Pervert Ch. 03

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“Again?!” Jacey burst before she could stop herself.

Jacey’s mouth began to water. Forget it! You’re not going to suck your son’s cock! She shouted at herself as she felt her almost painfully hard nipples tingle. But he did just do the same for you… That doesn’t make it right, you stopped him remember… But God it looks so good. Maybe just rub it a little…

Jackson saw the look on his mother’s face changing from confusion to lust as she stared at his throbbing shaft, seemingly not being able to take her eyes off of it. He knew it was wrong, that they had gone so much further than they ever should have, but right now, hormones were fully in control.

His mother’s nude form, covered in oil, sweat, and his cum was intoxicating and his hand went to his thick meat and started stroking. This time any pretence that he was using anything other than the sight of his mother to wank to was forgotten. He was in need of release and the body of his mom was the catalyst to that.

Oh God, he’s stroking it again, how can you stop him though? After what he did for you. But you shouldn’t have let him do that! This has to be the last time, surely the quicker he’s finished the quicker we can just move on…

Jacey’s internal struggle mixed with her hormonally charged mind finally had her convinced that she just needed to help her son get off and then they could put this episode behind them. She could make one more night surely, before her husband came home.

“Let me help you…” I can’t believe you’re saying this to your son!

Jackson lay there, his hand stopping mid-stroke. “You’re going to… help me?” Oh fuck, yes!

“Look, baby. We both agree we have gone further than a mother and son should. But after you just… you know.” Jacey nodded down to her pussy, “It’s only fair that I help you. And once we’re done, that’s it. No more.”

“No more, sure!” Jackson replied, subtly thrusting his hips up. He was looking at his mother’s mouth, gagging to feel it wrapped around his cock.

“I’m not sucking you off Jackson!” Jacey said, shocked that her son thought that was an option when she saw him looking at her mouth.

“I wasn’t thinking…” Jackson started.

“Yes you were!” Jacey couldn’t help but grin. “Pervert.” She got on all fours next to her son and took his thick throbbing cock in her hand. “This is all you’re getting.” She smiled as she started to stroke her son.

“That and the view.” Jackson said before he could stop himself. Jacey looked down and saw what he meant. He had the perfect view of her large breasts hanging and swinging as she jerked his stiff member. Also, she imagined, looking over her shoulder he would be able to see her ass. It shouldn’t turn you on so much that he’s gawping at you!

Jackson lay back and let his mother’s hands work his shaft. She added a twisting motion to her stroking as she squeezed his cock with every other stroke. Jacey was starting to enjoy the feeling of the hot, throbbing meat in her hands a little too much. Focusing purely on the cock in her hands it became less and less her son’s cock and more and more just a penis that she was aiding in release.

However, Jacey was fast discovering the downside in a cut cock. Lubrication. The tip of Jackson’s cock was leaking a little precum, but nowhere near enough to lubricate the long, girthy dick in her hands. Even as she tugged on his balls, an action that brought on a guttural moan from her son, there simply wasn’t enough.

Just suck him! You know you want to! NO! I can’t he’s my son! But he did eat you out, amazingly too… Just one little suck…

Jacey’s inner voice almost won out, but she managed to retain enough control to stop at the middle ground. She licked her hand up and down, getting it nice and wet and proceeded to stroke her son. With the addition of her saliva, Jacey could wank her son’s shaft with renewed vigour, stopping twice more to lick her hand, twisting and tugging, pulling on his balls. All the while she could feel her face getting closer and closer to the thick cock of her son.

Jackson was in heaven as his mother’s hands worked his cock and balls, but after cumming not so long ago he was aware that it was taking a lot longer this time. Jacey was fast becoming aware too, the urge to put her son’s cock in her mouth getting stronger and stronger. I can’t!! But God if he doesn’t cum soon I’m going to need to go again!

Then she had an idea. “Jackson…”

“Yes?” Jackson replied, the pain in his voice evident as his mom stopped mid stroke.

“I think I need to try something else.”

“Something else?”

“I’m not going to suck you off, Jackson.” Jacey said again, though she wasn’t going to let on that the thought was foremost in her mind. “There was a guy I once dated, didn’t believe in sex before marriage, but we found a middle ground for when jerking him wasn’t enough…”

“Uh huh?” Jackson replied. He could manage escort kartal little more due to his near painfully hard cock still throbbing in his mother’s hand.

