Payment in Full

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Chloe wrapped her coat tighter around herself, her nipples rubbing against the rough wool. She lifted the tankard that the barmaid had given her and took a sip. She scrunched her face in disgust. The saepier’s mead was always too rough to drink. Savages, she thought, setting down the tankard, can’t even make proper brews.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a letter she had received a week ago. She had been careful not to read it in front of anyone, but now that she was inside her rented room, she felt a tad bit more at ease. She could take off her coat and let her wings stretch without worry of being seen by the saepiers, but the coldness that seeped in from the ill placed planks of wood stopped any desire to do so.

She placed the letter down on the table, not needing to read it again. She knew what it talked about. It was simple confirmation that the task she had requested would be carried out, and it laid out a time and place to meet.

The time had arrived now, and Chloe was just waiting for her contact to arrive. She kept an ear to the door, waiting anxiously for the footsteps that would signal the arrival of her guest. In the meanwhile, she couldn’t help but think back to the reason she was here at all.

Voleta was her main opponent in the Wood Hollow council. She was one of the purest aura fairies there were, and as such, had immense influence, just like Chloe, on the council. Which is where the problem arose.

Chloe believed in garnering power for the council. After all, it was new, and it needed to mature and grow. If it held more responsibility, thus more power, then the council could become a well established and well respected body of government for all of the fairy tribes in Evanescence Forest.

Voleta, though, believed that having a central council have too much power would undermine the power of each individual tribe. She believed that the council should only be a last resort measure, to only be called upon when issues of high enough callbier needed fixing.

Upon these two stances is where Voleta and Chloe’s rivalry was born. And now, after several years of trying to pass a policy that would garner power for the council in the form of assuming a central currency and legislative body, Voleta and her posse threatened to tear it all down.

Thus, decisive action needed to be taken, and Chloe knew she was the one to enact it, no matter how immoral it was.

“You know, even though this isn’t my first time seeing your lot like this, it’s still weird not seeing you girls hand sized small.” A smooth, husky voice rained down on Chloe.

The fairy snapped out of her thoughts and looked up in alarm. Up above, in the rafters, a tall woman sat on one of the wooden beams. She was covered from head to toe in dark silks and scarves. The only thing visible to Chloe were the woman’s dark pointy ears, signaling to her she was dealing with a dark elf, and her dark red eyes common to someone of her race.

The woman dropped from the ceiling and landed softly on the bed. She quickly made herself comfortable as Chloe warily stood up.

“Is it done?” Asked the fairy, still startled at being snuck upon.

“But you’re still small. Very short. So… fuckable.” The woman growled, ignoring her.

Chloe tightened the coat around herself, trying to hide her petite body from the woman. It didn’t help that the coat was incredibly thin, as was the dress she wore underneath. Her nipples were visible through the coat, no doubt providing excellent eye candy to the perverse woman on Chloe’s bed.

Chloe’s temper flared, this was not the time for her to be sitting through stupid jokes made by some dark elven. She stomped forward, “did you do it or not, Astra?”

Astra smirked and with one hand, cupped her crotch, drawing Chloe’s attention to it. In Astra’s hand, Chloe saw the outline of the biggest cock she had ever seen. Astra’s hand pulled the dark fabrics taught, outlining her cock all the way to her knee. It was nearly as thick as Astra’s leg, which was thick in and of itself. The woman, being of true elven blood, was as tall as one of her race would be. She easily outclassed any man or woman of any other race in terms of height and proportionality. Usually, someone of her size would be incredibly lanky, but not Astra. She was proportional to her height of 7 feet, and so was her massive bitch breaker.

“The little fairy is no longer pure. She’s just a groveling pregnant cum slut, no longer a political enemy for you.”

Chloe’s frustration melted away, only to leave her with a heavy feeling settling in. She knew that this was going to be immoral. Not only that, Chloe had just condemned Voleta to a life of discredition and ruin, the type of life known to those fairies who tainted their aura with impure and unritualistic sex.

It was a common philosophy amongst all fairies that they were divine creatures. They were above all other species and races that existed in the world because they had the ability to sense auras and weaponize their own. Once upon a time, they held Eryaman Escort the philosophy of having the purest aura imaginable. To be pure creatures, as was their divine nature. But once born, a fairie’s aura becomes tainted with earthly concepts. Thusly, the nature of their philosophy evolved until sexuality became their benchmark for purity.

