Pat, Jim, , Carol Ch. 05

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The next day started earlier than any of them would have wanted. They took turns in the shower and went out to meet the rest of their group. The day was spent on a whirlwind tour of campus. In the afternoon the parents and students were separated. The students were given their dorm assignments and registered for classes.

Jim and Pat had requested to be roommates and, happily, their request had been granted. After setting up their class schedule they met up with Carol for a big dinner hosted at one of the dorms. The dinner was intended to give them a chance to experience eating in a dorm cafeteria and the orientation directors jokingly said they hoped it would dispel rumors about the quality of the dorm food.

After dinner Pat suggested they find the dorm room they had been assigned and check it out. When they arrived at the building it was dark and seemingly locked tight. They tried several doors and were just about to give up when Jim tried one last door and found that it popped open. It felt like it was supposed to be locked as it caught slightly before it eventually popped open.

“You think we should?” Jim asked knowing that the building was probably supposed to be locked and empty.

“Come on, dude,” Pat said walking inside.

“Why not?” Carol said with a sly smile following her son inside.

It was a little difficult to find the room as the whole building was dark and none of them had any idea which direction they should be going. Finally, they did find the room and Pat pushed the door open. Neither Jim nor Pat knew what to expect but both were more than a little disappointed by the dingy, small room that meet their gaze. Other than two beat up desks, two small beds that looked like they had been around since the college was founded, and two dented garbage cans, the room was nothing but a dingy cream paint covering cinder block walls and a dirty tile floor.

They looked around the room in silence for a while as Carol stood out in the hallway. “Shit, dude,” Pat said stating the obvious, “this sucks.” Jim and Pat complained for a bit before they tried to look on the bright side and discussed how they could make the room livable.

Carol could hear them talking but was only vaguely paying attention to them. Instead she looked up and down the long hallway of doors that in a few weeks would be filled with young, horny boys. She could almost feel something in the air even now as the rooms were empty. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but she swore she could feel an increased testosterone level in the air. She had been to a strip club once a long time ago and the one memory of that visit that always stayed with her was the strong presence of testosterone in the room. At the strip club it was so strong that she could practically feel it. Here it wasn’t that intense but still it was something that she noticed and that excited her.

She heard her two young lovers talking about arranging their room and bitching about the cramped quarters and formed a nasty idea. As far as she could tell the three of them were alone in the huge dorm. There hadn’t been a single light or sound other than them as they walked about earlier. Finding herself in a huge building normally filled with horny young boys with her two horny lovers made her wet and she stepped into the small dorm room with Jim and Pat.

“Doesn’t this suck?” Pat asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Carol said with more than a hint of mystery in her voice. “I’ve always thought that the places we live are more defined by the memories we make there rather than the places themselves.”

Jim and Pat both looked at her. Jim was a little surprised by her philosophical words and just started to appreciate their meaning when she spoke again. “What I mean, boys, is that a room is a room. The key is how much fun you two have together in the room.” She paused and let those words register before she continued. “So I guess what I’m asking is how much fun are you two planning on having in this room?”

The tone in her voice had turned decidedly wicked and Jim picked up immediately on her meaning. She had a nasty little smile on her face and Jim responded with his own horny smile as they made eye contact. Pat obviously also caught her meaning as he stepped toward her and said, “A lot.” Pat met his mom in an open-mouthed kiss and Jim watched their tongues swap back and forth.

Not to be left out Jim stepped close to Carol and ran his hands over her ass and back. Carol parted the kiss with Pat and turned to meet Jim in a similar escort kartal deep tongue kiss. For several long minutes Carol swapped back and forth between the two of them growing more excited by their obvious lust, their different kissing styles, and by what she had in mind for them.

They moved to one of the small beds and Carol sat between the two boys as they continued kissing and fondling each other. Both boys let their hands roam freely over her big tits and the rest of her body. She hungrily kissed them and rubbed their hardening cocks through their shorts. She also rubbed up and down their bare thighs and could physically feel the lust building in both of them.

When she felt she had them both primed and horny as hell, Carol slipped out from between them and stood up before turning around and facing their horny, excited faces. To further stoke their desire she performed a little striptease for them as the pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra. She played with her big tits and teased her nipples for a little while before she removed her shorts and panties and stood naked before the two of them.

“Well?” she asked. “Are you two going to join me?” Jim and Pat simultaneously pulled off their own clothes and tossed them wildly around the room until they both stood completely naked before her. Carol’s lustful stare showed that both cocks were hard and ready for action.

“Very nice,” Carol purred looking back and forth between the two hard cocks. “Sit down,” Carol instructed motioning back to the bed. Jim and Pat sat in the same positions where they had been sitting before and looked at her with an anxious expectation.

“Well boys,” Carol said feeling her stomach knot slightly in anticipation of what might happen. “I love being with you now, but I’m not going to around every day once school starts.” Jim looked up at her with a puzzled look as she paused and looked back and forth between them. “I mean, at some point you two are going to have to learn to amuse yourselves. Are you two prepared to do that for each other?”

