Poker Fun

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Stories from Amelia:

I was in my home bar room the other night playing poker with some friends. After a little flirtation and a few drinks I started feeling frisky. Everyone had gone home except one special friend. I moved over to sit next to him and put my hand on his thigh and offered him a shot of goldschlager. I licked my lips and parted them slightly with a sexy grin. My green eyes demurely blinked and I poured the sweet liquor into a shot glass. I gave him a sexy smile and inserted this glass between my voluptuous breasts.

He smiled wryly and placed his hands on my waist. Leaned in to lick a taste of the fluid, wet his lips with it and brushed his lips against mine. I licked my lips and tasted the wicked flavor of this intoxicating liquor.

With our mouths just centimeters away from each other I could feel his warm sweet breathe on my lips. I looked into his eyes and saw them flash a wicked shade of green and he looked down at my breasts heaving as I had to catch my breath. His hands grasped firmly about my waste and he dove into my breasts to take in the goldschlager completely, without spilling a drop. The sensation was erotic and a chill ran down my spine.

Maybe it was the vodka, maybe it was the continuous flirtation throughout the evening. Regardless, the desire was becoming uncontrollable to kiss him. So I took a deep breath in and I leaned over and did just that. It was sensual and soft and sweet from the lingering flavor. My insides tingled and I could feel myself well up with lust.

I stood up and moved over to stand in front of him. I leaned casually against table glanced down into his eyes. The dance of romance had begun. He stood up so that he was almost pressed into me. I placed my arms on the table behind me to gain my balance and as his knee slipped between my thighs moving my legs apart and he slithered in between them. My breath quickened as I stood there straddling a man that I was so completely turned on by.

He leaned in to kiss me again and he licked my lips gently then he kissed me more firmly. I had to gasp at the sensation and parted my lips to nibble his bottom lip. His hands moved to feel the curve from my hip to my waist to outside of my breasts. I felt the warmth and hardness of strong male hands. This gesture made me feel so feminine and sexy; my body tingled under his touch.

He moved his mouth away from my lips and brushed against my cheek then further toward my ear. “You are beautiful.” He whispered so softly that it was barely audible.

The warmth made me quiver and his hands closed eryaman arkadan veren escortlar in over mine on the table.

I whispered in reply, “flattery will get you everywhere.”

He nibbled on my ear lobe with a light suckle and pinched it with his teeth. He was leaning closer into me, forcing me to lie back onto his strong arms. Sitting on the poker table I leaned back on my elbows and fought my body to not surrender so quickly to this enticing man. But, I felt his thighs against mine as he spread my legs a little farther.

His mouth moved over to caress my neck with strong lips and nibbles that makes me groan and begging for more. I felt him rest my head on the table and I white knuckled the edge of the table. I felt dizzy and high on life. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the table. The forcefulness of the move startled me and yet the forcefulness reminded me how masculine he is; especially when the insides of my thighs were pressed against his growing cock.

His hands slid across my belly and up over my breasts and over my red cardigan sweater. The feeling of lust swelled inside of me. As his hands cup my breasts I arched into them, needing to be touched. My arms rose to unbutton my sweater and with one hand he grabbed my wrists and braced them over my head; with the other hand his fingers masterfully popped the buttons open easily him self.

He moved quickly from the buttons and caressed my arms down to the elbow and then further gently making my skin goose bump following his touch. He laid his mouth on mine all hot and wet. This time his tongue danced on my lips parting them and I opened to welcome that taste of him. As our tongue tips touched and our mouths moved together it was strong and luxurious as velvet. His hands moved to the side of my breasts and slowly over the lace of my bra. My nipples were immediately hard in attention aching to be let out. The roughness of the lace and the warmth of his hands cupping them made the bra grow tight and the tightness was titillating. The smell of his masculinity lingered all around me.

With my long blonde hair fanned about my head and my arms forgotten above my head I went completely limp at his touch. He was quite aware that the power was all his. My eyes glassed over and he dove into my neck again, I let out a gasp and a moan, instinctively felt my hips thrust upward into him. I grabbed a hold of him and felt those muscular shoulders and arms as he hovered above me. I knew that I was ready and looked at him with pleading eyes.

