Peeing in the Holiday Cottage

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Having feigned illness, Mary has stopped behind at the holiday cottage for some naughty fetish fun, whilst the others go out to play…

Mary’s first toilet consisted of a long satisfying piss into the bathroom sink, moving to stand completely naked in front of the bowl before moving up onto tiptoe so that her shaved pussy lips cleared the rim. It didn’t take long for Mary to start her wee, a soft hissing sound emanating from inside the ceramic white bowl announcing that she had indeed started her piss. With her bare bum cheeks facing the door and her small pert tits fully erect Mary stared down towards her shaved muff where her deliciously yellow stream of hot urine was busily escaping her lower lips, the fast flowing shower of body warmed pee spraying down to cover the ceramic surface with a sheen of flowing urine.

Her pussy fountain continued as Mary traced the impact point of her shooting piss shower so that it ran around the sink walls, immensely enjoying the sight of her pee vandalism. She had purposely left the plug in so that she could watch as her piss pooled inside the basin, the sound of her pissing changing as her pee landed in the growing puddle. Mary loved peeing in sink bowls, gaining such a naughty thrill from watching her urine fountain of her pussy and into the once clean bowl. Her bare buttocks were tingling in the cool bathroom air, the need in her bladder slowly easing as she continued her impromptu toilet into the sink. Slowly the fast flowing stream of piss leaving her pussy flaps began to wane. After one last little playful squirt of pee from her cunt Mary lowered herself back onto the soles of her bare feet. The sink was now half full with the cooling piss she had just deposited into the basin yet this was not the end of her toilet.

Quickly removing the plastic lid from the bathroom bin she moved it into the doorway, placing it down so that when she turned around and squatted down over it, her exposed bum hole was directly above its opening and her pussy aimed over its lip towards the bathroom floor. This was her intent. Mary’s first turd began to grow, a long brown piece of shit oozing from her bum hole and suspended above the bin she was about to crap into. After several delicious moments of straining Mary’s first turd fell away coming to land inside the bin with a dull plop. Another turd quickly followed Mary’s gaze locked onto the sight of her falling brown shit as she continued her toilet.

With her last turd deposited in the bin it was time for Mary to have another wee. A squirting shower of piss immediately erupted from her lower lips, spraying outwards in a fast stream before arching to splatter over the wooden floor. Still pissing for all she was worth Bostancı Escort Mary slowly rose from the squat she had adopted whilst she been shitting, tracing her piss fountain over more of the wooden floor in the process. Still pissing strongly she turned to the bathroom door, her golden pussy fountain washing over the wood as she hosed it down with her flowing urine. Almost done Mary moved up to the towel rack and grabbed the nearest face cloth, quickly stuffing it between her legs before having a final pee. This time her hot golden effluent flowed into the material before it passed the point of absorption and began to drip over the floor onto the already large piss puddle that she had made with her earlier toilet.

Later on, in the one bedroom:

Pulling open the bottom drawer Mary turned around and yanked down her trousers and white cotton panties before lowering her bare bum cheeks over the collection of towels she had every intention of soaking with her piss. It took moments for Mary to start her wee, a soft hiss emanating from between her parted thighs acknowledgement enough that her toilet was under way, that and the delicious sensation of relief as she squirted her piss shower from out of her open pee hole.

Staring down between her bare thighs Mary marvelled at the sight of her clear pussy fountain as it fell in a curving arch to splatter messily over the pink towel she was currently squatting over, a damp stain growing by the second as more and more piss flowed from her cunt. She had originally intended to have her entire piss into the drawer but now that she was peeing she just wanted to be as naughty as possible.

Quickly stopping her wee, Mary leapt up and moved her uncovered crotch to where a blue cushion was perched on the window ledge. She lined her pussy up and then with her bare buttocks on full display started to piss. From her lower lips shot a fast flowing spray of hot female pee, shooting through the air before impacting against the cushion which started to darken as it absorbed her wet urine shower. Shaking her thighs from side to side resulted in her piss stream washing over more and more of the cushion’s surface before she deliberately twisted to one side in order to trace her flowing piss fountain over the bedroom carpet. A very quick halt to on-going proceedings saw Mary then sidestep to one side in order to grab the hanging curtain and move its fabric up to her waiting muff. A delicious shot of piss from her lower lips saw it immediately stained with her wee, which only then made her want to piss on the other curtain as well which she wasted no time and did, sending a playful stream of her hot clear urine over the blue fabric.

