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I had just finished some work on the computer that I’d brought home from the office when the phone rang. I glanced at the clock on my computer and grimaced “1:30? It can’t be good news.” Imagine my surprise when I heard my inebriated 18-year-old daughter’s voice on the other line.

“Daddy? It’s Dacia” she giggled “I’m at a party, and I can’t drive home, and I don’t want to go back to moms house like this. Do you think you could pick me up? Pleeeease? I’ll make it up to you.” Damn. I was exhausted, and not in the mood to deal with my ex wife when she realized our daughter wasn’t coming home. But none the less, Dacia is my pride and joy, and I certainly wasn’t going to let her drive home drunk, as she so apparently was.

“Sure Dash” I said, my tone belying my unhappiness with the situation, “tell me how to get there and I’ll be there right away.” After getting directions, I slipped out of my robe and put on pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, hoping I wouldn’t have to get out of the car to go find her. Thankfully, the address she had given me was only a few minutes away, and I shortly found myself waiting outside of an impressive home that was obviously the site for a large keg party. I pity the parents that come home to that mess. Soon, I was startled out of my reverie when Dacia tapped on the window, grinning foolishly. I leaned over to unlock the door and was surprised at my daughters apparel.

Her skirt looked like something her mother and I bought for her when we were together. Ten years ago. And her shirt would have fit the Barbies that I wished she still played with. Plain and simple, my baby girl had changed from the cute and cuddly 8 year old that I’d spent so much time with, to a beautiful, sexy young women, who under other circumstances (if she wasn’t my daughter) I’d enjoy spending a lot more time with. “Thanks so much daddy, I really appreciate this. You’re the best!” she said, leaning over to give me a kiss on the cheek, showing me quite a bit of cleavage.

” You’re welcome honey. How are you going to explain this to Marcia though?” I shuddered at the idea of her mother calling my home.

“I told mommy I was spending the night with a friend, but that fell through. Is it okay if I spend the night?” she said impishly, giving me the impression that her “friend” was one of the male variety.

“Or course you can Princess” I replied, reverting to the name I’d called her throughout her childhood. I was about to continue when she interrupted

“Uh, dad, can we pull over? I think I’m going to—” she croaked. Say no more! I quickly signaled and pulled over just in time for her to hang her head out the door and lose her dinner. And it sounded like lunch and breakfast too. I hadn’t heard anyone that sick since my college days. She slowly straightened herself and looked over at me. “I’m okay now. You can go ahead.” I was suddenly very grateful that we were almost back at my house. She seemed to fall asleep on the way there, and as we pulled in to the driveway, I nudged her shoulder gently

“Princess, we’re home.”

“Okay” she muttered, not doing anything about it. I sighed and got out of the car, going around to her side and sliding her out. I picked my baby girl up like I used to when she was a child and began to carry her toward the house. “Daddy?” she croaked

“Yes Princess?”

“I don’t feel very good.”

“I know kartal escort honey, I’ll have you in bed in a minute.” I whispered, kissing the top of her head. I opened the front door and headed for the stairs when she began to squirm, telling me she had to go to the bathroom. I put her down and went into the guestroom to turn down the sheets and listened to the sounds of her brushing her teeth. Good. She’d found the extra toothbrush I keep in the medicine cabinet. The door creaked open and I saw her shut off the light as she made her way to the guestroom slowly, on unsteady feet. She looked so beautiful, with her long blonde hair framing her gorgeous face, tumbling down to the top of her breasts. I glanced away, knowing I shouldn’t notice things like that. But I couldn’t help it. She must have at least been a 34C. A very full 34C, with a slim tapered waist, and sweet legs. She was adorable. My little Princess.

