Perpetual Devotion

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My sister Marketa and I always had something in common. We grew up in a good suburban neighborhood, but we were adventurous and always hated living so close to people, when we were little we would always go down to a creek that ran about half a mile from our house. Sometimes we would stay there the entire day; just looking around and playing sometimes our parents would have to come get us because we wouldn’t come home when they wanted us too.

But in time our lives changed, Marketa started to wear girl clothes and even a little makeup now and then, (even though she didn’t really need It.) and started playing volleyball and running track. I started playing football and dating. Marketa dated some of my teammates and I always looked out for her, and told my teammates that if something happened for her, they would be sorry.

When we were 18, we started senior year in High school together and started to fall into old habits, we went to the creek again and saw how much it had changed, weeds grew all over the place and it had built a mud hill that was not any fun to walk through. Our parents had grown unhappy and were in the process of getting a divorce, we turned to each other and cared for the other person when something bad happened or when we were sad.

Finally, one day Marketa brought home a brochure from a hotel that she had stayed at while she was playing volleyball at another town. It was about a mountain trail that lots of people had gone on, it had tours and information about it. “I want to go on there someday.” She told me as she sat next to me as I looked at it.

“Wow, it looks cool, I’d go with you if you did.” I replied.

The situation with our parents wasn’t going any better; my mother always called to harass my father whenever he was at home, which wasn’t often because he had a good job at the bank and didn’t want her to interfere with his life anymore. When he brought home a fat woman named Pam, Marketa and I decided on a plan of action.

We drove to the local sports store and bought a three person tent, 2 sleeping bags rated at 0 degrees, flashlights, knives, a portable solar radio, a first aid kit (if we got hurt), a mess kit and some dehydrated food, just in case of emergencies, and anything else we might need. We made plans to drive to the Trail in spring but we just couldn’t wait, we were both excited and it was difficult for us to keep the secret that we would soon be running away from home and be out by ourselves. Our parents were getting suspicious and I even caught Pam in my room, going through my belongings. I told my father but he didn’t care anything about us, so we decided to leave that night. We packed all of our stuff into my old truck and we drove for 13 hours to Colorado.


When we arrived we registered in the office and paid for my truck to stay in the parking lot and security, we also both got fishing permits, in case we felt like eating something else. When we finished with all of the paperwork and information it was almost 4:00, we decided to camp at the beginning of the trail and start in the morning. As I got into my sleeping bag, I realized that I should’ve bought a bigger tent, because Marketa was almost on top of me. She didn’t seem to mind though and we fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Marketa was straddling my leg. I could feel my cock was hard, the warmth and softness of her skin radiating through the thick sleeping bag made me more excited. I looked around and realized I had to go to the bathroom. I slowly eased Marketa’s legs from mine trying not to wake her, unzipped the tent and went to the public bathroom. I tried to pee but I still had an erection, I waited for a moment and calmed myself down and thought of football.

When I was finished, I walked back to the tent and Marketa was already up, cooking breakfast. “What’s for breakfast?” I asked as I sat next to her.

Marketa stood up from the fire and picked up the package the dehydrated food had come in and said, “Bacon and eggs, I hope these are as good as they look on the front.” She showed me the front of the packet that looked like they were either professionally arranged or made of rubber. “Whoa, looks like it isn’t going to be much…”

I looked in the pot and saw the little amount and sighed, “Maybe it expands in your stomach…” I suggested with a grin.

When it was finished, we both sat down with a plate in our hands. I waited for her to take the first bite to see if it was good enough. Marketa put her fork in it and brought it to her mouth and took a bite. She chewed it for a few seconds and then made a cute face as she crinkled her nose and said, “Ugh!” and swallowed. I chuckled and tried mine, at first it didn’t taste like anything, and then I got the taste. It tasted like a yellow and brown piece of wet cardboard with a funny smell. I coughed and spit it out behind me.

“Now I know why there wasn’t that much in the pot.” I replied as I pretended to vomit.

“Yeah, really…” Marketa said as she scraped the rest kartal escort bayan of hers into the fire. “Look, the flame actually turned blue…” Marketa said as she pointed to a small blue flame that burned with the revolting mess.

