Playing Doctor -Sort Of_(0)

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“Yeah, it does that.” A shy nervous James muttered. He stood naked before Hannah as she did before him. Both were just ten years old and were best friends. “Does it hurt or anything?” Hannah inquired as she stared with interest at her first male erection. She had heard from some older girls about boys getting boners and just knew she was looking at one. It did actually look kind of like a bone with skin on it and a puffy spongy looking end. It was very hard looking and stood straight out as though it wanted to be touched. What puzzled her was that she actually did want to feel it. Hannah herself was an inch shorter than James and was just beginning to develop to a point that her hips were becoming mildly defined and her breasts were just showing a bit of swelling that held promise of more to come. Though James couldn’t see her pussy lips all that well, he saw that like his penis, her vagina was changing. It was becoming slightly more thick and defined. At just ten years old, the pair had been playing doctor, sort of, since they were four. Harmless fun really, and the game is used by millions of boys and girls for hundreds of years to begin their discoveries of the opposite sex.

“No, it doesn’t hurt. It kinda feels different though. I mean…it just feels more …kinda there ya know”

At this, Hannah cocked an eyebrow and giggled. “Oh it’s kinda there alright James”

James traded glances between his cock and Hannah’s face which was firmly fixated on his groin “It kinda feels good when it rubs against my underwear or pants or a towel. Like it strains or something. “

This confession by him caused Hannah to feel warm and tingly. Hannah moved one hand up to her chest and unconsciously began gently rubbing. She moved in front of James and reached down with her other hand which she gently wrapped around James’ cock. It was very warm and she could feel it swell ever so slightly as James sucked in his breath and pushed forward into her grasp. “God Hannah…that feels really neat.” He whispered. “Can I touch you too?”

Hannah moved beside him and he placed his hand on her vagina. She knew she was wet. She wasn’t sure why, but lately when she and James did their comparisons, she felt kind of excited about it and her vagina got moist. His touch made her gasp and she could feel her whole pubic area becoming very warm. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as James kind of probed and rubbed her down there.

James noticed this and moved his other hand down to cover the hand of hers that was holding his penis. He began moving it up and down in an attempt to copy how it felt when a towel rubbed it. Hannah caught on quickly. “Wow, the skin is really stretchy isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I guess it couldn’t really grow if the skin was too tight” James watched in fascination as Hannah’s hand rhythmically moved up and down his penis. Hannah was entranced. She gulped in and whispered “My mom says that to make a baby he puts his penis in a girl’s vagina and he slides it in and out until he is done and that’s how she gets a baby in her tummy. I guess it couldn’t really go in me if it was all soft like it usually is.”

“Yeah, I know. My mom told me girls get wet like you are and that helps the guy get his thingy in her hole.”

Hannah heard James start to breath quicker and with a groan his penis started to pulsate in her hand. “James, why is your penis doing that?” Hannah went wide eyed. She wasn’t sure whether she should let go or continue moving her hand. She opted to continue when James didn’t object.

James was at a loss. All he knew was that he didn’t want whatever was happening to ever end. He could only groan. After a few more seconds, his penis began to soften. Hannah wasn’t sure what was going on but released her grip to see his penis fall down between them like it was normal again. “Huh….I think maybe you might have got done like my mom said.”

Neither of the kids said anything more. They quietly got dressed and went their separate ways. Both knew that this show and tell episode was the beginning of something quite different. Though they didn’t play the same way or get naked together anymore, , they were now well developed and puberty was in full bloom.

At the same time, they were also both quite nervous about how they felt physically. Hannah would constantly think about how hard James had become and in particular, the pulsing she had felt just before he went soft. She had looked into this weird new part of him and discovered that boys got erections and ejaculated or ‘shot’ out semen when they reached Ankara escort a certain point. What initially confused her was that though James’ penis had indeed pulsed very strongly, no stuff came out. She was sure that if he was really done, something more should have happened. She discovered that though very young boy got erections, they might be too young to produce sperm and so had dry orgasms.

They were both getting into sports and clubs that kept them busy and they were both undergoing a lot of schoolyard learning. James watched Hannah as she began to develop breasts and how she began to dress a little more like the teenage girls. She started to wear makeup, and at 12, she began wearing bras.

James began to become slightly more defined. He was quickly losing what little baby fat he had and his legs started to show more muscle. He had noticed his penis was taking on a bit more of an adult appearance and his pubic hair was beginning to show. He had also discovered masturbation, and very much liked this. He had started to shoot out his sperm. He wasn’t sure what happened when he had his first ejaculation. All he really knew was that his orgasm felt wonderful but the stuff that shot out was strange and thick and sticky. It worried him a bit. He thought he had hurt something inside himself that caused him to produce and eject this weird fluid. When he discovered that the only effect was a softening penis and a feeling of relaxation, he lost his earlier worries and found it quite addicting.

On a warm September day they were in Hannah’s bedroom. For some reason he couldn’t fathom, James felt like he was in a place that was definitely all girl. The colors and décor no longer felt neutral but rather feminine. Hannah herself had changed too. She had a figure now. She was actually quite hot. She was wearing a short skirt and a white blouse that showed her bra through it. The front buttons were undone to the point where any puberty stricken boy would be enticed.

