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Eating supper on Thursday night – their “together meal” night – Mary and John talked of the possibilities for another Saturday night by themselves, or maybe with friends. It was Sexy-Outfit night. Mary brought home the Colonel’s big bucket, with mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, cole slaw, and the delicious Original. Butter spread liberally over the rolls and potatoes. Greasy and slimy.
John wore only gym shorts, a “brief” departure from his usual natty style at this weekly event. His wife came to the table in a pale blue teddy and skimpy matching panties. The swell of her breasts through the transparent fabric distracted him as he bit into his favorite piece, the breast.
“Anything new on your horizon?” he asked, biting into the chicken titty.
She spooned mashed potatoes into the gravy they shared, licked the remainder and said, “Oh, I’ve just been porn-surfing on the net. I came across one of those B&D sites, you know, bondage and discipline things.”
“Did that turn you on?” he inquired with a bite of coleslaw.
“Some women seem to think they prove their love for their man if they’re willing to do whatever he wants them to do. Even if it’s whipping, or giving them to other men, or pain, or piercing, or even things like branding. Can you imagine?”
“Harsh. Maybe the man ought to be willing to prove his love for the woman by being willing to do the same….”

Elazığ Escort “Well, for most couples, apparently, one always seems to be the dominant one.”“And one is the submissive?” he asked.
“I guess. Do you think we’re that way?”
“I don’t know.” Another bite of chicken and a taste of coleslaw. “If you consider purely sexual drive, then you and I both know you dominate me, hon,” he said.

“Oh, that’s true. But you’ve never been someone who just submits to a Master. Really, I couldn’t be honest about this without admitting I want a piece of your ass more often than you want mine. I think my sex drive is still on the upswing. Especially since we started this new thing with the Toys…”
He reached over to tweak her breast, smeared greasy finger on the light fabric and made the nipple pop up. “Can’t disagree one bit, hon. I think you’re on permanent Hot-To-Trot.”

She bit into a thigh, ate slowly and thought. “Let’s do some things tonight, just you and me, and if we like it, maybe invite our Toys next weekend.” John thought a moment. Why not? He didn’t think much of pain, but the dominating part sounded like fun. And he supposed he could be the “submissive” one, too. It might be fun. “Why not?” he told her, “you haven’t disappointed me yet. But I’m really not into pain.” He impetuously stood up, lowered his shorts, rubbed a greasy chicken leg Elazığ Escort Bayan over his soft organ — “Suck this.”
As always with Mary, she caught on to The Game instantly and jumped at the chance. “Yes, Master,” she replied dutifully, rising from her chair, coming around the table, and dropping to her knees. She received him in her mouth and took his entire dick in her mouth, doing his bidding. John continued to eat as he hardened and watched his wife perform for him. After a few minutes of apparent nonchalance, he said, “You can go back to your meal now, bitch, I’m done with you.” And she rose with wet lips and a big smile, returned to her side of the table.

“I like it when you order me,” she said in a shy voice he seldom heard from his wife. “I think I like it when you order me around, too,” he replied. They ate in silence.

“Maybe we ought to play this Master and Slave game.”

“Okay,” she said, “we both are okay with being the Master or the Slave, I guess. How about if I call Kelly and toss this idea out to her, see what she thinks about it? I’ll bet she’d be a great Slave.”
“We both already know she can be a good dominator,” said her husband. He’d already been on the receiving end of her taking charge. And loved it.
“I’ll talk to her tomorrow at work, okay?” said Mary. “Maybe we can work up something for this weekend.”

John rose, finished. “Follow me, Escort Elazığ bitch.” She said, “Yes, Master,” knew she was to be submissive for a while, and followed him upstairs to the master bedroom. Her husband stripped off his shorts, crawled onto the bed on his knees, laid his head between his arms and raised his butt up high – “Eat me.”
His wife loved this new game, took her role instantly as The Submissive. “Yes, Master.” Crawled on the bed to him, pressed her mouth to his butt, used her hands to spread his cheeks, and her tongue speared his center, tasted him and hard-fucked his asshole, just as he had wanted her to do. “Yes….yes….yes…take it baby….eat me good…”
His prick was in her hand as she drove into him with her tongue, and she stroked back and forth.
“Stop, stop!” he said. “I’m gonna come!”
He shifted position, flipped over to his back, and still playing the dominant role, said “c’mon, bitch, ride me like a cowgirl.”
She jumped atop his body, his hard dick in her hand, and slid it into her center, fell down hard on it. Such a treasure…ummmhhh….ooof!
She rode him with all her effort, bobbing up and down and completely ignoring his remarks, the light, his hands on her. Now it was time for her pleasure, and only hers. She pumped him, leaned into him so her tits hung in his mouth, went upright again to deprive him…
And at last her pumping him brought the relief she sought, the terrific delight to her clit that brought her orgasm and made her scream with her pleasure as she felt his pulsing hot come flood her.

“Thursday night family dinners are a blast,” she panted. “Next week, maybe I get to be the Master?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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