Picture This Ch. 08

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We picked our way down the narrow stairs to our vantage point, finding that if I stood behind Beth we could both see. We didn’t have to wait long, hearing the door of the flat open and close, and the girls came into the bedroom, Ann’s arm round Pippa’s waist. “We were right,” I whispered.

“Of course,” teased Beth, turning for a second to kiss me.

The two embraced, then Ann moved back, hands on the shorter girl’s shoulders. “Our own bed, finally.”

A shy smile from Pippa. “Mm.”

They kissed, softly at first but then more passionately, Pippa running her tongue up Ann’s chin and over her lips, then letting Ann catch it, suck the tip, kiss her again with wet lips. “Wow,” breathed Beth. “That looks amazing.”

Ann’s hands were roving over those curves of Pippa’s that had attracted my attention, and the hem of Pippa’s top lifted now and again to reveal a tantalising hint of creamy skin. Pippa raised her arms, letting Ann pull her top over her head, drop it on the carpet, and I couldn’t help my deep breath. “Mm, those breasts.”

Beth chuckled softly. “Maybe they remind you of someone?”


Ann’s top was next to go, her breasts almost just bumps in comparison, but Pippa’s fingers moved on them with the same enthusiasm, then reached to unfasten Ann’s bra, let it drop. Her mouth sought a nipple, and Ann tilted her head back, ponytail dangling. “Ohh…” we heard.

The other nipple, and Ann’s fingers cupping Pippa’s breasts through lacy fabric. Pippa slid her bra straps from her shoulders, letting Ann tug the bra down, fingers returning to soft flesh then drawing slowly together to roll nipples between thumb and forefinger. “Oh god,” gasped Pippa, “you’re making me so wet.”

Ann’s palm flat on Pippa’s chest now, gently urging her towards the bed, and Pippa sank onto her back, Ann slipping down her jeans, revealing more curves, thighs, bottom. Ann knelt, bending to kiss Pippa’s mound through her panties, dab her tongue on the obviously-damp fabric a little lower down. “Ohh…” Pippa’s whispered response. “Take them off.”

Ann’s fingers hooked through elastic, and Pippa parted her thighs again, Ann’s mouth finding its destination. “Mm – yes – oh, a little faster,” begged Pippa, Ann’s fingers exploring her while Pippa squeezed her own breasts together, pulled at her nipples. “Oh – Ann – I’m nearly -“

Her body tensed, thighs tightening round her lover, and we could see Ann almost fighting to keep her mouth in place as Pippa’s hips flexed, trying to prolong her pleasure. But finally Pippa broke, gasping, her fingers gently signalling Ann to stop, at least for the time being. Ann moved up to wrap her arms around Pippa, stroking her hair, and the two kissed again, Ann’s face still wet from what they’d shared.

Beth let out the breath she’d been holding. “Mmm…”

I slipped my hands inside her t-shirt, cupping her breasts, feeling her nipples hard against my palms. “Want to go back up, first time in our bed too?”

She shook her head. “I want to see how Pippa returns the favour – though if you touch me like that while I’m watching, I might just – well, you know.”

I blinked. “OK.”

We looked again, seeing Pippa shifting position, her head now on the pillows. Ann slid her body across Pippa’s, and Pippa reached down to press her fingers between Ann’s thighs. “You sure you don’t want to lose the panties yet?”

A shake of the head, and Ann began to flex her hips. “Mm, that feels like I’m kneeling over him, I’m pushing myself against his erection, teasing him because my panties are in the way so he can’t be in my wetness, but I can tell he’s getting close anyway, maybe I use my fingers to pull my panties aside so he gets just a little more of what he wants, and when he feels that, he can’t help himself, he pushes up against me and groans, all his white stuff is just spurting out, most of it goes on his stomach but I’m still moving, the front of my panties gets all sticky too…”

Ann paused, her face flushed. “God, Pip, I don’t know whether I want your fingers in me, or to be kneeling over your mouth, feeling that tongue of yours.”

Pippa chuckled softly. “Plenty of time, you can have both. Fingers first?”

A wordless nod, and Pippa’s fingers slid inside Ann’s panties, then obviously penetrated her, Ann giving a delighted gasp. “You naughty girl,” Pippa teased, “you were pressing against him like you said, but you just couldn’t resist, you pulled your panties aside and he was in you, he hasn’t forgotten you told him ‘no’, but what man’s going to stick to that when he can feel you, see you? So you’re getting fucked whether you meant to or not -” Pippa’s fingers followed her words, thrusting deeply into Ann – “and you feel him stiffen, you know what’s coming, all that sticky stuff is spurting where you really wanted it in the first place -“

I heard Beth’s soft moan as Ann’s climax overtook her, her hips pushing down on Pippa’s fingers, a trickle of clear liquid down the inside of her thighs, her body shuddering. “Ohhh…”

I felt Beth ataşehir escort push her hips back against me. “Oh, my nipples, now,” her voice begged, and I brushed the pads of my thumbs over them, then pinched gently. Beth’s response was electrifying, her body tensing, her lips making an O, then her hand over her mouth to suppress a moan which would surely have carried into the bedroom. “Mm,” she breathed finally, “that’s… new.”