Hannah noticed him eye balling her and secretly loved it. “What are you staring at James? Do I have something on my blouse?” She looked down at her breasts pretending to look for something and glanced back at him. His eyes moved quickly to hers and he began to shade. “Uh…no, sorry..I..uh..”

“Don’t worry James.” She giggled “I know you were looking at my boobs. It’s just you, and I know they have kinda gotten bigger.”

James nodded.

“Well I’m sure you’ve changed too. I mean I wonder if you have grown down there like I have up here.” She cupped her boobs. “Do you think maybe we could get undressed together like we always used too?”

Again, James just stared at her chest and nodded.

” James, my eyes are up here.” She giggled. ” Look, before we do this we should talk.”

James tore his eyes from her chest and looked at her face. He noticed that she had thinned out and looked really pretty with her long hair in a ponytail.

” Do you think I’m pretty James?” Hannah spoke quietly with her head down, a little embarrassed by asking.

” I think you’re really really pretty.” James answered. “You’re the best looking girl in school Hannah. I mean that.”

Hannah was now blushing lightly, surprised by the conviction of his statement. She raised her head and forged forward with her questions. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Embarrassed, James reddened. “No, well not really. I mean I’ve played games where we run after each other and kind of steal kisses, but I think you’re talking about a real boyfriend and girlfriend type of kiss. Like in the movies?” He was definitely sensing that Hannah was curious about this. His penis began to respond automatically and he was glad she was looking at his face and not his crotch.

Sensing his discomfort, she quickly admitted “I’ve never kissed a boy. My girlfriends all say that they have and that they loved kissing like the older girls. You know…French kiss. Do you think you and I could try it?

James mind scrambled for a minute. Hannah was his best friend and though they had checked each other out naked and even touched each other, it was for the most part done in a scientific type of way. Even when he discovered she got wet down there and her girl juice had a scent to it, he had mostly ignored any sexual feeling he felt about that. But now, with four more years of age on them, and with him masturbating regularly to thoughts of the pretty older girls at school, he was definitely more interested in sex. “Hannah I would love to try to kiss with you. I’ve wanted to kiss you for ages Ankara escort bayan but didn’t want to wreck our friendship by trying something or even asking you.”

Hannah moved in for the kill. She wrapped her arms around his neck and before he knew what was happening, her lips were planted on his. She moved her mouth around on his and opened her lips slightly in encouragement. He followed her lead and soon they were necking passionately.

Instinct made them both move closer until their pelvic areas were pushing against each other. James was instantly hard and couldn’t seem to help himself from trying to grind his boner against her. She noticed and the feeling she got made her get warm all over and actually hot between her legs. Her pussy became wetter than she ever was before. She couldn’t help moaning each time James pushed up against her pelvis. She was soaking wet and could smell herself. “Oh God” she thought “If he keeps going I’m gonna cum!”

His kisses were deep and wet and his cock was like a piece of pipe pushing against her pussy. She moaned and grabbed the back of his head to press her mouth even harder against his. Their tongues danced and pushed against each other in time to their pelvic thrusts. Neither wanted to break the kiss.

Just as she was on the verge of cumming, she pushed away and looked at him with passionate eyes. Her face was flushed. Her forehead was glistening. With no compunction she grasped the hem of her top and whipped it off. She stared at him with lust as she let her top fall and reached around her back to undo her bra. James was in awe as he stared at this very forward girl. Her breasts had grown in size and rose prominently from her chest, like twin melons. They were topped with small, very hard nipples. Her chest was heaving with her desire. “We need to get naked James. I need to see you naked!” Hannah was staring directly into his eyes as she started to remove her jeans. As she wiggled her jeans and panties over her bum, she whispered fiercely. “James! Get your clothes off NOW!

James, who was doing a lot of staring himself, seemed to startle awake at her urgent whispering and quickly joined her in getting naked. When he yarded off his underwear he heard her gasp as she stared at perhaps the hardest erection he had ever had. “Oh God James! Your cock is huge now!”

Hannah could feel her vagina soaking her inner thighs. She couldn’t believe how beautiful his penis was. Hard and straining, with a thick shaft and bulbous purple head. She just needed to feel it. James in turn stared at Hannah’s pussy. She had a nice thin patch of pubic hair and her lips were now longer and thicker. He could see her wetness and smell her obvious desire. His penis felt like it was going to explode. She moved towards him and took his penis in her hand. She remembered stroking him before and it just seemed natural to do it again. When she stroked him for no more than 10 seconds, he threw his head back and groaned loudly.

“Oh God Hannah, I’m so sorry.”

His penis erupted like a volcano. His cum flew out and covered Hannah’s tummy and breasts. She shrieked at this surprise but kept stroking him. Hannah looked on with amazement as his penis pulsed just like it did the other time she did this. His cum felt hot on her skin and was thick and creamy. She let go of James and began to investigate this new experience. “This must be his sperm” she thought. She tentatively dipped her finger in a large blob on her breast and brought it to her nose. It smelled musky and was kind of slimy and sticky. She looked up at him. “James, I made you cum. That’s what my friends call it when they make their boyfriends cum” she said softly.