I shook my head and replied, “I guess we made a bad investment…maybe the rest isn’t as bad as this.” I stood up and stretched, Marketa got up and began packing her sleeping bag and mine. I walked over and helped her and we took down the tent, when we finished that we were ready to leave on our adventure.


We walked 4 hours and rested 30 minutes, we passed lots of people but they had to rest ever 2 miles or so. Since I had been in football and Marketa had been in volleyball and track, we were able to move faster than others were and soon we were all alone walking. Marketa looked like she was having a good time and was looking around her at the forest and whenever a bird would chirp she would always try to find it with her eyes as she walked. I liked it too, it was so peaceful and I had never really saw deep forest like I was in now, it was beautiful, it was only matched by the beauty of Marketa’s expressions as she walked.

When we finally stopped it was 3:00 and I was setting up the tent as Marketa started making to fire. “I have to go take a bath before it gets dark.” She said as she stood up. “I saw the river while we passed it about 10 minutes ago, and it looked really cool…”

“All right, I’ll have the food done when you get back,” I got the tent stakes in the ground and wiped the dirt from my pants. “Just make sure you watch out.” I said as she waved good bye, holding a towel and toiletry bag under her arm.

I began to put two hotdogs into the pot and then poured some water in, I knew that Marketa hated grilled hotdogs and always insisted on boiled ones, personally I could’ve gone either way, it didn’t really matter to me. While they cooked I realized how hungry I really was; all that walking had really deepened my appetite, and I wondered if Marketa wanted more. I stood up and moved the pot off of the fire so it wouldn’t boil until I was ready.

I walked towards the sound of rushing water and saw the creek we had passed, it was only about 400 yards from where we were camping so it would be faster to walk there than wait for her to come back. I ran through the trees and saw her head, just above the water, there was just enough to cover her body.

“Hey, Marke—!” I shouted, She rose up out of the water and I saw she wasn’t wearing a bathing suit and gawked at her, but I realized that I hadn’t stopped running and was getting closer to the water, I tried to slow down but I was still going to fast. I hit a patch if mud and went tumbling head over heels and landed half in the water and half on the muddy bank, my leg hit a broken tree branch and it cut a 2-inch gash in my calf. The earth spun up and around as I came to stop. I didn’t move and stared up at the sky. I heard the chirp of birds, the splash of water, and then Marketa appeared at my side.

“Oh my gosh, are you all right?” She asked as she looked around, possibly for help, she had put on her underwear and shirt so quickly, the shirt was still inside out.

“I…I…I’m all right.” I said as I winced from the pain in my leg.

“Oh, you’re bleeding.” She said as she saw my leg. “I’m going to go get the first aid kit.” She stood up and began running the same way I had. I watched her go, and saw he ass as she ran, it flexed and still looked tight, even though I was in pain and thought I might die, I still found it arousing, my heart beat fast and I smiled to myself through the pain. Marketa came back and opened the first aid kit and took out some antiseptic and gauze, she also had a bottle of water and washed the blood off, she put some antiseptic cream on her finger and slowly inched her way towards the cut, I winced in preparation for the pain. But it never came; her touch was so soft that I almost never felt it. When I opened my eyes again she had the gauze on it and was putting an elastic band over it to hold it in place.

“How did it look?” I asked, fearful that it might be worse than it might.

“Oh, not as bad as it did when I first cleaned the blood off, but you’ll have to stay off of your leg for a couple of days…maybe even a week.” She replied as she wiped her hands in the river.

“Oh,” I said in a depressed tone. “I’m sorry for holding us up…” I knew that she wanted to go back to school at a certain time, so she would still be on track for graduation.

“Oh, no, it wasn’t all of your fault, I guess I had a part in it since you did see me naked…” Marketa said with a amusing smile, she dried her hands and walked back to me and asked, “Can you walk?” I sat up and tried to pull myself up, but the pain was too intense and I fell back, panting, trying to ease the pain away. “C’mon.” She stretched her arm out and I took it and she helped pull me back up. Once I got up, I hobbled on my good leg and lifted my injured one ahead my body. Marketa yakacık escort held my arm so I wouldn’t fall over again and we slowly walked back to our tent.

