra.”

“Nice to meet you Cassandra, I’m Amy,” she said as she shook my hand firmly. “Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on me?”

The abrupt request took me by total surprise.

“Uh, no, not at all,” I said hearing my voice pitch up a little higher than normal.

So she handed me her bottle of lotion and then turned over on her stomach and proceeded to untie her top. I nibbled on my lower lip in anticipation of getting my hands on this woman and got up from my chaise. When I sat down beside her, my hip touched her hip, with only the thinness of our two suits between us. I squirted some of her lotion on my left hand then rubbed my right over it, spreading it evenly and warming it, before applying it to her lovely smooth and very warm skin. I pressed my palms slowly down across her back taking my time doing so before I moved up to massage her upper back, shoulders and neck.

“Oh my Cassandra, your hands feel wonderful,” Amy said back to me as she lay there with her head resting on her forearms and her eyes closed. I worked my way back down her long body toward the lovely woman’s curvy ass. No sooner than I had than she eased her legs apart just a little, far enough for me to see how her bikini bottom looked again like it was a second skin fitting so snuggly and smoothly to her ass and well, yes, up between her thighs.

I paused to squirt more lotion on my hands and then proceeded on to lotion up each of her legs. As my hands moved back up her closest thigh towards that skimpy bikini bottom, she spread her legs a little more as if in a casual invitation to proceed further. When she did this time, I instantly noticed there was a nice dark oval of moisture on the crotch of her bottoms by then. I also caught a clear tell-tale whiff of sexy pussy aroma.

Amy let out a low soft moan as my fingertips brushed up to that wet spot on her bikini. I could feel similar moisture forming on my own bikini bottoms while in no time I could feel her aroused clit poking through that tight, thin material. I couldn’t believe I had just met this woman and we were being that intimate. Well, okay, maybe I wasn’t so surprised as much as I had been attracted to her. I teased her for only a few seconds more before I sat back and rubbed the last of the lotion down my own thighs.

Amy abruptly sat up in her chaise, without tying her top back. I looked right at her heaving chest as she turned to face me. “Cassandra, why don’t you lay down and I will put lotion on your back?”

“I uh, sure, sounds good,” I said only somewhat fazed by her brazen display. I realized as I looked back up at her face that Amy had her back to the rest of the people at the pool, so I was the only one able to see her bared, large ample breasts. And they were a very large, very beautiful set of full tits. They almost reminded me of Isabella’s very full breasts but I swear her nipples were standing up harder and bigger than my morning lover’s, right before she finally did pull her top up and tie it back.

I got up on somewhat wobbly legs and went back to my chaise to lie down on my stomach just like she had. Before I could reach back to do it myself I felt Amy pulling the strings on my bikini top and laying them back at my sides. This was a very bold woman, a woman after my own heart, or at least my tits and hopefully my pussy!

I laid my head down and closed my eyes as I felt my own nipples harden and my pussy get wetter at the feel of two warm hands apply lotion to my skin, just as I’d done to her. “Mmm, Amy your hands feel very nice, too. I really needed this after a long day of work,” I somewhat lied as I wasn’t sore or tight from work at all, but rather horny as usual and in need of a good feel up from a sexy woman like her. I just hoped it entailed more than a massage, even though it was an incredible massage.

Amy wasted no time in getting down to my legs, which I not so subtly spread open for her as she had invitingly for me. She moved her fingers right up to my steaming cunt but she didn’t hesitate pulling aside my bikini bottom. Amy was very direct, not shy at all as she proceeded to rub her finger all over my clit, smearing lotion as well as my natural pussy juices all over it. I closed my eyes, tried to breath normally, but moaned uncontrollably as I more than enjoyed myself while she did this to me for a couple of minutes. I knew I wasn’t going to cum easily not after having had a quickie Escort Beylikdüzü not long before, but the stimulation still felt great anyway.

“Okay, think that has it. I think I smeared you pretty much everywhere,” Amy stopped and simply resumed her position on the chaise next to mine. She got situated, put her sunglasses on and settled back with her paperback.