Jim still didn’t quite grasp what she meant and turned toward Pat to see his reaction. He found Pat looking back at him with a curious look on his face. Pat shrugged briefly as if to say, “Why not?” and then he leaned toward Jim.

Jim remained still until Pat’s lips were only inches from his own. Then, as if drawn by a force he didn’t quite understand, he leaned in and met his best friend in a kiss. Jim remembered the curiously exciting kiss they shared the previous night as they had mutually licked and explored Carol’s pussy. Honestly, those memories had been bouncing around in his mind all day and suddenly he now found himself fully kissing Pat.

After a few moments both boys parted their lips and let their tongues reach out for each other. Their tongues tentatively danced for a while but gradually the kiss became a little more hungry and wanton. Jim moved slightly closer to Pat and could now feel his leg and side rubbing against his friend as they kissed.

Jim’s mind spun with the realization of what was happening. The kiss felt strangely exciting and comfortable and at the same time unfamiliar and unlike anything he had ever imagined. Was he really tongue kissing his best friend? How had they so easily fallen into this moment at Carol’s mere suggestion? Jim didn’t know what to feel or think but his lust and excitement told him to continue and see what would happen.

As the kiss continued both boys still had their hands at their sides, but finally Pat reached up and wrapped his hands around Jim. This pulled them even closer together and made the kiss even more excited. Jim did the same in response and soon the boys were lost in a long, deep kiss with their arms wrapped around each other.

Carol took a seat on the other bed and moaned in pure lust at the scene before her. She sat with her legs spread widely apart but had yet to touch her pussy. Instead she played with her tits and nipples.

Suddenly Pat changed their position and guided Jim onto his back. Pat climbed over him and they eagerly resumed their kiss. Jim’s stomach was already tightly knotted in confusion and excitement and his mind struggled to understand what was happening.

Prior to last night he had never even thought about fucking a guy, but the newness and taboo nature of the kiss he shared with Pat last night had stuck with him. Tonight’s kiss was far more wanton and intense and Jim’s cock throbbed as he wondered how long Carol was going to let uğur mumcu escort this continue and what would end up happening. The knot in his stomach and the throbbing excitement in his cock both were magnified as Pat settled over him. Pat’s hard cock poked against his hip and his own cock rubbed against Pat. With Pat on top Jim easily wrapped his arms around him and put his hands on the middle of Pat’s back.

Initially the masculine back felt weird under his touch. It was certainly nothing like the soft, supple feel of Carol’s back. At first he simply rested his hands on Pat’s back but before long his own excitement and curiosity grew as their wild kiss continued.

He began moving his hands around Pat’s back just as he would do if he had been kissing Carol. Before he really even thought about doing it his hands moved down until he fondled his friend’s ass. To Jim’s surprise and excitement Pat moaned into his mouth as they kissed and soon Pat shifted over him.

Pat shifted his position until he was directly over Jim and their hard cocks rubbed directly together. The feeling of another hard cock rubbing against his own was crazy and exciting and Jim couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed it. They stayed like this for only a short while before Pat rolled off his friend and they lay side by side on the tiny bed facing each other. Their cocks still rubbed together and after only briefly parting their kiss Pat and Jim mutually moved together and resumed their hungry kiss.

Pat’s hand immediately wrapped around Jim and landed directly on Jim’s ass. Pat eagerly and excitedly fondled Jim’s ass. Jim was surprised at how different and exciting his friend’s hand felt when compared to Carol’s. Pat’s hand was bigger and stronger and massaged him with a completely different style that Jim found very exciting almost in spite of himself. He responded by moving his hand around to Pat’s ass again. They stayed like this kissing, rubbing each other’s asses, and letting their cocks rub together for quite a while.

It was only the deep groan from the other bed that pulled their attention away from each other. Frankly, Jim had nearly forgotten about Carol’s presence. The moan they heard was a result of her cumming as she fingered her clit and pussy while watching her fantasy play out in front of her. Both boys watched as she sat with her legs spread and her right hand busily teasing her own clit throughout her orgasm. She stared back at them wildly. It was clear that she was very excited by watching them.

They watched her finish her orgasm before turning back to each other. They were lying side by side just inches apart with their cocks brushing together. Pat was again the first to move as he placed his hand on Jim’s thigh. Jim expected Pat’s hand to wrap around to his ass but was shocked when Pat’s hand instead slipped down his front and moved through his dark pubic hair. Pat’s fingers wrapped around his cock and Jim let out a long moan as Carol gasped excitedly from the other bed.

Pat’s touch was at the same time tentative and knowing. Pat seemed nervous at his first touch of another man’s cock, but once his hand was there it instinctively knew how to move. Jim reached down between them and, for the first time, took hold of another man’s cock. Jim marveled at how different Pat’s cock felt from his own. Its length and width were pretty similar to his own, but even the small differences were apparent as he fondled his friend’s cock. Neither boy had started stroking the other’s cock yet and simply let their fingers explore this new, unexpected sensation.

