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Two Months before the wedding…

Her phone rang well after midnight. She had put it on vibrate in hopes that way it wouldn’t wake up her husband, Kurt. She knew who it would be, since he had been calling her late at night quite a bit lately. She hurriedly picked up the phone and whispered into it.


“Georgia…” He drew out her name in a slur and she knew he was drunk again. He didn’t have a drinking problem that she knew of, but lately he had been drinking more than usual.

“Corbin, it’s late.” She whispered while trying to sit up gently and move to the edge of the bed. She was going to attempt to sneak out of the bedroom without waking Kurt.

“I can’t marry her, Georgia.” Corbin whined into the phone. This was not a new topic between them.

Georgia froze as Kurt stirred beside her. She hadn’t gotten out of the bed yet. She had one foot on the cool floor as she perched waiting for him to settle. She didn’t respond to Corbin. She held her breath and listened to him breath on the other end of the line.

Kurt didn’t turn to face her, but she could sense he was awake even before he spoke. “Who the fuck is it?”

“It’s Corbin. I will just take it in the office. I will be back shortly. I am sorry for waking you.” Georgia said softly to her husband.

“Tell him to go fuck himself.” Corbin said from his end of the line.

“Tell him to fuck off.” Kurt almost echoed. There was no love lost between these two.


Georgia covered the mouthpiece of her phone. “He’s upset about the wedding. I won’t be long. I am sorry I woke you, sweetheart.”

“He is calling you almost nightly. This needs to damn well stop.” Kurt rolled over and held up his left hand. He used his thumb to jab at his wedding band. “You’re mine. He needs to back the fuck off.”

Georgia felt exasperated. “He’s my twin brother, Kurt! Not some wannabe suitor!”

Georgia knew very well that Kurt had reservations about hers and Corbin’s relationship. Their bond made her husband jealous. She supposed it didn’t help that early on when she had been somewhat enchanted with Kurt, she had told him things she probably shouldn’t have. She had told him how when she and Corbin had been young teens they had practiced making out. She had assured him it had all been innocent and silly kid stuff.

It had been purely innocent, of course . They didn’t really fully understand it would be considered wrong. They knew it wasn’t necessarily something they should tell others about, or let their parents catch them doing, but even still they really just felt it was kissing. It was just kissing and it was harmless. Kids do weird things. When they started to feel weird about it they stopped. What she hadn’t told Kurt was that when they got older they kind of started again and…

“Tell him to stop fucking drinking so much. Tell him to stop calling you in the middle of the night, and tell him to fuck off.” Kurt said with annoyance heavy in his sleepy voice.

Georgia got out of the bed and left the room. “Kurt is getting really upset with me over these calls.”

“Why did you marry that bastard anyway? Corbin asked, and not for the first time.

“I…I…love him.” Georgia lied. It was a lie. She had loved him once. Well, at least she hoped she had, but now she stayed only because she felt it was her duty. She had taken vows. She had to stand by the vows she took before God, their families and their friends.

“No you don’t.” Corbin practically spat through the phone. She couldn’t lie to him. Right from childhood they had had a very special bond.

“You have to marry Leslie.” Georgia said in way of changing the subject back to the matter at hand.

“I can’t!” Corbin whined like a child again. “I can’t do this! I can’t marry her and ruin her life and mine!”

“Corbin, you are being ridiculous. You have been with Leslie for over five years. You asked her to marry you. You can’t do this to the poor girl. She’s sweet and she adores you.”

“She is sweet, but she deserves a man that can actually be in love with her. I can’t be in love with her, Georgia…”

They both left the rest of his sentence unfinished, but they both knew that he couldn’t be in love with Leslie because he was very much in love with Georgia. Georgia felt her heart make a painful contraction. They’re feelings for one another were a problem since they were siblings, and worse yet twins.

They had done some immoral things together, that she wanted to feel ashamed for it all, but she wasn’t. Sure, she had regrets, but none of them were over the intimacy and love she had shared with her own twin brother.

She knew so many others would be disgusted, and would forever condemn them for what they had done together. In the end they both had ended up very badly hurt by it. They both still carried emotional scars.