When we got back, Marketa set me in the tent gently and got me a bottle of water and started cooking dinner again. I felt protected and cared for and if I asked for her to get me something, she would probably would’ve done it. She made my hotdog and put ketchup on it for me and even sat next to me and ate; we laughed and joked about my condition.

That night when I was almost ready to go to bed, she began to zip the tent flap closed and then she turned towards me, “Whew, you stink.” And waved her hand in front of her.

I was a little embarrassed and replied, “Well, I was going to clean myself but…” I let my voice trailed off to let her guess what I meant.

“Well, I guess I could give you a sponge bath.” She answered. I looked at her and she gave me a small smile. “Don’t worry, remember when I had to help out at the hospital for Christmas?” I nodded, we had both gone to the hospital for charity work and were referred by our guidance counselor who advised us to start early in order to get into a good college. “Well, I had to bathe a couple of kids, so it’s no problem.”

“Well, all right then.” She smiled and went outside and came back with a cup and a sponge and a container of soap that we used to clean our dishes.

“Hey, where’d you get the sponge?” I asked curiously as she dipped it into the cup. “What about a washcloth?”

“I got it because I read in a book that a sponge takes less room than a washcloth and is softer…so therefore it is better.” I thought about it and realized it made perfect sense. I took off my clothes and gasped as the water touched my back. She hadn’t warmed it up any, and it made me get goosebumps. She didn’t seem to notice and kept going, using short and soft strokes to clean the mud off from when I had slipped earlier. She would scrub off the dirt and wring it out ever so often and kept going.

Then she asked me to take off my pants, I did, but I felt a little uncomfortable because I was starting to get hornier and hornier by the minute. She soaped my waist and took my cock in her hands lightly and moved it around lightly, she even jerked it once and a while to clean it better. It was hard as a rock by now, but she didn’t seem to mind, in fact, she smiled at me, which made me even more uncomfortable, her face wasn’t as far as 3 inches from it at one time. She finished with my waist area and moved on to my legs, they were the most dirty, and she covered my cock and testicles with her hand so she wouldn’t hit them with her elbow when she scrubbed hard on my skin. But whenever she would move, it would make her hand rub against it almost making me cum, but I tried to hold back since she was my sister and I didn’t want her to know that it really made me horny from embarrassment. She finished up with my feet and scrubbed me down again with clean water to wash the soap away.

“Now you smell good.” She said as she inhaled and crawled into her sleeping bag.

“Yeah, lemony fresh.” I muttered and saw her smile and then she turned off the light.


When I woke up in the morning, I felt a weight around my stomach; Marketa’s arm was draped across me. I smiled; it didn’t make me feel uneasy or uncertain about what was really going on with the both of us. It made me feel warm and desired, like there would always be someone there for me, even when I had problems or fears, Marketa would always be my sister and best friend and maybe more. I smiled to myself at the thought and fell back asleep for 2 more hours.

When I woke up again, Marketa had already bathed, cooked breakfast, and even started work on a cane for me. I walked to her and sat down, she handed me a plate of oatmeal, and at least we knew this wouldn’t be as bad as the eggs and bacon had been.

I ate the oatmeal and when I finished she took the plate and took it down to the river to wash it, which left me alone. It gave me more time to think about Marketa, I came to the assumption that she knew exactly what she was doing when she gave me my sponge bath last night, but I decided to test it. When she came back and worked around the fire for a couple of minutes, I lifted my arm and sniffed my underarm, “Whew, god I smell.” I replied and made a funny face.

Marketa looked up and me and smiled, walked over to her toiletry bag, my heart almost stopped as she pulled something out and threw it at me. I caught it and looked at it, “Stay ‘n fresh.” I frowned and said, “What’s this for?”

“It’s deodorant, you said you smelled so here, you can use mine.”

I sighed and said, “Er…thanks.” I now realized how my plan had just backfired, when I was finished I handed it back to her with an embarrassed grin.


Marketa finished my cane on the third day and I was happy, now that I wouldn’t have to have her come and follow me when I went to the bathroom, which hürriyet mahallesi escort was more than unpleasant. She helped me wash myself in the river, but as soon as I took off my clothes she walked back to the tent, leaving me by myself. I washed myself and dried myself and walked back with the aid of my cane. Soon, I could go farther and farther each passing day and soon I could walk almost as good as I could before I injured myself, so we made the decision to keep going, we packed up our tent and belongings and started walking.

