Porsha Diaries Part 2

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I didn’t hear anything for a while from my boyfriend and began to think he was upset with me for my behaviour in front of his friends , what I hadn’t known for a few days until I tidied my room and hung my jacket up , the back of it had ‘TIGHT CUNTED SLAG’ scrawled across the back of it in ink. I had managed to scrub most of it off but damaged the leather in the process, Ive ordered some leather dye to fix it before I can wear it again. My pussy had remained sore after the guys had fucked me and began to worry they had given me an sti. To be safe I made an appointment at the clinic . They hadn’t given me the opportunity to clean their cocks with my mouth before putting them in my pussy . It was a lovely day , I wore a short leather mini skirt , boob tube and some nice heels . I drove to the clinic with my hood down , the first time the weather had been good enough to enjoy my new car properly. They did the tests for me and examined me and as I was private the results were back very quickly confirming I was all clear but my examination had revealed some irritation to my vagina, probably caused due to my recently virginity loss.

I decided to drive over to my boyfriends. As I got there I received a text message simply saying , about time , come straight in . I parked over the road and went into his house, the front door was open and I heard voices in the lounge. I was surprised to see him sat with the same 2 guys from the bar, another slightly older guy and my boyfriend sat on the sofa with a space for me next to him . I asked how he knew I was on my way , he said never mind that sit down , we have something to show you.

He turned on the tv, a virtually full length adapted video played of the night at the bar , the way it was edited made it look like I was the instigator and begging to be used by them all. It ended with me walking up my drive with my jacket graffiti clearly displayed . I remained silent , shocked and slightly concerned.

My boyfriend said to take the bar owner and his friend to the spare room and entertain them both while he discussed something with the other one.

I stood up and began to go upstairs , as I went up he ran his hand over my leather skirt, What was I doing , I thought but yet without question I was going to let him fuck me again. As we entered the bedroom , I barely had chance to do anything before he pushed me backwards onto the bed , pulled my skirt up around my waist and didn’t even bother removing my g string , he pushed it to the side and slid his bare cock straight into me , gripping my hips and fucking me hard, then he took hold of my skirt , placing both hands through it and used it to increase his force . He came in me and then ordered me to clean his cock with my mouth . The next one came up almost immediately, I was still spread out on the bed with my skirt wrinkled up , I spread my legs for him as he climbed on the bed and took him inside me like a common prostitute. He was a little more gentle with me but when finished , spat on my pussy and left me to clean up the mess. I wiped my dirty used pussy and then went back downstairs , my boyfriend grinned and said heres my pretty little whore. My leather skirt stained with their cum and creased where he used it to hold on . The only space free to sit was between the 2 who fucked me . I sat reluctantly , my skirt riding up as I did and immediately each put a hand on my upper thigh, easing my legs apart.

My boyfriend then turned his attention to me , he described how he thought my parents would react seeing their innocent daughter behaving like a depraved slut in public. The older man , late 40’s , very smartly dressed and quite well mannered towards me , he passed me a list of addresses and asked if I knew the locations and owners. I looked at the list and all but 3 of the 10 addresses I knew very well , the other 3 I knew where they were but not who lived there. I past the list back but he gestured for me to hold it. He went on to ask me if I knew the lay out of where the security systems were and the safe’s . I didn’t like where the conversation was going so attempted to get up and leave, but the 2 guys held me in my seat firmly. My boyfriend then continued. Answer the question you filthy cunt. His language towards me was a shock at first albeit actually true right at that moment. Not all of them no I answered, but a few . The man continue to explain I was to get him details of each and I could begin with the ones I knew already, passing me a black folder, blueprints of all the addresses inside. I was to mark on each the type of security systems in place and where jewellery, money and other valuables were kept. I said there was no way I was doing that for them . The man then shrugged and turned his tablet to face me , the file containing the pornographic video of me and my father’s email address in the first line , my mothers in the cc . I looked at him and pleaded with him to be reasonable , begging him not to send it and to delete . My boyfriend said if I did as they wanted then it would not get sent . Leaving me with no option I agreed to get them the information. The first few were easy for me , I’d spent a lot of time at some of them and within a few hours had managed to do as asked except I’d never paid any attention to their alarm systems so had to leave that out. One of them though I knew had no alarm , he had 4 very scary dogs instead , I suggested to them to leave well alone and another was a borderline psych with a rather large gun collection.

