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I felt a strong body press against my back. Hands were on my hips. Not all of these parts groping me belonged to the same man. The music was vibrating through us as hands and groins rubbed all over my body, sliding my dress up and wrapping fingers around my bare thighs.
I was already wet.
“Come with us.” A deep voice panted into my ear before licking it. His hand pulled mine and I followed with my new entourage into a private back room. Someone’s dick was being thrust between my cheeks and getting hard as marble.
“She’s such a hot little slut.” An older man covered in delicious body hair grunted and slapped my ass.
Fingers started to go into my mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head.
“I’ve seen you as a man, too.” A young muscle stud licked my open mouth and spit in it. I trembled and buckled at the knees. “I’d enjoy this either way.”
I was down on my knees soon, weak at them with shaky legs. I was struggling to handle the huge treat going down my throat, in and out, someone else’s hands pushing me into it as my mouth flooded my body and the floor with lust.
Someone was pushing their thick fingers against my pussy through my panties. I felt them pulled aside as two tongues ore more started to lap at my thighs up to my ass, then one was licking me and making me insanely ready to take his fingers.
Cum filled my throat as the first suitor backed away, moaning and grunting loud and proud. I could feel the mess I was. No chance to clean up before swollen balls were brushing against the cum and drool leaking out of my used mouth.
“You look so good.” It was the hairy guy. I squealed and worshiped his entire being as he grabbed my head, moving me around to his will.
I was lifted and tossed onto my back on a bed. The hairy guy was down my throat. I felt hands caressing all around my clitty, holding my tiny ass cheeks tight, fingers working into me. “I wanna be first.” The hairy man using my mouth announced. He was on top of me, kissing me deep and thrusting inside of me.
I squirted all over myself.
“You dirty fucking girl.” The hairy man gripped my throat and fucked me vigorously. I felt myself twitching beyond my control and thrusting up off the sheets, floating almost at times, screaming loudly as his load flooded me deep.
“Use his cum as lube.” I was so in a trance I didn’t realize tow guys were positioning me, spread-eagle and straddling one. I guided his cock mindlessly inside of me as his friend grabbed my hips and waited to thrust himself in as well.
I’d never felt such pleasure.
I could hear theirs and the wetness of our lust, feel them stretching me wide. A hand from behind pushed my head down and a tongue was in my mouth from the same guy hitting my ass along with his buddy.
I looked up as another man put his hand under my chin to hold my head up and spit on my lips. I licked them and he shot his load on my face. It was so thick and there was so much of it. I didn’t realize the other two had pulled out as I tried to clear my eyes.
I heard the two friends grunting as they exploded together into my thirsty mouth. I held their loads on my tongue for a moment to show them, then felt a cock push it into my throat and swallowed.
They all started to leave but I was writhing and after-glowing and couldn’t move. My legs were so mushy. I was intoxicated by the feel and smell and taste of so many men in and on me.
Now I knew I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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