Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 1

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Note: This story is a continuation of “Poolside: Ch. 03, Pt. 3.”

Originally appearing on Literotica on 09/07/03, but recently edited to correct several typos and other careless errors.


On Monday I had turned 23 tears of age and was preparing to return for my second year of graduate school. I was working as a lifeguard at the country club pool where I had worked every year during my undergraduate summers. The club’s main building had burned down during the winter, and construction people were clearing the site to build another. There was a temporary building used as a pro shop for golf, and there were several portable toilets.

And of course there was the pool. It sat atop a hill, with the metal-roofed, temporary pro shop about a hundred yards away, lower and to the north. To the west was the burned-out mess of the clubhouse, about 100 feet away. The absence of a real clubhouse lowered the daily attendance at the pool, and it also meant that once the pool closed, nobody was around, anywhere. It was now the beginning of August, and families went on vacation.

One of the other guards quit, and Katrina Thomas, the pretty daughter of a club member, had taken his place. It was hot, lazy, and dull work. We all were looking forward to returning to school, which is precisely the reason we guarded every summer. At least that’s what we told ourselves!

I had just experienced a devastating breakup after a brief affair with Angie, an eighteen-year-old member of the club. Emotionally I was a mess. I had been so much in love with Angie that I had wanted to marry her. Now she was out of my life, and I was not handling it well. I had stopped working out on my birthday, and it was now Saturday. I had desperately watched the mail, in vain, hoping for a letter from Angie. For nearly two weeks Katrina had been giving me strange looks, beginning a week earlier on the Monday immediately after Angie’s mother broke Angie and me up. (“Poolside Ch. 3”)

I need to explain about Katrina. She and I share the same birthday, but I’m four years older. Four years apart, we each graduated from high school at 17 and turned 18 the summer before we went to college. She had just finished a successful freshman year at a major eastern university where she had set several records as a member of their swim team. She was truly an excellent swimmer.

The first year I had been a lifeguard, Katrina – a.k.a. Kat, T-Kat, K.T., or Kitty – was 14. She had taken the swim classes we had provided to the members’ children in June. That year she had been a tall, skinny, shapeless girl with braces on her teeth. Her breasts had appeared as little more than tiny bumps on her chest. In the classes that year she had insisted I call her T-Kat, presumably short for Thomas-Katrina, but possibly also because she adored pussy cats. She had also developed an embarrassing crush on me that first summer, and she had followed me around like a puppy – in spite of her love of cats. She had certainly not been the object of my eighteen-year-old lust!

Katrina was clearly the most talented swimmer I ever taught. I told her mother Karen, also known as K.T., that she needed to make a decision. We couldn’t teach Katrina anything more about swimming, so if Katrina wanted to learn more, she needed a real swimming coach. I informed Karen that Katrina was potentially Olympic material. Karen and Katrina talked it over, and after finally persuading Katrina’s father that becoming a serious swimmer was what Katrina really wanted, a coach was found. Katrina was sent away for a week at a time, several times a year, to work with the coach. As a result of her efforts and subsequent accomplishments, Katrina had received a full athletic scholarship to college. Given her father’s wealth, this probably wasn’t necessary, but Katrina had earned it herself.

The other guards and I didn’t teach “official” Red Cross swimming classes. We taught the classes to earn money, and the Red Cross believes such classes should be offered cost-free. However, in order to keep our Water Safety Instructors’ certifications current, we did offer free official Red Cross Junior and Senior Lifesaving classes. Katrina took lifesaving every year, and she was always our best student. Even though Katrina easily passed the Senior tests every year, she was under age, and she had to settle for Junior Lifesaving certificates and badges until she was 16.

I recalled the previous summer when I had been demonstrating the cross-chest carry to the lifesaving class, using Katrina as the victim, by hauling her across the pool. I had deliberately moved my hand from under her armpit, slipped it under the top of her two-piece suit, and grabbed her right breast. It was a nice handful! I had felt her nipple getting hard at the same moment she had goosed me, causing me to let go. Her face had turned crimson, but I didn’t know if it had been because I had felt her breast or because she had found me to be fully erect when she had grabbed my crotch. She had never said anything about it, and I was a”good” boy for the rest of the summer. eryaman bayan escort Three months later Katrina was a freshman in college, and I was struggling through my first year of graduate study.