“You are going to marry Leslie. The wedding is in two months. Get it together Corbin! Don’t call here so late. If ataşehir escort you must, call me during the day when he is at work. He’s suspicious of us, and doesn’t like you calling me.”

“He’s an abusive controlling prick, Georgia! Leave him. I will take care of you.” Again this was something Corbin had said to her many times. He made it sound so easy. It couldn’t be that easy.

Georgia remembered another time her brother had promised to take care of her, and it hadn’t worked out so well. Sadness wrapped itself around her as she remembered. Her throat felt choked with unshed tears. “I have to go now, Corbin. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight my Georgia. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered before disconnecting.

Georgia returned to her bedroom and climbed into her marriage bed next to Kurt. He was lightly snoring now. Georgia felt heartbroken. How had things become such a mess? She was married to a man she didn’t love.

She was forced to be a housewife when she had had a rewarding career as a paralegal. Kurt didn’t like his woman working. Georgia knew it was just easier to control her if she was home and had no money of her own.

Her twin brother was miserable, and marrying a good woman that he didn’t love. Well, he surely loved her, but not the way a husband needs to love a wife. Georgia was expected to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. She already had a pink chiffon gown waiting to be worn. She would have to stand up at the front of the church and watch her twin make the same horrible mistake she had made five years before. The entire thing made her stomach churn.

Kurt rolled beside her. He slung a possessive arm heavily over her side. Georgia froze. She knew what was about to come. Kurt never said a word as he pulled her firmly to him. She felt his hard cock press into her back. He let his hand wander over her hip and down over her stomach. His fingers easily found the cleft at the top of her legs.

She wasn’t permitted to wear panties to bed. Kurt had told her that nothing should come between a husband and his wife’s cunt. Kurt liked that word. Georgia had hated it at first, but over time had come to own it and like it. Words couldn’t hurt her once she made them hers.

Kurt placed a thick finger tip on her clit and circled twice. That was all he ever did by means of foreplay. He raised himself up on his knees, and shoved her over onto her stomach. Before she could lift herself, he took her hips and yanked her hard into position. Face down and ass up, was the only way Kurt took her. He never liked to see her face when he fucked her. He liked his cock sucked sometimes, but never ever went down on her. He had not given her a single orgasm since they had been officially married.

Of course when they had been dating and engaged he had been a much different lover. He had been a little more considerate, and had at least attempted at giving her pleasure. Now, all he did was take and none too gently. His nails bit into the tender flesh at her hips and she knew she would have bruises the next morning. He shoved her nightgown up and out of his way. It pooled around her chest.

Georgia jumped as he reached back and then smacked her hard between her legs. He was punishing her for having taken the call from Corbin. This wasn’t even about sex for him tonight. It wasn’t about getting off, although he would. This was punishment, and Georgia knew it now. He smacked her pussy lips hard three more times. She felt a stinging heat between her legs. Her pussy lips would be red and swollen the next day.

What was worse though, what was always worse…Georgia could feel herself growing wet from the abuse. It was humiliating that he could treat her this way, and her body would betray her with arousal, and she couldn’t deny that it was arousal. The wetness served to make the smacks sting even more. They kept coming, until they were both panting. He panted with excitement, and she panted with both excitement and pain.

Finally he entered her. It was swift and he went as deep as possible on the first thrust. This might have hurt had she not grown so wet for him. He made a triumphant sound behind her. It was always a competition between them. She didn’t consent to their sex necessarily, but he would make her body show him she wanted it. He seemed to take pride in this. He thrust in and out of her fast and hard. His cock drove deep into her, and slammed against her cervix. He made a sound akin to a laugh when she cried out in pain.

He stretched her and filled her rapidly. He was riding her hard. Georgia’s legs started to hurt, but she grabbed the bed sheets and held on tight. If she didn’t hold still this would just take longer. She couldn’t collapse no matter how hard her rammed himself into her. He wasn’t finished. If this was truly a Kurt punishment, he wasn’t nearly finished. She had to admit the man had stamina.