The 2 guys sat either side of me suggested sending me in to do these 2 jobs then and laughed, my boyfriend sat back in his seat and rubbed his chin, he said actually why bother getting plans , we will just send the dirty cunt in to do our work instead , then there’s no risk for us . He nodded as if agreeing with himself and the older gent also agreed it was a good plan. I could feel my heart racing as they discussed turning me into a thief for them, blackmailing me .

I spent the next few days going to various un savoury characters to learn how to pick locks, open safe’s enter and leave without leaving any traces of who I was etc. Although it felt so wrong , and many times I thought why don’t I just give these creeps cash there was an element of excitement and a buzz I got each time I was successful at opening a lock but the thrill of getting different safe’s open was a real thrill . I actually think I had an orgasm once !

My first job was planned, they weren’t making it easy and ordered me to rob the psycho. I suggested if he shot me on my first job all my training was wasted but that hadn’t persuaded them .

My time had also been spent getting fitter again. I’d got a little lazy of late and decided to get my stamina and agility back to top form , just in case I needed to make a run for it at some point.

It was decided I would sneak out my home so my alibi should I need one was that I was home all night. I showered and used a non scented gel as instructed , no perfume or deodorant . Nothing that could be linked. I considered what to wear, needed to be black obviously . I went to my wardrobe and looked through all my outfits. Then I noticed the box above my head, my catsuit. I took down the box and took it over to my bed . The leather still smelt strongly and as I took it out I held it up , it was a little bit creased from being folded up for so long . I pulled it on, it was even tighter now, my tits still growing made it really difficult to zip up but I managed just. I looked at myself in the mirror , my camel toe very clearly defined , almost obscene . I wore it a little while to let it warm up and get more comfortable but decided it really wasn’t suitable to go anywhere in . The time past so quickly though and it was too late to get changed now. I tied my hair up and took my black ski helmet balaclava . I had been given a small belt pouch with my ‘tools’ in and a rucksack . I placed the hood in the rucksack until I got to the car , just in case I was seen at home it would have looked suspicious. Not sure what my logic was about that but I walked out onto my bedroom balcony , climbed onto the edge and carefully slid down the support post .

The car was parked about 100m from my home , not one I recognised and it wasn’t my boyfriends. I opened the door and it was one of the others from the bar, not one of them who had fucked me but had watched.

He asked me if I was ready and just looked me up and down , he said I was the hottest looking thief he had ever seen.