The previous summer had been Katrina’s last lifesaving class as a student, and most people (except her mother) called her K.T. Now she was W.S.I. certified, and she had helped teach lifesaving with us during June. She had developed into an exceptionally attractive young woman, and the skimpy bikinis she was wearing while on guard duty this year barely covered her athletic, feminine body.

I glanced over at Katrina. She still had short-cropped, dark brown hair. She was wearing her blue bikini. This year she had five of them in different colors, all exactly the same size. They were the skimpiest I had ever seen at our pool. Two of them could probably have been stuffed into a cigarette pack with room left over for most of the cigarettes.

I started daydreaming about that tit-grabbing incident, and I realized that my penis remained flaccid. I was worrying about my lack of reaction to what had been a vibrant memory of an incredibly erotic grope, when I realized that Katrina was standing next to me. “When’s the last time you worked out, Don?”

“I think it was the night before I walked into the pump room and found you dressing.” I replied.

“Looking at my naked body makes you want to stop exercising? Gee, thanks!”

“I didn’t mean it that way, Katrina! It’s been about a week since I did anything.”

“No wonder you look so bad! How ’bout you swim some laps while I watch this empty pool and make sure you don’t drown?”

“No thanks. I really don’t feel like it.”

“C’mon, Don! Shake out of it! That little honey’s gone, and you have to get over her!”

“What? Who do? . . .”

“Angie, of course!”

“Katrina, I don’t know what you mean! Lots of girls are away with their families, so if you think I’m missing one of them, why pick Angie?”

“Because you and Angie were the talk of the pool chicks!”

“Pool chicks? You mean . . .”

“Yeah, all the nubile little teenie-boppers who lie in the sun all day lusting after the male lifeguards! You, mostly!”

“So why’d they talk to you about . . .”

“Don, you ninny! I used to BE a pool chick! As far as they’re concerned, I’m just a version of them who’s been to college!”

“And you – they – thought that Angie and I were an item?”

“God! It was so obvious that EVERYONE noticed. Who could miss it?”

“Katrina, Angie was Bud’s girl this summer – at least until he was arrested. How could I have worked so fast? That’s impossible!” That was a lie. I hoped it was a convincing one.

“Don, Angie didn’t even like Bud all that much. You could tell when they were together at the pool. She DID like having a hunk for a boyfriend, but she didn’t like the way he acted like she was his personal property. He was always slobbering kisses on her, but she didn’t kiss him back. Hell, all Bud really wanted was to score another virgin and she could probably sense it.”

“I thought they were a cute couple.” I lied, again.

“Yeah, sure! Then you were about the only one. Hell, I’ve talked to several of the pool chicks who ADMIT that Bud raped and deflowered them! He’s been doing that for a couple of years, but they were all too stupidly embarrassed to make any noise about it! Those stories just gave Bud a reputation as a big lover. That’s bullshit, but these pool chicks are too young and inexperienced to know it!”

“I guess I still don’t get it. How come Angie – or anyone else – would go out with a guy with a reputation for raping girls? Was she stupid?”

“You dolt! Bud’s a really big guy with big muscles! He’s really confident around girls, and he acts like he’s the world’s greatest lover! He scares the other guys away! The girls WANT to believe he’s not a rapist! Besides, everyone who’s seen his equipment says he’s really huge, a knee-banger! What more could one of these immature girls want in a boyfriend?”

“That’s what you call a guy who’s supposed to be well-hung? A knee-banger?”

“Nice try changing the subject! I know you’re missing Angie, not somebody else!”

I tried to dissuade her again. “You don’t really think I moved in on Angie right under Bud’s nose, do you? Hell, he’s a lot bigger than me!”

“No, but once he was out of the picture, you didn’t waste any time! It was about a week after Bud was arrested that I saw you and Angie together at the pool. The way you two looked at each other caused MY nipples to get hard! Hers were almost poking through the top of her suit! I considered rubbing myself – right here at the pool – just to get some relief!”

“Now K.T., . . .”

“Now it’s K.T., is it? I must have touched a nerve! Stop trying to change the direction of this conversation! There’s more! I was watching, and you got so hard I thought you were going to pop out of your trunks! Angie reached up and touched your arm and I thought she was going to have an orgasm right then and there! When you smiled at her, escort sincan I thought she would lie down beside the pool and spread her legs for you! God, you two both acted like you had just fucked each other blind and couldn’t wait to do it again!”

“K.T., you’re imagining things! I’m sure Angie and I were just talking that day! We hadn’t . . .”