The less sexual a fairy was, the purer they were, regardless of their morality. Fairies who had sex without the appropriate ritual in place would lose all of their purity and consequently become ostriziced by the fairy community. The ritual wasn’t meant to completely block all impurity, it was meant to minimize it. Since fairies were all born women, there were no men to mate with, thus they had to resort to having intercourse with other fairy compatible species. It was the only time that sexual activity was ever allowed/encouraged.

To have sent a “character assassin” to seduce Voleta and fuck her without the proper ritual in place spelled out the fairy’s political and social demise.

Chloe shook her head, it needed to be done. The fate of all of the fairy tribes had fallen unto her, and it was her job to carry out the tough decisions, even if it meant tainting one of the purest fairies there was, apart from her, of course.

“That is what you wanted, right?” Asked Astra, leaning forward, eyebrow raised. Chloe nodded slowly. The fairy reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a leather pouch. She rattled the pouch at Astra, letting the elven woman know that the pouch was full of golden coins.

Astra raised her eyebrow, “what’s this?”

Chloe retracted the pouch, “your payment.”

Astra shook her head, “that wasn’t what we agreed on.”

Chloe tilted her head in confusion. “What do you mean? The letter clearly stated that you wanted compensation.”

Astra got up from the bed, drawing to her full height in front of Chloe, who, in comparison, only reached the woman’s belly button. Astra gripped the area beneath her cock, “I was talking about this type of compensation.”

Chloe gulped, understanding what she meant. This woman wanted to fuck. Chloe wasn’t adverse to the idea of it, the only issue with that form of compensation was that Chloe wasn’t prepared to perform the ritual that would protect her from tainting her aura. If this woman were to fuck her now, she would lose her own purity and end no better than Voleta.

Chloe shook her head and backed up. “I can’t, the ritual isn’t started I-“

Astra pulled the short woman in flush against her, “that’s not my fucking problem,” she snarled.

Chloe could feel the elven woman’s thick cock press into her, it was nearly as wide as Chloe’s torso, making the short woman begin to worry.

“I really can’t, I need to perform the ritual, can we do this another day?” Astra growled and pressed herself harder into Chloe, her cock putting pressure on the fairy’s chest, making it harder for her to breath.


Very well, it seemed like Chloe would need to break their deal. She wasn’t inclined to throw away everything that she had been working on, and if she allowed herself to go through with this, then it would be guaranteed failure.

Chloe pushed herself away from Astra, glaring at the woman. She threw her hand forward and a burst of pink aura blasted from her hand, hitting Astra square in the chest. The tall woman, though, didn’t seem to even feel it. The blast hit her and dispersed, as if it had been a mere splash of water.

Chloe’s mouth hung open, shocked. It was damn near impossible to walk away from an aural blast unscathed. But it seemed like her aural blast did nothing to Astra. The tall woman, rather, just pulled down her mask, and with her thick red lips, smirked. She sauntered towards Chloe.

“Did you forget what I am, fae? I am nox elvana, a dark elf. I am born of darkness, of the void, and thus I absorb all energy. Your blasts do nothing to me.”

Chloe’s breath left her as the realization dawned on her. She was about to be fucked, hard. And by a cock nearly as wide and long as her torso, nonetheless.

She tried to run to the door, and she may as well have gotten there had it not been for the surprising speed that the elven woman possessed despite her stature. Astra easily grabbed Chloe by the arm and pulled her towards herself.

Astra gripped Chloe’s shoulders and squeezed her against her cock. “You have no power here. You faes think that you are so fucking divine. I’m going to show you that you all are just uptight bitches that need loosening.” Astra snarled.

The elven woman grabbed the fairy’s coat and ripped it off her, revealing the green short dress that she was wearing. Chloe’s wings were folded up behind her. Astra proceeded to rip off the dress as well, revealing the fairy’s body to her. The elven woman had to admit it looked great.

Chloe’s breasts were small, and her nipples were erect pink nubs. Her stomach was flat, leading to a slight protruding ribcage. She was small and fragile, like all fairies Escort Eryaman were said to be. They were also said to be cute. As Astra glanced at the faerie’s wide green eyes and her cute button nose, she couldn’t help but agree. Besides, she had a thing for dirty blondes too.