We drove to the house. I told him to park around the side as there was a small outbuilding that backed onto the boundry of the property , I was going to go in via it as the window was easy to get in . Stopping outside the outbuilding I got out the car and walked up to the window. The catch was off so I climbed through and carefully stepped inside . It smelt damp and dirty but was almost empty so I got to the door without a problem. I opened it slowly and could see the main house. I ran across the side lawn to the coal cellar doors. They were padlocked which with my new skills was no issue for me. I went inside and was now in the basement . I silently walked towards the stairs to gain entry to the main house. I knew I needed to take a right out of the basement and enter the second door on the left of the corridor. I opened the basement door which creaked, I quickly sprayed it with oil and silenced it as I opened it more to get through. I made my way down the corridor , it was dark and late so he was in bed. I was expecting the door to be locked but it opened so I went inside. The safe was inside a cabinet and I silently walked over . Opening the door to the cabinet I was startled by the owners voice. ‘well well well , look what I caught myself tonight’ he said in a slow deep tone. I turned around and he was now less then a metre from me holding a gun towards me. My heart racing , my skin perspiring. He used the gun to gesture me to move away from his safe and pinned me between the door and the cabinet against the wall , there was no way past him. He lowered the gun and pressed the barrel of it between my legs , pushing it into the soft leather and spreading my camel toe wider . He rubbed the barrel of the gun along my slit repeatedly saying he should put another hole between my legs . He then moved the gun from my pussy up the front of my catsuit to my tits , massaging them with it through the leather , telling me he should blow my tits off . He moved back from me telling me not to move as he kept the gun pointed at me and went to his desk . He came back over with a knife, now terrified what he was going to do to me. He gestured me to move towards his desk so I did . He placed the blade to my pussy and very gently pushed the blade through my leather between my pussy lips . One small incision however soon split wider due to the tightness of the outfit. He made one more cut so he could not see my pussy . Ordering me to keep my legs wide open for him he took his gun and pushed it inside me , my vagina now full of his loaded gun. He began to fuck me with the gun while he wanked himself through his trousers with his other hand , the gun was cold and rough inside me as he used it on me with increased speed and force , I was scared his finger would slip on the trigger but I found myself getting so wet at the same time . He then groaned and slowed his masturbating and also fucking me with his gun. As he pulled the gun out my soaking pussy the barrel glistening from my insides I could see a large wet patch forming in his trousers around his crotch. He looked at his wet gun and wiped it on my catsuit. Then he told me to wait there while he changed his trousers. He got to the door and turned back , telling me again to stay in this room.

I ran to the safe, quickly opened it the first time , punching the air with my success and poured the entire contents into my rucksack. I ran to the window which had a very simple sash window catch which wasn’t locked. I climbed out just as I heard his footsteps and the door open . He yelled at me to come back , but I ran back over the lawn , I tripped making me sprawl face down sliding across the wet grass . Picking myself back up I ran into the outbuilding , climbed out the window , snagging my sleeve on the frame and fell on the floor into the muddy verge. I hobbled to the car and told him to go quick. I threw the rucksack on the back seat and we drove off. He asked me if I was ok , I said I had a little bit of trouble but nothing I couldn’t take care off . We set off to the bar , I had asked to go straight home but was told that wasn’t a good idea in case the car was seen. We pulled into a side road and got out the car, him saying don’t forget my bag. I could feel the cool air on my pussy as my catsuit was ripped between my legs but as it was dark he hadn’t noticed . He told me to get in , as he opened the door of another car and we drove off quickly , I then realised it was the second stolen car I’d been in that night.

Arriving at the bar , my boyfriend and the others were waiting for us. As I walked in I placed the bag on the table in front of them. They all just glared at me. I looked down , my catsuit was covered in grass stains, mud the sleeve torn , then everones eyes focussed on my protruding vaginal lips. I said he fucked me with his weapon and I don’t mean his cock , I relayed what happened to me with him and my boyfriend thought it was not only hilarious but also very sexy at the same time. I felt very humiliated as they insulted me . I was driven back to my home and quietly climbed back into my bedroom un noticed. I put the catsuit back in the box out of sight and decided to sort it out in the morning as no doubt it would be worn again soon , assuming I could mend it.

Part 6

I must have slept soundly as it was gone lunch when I woke . I rubbed my arm then remembered why it was sore , pulling myself up in bed I noticed a scratch and bruise forming . Then the burning feeling in my pussy , Being fucked by a rough cold piece of metal had certainly caused some irritation . I went for a shower and good job I did before going downstairs, I had mud in my hair and my face was also dirty. After my shower I dressed simply in my white leather shorts and t shirt, and went for lunch . everyone was out so I lounged güvenilir bahis around and decided to wash my car. My attention turning to my catsuit whilst cleaning my car . Once finished I went to my bedroom and pulled out the filthy outfit. The sleeve badly torn with some leather missing. The crotch also badly torn apart but just needed sewing back together, or so I thought. Turns out leather is quite tricky to repair. I decided to take it to the place I bought it from and have them do it , but then if they asked how it got damaged it might get back to the police somehow. I decided to fix it myself. I cut both legs shorter , my boots went over the top of it enough to cut them . I glued a patch on the arm and another on the crotch. I pulled the leather really tight at my crotch as I have to be honest I loved the way it felt pulling my cunt lips open .