“Fucked? Well maybe not that day, but not long before! She gave you her you’re-my-man look! You gave her the glad-I-satisfied-you-in-bed look!”

She didn’t have the sequence right, but she was too dammed close. “K.T., this isn’t funny! Please don’t spread something around that could ruin Angie’s reputation. I mean, how the hell could I have, unh . . .”

“Managed to bed her? I don’t know! None of the pool chicks EVER saw the two of you together away from the pool. And they were watching! But you managed it somehow. Maybe at one of your ‘special’ after-hours parties!”

“Yeah, sure! Under her parents’ noses, right!” Now THAT was hard to say with a straight face! Angie’s mother had orchestrated my seduction of her daughter! And I Angie and I HAD done nearly everything except make love after the pool closed.

Katrina wrinkled her nose. “That’s the part I can’t figure out. But there was definitely steam coming off you two that day – and every day after that until Angie left with her parents. And now you’re really acting down, so she’s the one. Simple.”

“So who else thinks I’m missing Angie?” “Nobody thinks! Everybody KNOWS, you jerk! As soon as she left with her family on vacation, you got that lovesick, hangdog look, and I’m tired of it!”

“Is it that bad?”

“Yeah, it is! And it makes you a real pain in the ass to be around, too!” She stomped off, leaving me sitting alone by the pool, watching one little kid playing in the shallow end. I thought about what she had said. A few minutes later I walked over to where she was sitting and I sat down next to her.

“What should I do about it, T-Kat?”

She scowled at me. “Nobody’s called me that since I started wearing real bras!”

“Give me a break! I’ve never even seen you in a bra! Do you even own any? But the question’s still the same. Got any answers?”

“Yeah, I do. Start working out again! Sweat off all your self-pity! If you’re down because Angie fucked you then dumped you, sweat that off too! But don’t just sit around the pool acting like a dog somebody kicked!” I was wryly amused that Katrina had hit so close to the mark, but still had the details almost completely wrong.

I laughed. “Damn! I’m glad you held back! I don’t think I could have taken it if you had really laid into me! Am I really that messed up?”

“Look in a mirror, dope! Another couple of days without working out and you’re going to start looking sloppy!”

“Okay, okay, okay! You win! I’ll go back to the workouts tonight, but I won’t be able to swim since there’s nobody around who wants to hang around that late.”

“Oh really? Well, Dopey-Don, you didn’t ask me, did you? And I need to start getting in shape before I go back to school.”

“Can’t you just swim laps during the day like you’ve been doing?”

“That’s just enough to keep me from getting completely soft. I need to start TRAINING. That means starting with four to five miles a day of brisk workouts – minimum, and that means after the pool closes. So, if I can get you to work out, I can work out too. My motives are completely selfish. You can let your body fall apart and nobody much gives a shit, but mine is paying for college!”

I laughed again. “Thanks for the sympathy! You win! Since you’ve got the late shift tonight, I’ll come up about 8:00 and help you close down the pool and then we can both work out. Satisfied?”

“Sure, as long as you do it every night! Well, at least almost every night!”

“It’s a deal. I feel better already.”

“I hope so. The pool chicks complained that you haven’t had a boner for more than a week! Can you still get it up?”

I felt myself blushing. “Uh . . . Maybe . . .”

“Look, Don! Every year you’ve been guarding here, the pool chicks have called you ‘Elevator’ because your dork goes up and down all day, whenever we want! We spread our legs or stretch or wiggle our boobs – and presto! Elevator’s up again! But now all of a sudden your dork’s stuck in the basement! Hell, most of the pool chicks have been trying to get a reaction out of you all week, but nothing happens! Are you sick – or just lovesick like I’m guessing?”

I snorted and blushed again. “T-Kat, I guess I’m lovesick, but I think I’m getting over it. Why don’t you flash me with those nice boobs and we’ll see if I’m any better!”

Katrina looked around, and when she saw that the pool was completely empty, she turned to me and pulled her top up. Her nipples were red and pointed, surrounded by half-dollar-sized red areolae, atop beautiful, firm breasts. There was a strange, questioning look on her face, but she wasn’t even blushing. She stared deeply into my eyes. Why was I looking into her eyes when her wonderful tits elvankent escort bayan were on display? God, she had beautiful eyes! I felt as if I could read her thoughts in them! I felt a strange heat, almost a burning, inside me. After a couple of seconds she pulled her top back down and laughed. “Elevator is back! Hooray! It’s on the top floor!”