When we stopped the sky was getting darker and darker by the minute; I sat by the fire, preparing dinner, while Marketa was in the tent listening to the radio. “Well…” Marketa came out of the tent and sat next to me on the ground, “They say a big storm is coming our way.” I nodded and looked out towards the West, where it was lightning in the distance and if you listened closely you could hear the thunder.

We had just finished eating, and were putting the rain fly on, when the skies opened up. “We have to get inside!” Marketa shouted above the roar of the rain.

“Wait, wait, we have to get the rain fly on, or else we be even more wet than we are now!” I shouted back as I struggled with the last two fasteners. Marketa ran over to me and helped me secure them to the tent stakes and even found a couple of large rocks nearby to help keep them tight in case there was a strong wind and it blew the rain fly off. As soon as we were finished we ran into the tent and zipped the door.

“Ohhhh…” Marketa said as she held her arms around her, trying to warm herself. I felt the same way; it was like I was in a cold bath that stuck to me, we were cold, wet, and miserable. “Maybe…we…should…take…off our…w-w-wet…c-c-clothes.” Marketa suggested between shivers. I nodded and we both turned to take off our clothes, of course I was first, and I accidentally turned around to throw my wet shirt into the pile of dirty clothes in the corner and saw Marketa in her underwear. She wore a red and pink thong, which didn’t really cover up much of her firm ass; I quickly turned around before she realized I had seen her. I snuggled down in my sleeping bag at the same time as Marketa.

It didn’t really change anything, I was still cold and could hear Marketa’s teeth chattering, and I guess the sleeping bag didn’t warm as quickly as I thought it was meant to. “I…think…we…should…get…warm…togeth-th-ther.” Marketa said as she looked at me, I realized her idea, our body heat combined would warm us quicker than being alone. I got out of my sleeping bag and unzipped both of them and then painstakingly zipped both of them together, making a double sleeping bag. I got back in and Marketa got closer to me, she put her back to me and I could feel her shivers as they sped through her body. I turned around and pushed my body closer to hers, put my arms around her abdomen and lay still for a couple of minutes, her shivering stopped and her body began to relax and warm up again. “Thanks.” She muttered as she exhaled.

When she relaxed my mind began to drift back to our surroundings, the soft patter of rain on the tent wall, Marketa’s long brown hair tickling my shoulder, the softness of her skin, and then the fact that my cock was nestled in the crack of her ass cheeks. As soon as I noticed my cock seemed to come to life, it began to get hard and I was hoping, no praying, that she didn’t notice. To my amazement she didn’t say a word and acted like everything was fine. I even started to grind it into her, I disguised it when I acted like I was shifting my body and got a good push, the heat from her ass cheeks was unbelievable and made me even more excited. I settled down and closed my eyes.


When I woke up, it was dark out and the rain had stopped, I slowly and quietly moved my body from the sleeping bag, unzipped the tent door and looked out. The ground was muddy in front of the tent and there was a big puddle where our fire had been, the moon was out also and it cast a shadow from it’s light, the stars bright as if acknowledging my view, I smiled and realized that this had to have been the best day of my life.

I leaned back in and zipped the tent flap back up and crawled back to my place, I was just about to close my eyes when Marketa muttered, “I’m cold again…” I got closer to her again and she sighed in relief and then asked, “What’s happening out there?”

I sighed and put my arm around her again and whispered, “It stopped raining, and it looks beautiful outside…and inside.” She laughed quietly and then fell silent again. I put my cheek against her shoulder and did the same.


We woke up about the same time the next morning; I was first out of the tent. I slogged through the mud and tried to find some dry wood for our fire, while Marketa prepared breakfast. I found some wood, but it was still damp from the night before. I had a rough time trying to start the fire, but soon, I heard the sign that it was starting. As soon as the flames licked up the wood, I could hear it hissing and releasing steam as it dried out the wood so that it could burn better. Marketa boiled some water and we had some hot chocolate, we just sat inside the tent with the tent flap open, and talked to each other.

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