Still with some Ümraniye Escort pent up piss remaining Mary decided it was time to treat the rest of the room to a sampling from her pussy lips starting with the nearby wall. After standing up to the painted surface Mary had a quick wee over it, squinting her pussy fountain as it rained down the wall away from its initial impact point.

After climbing onto the bed Mary sat on her knees in front of the pillows before starting a new wee, this time tracing her flowing piss fountain left and right over each pillow before it was time to turn around and squat for a quick piss over the bed sheets. After clambering off the bed she had just vandalised with her pussy spray Mary moved over for a wee on the wooden chair, lowering her bare buttocks just above its seat before letting loose with a stream of urine issuing from her love lips. She peed until she was empty, her piss flaps closing as the pressure of her flowing urine fountain vanished. Easing up into a standing position Mary moved over to the curtains, grabbing one to wipe herself dry as she stood to evaluate the mess she had made with her many toilets around the room, butterflies still dancing in her stomach at the extent of her naughtiness.

Later on and Mary’s bladder was fit to bursting. She still had many hours before the others returned so it was time to give the living room a good hosing down with her piss. She entered the room, naked from the waist downwards, desperate to find a suitable place for her first wee.

Crossing to the sofa, she clambered up onto it before placing her bum cheeks over the edge of the one arm, her creamy legs spread far enough apart to be able to see her pussy crack hovering over the void space below. She then started to pee, a hot fast flowing stream of body heated piss flowing down to splatter over the carpet below. It was a such wonderful feeling to be peeing openly in somebody else’s front room that she continued her wee for several more seconds before itching forward and spreading her legs wider. She was still peeing, the fountain flowing from her love lips gaining power as she squirted harder, sending her pussy spray to land messily over the sofa surface, seeing it darken as it greedily accepted her hot piss. This was so naughty but not nearly enough. Without stopping her toilet, Mary grabbed a cushion and moved it into her flowing pee stream, soaking it with her hot piss fountain.

Quickly stopping, she threw the piss stained cushion onto the floor where she promptly went to squat over it, her wide round bum cheeks posed over the already piss saturated cover. Unable to move the gaze from her love lips, Mary started a new wee, pissing once Anadolu Yakası Escort again over the cushion. Rivulets of hot piss bounced away from the impact point of her hot stream whilst streams of spent piss flowed over the cushion to stain the carpet with even more piss than her first wee from over the sofa edge.

After several seconds of naughty toilet fun, Mary closed her pee hole in her pussy flaps long enough to run over to the bare brickwork on the one wall. A moment later as she was peeing over them, her bare bum cheeks facing into the room as she sprayed the bricks with the hot stream issuing from her pussy. Still pissing and watching the growing stain growing on the wall, Mary grabbed one of the curtains and placed it up to her crotch, subjecting the thick material to a sample of her pee as she pissed over it.

Now almost depleted of piss Mary stopped peeing, turning to rush over the stand alone chair. She mounted it, a leg on each arm, her piss flaps aimed at the chair back. Mary started to pee again, her lower lips parting as her pussy hole started to spray a hot stream of flowing piss over the chair. Her pee hit the back cover, spreading outwards and then down to the seat cover where a second damp stain began to grow as Mary emptied the last of her piss from her muff lips.

Later on and Mary had a full pee into the wardrobe in the second bedroom, standing there with her pussy releasing her hot piss fountain and decorating its walls and floor with her urine stream, pissing away until she was spent. The next day she had a full wee over the duvet, squatting above it whilst pissing for all she was worth. The bedside set of drawers did not escape, for later on she went to place her bare buttocks above the rim of the one open drawer, before beginning to have a wee into its interior, making a growing pool of hot piss that slowly began to leak away.

The double bed in her room had a clearance space beneath the mattress frame, more than enough space for Mary to place her parted legs as she got ready for a wee over the bedroom carpet beneath the bed. She then started her toilet, a thick fast flowing stream of piss leaving her cunt lips and spraying the floor with a shower of her hot pussy effluent. It was great fun to be able to feel the sensation of pissing whilst being unable to watch, staring under the bed afterwards and seeing the large damp stain her pee had made.

She even peed down the staircase, a long stretching shower of piss leaving her cunt and flying through the air before pattering down to stain the carpet with her wee. In the kitchen, she peed into the sink, over the morning pots and pans, filling them with her piss. She then had a piss into one of the cupboards, her hot pee fountain splattering over the shelves and their contents. She peed into the bin and over the floor and then finished off with a piss into the dish towel that she placed up to her muff between her bare thighs, before opening up her pee hole and soaking it with her piss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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