Kurt’s thrusts were intended to be like stabs. He fucked her cunt like she was kadıköy escort bayan a bought and paid for whore. She knew he wanted her to make noise. He wanted her to cry out, to grunt or maybe even moan. Georgia tried her best not to do any of these things. She tried to remain silent as he plundered her cunt. It was her little form of rebellion. She had no idea why she did this, since it was only going to serve to make the next part worse.

Kurt pulled out, as she knew he would. Her pussy was dripping with her own juices. His cock would surely be soaked with her juices as well. This was a good thing too, since she next felt the big head of his cock at her asshole. He didn’t hesitate or give her time to prepare. He shoved in hard. His cock invaded and filled her anal canal. He didn’t pause and allow her time to adjust or relax. He shoved hard and deep and filled her ass completely. This time Georgia did grunt, and she could tell this pleased Kurt.

This was Kurt’s favorite. He could live without ever fucking her pussy, but he could never live without fucking her ass. Sometimes he even went months and only fucked her ass. He had started to give her enemas shortly after they were married. A wife needed to be clean and ready for her husband. Now she had learned to give them to herself. She remained as clean as possible for her husband.

Georgia often wondered about her husband. He only liked sex doggy style. Since they had been married he had not once fucked her missionary. He never ate pussy. He never played with her breasts, except to slap them sometimes to make her cry. She would never voice it to him, but she suspected he might actually be gay. It wasn’t just how he liked sex with her, but she had found some very suspicious pictures on his computer once. Honestly, she secretly hoped he would leave her for another man one day. Well, she both hoped for it and dreaded it.

Kurt’s thrusts had slightly less vigor than they did before, but he was still giving it to her pretty hard. She sincerely hoped he was nearly done. No sooner had she thought that when he grunted loudly, drove deep and spilled his hot cum deep into her bowels.

He leaned over her back and brought his mouth close to her ear. “Mine.” He growled.

She didn’t respond. He pulled his softening cock from her ass and flopped down onto the bed beside her. “Put your plug in so my cum stays in there the rest of the night.” He ordered.

Georgia’s face registered her disgust, but he couldn’t see. She reached for her bedside table and took out her butt plug. Laying on her side with one knee brought up in front of her she reached easily behind herself and pushed the medium sized plug right into her freshly fucked asshole. Kurt got off on making her keep his cum inside her ass. He also got off on her sleeping with her ass plugged.

Georgia had grown used to the plug, but she made a fake little sound of discomfort that was almost pain. She knew if she didn’t do this, Kurt would show up with a bigger plug. She was finally learning how to play his games. Kurt grunted in response to her sound, and rolled over. In no time he was snoring. It took Georgia much longer to get to sleep, but eventually she did fall into a fitful sleep.

One Week before the wedding…

Someone was ringing Georgia’s doorbell incessantly. She didn’t bother looking through the peephole since she already knew who it would be. Maybe it was just a good guess, or maybe it was twin intuition, but Georgia knew it would be her brother on the other side of the door. Sure enough, when she swung the door open there he stood.

Corbin looked disheveled, and that was being polite. His chestnut brown hair, the same color as her own, was a mess. He always wore it a bit longer than was conventional. It curled a little over the collar of his wrinkled dress shirt. His eyes looked slightly bloodshot, his skin was pale, and his entire outfit looked as if it needed to be put to the iron.

“You look awful.” She said by way of greeting.

“Why thank you.” Corbin said as he brushed past her and into her home. He might have paused if Kurt had been home, but since Kurt was at work he didn’t hesitate at all. Georgia closed the door and locked it before following her twin into her living room.

He was pacing. He didn’t even have to say anything. She knew he was panicking about his impending wedding. He had only a week of “freedom” so to speak. She went to him and placed her hand on his shoulder to stop his pacing. Corbin turned to her with green eyes so much like her own. Georgia didn’t hesitate in embracing her brother and holding him tightly.

“It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. Leslie is going to make a good wife for you.”

Corbin broke away from her and went to stand next to the fireplace. It wasn’t lit; he stood with his back to her. He was watching her in the mirror over the mantel. “I made a mistake, Georgia.”

“No, you didn’t! Asking her to marry you was the right escort maltepe thing to do. This marriage will be a good one, I just know it.”