Dacia swayed her way over to the guest bed, uttered a “good night daddy” and promptly fell asleep. I sat and watched her for a while, staring at her face in the moonglow, and debated whether or not I should change her into one of my old T-shirts. The pervert in me won out, and I crept to my room to get a shirt for her. When I got back, I lifted her up slightly so that I could undo the buttons on the back of her shirt, if you could call it that, and slowly pulled it from her shoulders, nearly gasping as her breasts fell free of the material. They were beautiful, with large, penny colored nipples that quickly hardened in the coolness of the room. I then began to slide her skirt off of her, and was shocked to find my darling daughter not wearing any panties. She took care of herself though, I noticed as I took in her bush, trimmed and shaped into a gentle V. Lifting her up once again, I slid the shirt over her head and laid her back down on the bed.

“Daddy?” she whispered, and I froze, knowing that she would think I was a horrible, dirty old man. “Will you lay with me, and hold me? Like you used to when I was little?” I felt a stirring in my groin as I thought about lying with my sweet daughter in my arms, pressed up against her softness. But I climbed over her and wrapped my arms around her from behind as she snuggled up against me, pressing her ass right against my cock, which was quickly becoming rigid. “I don’t feel well at all Daddy” she whimpered.

“Do you need help getting to the bathroom baby?” I whispered to her.

“No, it’s not that kind of sick. But my stomach hurts. Will you rub it like you used to when I was little and had a tummy ache?” she whispered back, grinding even harder against me as I tried to discreetly move away so that she wouldn’t feel my now fully hard erection. I gingerly raised my hand to her satin soft skin and began to rub slow, soft circles. She moaned softly and again began pressing herself against me. My cock was now straining to be free of my pajama bottoms, and was beginning to ache slightly from the pressure she was applying to it. I was sure that she could feel it, and only hoped she didn’t know what it was.

“Lower daddy. It hurts lower” she whimpered, and I slid my hand down a fraction of an inch, and began rubbing again, this time in smaller circles so as not to brush against her pussy. My cock was rock hard by now, and dripping pre cum. If I didn’t get to my room soon, I was going to go crazy. maltepe escort bayan “No daddy. You’re not getting it. It’s lower” she whimpered, and moved my hand over her bush. Holy shit. My beautiful daughter began rubbing her ass against my fully engorged cock again; this time with renewed fervor, as she guided my hand over her pussy, applying pressure on my middle finger until I found in buried inside of her wetness. I didn’t know what to do, but knew that as horrible as I must be, I didn’t want to, no, couldn’t, stop.

“Are you sure about this baby?” I asked her, praying the answer would be yes. “Please don’t stop daddy. I’m on fire!” was her reply. No worries! I certainly wasn’t going to stop until I had my dick stuffed inside of her tight, wet cunt. Keeping one hand buried in her, I slid my other hand up to grasp one of her full, pendulous breasts, kneading it and rubbing my palm over her hardened nipple. She let out a gasp and moaned “Suck it, suck it please daddy!” and rolled herself underneath me. I lowered my mouth to her breast and began to tongue it lightly, flicking my tongue across her bud, before taking the whole thing in my mouth. She cried out and clutched my hair tightly; pulling my other hand from her pussy and pushing my pajama clad butt down so that my cock was once again ground tightly between us.

Reaching up, she grasped the elastic waistband of my pajamas and pulled down, and I quickly finished the job, shedding my bottoms quickly, and then tugging the T-shirt over my head. By the time I had finished, Dacia had taken off the T-shirt that I had so painstakingly put on her just a few minutes earlier. I pushed my baby girl back down on the bed and again attacked her breasts with my tongue, teeth and lips. I slowly kissed my way down Dacia’s body, trailing my tongue from one breast to the other, and then the beautiful valley in between before starting downward. I skipped kisses over her flat white stomach, and buried my face in her soft, downy fur, inhaling her feminine scent before parting her lips with my tongue, and lapping at her sweet juices.

I found my way to her hardened clit, and raked my teeth over it gently, eliciting a cry from above “Please Daddy. I need your cock so bad!” However, I had other plans. I continued to ravage Dacias sweet cunt with my mouth until I heard her moans “Ohhh Yes! Yes daddy! I’m cumming. Your sweet baby girl is cumming!” I nearly blew my load right there, but instead, I slowly made my way back up her body, repeating the same trail as before, when she jerked my head up and kissed me passionately, her tongue sparing with mine, and her hands caressed my ass, pulling me tighter against her wetness.