Scared, Chloe tried wrapping her hands around herself to cover her small breasts. She could already feel her aura begin to buckle under the present situation. It also didn’t help that the dark elven woman’s own aura felt like it was trying to hijack Chloe’s.

“Now, let me show you what I’m packing.” She smiled wickedly. Astra closed her eyes and Chloe saw as the dark fabrics melted into the woman’s gray skin.

Standing flush against her, Chloe had to admit, was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, of any species and race.

Her long white hair flowed all the way to the small of her back. Her red eyes bore menacingly at Chloe, an undistinguishable hunger within them. Her stomach was flat yet muscled. The whole woman was muscled, but not too much to bulk her up and slow her down. Her breasts were big enough that Chloe would need four of her tiny hands to cover one of them.

Going below her waist, Chloe gasped. Just as she had seen, Astra’s cock was massive. It was nearly as wide as Chloe’s own torso. It hung down to Astra’s knees. At the base, Chloe could see the skin pulling, the weight of her cock stretching it at the point of connection. Below her cock, Chloe could see the same was happening to the elven woman’s nuts.

They were fucking massive, thought Chloe. Just like her cock, the skin pulled heavily downwards so much so that Chloe thought that it must be painful to the woman. Astra’s nuts hung down below her knees. Each nut bigger than a ripe watermelon. And if Chloe had to guess, it weighed equal to them.

A thrill of fear shot down Chloe’s spine. Fae kind thought that they were divine creatures. But this woman’s cock… this woman’s cock seemed like a weapon of a god. The angry veins that crisscrossed and essentially ribbed Astra’s cock was an indicator of its power. Her nuts alone, which also had an innumerable amount of veins running down and up them were throbbing with power.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want it, little fae.” Growled Astra. Chloe looked up at her, green eyes wide as if this were the first time seeing a cock. As if this were the first time her eyes were opened to the real world.

Chloe knew that this cock only spelled trouble for her future. Her purity would go down and she would wind up in the same political position as Voleta, unimportant. But she couldn’t really do much anymore. And if she were to be honest with herself, even though she was slightly scared and apprehensive, she wanted a taste of this cock. She was curious to be the subject of its power. To be aggressed by it.

Astra coaxed Chloe down to her knees. Instantly, the fairy was assaulted by the smell. There was a tangy musk radiating off of her cock and nuts. The whole thing was covered in a fine sheet of sweat, and Chloe was caught by surprise as she saw tiny, near imperceptible, tendrils of musk wafting from Astra’s gargantuan nuts.

The more Chloe focused on this cock, the more she found herself drawn by it.

“Suck it.” Astra growled softly.

Chloe gulped. There it was, the command she was dreading and the one she was secretly hoping Astra would say. The more she had stared at that sweat covered cock, the dryer her mouth seemed to get. She needed some liquid in her, and it didn’t matter whether it was from Astra’s sweaty cock, or from a glass of water, she needed something.

Chloe stuck out her tongue and touched it against the hot skin of Astra’s cock. Instantly, her tongue was assaulted by the strong taste of musk and sweat. Astra’s skin gave little to no give as Chloe ran her tongue up and down. It was pulled taught, and it seemed as if her cock wasn’t even hard. The veins ribbing her cock provided a change in texture as Chloe licked Astra’s cock.

Chloe had to admit that the cock she was licking was delicious. She could feel her aura tainting as she sucked on more of this cock, but it was becoming a bit harder to care. Had she been able to, she would have realized that the cock itself had an aura. The more she licked, the more the cock’s aura began to intertwine with Chloe’s.

Astra moaned as Chloe began to slurp up the sweat from her cock and began kissing it. The fairy escalated all by herself. Astra knew what was happening. The slut was falling in love with her cock.

Chloe’s mind was becoming mush as she licked and kissed up and down the turgid pole. She had stopped caring about the council, she could worry about that later, right now she just wanted to get this thing hard. Once it was hard, she could quench her thirst. She knew she could.

Slowly but surely, and to her delight, Chloe could see the process of Astra’s cock begin to harden. The veins bulged as blood rushed through them. They thickened to nearly the size of Chloe’s wrists. The head began Eryaman Escort Bayan turning to a dark purple. Chloe had heard that the penis was a muscle, and she had never associated it as such until this moment. It was a good explanation as to why this cock was as big as it was.

It began to slowly heave upwards as Astra began to breathe harder, the process of getting hard intensive. The skin began to thin all over her cock as it stretched finely over the muscled and veined organ.