I was a little taken aback at the suddenness of separation but I grinned, sat up, tied my top back in place, and scooted around with my magazine in hand. Then for the next hour I’d say, it was like neither one of us had been playing with the other’s pussy as we freely chatted, sipped our drinks, got some sun all while being ogled by the horny husbands, and a couple of their admiring wives, from across the pool.

This lovely woman beside me was so very easy to talk to. Amy told me her and her husband Jacob live in Colorado and stopped in Palm Springs every year for a week on their way to their friend’s place in Malibu. They had heard about this new hotel and decided to give it a try this year. She said they had been more than satisfied and felt they got to meet some very nice people, ‘present company included’ she added.

Of course, I gave her broad smile at that last comment.

I in turn told her about my divorce and that I was now happily single and up for trying anything at least once, adding a wink over the top of my sunglasses to help seductively indicate that meant sexually, too, of course. That didn’t seem to make her flinch at all as she went on to tell me that she and Jacob were the same way and smiled very seductively in return as she looked down my body for at least the tenth time.

Right then, in a pregnant pause of silence, the pool boy came up.

Okay, as hotel management I knew better than to call the young man that but he was very young and even he and his horny male coworkers knew it wasn’t just the cash tips they were hoping for from all these lusty cougars prowling the hotel pool. Anyway, this young man had come by right in the middle of one of our more heated stares and asked if we wanted another round of drinks. We both laid back and ordered margaritas this time.

As soon as the young man had left Amy got up and excused herself to make a phone call. Of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her ass as she slowly walked along the edge of the pool, at one point stopping to dip a sexy toe into the water as she laughed out loud at something her phone partner on the other end of the line must have said. This redhead really did have a perfectly gorgeous body and one I was more than hoping I was going to have a chance to physically explore, more than I already had, while I was here at this new hotel the next couple of days.

Damn, if my sexual dance card wasn’t filling up fast! I had so many lovely people I wanted to fuck or fuck again before I left Palm Springs. My pussy was so wet again and knew that as soon as I got back to my hotel room I was going to break out my freshly cleaned vibrator and get down and dirty with it to the tune of at least a couple of goodly sweet orgasms, working up a good appetite before dinner.

I no sooner let out a sigh at that thought than I looked up to see Amy’s shadow crossing back over my moist glistening body.

“Listen, I just got off the phone with Jacob and we were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner tonight. That is if you don’t have plans already,” the gorgeous woman asked as she sat back down on her chaise.

Well there was my post-solo-orgasmic dinner invitation right on cue!

“I would love to join you guys. That is so nice of you to offer. It is tough finding someone to have dinner with when you travel alone,” I said as I did think about Dillon, but only long enough to turn on my side facing the gorgeous redhead.

“Well I figured since I’ve been having such a great conversation and enjoying your company, we should continue it at dinner. Plus I would love for my husband to meet you,” she said with that gleaming smile on her face and still another heated glance down my body.

I knew just from that hot look I was going to be having sex with her and her husband that night.

“What time should we go? You guys can pick the place, I don’t know of any nice restaurants around here, well that is except for the place I ate at last night.”

“Oh yes? Where did you eat at last night?”

“Redstone Grille.”

“Oh, Jacob and I like that place a lot. Did someone from the hotel staff refer you or did you find someone to take you?” She looked at me rather knowingly over her sunglasses.

I knew what she was getting at and I was about to give my newfound girlfriend all the details that she could handle. “I ended up having dinner with the guy that sat next to me on the flight out here.”

“Hmm, sounds nice and from the catty grin on your sexy red lips I take it you enjoyed more than dinner with the man later last evening.”

“Well, a good girl shouldn’t sleep with a man and tell but, I did end up sleeping with the man all night. And it was great Amy, really great. He told me on the flight out that women weren’t capable of having multiple orgasms but I proved him wrong with at least seven goods ones.” Okay, maybe I exaggerated just a little, but not by much.

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