Perverted Telepathy Ch. 02

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–While it takes place in a high school, all sexual characters in this story are 18+ seniors–

I sat on my chair surfing the internet when I heard the bathroom door across the hall open. I reached out mentally and sensed Rebecca, my sister, leaving the bathroom. As I reached out with my mind, I planted suggestions in hers. Just subtle hints to see how far my powers could go. I suggested that instead of her own room, that she go to mine. The doorknob to my room turned and in walked my sister only wearing a towel.

Water droplets were still on her exposed flesh, and her cleavage peeked from the top of the towel wrapped around her fit body. It was barely long enough to cover her pussy. Even though she was my sister, my cock twitched at the sight of her. After all, I spent the past two weeks fucking my mother while in my dad’s body. After passing the incest barrier and reading Trevor’s thoughts, Rebecca was less my sister in my head and more just another hot girl.

“What are you doing, sis?” I asked innocently.

“I’m not sure.” She turned around to head out the door, instead I willed her to shut it. The towel covering her ass moved slightly. She turned around to face me and the bottom of the towel nearly came apart to reveal her pussy. As my desire burned, I willed some of it to her, and I saw her cheeks flush.

“You’re not sure why you’re in my room in only a towel?”

Drops of water shook free of her head when she shook it. “No, I’m not.”

My eyes went up and down her smooth, creamy legs. I had to see more, so I became more invasive. I took control of her left hand and made her untie the towel. She gave a slight shriek as it fell to reveal her gorgeous body. Perky tits ended in light pink nipples that stiffened in the cool air. Her pussy was perfectly shaved, she might’ve even done it in the shower. I’d seen her naked in passing before, but nothing like this.

Her hands darted to cover herself and she bent down for her towel. She had to use a hand to grab the towel, so I saw her tits again. As soon as her fingers brushed the terry cloth, she retracted her hand and stood up. She faced me with one arm at her side so I could see her tits. As my cock became rock hard, the hand covering her pussy slowly began to rub.

“Sis, what are you doing?”

“I-uh,” she struggled to speak as her nipples became stiff. She glistened on her fingers as she started to penetrate herself with her fingers.


“I’m sorry.” Her words came between moans. “I’m just so horny all of a sudden.”

“And you decide to masturbate in my room?”

Rebecca couldn’t say anything as she simply leaned onto my bed. She started rubbing her pussy faster now and moaning. It was like something out of a porn vid.

“You like that I’m watching, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, little bro!” She practically screamed, and for a second I worried Mom or Dad would hear. “Whip it out, I want to see how much you enjoy your sister’s body!” I unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and boxers to let my cock spring free. Her eyes locked on it while I reached for my lotion and rubbed my cock. My fingers squeezed on my dick as I admired every inch of my sister’s body.

“You have a nice cock.”

“You have a great body.”

“Come next to me,” Rebecca said. “I want to touch it.” I did as she asked, and pleasure filled me as her fingers wrapped around my shaft. Her thumb moved over the tip and she slowly began to stroke me.

“It’s so hard.” Rebecca squeezed my cock and pumped faster. “Is that from me?” I nodded.

“You can touch, too.”

I reached and grabbed the breast closest to me. She certainly inherited Mom’s tits. I took her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on the fleshy nub. She moaned louder and rubbed her pussy. Her back arched and she hammered away at my cock.

“I’m about to cum.”

“Do it!” Rebecca looked me in the eye. “Cum on your sister.”

Ropes of white cum erupted from my cock and splashed onto Rebecca’s flat belly. Her whole body tensed and she screamed out her orgasm. Her breasts heaved with every deep breath and we both came down from our lust.

“Looks like ataşehir escort you need another shower.”

Since we orgasmed, our combined lust started to dwindle and Rebecca was less enthusiastic about mutual masturbation with her brother. She awkwardly tried to cover up, and even without telepathy, it was clear she was trying to make sense of what just happened.

“Um, yeah, I should take another shower.” Rebecca stood and grabbed her towel. I watched her ass as she hurried out of my room and dashed across the hall to the shower.

I got dressed and headed to the kitchen for a snack. When I saw Mom and Dad, my heart jumped. There was no way they didn’t hear Rebecca. Shit, what was I gonna do if they knew?! Neither of them seemed to suspect a thing as I grabbed an apple. None of them said anything, and I certainly couldn’t ask them. How was I gonna know if they knew?

Then I wanted to smack myself. Living a life with powers was going to take some getting used to. I sat at the table and pulled my phone out to pretend to look at it. I focused my mind on Dad first. It was like picture in picture as I scanned his memories of the last few minutes. He was just doing typical stuff. I heard his memories and not once did I hear a moan. Not once did his emotions betray concern over what his son and daughter were doing.

I scanned Mom next. She passed right by my door as she was doing laundry. Not a sound.