Chloe’s eyes hazed over as they glowed a soft green, a thing that only happened when a fairy felt a strong emotion, and this particular fairy was feeling several.

Would it be that bad if her aura became tainted? It wouldn’t, thought Chloe. There were other ways to enact her policies. Hell, why did she even have to enact her policies? The tribes would surely end up going to war again in a few years. She had been just trying to delay the inevitable. Why worry about that when she could worry about quenching her thirst with this beast of a cock?

Chloe’s aura took a complete dip as her eyes drew over to Astra’s nuts.

Holy fuck. The skin over them was drawn taught against the massive orbs within. Chloe gasped as she saw the skin ripple as cum gurgled within. The veins crisscrossed the gray sack and the sweat was now a little more than just a tiny sheen.

Chloe’s face dropped as her whole world came crashing down on her. Was this what she was meant to do? To worship this divine cock and nuts? They bled power. Hell, they had a fucking aura separate to that of Astra’s. It was that same aura that had now completely intertwined with Chloe’s own. They were connected now, she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.

If this be my fate, thought Chloe as she reached with her hand to caress Astra’s nuts. They were, just like her cock, taught and hot. Chloe also found that she had been right about their weight earlier. Only one of the nuts was as heavy as a watermelon, which was too heavy for Chloe to lift. The leathery sack had no give it to it. Chloe ran her hand over one nut and then caressed the skin that hung from Astra’s pelvis all the way down to her knees, where her nuts hung. The skin there was pulled tight as well.

Chloe looked up at Astra, eyes wide and teary. “Please,” she whispered hoarsely. “I need it.”

She then proceeded to lick and drink the sweat that had accumulated on her nuts. It was the best feeling ever. Nothing mattered anymore. Fuck the council. Fuck Voleta. Fuck the fairies, she had acsended to a higher level of existence. Her purpose was to worship this cock.

She kissed and nipped at Astra’s nuts until Astra placed a hand on her head. Chloe looked up.

“Suck my cock.”

Obediently, Chloe removed herself from her nuts and placed herself in front of the cock she now worshiped. Astra’s cock was now fully erect. The stretched skin at the base of her cock was popping with veins. It must be difficult for a cock of this size to become erect and remain at attention. Did it hurt?

Chloe frowned, she didn’t want her mistress to be in pain. As if sensing her concern, Astra smiled and reached a hand to caress her slut’s face.

“Don’t worry, it may look scary, but it’s just the way a cock this size needs to be.” She flexed her pelvic muscles, causing the skin at the base to tighten even more and the veins to pop out further. Her cock heaved up a bit, a dollop of cum dropped from the tip, landing on the wooden floor with an audible splat.

Chloe nodded, still concerned but a bit more at ease. She went back to the head of Astra’s cock and couldn’t help but sigh at the beauty of it.

The head of her cock was thicker and bigger than Chloe’s own head. Astra’s urethra was as long as her face. Chloe placed her hands on it and nearly recoiled at how hot it was. It was thick yet also taught and it gave slight give as the head of every cock did, but this one was way tougher.

In this position, the smell of musk was overpowering. No other scent could be made out by Chloe, only musk. Right from her urethra and behind the corona, visible wisps of musk rose. It was testament to the powerful nature of this cock.

Without wanting to waste anymore time, Chloe placed her mouth on Astra’s urethra. Instantly, her mouth was filled with cheeks full of Astra’s precum. Chloe moaned as she tasted it. It was salty, but it tasted so fucking amazing, at this stage, it had the consistency of honey. Chloe swallowed it, purring happily as the warm precum made its way down her throat and into her stomach.

She slurped and drank more precum, using her hands to grab some of the precum that she couldn’t lap up and slathered it on Astra’s glans. Once her stomach had bloated to what one would look like after a good meal, Chloe moved on to suck the glans. She caressed the crown of her cock and made sure to jerk off some of the veins that snaked their way to the corona.

Astra moaned as Chloe then used her teeth and sunk it into the glans. It didn’t do any harm, her cock was way too tough for anything to puncture or hurt it, which was exactly what Chloe was counting on as she pressed her hands harder on her mistress’s cock. This cock was too huge to be stimulated normally, it needed a bit of hard worship, and Chloe was going to provide it, she was going to make this thing fucking cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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