“It’s worth a try, baby.” Jacey continued, biting her bottom lip. Are you really going to do this? It’s just like wanking him off though. Just not with your hands… Jackson wasn’t sure what his mother was getting at, but watched, his eyes widening as she knelt up and straddled him.

“Mom… I don’t…”

“I’m not going to fuck you Jackson!” His mother said, though she could understand her son’s confusion. You shouldn’t even be in a position where your son could get confused as to whether you’re going to fuck him or not!! “Just stroke you off with something else…”

Saying that she lowered her smooth, wet pussy down onto her son’s cock. With it laying up against his body, pointing at his head, she was now pressing her hot slippery lips down along its length. “Oh God…” She moaned as the girth of her son’s dick opened up her lips, parting them around it.

She sat there, her pussy surrounding the throbbing shaft of her son’s hot cock, feeling her pussy getting wetter and hotter.

“Fuck… Mom…” Jackson mumbled, looking at the glistening form of his mother’s body, straddling his own. His previous cum still trickling over her curves, her large breasts standing proud with her hard nipples begging to be sucked. The heat from her pussy on the length of his shaft was sensational. So wet too.

“See.” Jacey said, straining to keep her voice flat and level. “This will be… a lot… faster…” She struggled to get her words out as the meat between her pussy lips caused her to heart rate to increase. The thickness of her son’s cock had opened her up more than her ex had causing her sensitive clit to be exposed and in contact with the pulsating shaft.

Leaning back on Jackson’s thighs Jacey started rolling her hips back and forth, sliding her wet, dripping pussy up and down along the length of her son’s cock. Jackson was in a whole world of pleasure at the sensation of his girthy member being massaged back and forth by his mother’s soft, smooth, wet pussy. The heat could be felt from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip.

“Mmmmm fuck…” He whispered as his mother rolled her hips back and forth, seeing his soft, fat head emerging from between his mother’s lips on each downward stroke. His hands went to her thighs, gripping them as she rode him.

“I don’t think…” Jacey started to say as she felt her son’s hands on her body, but just at that moment her clit was rubbed by the throbbing penis between her lips and she lost all train of thought. She started to increase the speed of her gyrations, knowing that if she didn’t get her son to cum soon she was going to have another orgasm. The only problem was, the feeling of her son’s hands on her body was electric…

Both mother and son were getting lost in the feeling of pleasure derived from Jacey’s motions on her son’s thick cock. Jackson was moaning more and more, Jacey was starting to pant, squeaking with each breath. Jackson’s hands found themselves running up his mother’s curvy hips and holding her waist.

“Fuck fuck fuck…” he said, almost in a growl.

“Oh God, oh shit!” Jacey replied as she felt her own orgasm pending. Without thought she sat upright, her free hands now squeezing her breasts, pinching her painfully hard nipples.

“Mom, I’m going to…” But Jackson’s voice was drowned out by the scream of his mother as her orgasm burst through her. The sudden increase in hot, wet juices now smothering his cock was what pushed Jackson over the edge. As his mother ground her pussy hard against his pulsating meat, orgasaming around him, he felt his balls tighten.

Jacey could feel the throbs of her son’s cock through her spread pussy as he came again, spurt after spurt erupting from him, shooting up over his stomach. As he was still cumming she was amazed by how much there was, fully aware she still had some covering her body from before. A couple of shots made it to his chest. Then with her own orgasm finally subsiding, Jacey collapsed on top of her son panting.

Jackson was still feeling the high of his cum when his mother flattened herself on top of him, her large breasts squashing against his bare chest. Both mother and son could feel the fresh thick cum sticking them together, sliding between the two sweaty bodies. Jacey’s hard nipples were pressing into her son’s chest, her arms falling by his head.

Jackson’s arms instinctively wrapped around Jacey’s lower back, the palms perilously close to her rump. Both mother and son lay there, the heat building up between them as they breathed heavily, almost glowing from their orgasms. Jackson could feel his mother’s breath on his neck as her head lolled on his shoulder.

Jacey was thankful that her pussy was no longer in contact with her son’s cock, having slid up his maltepe escort body a little way. The sensation of being smothered in his cum as their bodies pressed together was more intoxicating than she dared admit to.