I took her hand. “Come on… I know Pippa promised Ann something else, but I think we can leave them to enjoy that by themselves – right now there’s something I’d quite like to give you too, what Pippa imagined has put an idea in my mind…”

We reached our own bedroom, and Beth shed her clothes, leaving only her panties – “If I’ve guessed right?”

I nodded, undressing and sprawling on my back on the bed. Beth slid over me, pressing damp cotton against me – “Like you imagined?”

“Mm -” I gasped. “But you have to choose – Ann’s ending, or Pippa’s.”

Beth grinned wickedly. “Let’s see how long we can make this last before I have to decide.”

She flexed her hips tantalisingly, watching my face, and every time my expression betrayed that I was close to the point of no return, Beth slowed, stopped, lifted her hips from me. “Mm,” I breathed, “I don’t think I’ll last more than another couple of times like that.”

Beth chuckled. “We’ve not played out everything they said yet.”

Her fingers hooked through her panties, pulling them aside to reveal her soft pink folds, wet, slippery, and she lowered her hips again till I could feel her against me, no barrier. She rested there, not moving, and I took a deep breath. “God, Beth, that feels so good, almost like I’m already coming…”

She moved just a fraction, and my eyes widened at the sensation of being right on the edge again. “Just a little longer,” she breathed as she lifted from me again.

“I don’t think I -” I began, then words were suddenly impossible as Beth used her fingers to press my tip against her centre, then sank down, my hardness penetrating her. “Oh, naughty boy,” she echoed Pippa’s words, “you weren’t supposed to -“

It was her turn to lose words as I pushed my hips up towards her once, twice, then our mingled cry of satisfaction as she felt me spurt into her once, then again. “Ohh…”

Beth finally relaxed against me. “Did I guess right?” she teased, her eyes dancing.

I nodded. “Now… remember what Pippa promised Ann?”


“Well – I can’t possibly give you less than Pippa gives her lover, can I?”

Beth’s face showed that the penny had dropped, and without hesitating she moved upwards. “You sure you don’t mind, all your stuff being in me already, I think some of it’s come out…”

I shook my head, starting to tongue her, hearing her gasp softly. “Anything for you, my love…”


Beth stirred, opening her eyes. “Mmm…”

She stretched, sighed. “Sticky again.”

“We don’t have to go out,” I reminded her. “We can take our time, shower, whatever.”

We heard the sound of the Beetle’s engine disappearing down the drive. “And we don’t have to worry about company,” Beth nodded.

“I’m intrigued,” I said thoughtfully. “Last night – they kept saying ‘he’ when they were imagining. Do you think they had someone specific in mind, or do they just have a fantasy figure who plays that part for them when they need him?”

Beth puzzled for a moment, then grinned. “If we play our cards right, we can ask them. It’s Friday tomorrow, we’re already on for letting our hair down, right? We can get something really special to drink, order takeaway again.”

She gave a soft chuckle. “The night can last as long as we want it to.”

We showered, took our time over breakfast. “How about a walk?” I suggested.

“Good idea. After all, these are going to be ‘our’ woods for a while, aren’t they.”

We walked down the garden, squeezing through a gap in the fence, and we were under the trees. I breathed in deeply, smelling pine, and took Beth’s hand. “We have a lot to be grateful for, don’t we.”

She nodded. “Remember that walk with Sarah you imagined for me?”

“Of course.”

Without even looking round to make sure we really were alone, Beth slipped down her jeans, panties, looking a little awkward and vulnerable as she crouched. “I know you like this,” she grinned.

“Wait a sec,” I requested.

She raised an eyebrow. “Better hurry up, whatever it is – I really need to.”

I knelt down on the dry leaves. “OK, go on.”

She relaxed, letting herself start to pee, and I stretched out my hand, hot liquid running through my fingers as I turned them in her stream. “Mmm.”

All too soon the stream slowed to a trickle, stopped, and Beth looked at me quizzically. “I’d not thought of that.”

I helped her to her feet, watched as she adjusted clothing. “Pretty much everything about you is a turn-on,” I confessed.

“Oh, the power,” she flashed her eyebrows. “Don’t worry, I won’t let kadıköy escort bayan it go to my head.”