Strange. Maybe they didn’t hear because I didn’t want them to hear. Now was a good a time as any to play with my powers. I focused on both of them and willed neither of them to hear me or see me. I ran in front of Dad and acted like a monkey. I dropped all inhibition and began screeching and scratching my armpits. It was stupid, and I felt like an idiot, but it needed to be something innocent so there wouldn’t be too many questions if it didn’t work.

Fortunately, it did. Dad didn’t respond to my antics at all. I tried the same thing on Mom. No response. I scanned both their memories and neither of them had any recollection of me acting like an idiot. So, they didn’t hear my sister having an earth shattering orgasm because I didn’t want them to. Not only could I make people puppets and find everybody’s most private thoughts, but I could also have invisibility! Well, this was gonna be fun.


As usual, I saw Trevor at school. We bullshitted and walked to class. I could tell he was bored during the lecture, so I thought I’d make his daydreams more interesting. I pushed the image of my naked sister into his head. Immediately I felt his lust spike. I shared my memory of this morning with him. Fortunately, since my memories are in first person of me, I didn’t have to worry about him seeing my face or realizing I had powers.

Trevor shifted in his seat, and it was arousing reliving the memories as I passed them on. I could just imagine it from Trevor’s point of view; it would be the most vivid daydream he ever had of his naked crush jacking him off. It got to the point where he had to ask the teacher for a trip to the bathroom. I smirked as I realized he was going to go relieve tension.

A part of me thought about the ethics. After all, it was just like sharing a private sext. Except sexts harm reputation, and Trevor has no reason to think this was anything other than his own fantasy. When class ended, he felt the need to talk about my sister.


My heart was pumping quickly as gym class ended, and not because of my hard work. Everybody headed to the locker rooms, and I knew this was my chance. I hung back so that I would be the last one to enter the boys’ locker room. Except, I went straight for the girls’. Nobody was around to potentially see me enter, but I sensed about five people directly on the other side of the door.

Moment of truth, I thought to myself with a sigh as I pushed the door open. I focused on the five minds right in front of me, and willed none of them to see me or hear me. As I walked right in, they continued chatting in the doorway. Nobody even turned to see the door moving.

Excitement in me built, but I kept focus so people wouldn’t see me. As kadıköy escort bayan I moved into the locker room, I sensed more girls. None of them saw me as they took off their clothes. I saw a glimpse of a perfect ass right before I sensed a girl panic.

“What happened?”

“I thought I saw—nevermind.”

Too close. I kept focus even as I tried to enjoy the sights. Curvature of breasts tipped with pretty nipples. A gasp snapped me out of my lust, and I willed it so she couldn’t see me. My head was beginning to hurt as I walked around the locker room and had to focus on more people. This sucked, I couldn’t even enjoy the sights without possibly revealing myself.

As I made my way out the locker room, my headache got worse as I had to concentrate on suppressing over twenty minds so they couldn’t see me, as well as walk out. I started to worry that I’d be caught, but I had to not dwell on that or my concentration would break and I’d definitely be caught. I had some minor pain relief as more girls headed to the shower, and thus I didn’t have to focus on them anymore. Beautiful naked teen girls that I couldn’t dare look at. Fuck my life.

As I neared the door, the female coach walked in and was directly in front of me. Nobody else was around and I was able to focus my energy on her. She looked straight in my direction and grunted. For a brief second, I thought I was caught, but she just walked right past me. I bolted for the door and charged straight for the boys’.

It was like a spike straight into my brain and I went to undress so I myself could shower. Never again would I do something so risky. Maybe being mute to two people was easy enough that I didn’t have to even focus on it, but being invisible and mute to over twenty was way too much for me to handle.


I suffered with my headache all the way until I got home. I walked right past the family dinner and downed an aspirin. It was almost instant relief and I made it back to the table.

“You feel OK?” Mom asked.

“Just a headache.” I shrugged.

Rebecca stared at her plate not saying a word. I didn’t even have to focus on her to sense her shame and disgust as she barely moved food around on her plate. She didn’t say a word the whole time, and I just made small talk about my day. Not the locker room fiasco of course, but the boring stuff.

Dinner ended, and I intercepted my sister in the hall.

“Look, about this morning,” I said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“We have to talk about it.”

Rebecca looked up at me and nodded. “Fine, but in my room. Mom and Dad can’t know what we did.”

Convincing people was so much easier when you have telepathy. I closed the door behind me, and stepped into her room. It definitely had a more feminine touch. I mean, there wasn’t boy bands and ballerina posters on the wall, but it definitely had the flair of a girl’s room.

As Rebecca sat on the edge of her bed, my memories went to this morning, and the way her beautiful naked body was revealed to me. Her breasts showed perfectly in the tight top she had on, and it only took a little imagination to remember them naked. I sensed her eyes start to move, and I quickly looked at her face instead of her chest.