I was going to wash it in my shower , but it really was thick with mud and feared it would block the drain. I took it down to the stable block and hosed it off using the hosepipe. I went down to the field and hung it over a tree to dry off while I sat sunbathing for a few hours.

I must have fallen asleep as the time had gone so fast, it had started getting cold and the sun had gone in . My catsuit was dry but had gone very stiff from being drenched with the hosepipe. I went back inside and coated it with some leather balm that I had from when I got my new car. It was in a little bag in my boot, handy !

Days past and I have to admit , I was yearning for sex . I decided to text my boyfriend . I sent my message , no reply. I sent another , no reply. I wondered if he was ok so drove to his place. Dressed in my still cum stained leather mini and boob tube my jacket with graffiti on the back , still evident although less obvious. I hadn’t worn underwear and looked like a dirty hooker for him. As I drove up I saw him with another. The complete opposite to me , she was blonde, tall and although her tits were not as big as mine she had a very fine figure. I watched for a moment , they kissed and went inside. I strutted over and banged on the door, when he opened it , looking me up and down like I was trash , she too was stood in the hall . He grabbed me by my boob tube and pulled me inside , my tits falling free as he pushed me against the wall. I tried to pull my top back up but had hold of my top still and raised his hand to my throat . I said what had I done wrong. He laughed and introduced his girlfriend to me and introduced me as the filthy cunt . He went on to tell me how he had been paid to seduce me and get me to work for his boss , He had fucked me just as part of the seduction , I was not his type , I was just a job. I stuttered , but at my party you were so nice to me , He laughed and said all an act you filthy cunt. He told me to fuck off and wait for the next job , opening the door he grabbed my sleeve and practically threw me into the street, telling me my cunt was way too tight for his cock and I was a rubbish fuck before slamming the door. I quickly covered my tits again and ran to my car before he saw me crying. My virginity gone to someone who was just using me , I should have seen the signs . I drove home and went to my room still crying. After a while upset faded and revenge seamed to be the way to deal with him.

I took out the list of addresses given to me and the black folder , Do I warn them all of whats to happen, no , then I risked them following through on their distribution of the video clip made. I closed the folder and thought over and over.

I hadn’t heard anything for months from any of them and assumed my debt was settled . The psycho theft had been in the local news , It had described the intruder as dressed all in black and evidence of the footprints through the hall being of size 4 so probably female. They had also indicated the point of entry and finding fibres of clothing . I panicked in case there was any blood , but it was just a scratch , I hadn’t broken the skin. I remembered the wet grass , footprints . Next time if there was one , wear shoe covers , that hadn’t been in my training. There was no mention of him raping my pussy with a gun surprisingly !

I’d started watching porn films on a certain site , wondering how the girls on them were so carefree with their bodies , letting men fuck them and having it filmed for the pleasure of others, how easily the guys entered them with their massive cocks , especially one black guy in this really petite slut , how and where it all went I cannot begin to imagine but her tiny cunt opened up and took him all and she moaned with pleasure . I had also been on some sex chat rooms and lots of offers of sex , but I was looking for something more than just getting fucked.

I closed my macbook and pondered over that girl , imagining my body in her position , wondering what it felt like to be so free and easy , a fucktoy, I lay back on my pillows and ran my finger up my slit , wondering if I should become a fucktoy . No no , bad idea .