We walked a little further into the woods, and Beth pointed. “Wonder what that is?”

Almost lost in the undergrowth was a low shape, curved, obviously artificial. I stepped closer, tugging at branches. “Oh – I see.”

I pulled creepers aside. “It’s an air raid shelter, here’s the entrance.”

Beth followed me down brick steps, through a low doorway. Inside was dry, only a little dusty despite years of abandonment, and Beth walked the length of the shelter, fingers trailing over surfaces as she passed. “I bet this place has a story to tell.”

At the far end were bunk beds, faded mattresses still in place, and Beth sat on the bottom bunk, patted the space next to her. “So this is how it might have been.”

I settled more comfortably, waiting to see where her imagination would take us. “So a family lives in the big house,” Beth began, “Tom’s their only son, he’s thinking about training to be a pilot.”

She puzzled for a moment, then nodded. “The Ministry sends them a – what were they called? – a land girl, to help them turn the gardens over to growing vegetables. She’s Bess, and of course Tom can’t help himself, he wants her.”

“Tom and Bess,” I chuckled. “Sounds familiar somehow, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“Of course Tom’s mother is well aware of what might happen, a young woman in her house, and she makes poor Bess sleep in the scullery, she locks the door and keeps the key on a cord round her neck. And she’s never far away when they’re working in the garden, so no chance for the young people to be out of sight for a while.”

“Sounds more like Cinderella – is there a fairy godmother?”

“Not exactly,” grinned Beth. “But Tom’s father works for the Ministry too, and one day he’s called up to London for important meetings. It’s while the Blitz is going on, and Tom’s mother has a dilemma – she wants to be with her husband, but she wants to keep her eyes on her son.”

“I wonder – is she jealous?” I mused.

“Anyway, she finally decides to go with her husband. ‘James, I want you to make clear to Bess what we expect. And your son.’

“He talks to them – separately of course – but I don’t think his heart’s in it, he secretly hopes that the young would-be lovers get their chance at some happiness, the world being as it is.”

Beth sighed. “He knows if Tom joins the RAF, what’s likely to happen. So James and Arabella depart for London, and Tom reluctantly says goodnight to Bess, she goes to her usual place.

“Then just as they’re trying to go to sleep – Tom’s finding it a little difficult, unsurprisingly – the air raid sirens go off.

“Of course they know what to do, and as they hear the thrum of engines from above, then – “Oh god, Tom, I’m frightened -” the sound of explosions – maybe the steel works has been hit – Tom takes Bess’s hand, they run for the shelter, he closes the door, stands with his back against it shaking.

“She takes a deep breath. “We’re safe now, or as much as we’ll ever be.”

“He nods. “We should – try and get some sleep?”

“He climbs to the top bunk, and she stretches out below him. Silence for a while, then Tom seems to hear a sound from below, he stills, listens more carefully.

“Another sound – obviously a soft gasp – and Tom leans over the edge of his bunk. “Bess, are you OK?”

“She looks up at him, and even in the dim light of the lamp they brought, he can see her blush with embarrassment. Her nightshirt’s tugged up a little, her fingers are touching herself, and she hastily figleafs her mound with her other hand. “Tom, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help…”

“He smiles, shrugs. “Sorry for what? I – I’ve seen you look at me, and I’ve watched you -“

“Bess takes a deep breath. “So you don’t mind if I…?”

“A chuckle from Tom this time. “Go right ahead.”

“She turns over, shifting to her knees, and starts to touch herself again, he can see her fingertips between her thighs as once in a while she slides them inside a little way to make them slippery.

“He can’t help himself, he’s drawn to her like a moth to a flame, and he climbs down, stands by the bottom bunk. She turns to look at him over her shoulder, carries on touching, and he dares to reach out a hand, stroke her back. “Oh, your skin’s so smooth…”

“His fingers drift down, stroke her bottom, and he steps a little closer again. She glances back, he sees her eyes widen. “Oh – you’re – I can see -“

“Now she’s said it, he takes another step, and – mm…” Beth’s eyes closed for a moment – “she feels something touching her skin, soft and hard at the same time, leaving a little stickiness as he moves back, startled at what he’s done.”

“She can’t help her quiet moan of need. “Oh – don’t go -“

“She takes a deep breath. “Will you – will you put it there – not in – but I want to feel what it’s like.”

“He complies, just his tip touching her entrance, and she’s using her fingers again – escort maltepe “Oh, Tom, that’s so good, just a little more…”

Beth breathed in deeply, her breasts lifting. “Of course a little more gradually turns into ‘oh, more’ then ‘oh, yes’… until her fingers finally tip her over the edge and he feels her velvety wetness tightening around him, she pushes her hips back, and he can’t hold back, “Oh, Bess, ohhh…”

Beth’s tongue ran around her lips. “Mmm, I could really see all that.”