My legs were etimesgut escort bayan completely around his waist and I couldn’t help but wiggle my hips to get myself into a better position to grind into him a little more. His mouth continued to work its way down my neck to my chest. His tongue lapped at my cleavage and at the same time one hand caressed my breasts and the other gently tweaked my nipples. They were so hard that they hurt and I struggled to get the latch in the front undone when he moved his teeth over the clasp and it quickly opened allowing my breasts to spill out. He welcomed them into his mouth and I giggled with delight. I cupped them for him and begged him to feast upon them.

He suckled and nipped and they burned in excitement. His hands wandered from my breasts to my belly and back warming me completely with his tender touch. His mouth danced from one breast to another. His one arm braced himself up as the other inched down my belly. He expertly unclasped my skirt and slid his hand down my leg to my knee which is clung tightly to his waist. His mouth came back to my mouth and he played there; teasing and kissing, licking and nibbling. I teased back with my tongue and teeth meeting him kiss for kiss. I felt his hand come back across my thigh this time on the inside and his finger inch ever so close to the edge of my panties on my hips. His hand went full under my skirt and he continued playing with the edge of my pink panties running his fingers along the rim from the front to the back.

This made my hips move with his motion and I wanted him to touch me even more now than before. His kisses moved from my breast and down to my belly. His hands unclenched my hold on his waist with my legs and placed my feet on a chair on either side of him. He grinned very boyishly and knew he had me right where he wanted me. His hands ran down across my thighs and down to my feet. I went to sit up and reach for his jeans buckle when he shook his head no and gently pushed me to lie back down.

He lifted up my skirt to around my waist I felt his warm breath on my thighs. He kissed gently toward my knees sending shivers down my leg into my center. His hands were so rough yet gentle. I laid back, breathed deep and tried to catch some oxygen between gasps. His finger tips tickled behind my knee and the other moved back to my panties. I felt the palm of his hand push against the thin fabric just over my clit. The pressure there made me push back against it just the same. He then artfully had me out of them before sincan escort bayan I even realized what he had done and they were gone.

I felt the cold air on my shaved pussy so exposed and he gently separated my legs again by sliding his hands down my thighs. Hi fingers walked their way to nudge my legs open and wet kisses fell right behind them. My legs spread open as I was persuaded and the anticipation drove me wild. My breath was caught again when I felt his finger tips dance across my lips and another hand grab firmly my ass. This gesture forced me to raise my hips closer to his face that I felt his hot breath. He nibbled the innermost inside of my thighs and suckled gently on my soft pink lips. His fingers parted them then and his tongue flicked my clit.

This made my thighs quiver and my belly jump. I grabbed at my tits and caressed them. His hands moved under my rump and raised my pussy to him for the feast. Slowly he licked and tickled and teased. The more I squirmed and quivered the harder and faster he moved. I couldn’t help myself; my hips begin to grind and he had to hold my hips firmly in place pushed against the table. He suckled my clit and licked and nipped with his teeth. My clit was swollen and bulging and needy. I cried out as I tried to remember to take a breath now and then.

His tongue slipped into my opening and I felt myself thoroughly wet. He thrust his tongue in and out, then back to my clit repeatedly. I writhed under his grasp of me on the table, arching my back with my breasts in to the air. As I writhed there, I uncontrollably moaned and panted.

He inserted a finger and then two into my pussy feeling my wet hot juices flow. This drove my body into wild shivers and quakes. He continued to lick, nip and suck on my swollen clit, while moving his fingers across the inner ledge that is the g spot.

My whole body ached with ecstasy and I screamed in delight. I shuddered and writhed and felt his hot breathe on my pussy. The intense feeling of pleasure overcame me and my whole body surrendered to this single moment. As the intenseness subsided he kissed my thighs and felt the quivers of them on his lips. He felt very satisfied that he has the power to give so much pleasure. I tried to look down to see him but it was all blurry and I felt dizzy.

I laid back to catch my breath and when I opened my eyes again he was hovering above me. Face to face with me he was looking into my eyes.

“You ok?” He inquired. I gave him a goofy grin; grabbed a hold of his face in my hands and felt a second rush of passion erupt inside of me again. The need to kiss him was incredible and I leaned to taste him. He tasted like me. I discovered I did not mind it; it was actually quite erotic tasting me on his lips.

I thanked him very graciously and pull him down on to me to feel his weight and kissed him some more.

To Be Continued…

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