I looked down, and yes, I had a huge erection. I sat down in a chair to hide it. Katrina kept glancing at it and giggling. She moved about ten feet away and sat down. Now she was blushing! But why? She hadn’t when she flashed me. Somehow I actually felt better. Embarrassment is always easier to deal with than self-pity.

I slid my chair up beside Katrina’s. “Well, your left one is a little bigger, maybe just over a B, but the right one appears to be the same size as my, uh, empirical verification last summer, a clear B! Its nipple was hard then, too!”

Katrina’s blushed for a second, then grinned. “As I recall, I got a good empirical measure of your equipment, too! At least it hasn’t atrophied! That would be a real tragedy for the pool chicks!”

“I think I’ll call you ‘Titty-Kat’ from now on. How’s that?”

“T-Kat is just fine, thank you! We’ll both know what you really mean, anyway!”

“Since the pool’s empty, why don’t I pull up the ropes and you can show me your record-breaking BREAST stroke, T-Kat?”

“Hah! So you’ve got a breast fixation! Well, I can’t swim training laps in this suit, so it wouldn’t give me the exercise I need. I’m wearing the bikini to get a tan, not exercise.”

“Those perky boobs do stick out a lot, T-Kat! I’ll bet they drag when you swim! Do they help you to float? I guess you never wear bras because you don’t need the support, huh?”

We exchanged similar sexual banter for another hour and then my shift was up. “See you tonight, T-Kat! And I’m still not admitting my problem is getting over Angie!”

“Right, Elevator! But it’s Angie for sure! See you later!” And she laughed.

Katrina was right about my being lovesick over Angie. But there was no way she was going to figure out what had really happened. I couldn’t tell her, and besides, who would ever believe it?

I got back to the pool about 7:45, and Katrina had already gotten most things put away. Promptly at 8:00 she chased out the last swimmers – a family of four – and locked the gate. “Go ahead and start your weight routine, Don. I’ll take care of the chemicals and readings. As soon as you get back from your run, I’ll start my laps. I need to do at least four miles tonight.”

“Jeez, T-Kat! We’ll be here for hours!” I whined.

She stared at me, disbelief covering her face. “Make you a bet, Donnie! While you cool off after your run, I’ll swim a mile. Then while you swim your one, measly mile, I’ll swim three more and still be done before you are. Bet?”

This was going to be easy! “Sure. What does the winner get?”

“How about . . . the loser gives all his clothes to the winner and goes home naked?”

“It’s a bet, but it’ll be the loser giving HER clothes to the winner and going home naked!”

Katrina just grinned. “Go ahead! Do your weight routine, but don’t run too fast! You’re going to need your strength, Dumbo-Don!”

Katrina helped me move the weights around. As soon as I was done, I changed into shorts and combat boots and took off for my run. I was clearly starting to get out of shape, and it took me more than thirteen minutes to finish the two miles. I still knew I would win the bet.

As I got back to the pool, Katrina yelled for me to turn on the pool lights. “I have to see the bottom spots so I can make my turns!” She yelled.

I went down to the pump room and threw the switch, then I took off my boots and walked back up to the pool. She hadn’t been kidding about being unable to train in her tiny outfit! The first thing I saw was Katrina’s bikini lying by the side of the pool. Then I saw Katrina swimming naked in the blueish underwater lights. She was doing the crawl, so all I could see was her backside. But it was still incredibly arousing to watch her!

My first hint that I might have a problem came as she reached the end of the pool. While I knew HOW to do a racing turn, and while I can TEACH them to the beginners, Katrina could really DO them. She spotted the black square on the pool bottom, did a forward half-somersault and a half twist, then pushed off from the wall heading the opposite direction at full speed. When I did them, I splashed so much water I had trouble getting my breath after each turn. She did turns so smoothly she made them look effortless. And she did them really fast, so she was going to gain a few seconds on me with every turn. But she still had to do three times as many laps – and turns – as I did, so it wouldn’t make any difference! Sure!

When I swam laps, I used an old abacus to count every four laps, or 100 meters. She used something similar to an abacus, but she only stopped to tally every eight laps. Hell, she was almost a pro! I was standing directly over her counter when she reached out, made an adjustment, and resumed swimming. I caught a brief glimpse of her bare breasts and then she was gone. My erection was throbbing hard inside my running shorts. She had really nice breasts! Heck, she had a really nice body! And face! And smile! And eyes!

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