Still catching his breath, James looked at the mess he’d made. “I’ve never shot out that much before. Sorry I got it all over you. I just went off like a rocket when you started rubbing me.”

“God, that was sooo cool! I can’t believe I did that just by rubbing it a bit like I did.” Hannah was looking at his penis and noticed he was still rock hard. “You’re still all hard James. Can I feel it again?”

“Oh yeah! But I want to feel you too.”James moved in and kissed her hard. He pushed his groin against hers and she found herself groaning and pushing back against him.

“Oh God James. I’m so messy down there. It’s embarrassing.”

“Hannah, you’ve been getting wet down there for years. I know you and love the way that you get and the way you smell. Don’t you always get wet and slippery?”

Hannah blushed and giggled. “When I’m really horny”

James Escort Ankara moved his hand down to her pussy. She was indeed very wet and warm. His fingers wiggled around and as they found her entrance she grasped his arm and gasped. His finger hurt her when he tried to put it inside her. “ hurts..pull it out James!”

The removal of his finger, even though it hurt, was like a loss to her. She could feel her pussy almost sucking it in as he slowly withdrew. Her pussy felt kind of empty. She looked at him with pleading eyes. “Move your hand around down there and just kind of dip your finger in me a bit once in a while”

The sensation of his fingers rubbing around on her most private parts was absolutely intense and she thought she’d fall down from pleasure. He occasionally nudged his middle finger inside her waiting vaginal lips and she gripped his arm tighter and groaned. James took her groans as a good thing and began to move his finger in and out and deeper. She was incredibly slippery and her juices were thicker than he thought they would be. Soon she was moving her hips with his finger and pressing her face in the crook of his neck. “Oh…oh god….this is amazing James….you’re going to…..make me cum James…don’t stop…arghhh! Her pussy clamped down on his finger and pulsed like it was trying to draw more into her. As she continued to orgasm she leaned back and stared wide-eyed into his eyes. She was soaking wet and her scent wafted freely up to both their noses. He brought his own fingers up to his nose to enhance the aroma. She looked at him as he smelled his fingers and waited with a look of trepidation on her face.

“God you smell so good Hannah! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.”

Hannah sighed with relief and leaned against his nakedness. She reached out and took his rock hard member gently in her hands. Exploring his penis, she wiggled it a bit and gripped it in a few different ways. It was spongy hard and seemed just beautiful to her. “I love your cock James. It’s really very handsome and so nicely shaped.”

James couldn’t help but giggle at Hannah’s use of the word ‘handsome’ to describe his cock. “Glad you like it because I can’t do much with it.” He joked.

Hannah looked up at him dolefully “And what would my James like to do with it if he could?” Her coy look and puppy dog eyes.

“Well…I heard it feels good for both of us if I put it in you” James said

Hannah jumped back, a bit surprised at hearing James actually say this. “God James, you want to go all the way? Aren’t we a bit young to do that? I mean I know we can both cum and stuff but you’re so big down there and I’m just little.” Hannah spoke with honesty but hoped James would want to do more playing.

“I guess I could use my fingers again if that’s alright.”

Hannah was thrilled, excited and scared all at the same time. “Yeah, let’s lay down on my bed so we can be comfortable.” Hannah took his hand and pulled him down on top of her. She could feel his penis pressing against her tummy and out of natural instinct, she opened her legs and wiggled herself up so it was nestled kind of against her pussy. They began necking again and nature saw them wriggling and grinding intimately. She reached down between them and grabbed his cock. Relishing his hardness, she started pumping it as he thrust. He in turn reached down and cupped her pussy in his hand. He slid his middle finger along its length feeling her very evident desire and eliciting moans of pleasure from her.

“Oh, oh sweet jesus that feels sooo good. Put your finger in me James, right now!” Her hands gripped his face and her mouth formed a silent ‘oh’ as he sunk his finger in her. She sucked in her breath and lifted her hips to match the ramming of his finger. “Oh god….unhhh, faster James…..oh, oh, don’t stop! I’m gonna cum, oh god, I’m cumming, don’t stop James….pleeeese!”

Suddenly her eyes went wide and she grabbed his hand and squeezed her legs around it. mmff…ha,ha.oh,oh” She reddened and felt his hand become soaked with her juices. He kept his finger in her and moved in to kiss her deeply. She relaxed her legs and returned his deep kiss. He moved his finger in and out again and she giggled and jumped back. “Too sensitive. Give me a minute OK?”

“Fuck Hannah, you’re so beautiful. I hope I did ok. I mean I think I did.”

“God I soaked you! Believe me, you did more than ok. I’ve never cum like I do doing this with you. It was fantastic! You’re wearing me out! My poor pussy.” She fake pouted as she said this. He smiled at her and lay down on his back beside her. His penis was hard and sticking up. She turned on her side and grabbed it. Looking into his eyes she smiled. ” It’s my turn next time.”

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