Pass the Parcel

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I hope you enjoy my latest offering. The idea was bought to me by a login on a chat site. Once started i had a change of direction and I am not sure it turned out well.

Maybe i should do a cfnm version of it.


In June we came to visit my mum and dad at their house for the weekend. Wendy and I (Craig) had arrived at midday to be met by dad and told mum had had to go to a friend’s at the last minute as the friend had become ill and needed looking after.

So it was just the three of us. Dad kissed and hugged Wendy and told us mum had left dinner for us so we went in and had dinner. The afternoon was spent chatting.

At about 6, dad said “My mates are due round to watch the match.” This was a dismissal so we went and played on the x-box for a while. We had been drinking as had the men downstairs. We could tell the match was over so we went down to see what was happening.

Dad and his mates were all lounging with a beer.

I asked “What are we going to do now … I don’t fancy cards or board games.”

“How about a game of pass the parcel?” answered dad

“Don’t be daft dad that’s a kids game and we don’t have a parcel anyway.”

“Well it can have an adult version. Wendy can be the parcel and when the music stops you get to unwrap a layer.

“No fucking way is Wendy letting you fuck her.” I screamed.

“No one will fuck her but they can touch bare skin as she is passed, eventually when naked she can be explored but no penetration or sex … no cocks in any hole.”

I was about to object but Wendy piped up. “I’ll do it on those terms, but I’m going to have more clothes to start or I’d be naked almost immediately.” Wendy put her finger to my lips and said to me “this will be fun sweetie you do the music so it takes some time…I trust you not to get me naked too soon.”

“OK I will but nobody is to fuck you alright?”

Wendy, in a short summer dress went to change.

“It’s alright son nothing will happen except we will all have a bit of fun. Wendy will probably come from being fingered, but she will enjoy that.”

The men were talking about touching her body while I set up the music…everyone got another beer in and Wendy showed up more covered. She had a jumper and jeans with socks and trainers on show.

“Before we start, unwrapping means an item of Pursaklar Escort my clothes…only bare skin can be touched and your cocks stay in your pants…no I won’t be sucking them so don’t ask. Craig you get to choose when to stop and how long I take with each item.”

“OK Wendy but I’m still uneasy about this… I’m doing it because you seem to want it.” “You’re a sweetie I shall keep you.” Wendy retorted.

I started the music and Wendy danced around the group … of course they couldn’t touch her because she was covered. I let it run long but stopped as she got to dad.

“Nice one son thanks for that. I’ll take her jumper off.”

Wendy stepped up…”Remember only naked skin contact just touch enough to get the jumper off.”

Dad did as much as he could without breaking the rules but there was the odd fumble. As the jumper came off it was obvious she had layers on so wouldn’t get naked very quickly. There were complaints but they shut up when the music started. I shut my eyes and gave few seconds then stopped it.

Ron whooped but Wendy said “No more top level until socks and shoes have gone.”

There was groaning again but Ron took off one of her trainers… I carried on music on off…her trainers and socks came off. Dad said. “Now the fun starts.” The music was on then off and the blouse came off leaving a short sleeved top so arms uncovered, Ron had made a show of touching her tits as he undid the buttons and played stroking her arms…music on next stop Barry. “I’m taking the jeans off now.”

I started to object but Wendy said. “It’s alright Craig let them choose but no intimate parts till all the coverings are off except bra and knickers.” Barry undid the jeans and pulled them down, underneath a pair of shorts was evident and there were complaints of “this is cheating “, “we’ll never get to the good bits” and the like but dad said.

“Those are the rules, we agreed she could choose clothes…and we have a while to get all the way.” Barry had been stroking her legs while this was happening so I started the music again. Pete looked happy as Wendy stopped in front of him as the music stopped. “Shorts for me, at least we get to see more and legs up to her crotch.” He undid the front with the maximum groping he could them slid them off, Wendy had on Rus Escort a pair of boy shorts and small knickers evident underneath. Pete stroked her occasionally making contact at her pussy.