“Josh, we shouldn’t have done what we did this morning.”

“But it felt so good.” I scanned her memories as they bubbled to the surface, and I highlighted the pleasure she felt from it. It wasn’t just the horndog in me, but she really did enjoy it as much as I did.

“It did.” Rebecca’s eyes drifted off as if she were reminiscing. “But that’s not the point. You’re my brother.”

“We’re both adults.”

“You’re my brother!” Rebecca shook her head. “We can’t do things like that.”

“As I remember, it was you who started it.”

Rebecca scrunched her face. “I know, and that’s what bothers me so much! I don’t know what came over me! I never would’ve done that stuff.”

I smirked. “But you did.”

“I know I did, and I still can’t believe it!”

I could tell she needed some telepathic encouragement. “I could hardly believe it either.”

“The way escort maltepe I held your-your hard cock in my hand, and the way it felt—it felt good. It shouldn’t have felt good.”

I sat next to her and put a hand on her thigh. “All of you felt good.”

“I’m your sister.” Rebecca let out a long exhale. “You shouldn’t think of your sister that way.”

“My sister has amazing tits, and a beautiful body.” I let my face get closer to hers and felt her hot breath.

“It’s not right.” Rebecca’s hand touched my thigh and she almost closed the distance for a kiss. “We can’t do this.”

“Why not?” I gave a little bit more lust.

“Because it’s wrong.” Rebecca’s hand crept up my thigh until she touched the outline of my hardened cock in my pants. “Oh, you’re hard?”

“Of course.” I got close enough to whisper in her ear. “I bet you’re wet.”


“I didn’t hear a no.” I rubbed my hand up the crotch of her jeans. My fingers hooked into the waistband. “One way to find out.”

It was difficult to wriggle my fingers into her tight pants, but slowly they made their way in. She whispered my name again, as if she was asking me to stop but hoping I’d go forward. Silky panties were easily moved and my fingers traveled down her smooth pubic region. At last my middle finger touched her moist clit. We looked each other in the eyes as I rubbed small circles.

“Josh,” Rebecca whispered. “Don’t.”

I stopped for a second, and willed more lust into her. Having sex with a puppet would be masturbatory. She had to want it, even if her desire was greatly helped. “Don’t what?”

“Don’t tell anyone about us, OK?”

I nodded and pressed my lips into hers. She leaned back onto the bed and I followed her without breaking the kiss. My fingers made circles around her clit and she humped my hand. Soft moans sounded in her mouth as we kissed until she broke the kiss to take off her shirt. All that hid those big, juicy tits was her thin bra.

I took off my shirt, and she seemed sad my hand wasn’t between her legs anymore. “This should make it easier for you.” Rebecca undid her pants and shimmied out of the tight clothing. A wet spot on her crotch marked her arousal, and I lunged for her again. She started on my pants as my tongue explored her mouth. She pulled my pants and boxers down in one movement and my cock was free. It rubbed against her wet panties and she let out more moans.

“Oh, Josh, I need it!”

“You need what, sis?” I took her bra off and sucked on her sweet pink nipples again. They were already rock hard and my tongue flicked across the fleshy nub. Fingernails brushed through my hair and held me to her breast. Her other hand slipped her panties to the side and guided me right into her warm, wet entrance.

“This!” Rebecca moaned. “I need your cock, Josh!”

Rebecca was tight and her pussy squeezed me as I pushed in all the way. Slowly I pulled out slightly only to push all the way back in.

“Oh brother, yes!” Rebecca wrapped her arms around me. “Fuck your sister in the pussy!”

I thrust into my sister’s pussy over and over again. My left hand squeezed her breasts and my thumb slid over my saliva around her nipple. “Turn over.”

Rebecca was reluctant to dismount, but she obeyed me and presented her ass for me. I pulled her panties down so they’d be out of the way completely, and I took in the view of her glistening pussy. I gave her firm ass a sharp slap and she moaned.


I slapped her hard enough to leave a handprint.


I did it again and she squealed in excitement.

“I’m yours Josh!”

I know you are, I thought to myself as I entered her inviting pussy. My cock slammed into her repeatedly and she bit down on the pillow, not knowing Mom and Dad couldn’t hear her. Reddened flesh on her ass rippled with every thrust. Tingling sensations went through my body, and the way she was tensing told me she was ready too.

Vaginal walls pulsed around my cock as I came into her. She took every last drop of my cum. We lied on the bed together for several minutes before either of us started to move.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Rebecca said.

“Yeah, but we did it, and you liked it.”

“Yes, I did like it.”

“And there’s no reason to feel guilty.” I pushed her feelings of guilt deep into her subconscious.

“I guess not.” Rebecca paused. “No reason at all.”

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