Suddenly she rolled over, and was on top of me, wasting no time; she engulfed my cock in her mouth, swallowing nearly the whole 7 inches in one gulp. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair. It was incredible! My beautiful daughter was sucking my cock, and sucking it like a pro! I felt her nails rake gently over my balls, and had to beg her to stop. “Princess, please, daddy will cum too soon if you don’t stop.” She looked up at me and smiled coyly, licked her lips and said

“Well we can’t have that can we? I want your hot cream deep in my pussy.” Oh Lord in Heaven forgive me, I was about to make love to my daughter. My gorgeous, irresistible, apparently insatiable daughter. escort pendik She rolled off of me and began kissing me again, this time slowly, light, gentle butterfly kisses scattered across my face and neck. Ohh, my baby was suckling my neck, one of my hot spots. I cried out and rolled over on top of her, looking down into her emerald eyes as I rubbed my cock against her opening. “Please take me daddy. Make me yours. Fill me up with that hot cock. PLEASE DADDY” She called out, pushing against my ass while straining her hips up, trying to take more of me inside of her sweet pussy.

I continued to tease her, loving the sound of her begging, reveling each time she called me “daddy”. It was so sexy, but I couldn’t take much more and plunged into her, both of us moaning as her tight cunt gripped my swollen cock. I began to slowly slide in and out of her, looking down at her as she stared back up at me intensely, teeth gritted in concentration. I watched her, as she watched my dick enter her body, sliding almost all the way out, until only the head remained, and then slowly, almost painstakingly entering her again, until I felt myself bottom out.

Her moans began to get louder, until soon she was practically screaming “Faster Daddy! Give me all of that hot cock. Harder! Oh please Daddy; fuck me hard and fast. I need it so bad. Oh Daddy, you’re so hot and hard inside of me. Harder! Oh Harder Please!” What daddy can turn his little girl down? I began to pump into her harder, grunting with the effort, and she began to buck wildly beneath me, telling me she was ready to cum again. I felt her cunt spasm around my cock, and nearly lost it again. Dacia and I locked eyes, as I began to pant. “Daddy loves you baby. You’re so sexy. You feel so good, wrapped around me, tight and wet. I can’t believe I’m inside of you, that you’re here with me like this. You’re so tight Princess. Daddy’s going to cum soon”

“Fuck me from behind daddy. Do me fast and hard” Dacia moaned, and I was more than happy to oblige her. I pulled my cock out with a “pop” and she quickly rolled over and got up on her knees. Wasting no time, I plunged back inside of her, feeling that familiar feeling of cum boiling in my balls, but I wanted my baby to have one more orgasm. I reached around and began rubbing her clit in small, tight, fast circles, as I began to pump in and out of her, harder and harder until I was afraid she’d fall from the effort. With my other hand, I grasped her firm, smooth ass, and lightly swatted it before reaching around and up to fondle her breasts, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer and repeated my earlier warning “Daddy’s going to cum soon baby girl, you’re so good!

I want you to cum with me though.” Dacia cried out and steadied herself on one arm as she reached up and began to guide my middle finger on her clit, pressing harder and circling faster. My baby girl was helping me get her off! I grunted from the effort of holding back, and told her again that I was close. Soon I felt her cunt begin to milk my cock again, and she began to moan louder, with more intensity, and I lost it, shooting my load deep into her sweet, hot pussy. “Oh Dacia baby, my Princess, Daddy is cumming deep in your pussy. Ohhhhhh Baby! I love you!” I cried, emptying my balls inside of her. I pulled out, and Dacia turned around to smile at me.

“Thank you for picking me up daddy. I know you must have been tired” she said laughingly before she took my cock in her mouth to lick me clean…

More to come if you liked this. This is my first story, so let me know what you thought and how I can make my next ones better. All comments appreciated, flames ignored.

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