After many long moments like this Pat began stroking Jim’s cock. His touch was simultaneously tentative and practiced. He was clearly a little nervous about doing this but also was experienced enough from his own masturbating that he knew immediately how to move. Jim let out an excited moan and was surprised at how good his friend’s touch felt.

Jim was fascinated by the feeling of Pat’s cock and continued to fondle it. He also explored Pat’s pubic hair, which wasn’t nearly as thick as his own, and reached below Pat’s cock to explore his balls. He cupped and slowly rolled Pat’s balls in his hand as his friend continued stroking his cock.

Jim tried to stroke Pat’s cock but he found it a little awkward. He was lying on his right side and was fondling Pat’s cock with his left hand. Being very right-handed Jim had difficulty finding a satisfying rhythm on Pat’s cock with his left hand.

Eventually Jim gave çavuşoğlu escort up since he couldn’t find a good tempo. Besides, Pat had definitely settled into a satisfying rhythm that was quickly driving Jim wild. In his growing lust Jim rolled over slightly so he was now more on his back than his side. He was practically dangling off the edge of the small bed but he was so engrossed in Pat’s stroking that he didn’t care. Pat quickly shifted his hand position and resumed his stroking as Jim let out a long groan.

A few minutes later Jim did something he never would have thought possible. He came at the hand of another man. He groaned loudly as he came. His cum spurted out wildly and landed first on the upper part of his own stomach before his following jets pooled just under his belly button.

Carol groaned enthusiastically as she watched her son jerk off another man. This scene was something she had previously only dreamed about and she couldn’t believe how amazingly hot and sexy it looked. Her pussy ached and she couldn’t wait to get them back to the hotel room so she could properly thank them for their willingness to explore with each other. But before that would happen she yearned to watch Jim repay her son’s favor.

Pat fondled and played with Jim’s cum coated cock for a few minutes after Jim finished cumming. He only stopped when Jim sat up and then stood up from the bed. Pat moved over and lay flat on his back in the middle of the bed with his own rock hard cock standing straight up off his lap. Jim crawled over him and straddled his right thigh as he eagerly wrapped his fingers around his friend’s cock.

Pat groaned the instant Jim started to stroke his cock. Jim was fascinated with how the cock felt and moved as he worked his fingers up and down its length. It didn’t take him long at all to settle into an easy rhythm that had Pat groaning and writhing under him. There was something about knowing he had the ability to make another man react so strongly that made Jim very excited and a little proud.

As his hand job on Pat neared its climax Jim looked across the room and saw Carol sitting with her legs spread apart as she massaged her heavy tits. A quick glance between her legs revealed the heavy, glistening wetness of her own excitement. They made eye contact and in that moment Jim felt an intense wave of lust pass over him. He continued stroking Pat’s hard cock with Pat on the verge of cumming all over himself as he looked deeply into the eyes of Pat’s mom. The look of wild lust on her face combined with the realization of what was happening reminded Jim of how “wrong” this threesome was but how wonderfully right it felt.

Looking at Carol caused Jim to unknowingly increase the speed of his stroking. After a few more moments Pat groaned as his cum exploded from his cock and made a similar pattern on his stomach to the one Jim had made. When the last few spurts of cum trickled out of his cock and down over Jim’s hand the warmth of the fluid and newness of the situation excited Jim.

Almost as soon as Pat finished cumming Carol stood and moved over to where the boys were. “Sit up,” she said excitedly to Pat who did as instructed. The boys sat side by side on the edge of the bed facing Carol who stood directly in front of them.

Carol knelt on the floor and looked excitedly back and forth between their faces and then lowered her gaze until she was looking back and forth between their cocks. Jim couldn’t remember seeing her lust so visibly portrayed on her face as it was right now.

Pat’s cum still mostly sat where it had landed when he came. Jim’s cum had started to slide down during the time he’d been jerking off Pat. Some of it still remained on his stomach, but most of it was now tangled in his pubic hair transforming it into a milky colored mat.

Carol reached out one hand to each boy and brought her fingers to where their cum sat. She ran her fingers through their cum until she had collected as much as she could on the fingers of both hands. She then brought her hands back her tits and smeared the cum over them as Jim and Pat watched excitedly.

Carol rubbed the cum onto her tits until they glistened. She briefly thought about continuing this moment in the room her son and Jim would share in a few weeks but decided it was time to return to the comforts, and bigger bed, of her hotel room. “Get dressed,” she whispered, “let’s go back to the hotel.”

She remained naked and watched Jim and Pat slowly pull their clothes back. It wasn’t until they were both fully dressed that she picked up her own clothes and put them back on. Her nipples were still hard and her pussy was hot and wet even as they retraced their steps and exited the building. She couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.

To be continued…

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