“Oh, good like your marriage is good? I’ll be happy like you are, Georgia?” Sarcasm dripped from his words.

Georgia didn’t bother responding. She couldn’t even try to lie to him while he watched her as he did. They both knew she was miserable, and she had truly messed up her life when she had married Kurt.

It had seemed like the right thing to do at the time. She needed to move on. She needed to grow up and start a life. Her parents had approved of Kurt. He was handsome, strong and earned a good living. Her father liked that he was a typical man’s man. Her mother liked that Georgia would be able to be a stay home wife and hopefully stay home mother one day.

Corbin had hated Kurt right from day one, but then Corbin had hated any boy or man that Georgia had dated over the years. Corbin’s jealousy had been palatable. Even their parents had noted it, though they didn’t realize exactly how deeply it ran. They had simply chalked it up to twin jealousy.

“That wasn’t the mistake I meant this time.” Corbin whispered gently.

“Don’t go there. Don’t you dare go there, Corb.” She warned. She placed a hand over her stomach. She couldn’t handle this. Not today. Okay, not ever. They had made a pact a long time ago not to speak of this.

“I failed you, Georgia. I didn’t protect you.”

“Stop it.” She put her hand up while still holding her other hand over her flat stomach.

“I wanted our baby, Georgia.” He whispered. His voice was filled with old pain and guilt. It was just that old pain, and yet for them both it was just as fresh and painful as it had been years before.

Georgia moved to the sofa and sunk down almost in a daze. She sat with her back to him. She heard him move to stand behind her. He placed his strong hands on her shoulders and kneaded the the muscles there lightly. They were both remembering the twists and turns their lives had taken to bring them to this conversation.

As she had told her husband, she and Corbin had started to make out at a very early age. They were learning and practicing. They had been curious, but that was all. They hadn’t really intended anything by it, and for a long time nothing came of it. Then, when they started to feel awkward about it, they had stopped. Neither of them spoke of it. They also had stopped sneaking into each other’s beds at night to snuggle and sleep together.

They probably would have continued to do that, but their mother had caught them. She had given them a stern talking to. She told them that even though they were siblings and twins, it was immoral and had to stop. So, they stopped. They no longer kissed, cuddled and touched each other like once had felt so natural.

As time went by they both moved on. They were still super close, but they acted more like typical siblings. They would hang out, but they didn’t cross any of those lines that her mother had called immoral. Corbin was fiercely protective of Georgia, and was incredibly jealous when she dated. Georgia had to admit she also felt jealous when Corbin brought a girl around. In fact, even now she felt jealousy toward his fiancee, Leslie.

In their early twenties, they had ended up getting an apartment together. Both were sick of living under their parent’s roof, and by their parents very strict rules. Although their father had protested their decision to move out, they did anyway. They got a small two bedroom apartment in a somewhat run down but safe area of town.

They moved in on a cold day in February. Their parents had refused to help them at all with the move, but their friends did help. It had been fun having their own place finally. They discovered they were terrible at cleaning, until they found a routine that worked. They shared Georgia’s car, and managed to make that work as well. Neither really dated since they both just knew it was not okay with the other. It became an unspoken rule.

However, that is most likely how they ended up coming to each other’s bed. It had been Corbin that had snuck into her room one night. It was a stormy night in mid July. Thunder rolled heavily in the sky above the building. It made the old windows in the apartment rattle. Georgia hadn’t been asleep when she heard her door creak open. She also hadn’t been alarmed, since even in the dark she knew it was Corbin.

“Are you awake?” He had asked.


“I need you.” He had said simply.

“I need you too.” It was just the simple truth. They both knew it. They didn’t bother getting into why it was wrong; why they shouldn’t do it. The twins both knew the reasons not to do what they were surely about to do, but it wasn’t going to stop them.

He came to her bed already completely nude. She felt his bare skin as he slid under the blankets next to her. She gasped softly as his hands slid up her arm and their mouths came together. It was natural, and felt right. Their lips met with hungry abandon. His hands explored and caressed her everywhere. At first she felt shy and unsure of herself, but soon enough her heart and body lead the way. Her hands moved to his body and caressed his skin as well.

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