You’ve done everything but suck and fuck him!! Jacey said to herself as she lay there. Your own son! How did you let it go this far? And where does he get his stamina?? Does that matter? Really?

Jackson was starting to think that something was seriously wrong with him. Yes he was now laying, literally stuck to, an incredibly hot woman even if she is your own mother! But he never normally managed to cum this many times… Even now, he could feel that his cock wasn’t fully down, in fact, with the closeness of his mother’s sticky body he could feel the ache of another erection on its way.

“Oh shit.” he mumbled.

“What is it honey?” Jacey replied almost in a dreamy state.

“I… er… it’s getting…”

He can’t be serious! Jacey thought to herself. This is not normal, even for a young man. Unless… “Jackson, you didn’t take one of the tablets on the kitchen counter did you?”

Jackson had to think hard; his mind was a bit of a jumble ever since he had walked in on his mom when she cried for help. He had come back from his friends; the hot weather had given him a headache…

“I took a couple of the aspirin you had left out. The ones with the note for dad saying in case he had a headache.”

Oh shit! Jacey thought, and he took two? No wonder he can’t keep it down! While Jacey came to the realisation that her son had taken two of her husband’s potency pills, Jackson was fast realising that his cock was not going to stop growing.

The issue was, the way his mother was still straddling him, laying forward, her bald, wet pussy was right in line with the tip of his swelling penis. You can’t fuck your mother!! But she’s not stopping it… and you’ve pretty much done everything else anyway. But your mother? She’s still hot though. Maybe just the tip…

While he was deliberating however, his body was making the decision for him. He didn’t move, just the slow progression of his swelling meat as it grew closer and closer to his mother. Jacey was still wondering what to do about her son, he had taken double the normal dose of what her husband took to keep him going for a night when she felt something.

It took her a moment to realise what it was. Her tingling pussy was still on fire from the amount of orgasms she had experienced, but this was different. Then suddenly her eyes went wide; it was Jackson’s cock! He had said it was growing, but he didn’t mention it was growing into her! She could already feel it starting to open her lips, agonisingly teasing her burning urges.

“Jackson! I…” She started to try and get up, but her motions only succeeded in her moving down her son’s body further. The tip of Jackson’s cock, which had only just started to part his mother’s lips, was now well and truly inside her, opening her up. She stayed stock-still. “Oh God…”

“Mom, sorry…” Jackson started, but his words got caught as the soft fat tip of his penis was pressing inside his mother’s pussy. He couldn’t help it, his body reacted naturally. His hips rose easing himself deeper into her, not a lot, but more than could be explained as an accident.

“Mmmmm, shit, Jackson… Stop…” Jacey moaned, more in pleasure than she should have. She still held herself frozen, not moving. He’s practically in now! You might as well just let him fuck you, you know you need a thick cock and his is literally right there! He’s my son, I should stop him. But who would know?… We could, just this once… Jacey’s composure was crumbling fast, why was she trying to deny how much she was craving this?

“Ok… mmm… Jackson, but just a little way in, no more… Just a little… OH FUCK!” Jacey had hardly finished allowing her son to enter her when Jackson thrust his hips up, plunging yet more of his young, throbbing shaft into her wet, wanton pussy. “FUCK!” she cried again as her pussy tried to get used to the girth.

Jackson had heard his mother say just a little way in, but what is the difference between a little and a lot really? Especially when it feels so good… Even if it is your mother! Jackson’s cock was nearly all the way in; surrounded by the hottest pussy he had ever entered. It was surprisingly tight too. Basically it felt sublime, may be added to by the fact he should never have been in there…

Jacey struggled to maintain any sense of composure. She regretted instantly her letting her son enter her at all. Now he was inside her, feeling the throb of his girthy cock, she wanted more. Needed more. There was no rationalisation left she could think of as to why she shouldn’t just let him go all the way in.

“OH FUCK!” She cried, in frustration, anger, pleasure, ecstasy and release as Jacey sat up on her son’s meaty penis.

“Mom!” pendik escort bayan Jackson shouted as his mother’s body impaled itself fully on his shaft. Her tight pussy sliding quickly down the remainder of his length, engulfing him whole, squeezing his cock tightly. Jacey just sat there, her son’s cock now stuffing her wanton pussy, filling it more than she could imagine. She could feel every heartbeat of her son through his dick as she got used to the size.