Her fingers slid inside the front of her jeans. “You wouldn’t mind if I do what Bess did?”

I chuckled. “And maybe you’ll feel – what was it? Something soft, and hard at the same time, and there’ll definitely be a little slipperiness on your skin, and I can take as long as you like with ‘just a little… oh, more.'”

“And I can guarantee ‘oh, more’ will become ‘oh, yes’,” Beth promised with a smile…


When we got back to the house, Ann and Pippa were in again, and we all sat together in the kitchen for a scratch lunch. “How was your trip into college, you two?” Beth queried.

“Fine,” nodded Pippa. “I got all my rehearsal schedules – two orchestras and a quartet, would you believe.”

“And I got my shifts,” Ann sighed. “I think I’m going to be keeping – and sleeping – some very odd hours.”

“Well, we’re always up for some company if one of you’s at a loose end,” Beth smiled. I managed not to roll my eyes at her, pretty sure I knew where she was going with her offer.

“Thanks,” Pippa smiled.

She got up to put her plate in the sink. “I ought to do some practice this afternoon, really – the first part is scales and stuff, but I’ll be doing some pieces after if anyone wants to listen.”

“Mm, yes, please,” Beth nodded.

We went upstairs to the girls’ flat, and I glanced around. “Wow – you’ve really made it look nice.”

Pippa sat down at her keyboard – “It doesn’t sound anything like the concert grand in the rehearsal hall, but it’s a bit easier to lug around,” she grinned – and flexed her fingers before starting to play. As she’d promised, scales quickly moved on to flowing music, some of which I recognised, and Beth had to nudge me with her elbow when I started humming. “You’re a little off key,” she teased.

I lost track of time as one piece followed another, and it was starting to go dark when Pippa lifted her hands from the keyboard, closed the lid. “That was a good session.”

“We really enjoyed it too,” Beth smiled.

Ann spoke up. “Why don’t you two stay for something to eat? We did promise, and we ended up with a bumper pack of chicken when we went shopping.”

Beth glanced at me, getting an enthusiastic nod. “Mm, that’d be lovely. Let me help, though – save Pippa’s hands, she’s already worked hard this afternoon.”

We went down to the kitchen, and I sat at the table with Pippa while Beth peeled, chopped, and Ann stirred a sizzling wok. “Mm, stir-fry’s really quick,” nodded Beth. “I’m definitely getting some tips here.”

They brought heaped plates to the table, and I tried a forkful of the sauce, closing my eyes to enjoy the rich taste, the aroma of spices. “Wow, Ann, that’s amazing.”

Beth winked at the girls. “Don’t think it’ll be too hard to persuade him to do the washing up, then.”

When we’d finished eating, I collected plates – “Why don’t you three go back up, relax for a while – I’ll take care of all this.”

“Mm, thanks, Tim,” Pippa nodded.

I hummed – one of Pippa’s pieces – as I moved around the kitchen, and it didn’t take me long to get everything back in its place. I walked back up to the flat, and Pippa met me at the door with a glass in each hand. “We, um, gave into temptation and opened a bottle.”

I took the glass she offered me and sipped appreciatively. “But it’s still a school night,” she chuckled. “Can’t really go wild until tomorrow.”

“Can’t wait,” I nodded. We went inside, and I joined Beth, slipping my arm around her shoulders. “What did I miss?”

“Oh, not much,” was her breezy reply.

Finally Ann poured the last few drops from the bottle. “Bottoms up,” she toasted, and we drained our glasses. “Thanks again, you guys,” Beth smiled as she got to her feet, holding out her hand to me. “Come on, lazybones.”

“Er -” I started to protest with a grin, standing up, but she kissed me. “Just teasing.”

“Goodnight, then,” the girls wished us as we climbed the stairs to our door. “See you tomorrow.”

The door closed behind us, and Beth threw me a meaningful look. “Shall we?”

The bedroom of the girls’ flat was dark when we arrived at our vantage point, but then they walked in, arms round each other’s waists, and Ann leaned to switch on the bedside lamp. “I really enjoyed that,” she smiled.

Pippa nodded. “And just one more day to go, then we can relax – I can’t wait till tomorrow night.”

We watched as they undressed one another slowly, tenderly, the mood worlds away from the passion of the previous day. Ann drew Pippa down onto the bed, the two spooning comfortably, and we could still make out Ann’s words, her mouth close to Pippa’s ear. “Did you pick up what Beth was hinting?”


I leaned to whisper to Beth – “What?” – but she chuckled softly, shook her head. “Tell you later – let’s just listen.”

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