Party Night

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It was Jen’s favorite time of year. Summer in south Florida. So different from her life in dirty Philadelphia. There were more trees and more grass in the suburbs of Miami. It seemed as if it were always warm. After the harsh winter she’d gone through, Miami was paradise. And with the sand and sun and ocean comes the friends, clubs, and parties. Of course, none of it would be as fun without her best friend. Emily made the night life alive. And it wasn’t because she was twenty-one and could buy alcohol. It was her infectious enthusiasm. At least, that’s what Jen told herself as she watch Emily dress to go out.

“Jen! I don’t know what to wear!” Emily pulled off her third top of the evening and flung it across her bed. Jen stared at her friend, saying nothing, as Emily rummaged through her drawers. Her small perky breasts bounced with the movements of her arms. Emily was well tanned, but her breasts remained a much lighter creamy color, showing where the sun ended and her bikini began. Letting her gaze go lower, she admired and envied Emily’s beautiful and toned legs. They testified to hours at the gym.

“Try that green and brown one. The sparkles will look cool under the lights.” To be honest, aside from sparkling, the top did very little to cover Emily’s chest. Jen smiled a little, wondering when it was that she had come to want Emily so much. Her friend was completely unaware. Oh, they had kissed a few times, but only under the influence of alcohol. Jen had tried to do more, but to her disappointment, Emily had resisted.

“Okay. I guess that will be good enough. Do I look fat in these jeans?” Emily turned in the mirror to evaluate her backside. Jen rolled her eyes. Jen was endlessly complaining about a nonexistent weight problem. It was all Jen could do to not smack some sense into her friend.

“You look hot. Relax. Besides, you’re not out to impress anybody, right?”

“I guess not, but I still want to look good. You always look so great when we go out.”

“That’s only because you let me borrow your clothes.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go. It’s already getting late.”

“Fine by me.”

It was a long drive down to South Beach, especially in Emily’s old Toyota. Thankfully, it did have air-conditioning. As usual, there were an odd mix od people wearing anything from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to a skirt that more resembled a wide belt. The line to get into their favorite latin club was not long and before they knew it, they were standing in front of a bar. Jen ordered what she always did-malibu rum with pineapple juice. It was a refreshing drink especially in the crowded and stuffy club. Everywhere Demetevler Rus Escort there were people shuffling and swinging to the rhythm of a salsa song. After a few drinks Jen was ready to be more than just a spectator.

“Let’s dance!” she shouted into Emily’s ear. Emily nodded. She swayed a little on the way to the dance floor, but Jen steadied her and soon they fell into step as a trumpet solo blasted through the dark club. They laughed together when they made a mistake and danced closer when the crowd pressed in on them. Jen took any opportunity to let her body get closer to Emily’s. When her friend pointed to a sleazy looking guy that was making his way toward them, Jen knew what to do. Every time they wanted to keep a guy away, they would establish that they were together. Emily made a slow turn and pressed her back side to Jen’s front. Jen grabbed Emily’s hips and held her closer. Together they seductively moved back and forth to the fast paced music. Emily grabbed Jen’s thin wrist and held it just below her belly button.

Jen felt a dull throb between her legs. It was difficult to resist the urge to press her hand lower. As intoxicated as Emily was she might not notice. Deciding to push her luck, she let her hand slide slightly lower. Emily reacted by pressing her back to Jen’s breasts. Jen’s mouth went dry and her breathing became slightly labored. It felt so good to have Emily pressed against her, her body warmed from dancing. Briefly, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. The song ended too soon. Emily spun back around, leaned over to one of Jen’s ears and said, “I think he’s gone.” Who? Oh, yes.

“That’s great,” Jen said, smiling at Emily. Within seconds, another song started up, this one with a heavier beat. Jen started to dance again, but Emily stopped her, motioning with her hand that she wanted another drink. That was fine with Jen. She could use another, although she knew the alcohol would only further her desire and lower her inhibitions. At the bar, they bought another two drinks, gulping them down in an effort to cool off. Emily’s eyes widened and she smiled widely at Jen.

“Okay, let’s go back.” Emily led the way, holding on to Jen’s hand so that she wouldn’t lose her in the crowd. Jen looked around, watching other people dance, noticing how much better they were than her at the seemingly simple steps. She knew that Emily could care less about it since the club was so dark and the people were so drunk. To their right, two girls danced together, rubbing each others chest or thighs. Emily rolled her eyes and Otele Gelen Rus Escort whispered into Jen’s ear, “we could do so much better.” Jen raised her eyebrows.