Next Dave had his chance and took off the top saying “I hope the bra is next.” It was and he had more flesh to play with and took advantage groping whatever. Wendy now in bra … boy shorts and a pair of knickers was looking flushed and excited…

Dad again and he removed the boy shorts, “I can get almost everything now.” he was stroking and obviously touching her too intimately but by now I realised her tits were going to be groped a lot now.

Next up was Barry again who immediately removed her bra and was all over her tits pinching the nipples, sucking them and squeezing a lot … I put the music on quickly to cut his time short but next stop was her skimpy knickers. “Close your eyes Craig so you can’t know who will have these.” I did and after a few seconds she said “OK anytime you want.” I waited 20 seconds and killed the music.

I opened my eyes to see Wendy in front of dad. He smiled and slowly lowered her last item of clothing, saying. “No music till I enjoy all of her.” He ran his finger into her cunt and said “She’s sopping wet I think we turned her on. It’s time to give her an orgasm.”

He started to really work on her cunt two fingers in and his thumb rubbing her clit, she didn’t last long before a huge shuddering orgasm tore through her.

“Well lads she’s naked and available but no cocks. Play with her make her come until she is exhausted.” They surrounded her and played with whatever they could grab or slide a finger in until she was a wreck.

I don’t know why but I didn’t feel I could join in. I just watched her in obvious ecstasy and enjoyed it …All the men were obviously rigid but none broke the rules.

Eventually they all went home, just me Wendy and my Dad, I fetched one of mum’s nighties for her and made some coffee while she and Dad cuddled on the settee. When I got back she had his cock out and he was fingering her cunt, slowly and nicely.

I put the coffee down near them, but they didn’t drink it. After a while he stood up and led her by the wrist upstairs to his and mum’s bedroom.

For some reason the fact that he held her wrist and not her hand Sincan Escort was really sexy then he took his clothes off and they got into bed. He pushed the duvet off and spread her legs so he could lick her pussy.

When she was writhing and moaning under his tongue he moved up and pushed his cock into her she come quickly almost as soon as he was fully in. He was kissing her (again very sexy for some reason). He carried on through her orgasm getting faster and she begged him to go faster and harder until they both came a few minutes later.

I thought it would be my turn, but they lay face to face kissing and touching until he pushed her head down towards his cock

I had a pang of jealousy and was even a bit angry. I was really worked up sexually, though. Seeing her take his cock in her mouth and start sucking was just amazing he got hard again, he was already on the way to being hard so it didn’t take long before he was fully stiff again.

Then he turned her over and got her on all fours

He fucked her doggy and again they came pretty much together. They got face to face again for a few minutes, then she turned over and they spooned. I could see she wanted to sleep, so I covered them with the duvet and went to my room. After I had wanked a few times, I started thinking about what had happened

I knew it was kind of dangerous, but we were all caught up in the moment.

In the morning I was up in my shorts and t shirt when they came down “both said morning with no hint of being sorry. I asked how that happened and dad said. “It’s just one of those things.” Wendy said. “I was so turned on and you didn’t come to me so when dad took me I just went…His cock is bigger than yours you know.”

Not much I could say to that I hadn’t tried to stop it but they hadn’t used a condom and she isn’t on birth control. Nothing of note happened…mum got home and cleared up asking why a lot of clothes were strewn about.

Things changed. She got pregnant. Everyone assumed it was mine. She moved in and a year later we married. Her parents couldn’t stop her moving out and she didn’t need their permission to marry me after the year

The surprising thing is that dad told my mum and she was OK with it all. Dad continued to sleep with my gf once or twice a week for some time. While she was pregnant we shared her with some of his friends from that night. She got super horny in the second trimester.

We live a long way from my parents and dad is now not in the best of health. He’s just turned 70. At 43 she’s still turning heads and producing erections, she gave him a bj for his 70th, but he’s not really up to fucking her properly

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