Jackson’s hands went to his mother’s thighs, gripping them quite near the top, his thumb flicking forward and ever so gently touching her clit. He felt her reaction instantly as her pussy clenched hard around him. Jacey panting as her body was submitted to the pleasure it had been yearning for so long. Even if it was her son’s cock and not her husband’s.

Oh God, you’re now fucking your son! Fuck I need this; I don’t care whose cock it is! What’s happened to you?? Jacey’s mind raced, rational thought getting blown away by carnal pleasure as she slowly started to rise up on her knees. She could feel the thick, throbbing cock of her son withdrawing from her drenched pussy, teasing herself as she let her body slide so just the tip of her son’s meat was inside her, then, dropping back down hard.

“Fuck fuck fuuuuuuck!” Jacey cried as she let go all restraint and rode her son hard. Jackson knew he should be shocked, maybe even disgusted that he was fucking his own mother, but fuck did it feel good. Her body looked amazing, covered in their cum, her large breasts bouncing freely she bounced on his cock.

Had he not cum so much already, Jackson knew he wouldn’t have been able to last this long with his mother riding him. He grabbed her hips, squeezing his mother’s body, thrusting his hips up with each of her downward strokes.

“Shit, Mom!” was all he could muster as both mother and son fucked harder and deeper. The wet, slapping noises from both their used bodies filled the room along with their pants and grunts. Neither was bothered about who the other was right then. Jackson’s hands went around and squeezed his mother’s ass, his fingers curling into the crevice between.

Jacey bit her bottom lip and mewed loudly at the new intrusion as she came hard over her son’s thrusting cock. It was the orgasm her body had been craving for so long. Her juices squirting out around a nice thick, thrusting cock. Her pussy stretched by the pounding meat between her legs, her body quivered as her orgasm just kept rolling along.

“Jackson, oh, God, Jackson, we should…” Jacey started to say we should probably stop, but Jackson assumed differently, feeling his mother cumming around his cock, clenching it harder than ever.

“We should swap?” He cut in. “Sure!” and with one motion he rolled his mother onto her back, still impaled by her son’s pulsating penis, and leaned up over her slick body. Jacey was running out of energy to respond, or even resist any longer Jackson was now on top of her, his dick pistoning in and out of her with renewed vigour and it felt amazing.

Jacey could feel her legs spreading wider, welcoming the fast, hard fucking her son was providing. Jackson leant forward and lowered his head to his mother’s large breasts as the rolled back and forth with each thrust. Jacey screamed as her son sucked hard on her nipples, biting them softly.

“Jackson!!” she came again, her hips bucking, her body losing all control. She gripped her son’s ass, needing to hold him inside her, just still for a moment to let her overexcited body calm down. It was at this moment, as his mother held him deep inside her though that the ministrations of his mother’s orgasming pussy brought on his own climax.

“Mom! Mom I’ve gotta…” Jackson started, trying to withdraw. Jacey mistook it for Jackson wanting to continue fucking her, but she just needed a little longer else she might never stop shaking. She pulled him into her harder, holding him deep inside with her hands on his ass.

“No, please, Jackson, just a second.” Jacey whimpered, the feeling of being stuffed so fully by cock so pleasurable it was almost painful.

“But I’m going to…” too late. Jackson released his own orgasm, feeling so much more powerful due to holding it back as long as he could.

“Oh FUCK!” Jacey cried as she realised what was going on. She felt her son’s cock swell slightly just before it erupted deep inside her. Jackson let shot after shot of his cum go deep inside his mother, filling her yet further.

Your son is cumming inside you! How did it go his far? Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck it feels so good! Jacey couldn’t deny how amazingly dirty it felt to have her own son pumping her pussy full of cum. It started leaking out of the side as Jackson ever so slowly withdrew. Both mother and son looked down as the soft, fat head of Jackson’ cock popped free of his mother’s pussy, still oozing cum.

Jackson collapsed on the bed next to his mother. Both totally fucked out. The room was filled with the aroma of sex and cum. Both of them were sticky with a combination of their juices and Jacey’s well-used pussy was now leaking copious amounts of her son’s cum. Neither said anything, both just lay there panting.

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