“Want to?” Emily shrugged. Clearly the alcohol was kicking in. Jen turned around, this time being the one to gently grind against Emily. Em grabbed Jen’s ass and moved in tune with her. Jen did not protest, especially when one of Emily’s hands traveled up under Jen’s flimsy top to grab her breast. Though Emily gently squeezed the soft flesh, Jen gave a shudder. Her own hand went backward to slide up under Emily’s skirt and softly touch the thin black thong she was wearing. Emily opened her legs and Jen managed to work a finger around the material. She couldn’t believe that she was actually touching Emily’s pussy on the middle of the dance floor. What was more, Emily was also very wet. Jen turned around and kissed Emily who responded with equal force. The dancing forgotten for the moment, they made out while the dozens of other people twirled around them. Jen pushed a finger in and then two. She felt Emily’s moan more than she heard it.

Emily wasn’t idle either. Her thumb and forefinger pinched ant pulled at Jen’s erect nipple through the artificial fabric of her top. Impatiently, Jen pulled the top down so that one breast was exposed.

“Suck on it for me, baby,” she whispered to Emily. She hesitated only a moment before fastening her lips on the tip moist with sweat. Jen made a halfhearted attempt to cover what Emily was doing, but it was blatantly obvious. Besides, few people were actually looking anyway. Jen felt too good to let it stop, but after a few seconds, Emily pulled away. Feeling disappointed, Jen was about to walk back to the bar when Emily said to her, “Let’s get to the car. I’m soooo horny right now.” Jen nodded vigorously, thrilled at what Emily had just told her. They made their way through the crowd slowly, Jen sometimes pushing people away. Come on! Come on! Move, people! It seemed to take forever to walk back to the parking garage where they had left their car. Probably because Jen was so desperate to be between Emily’s legs. She knew it wouldn’t be easy to maneuver in the small back seat, but she was going to do her best.

Jen fumbled with the keys, but finally got the door open and Emily inside. She wasted no time talking. She kissed Emily deeply while she worked the small thong down her legs. Jen heard Emily’s head thud against the side window, but knew that she wouldn’t feel anything until morning. Her hands squeezed Emily’s small breasts as she ran Balgat Rus Escort the tip of her tongue across her lips before going in and caressing her tongue. Emily moaned into her mouth and arched her back so that her tits pressed against Jen’s hand. When Jen couldn’t wait any longer, she crouched down as low as she could and used both hands to open Emily’s pussy lips. And an exquisite pussy it was. Tan and adorable and completely smooth. Jen knew that Emily waxed regularly to stay that way.

“You have such a beautiful pussy,” Jen confessed. Emily only giggled in reply. Pushing her long dark hair aside, she bent her head and ran her small tongue from opening to clit. Delicious. She repeated the motion, this time faster, and noticed that Emily let her legs open wider. Jen was delirious. Her tongue moved faster and with short strokes or torturously slow with long deliberate licks, pressing the tip of her tongue to Emily’s engorged clit. Emily moaned and held her lips open so that Jen could have easier access.

“That’s it, baby,” Jen whispered into Emily’s pussy, “Hold those smooth lips open for me.” She sucked at Emily clit, make it strain out further, drawing it out with slow movements next. She sucked on it as if it were a small cock, keeping a steady pace when she felt Emily’s hips buck and her legs twitch. Jen added two fingers, sliding them in as she continued to stroke Emily’s clit with her mouth.

“Ahhh. Ah, fuck. Suck on my clit, Jen. I think you’re going to make me come!” Jen said nothing. She knew that Emily had never had an orgasm and was excited at the thought of being the first to give her one.

“Come for me, Em. I won’t stop licking your pussy until you do.” Emily said nothing, her only response her rapid breathing and occasional moan of pleasure.

“Oh please! Make me come, Jen. Keep going. Lick me everywhere.” Jen lengthened her licks to include Emily’s tight ass. Spreading her small cheeks apart she tongued the tight opening. Emily quickly went over the edge. She couldn’t contain her screams and Jen did nothing to discourage it.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” She grabbed Jen behind the head and ground her face closer to her pussy as warm liquid seemed to gush from her, drenching her friends face who never stopped licking her clit for a moment. Jen wanted to draw out Emily’s pleasure for as long as she could, knowing that she may never have another opportunity to do it again. Emily hung in the place between reality and ecstasy for several seconds before collapsing onto the seat. Jen rested her face between Emily’s small breasts.

“That was awesome,”Emily gasped. Jen only nodded, trying to catch her breathe. Emily stroked Jen’s hair away from her face. They fell asleep there for about an hour before Emily decided she was sober enough to drive home. Neither one said a word for most of the way home. Finally, when they were about to park in front of Emily’s apartment building, she said, “I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.”

“Don’t worry about it, Em. I doubt it will.”

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