I went for a drive and did a little window shopping , I sat in the shopping arcade and peopled watched while I drank coffee. Most of the girls around my age either with their boyfriends or groups of friends, all dressed in similar styles , either skintight gloss leggings , mini skirts or ripped jeans with varying degrees of cleavage on show. I’d not bothered with makeup even , dressed in designer jeans yes but nothing special about them , they were tight yes and made my bum look good but I felt un noticed . No wonder I was sat alone without a boyfriend or girlfriends , I started to feel lonely and almost missed my recent adventures , I actually realised I had enjoyed having sex with the strangers ,but they hadn’t found pleasure in me . I finished my coffee and made my decision to change my life .

I went home and got changed into my red leather dress. It was tight but not the shortest one I owned , sleeves to just below my elbows and pocket detailing with the stitching in black. It had a zipper that ran up the front to about 6 inches from the hem . I put on a red pair of fuck me heels and my jacket with graffiti . My makeup heavy and my hair messed up and greased. No underwear . I asked the chauffeur to take me into town , He never asked questions nor did he even look at me usually but my dress sense that night even caught his attention.

I asked him to drop me outside this club , which he did and said to take care. I then walked the 20 minutes to the other side of town . Not easy in the heels I’d chosen but necessary. I was now in the seediest roughest part of town, part feeling vunerable , other side feeling exited. I had done some research and got chatting to some people online , someone had suggested this place as a suitable option for my needs.

I walked inside, the waitress was topless and had a few tattoos , she bent over to put the tray down and I could clearly see the guy fingering her. She let him do as he wanted before getting back to work smiling. I walked over to the bar and she came over. I asked her if the person I was looking for was here. She turned and pointed in the direction of a table in the far corner. I nervously walked over and stood by their table while they played cards. He looked up at me but didn’t speak . I introduced myself and said I understand you can help with my wishes. He continued with his hand of cards and then suddenly spat on my dress , his saliva running between my cleavage. He asked me if I found that offensive. I was a little disgusted and taken back and answered yes. He told me to fuck off and stop wasting his time , spit on my tits is nothing he snarled. I turned and was going to walk away, but hesitated and turned back to him. I apologised for my behaviour and asked him for a second chance . He told me I had failed his test and to fuck off. I remained where I was, my heart racing . He ignored me for a short time as did the others . Then he spat on my tits again , another spat in my face ,another ordered me to open my mouth , as I did he spat in my mouth. He asked me was I still offended. No sir I replied . He told me to remove my jacket which I did without hesitation . He stood up and put his hands on my shoulders and moved me away from the table a little and told me to turn around on the spot. He then told me to describe why I was there . I told him I had very little sexual experience and all the men who had fucked me hadn’t enjoyed the sex because my pussy was too tight . He then slid his hand up my dress, his finger finding my naked pussy , he pushed a finger in me and then another . He curled them up inside me and pulled me nearer to him . Removing his fingers , he licked them. I don’t think you could take me training you , I swallowed nervously , I know I can I replied nervously. He then gestured one of the others to pass his bag to him . He placed a collar on the table, it was black with a chrome band and open with 2 hoops. Then a small silver padlock , Next out the bag was a pair of scissors, followed by a can of something. A black marker pen and finally 5 condoms. He picked up the collar first, placing it around my neck . He passed me the padlock. He continued to say the collar was to signify I was his to use however he decided without question. I would do exactly as ordered and if I refused , no matter what act I was ordered to do I would be punished. I agreed, He told me to think vary carefully before locking the collar in place . I didn’t want him to think I was hesitating so I clicked it shut . He nodded and reminded me I was now his property.

He then picked up the scissors. He told me to part my legs and stand very still. He stabbed the blade through my dress barely an inch below my pussy and proceeded to cut my dress shorter, not very neatly and at an angle that made my left lower bum cheek slightly visible. He then cut away the sleeves and opened the sides a little showing quite a bit of side boob. I loved this dress and just stood there letting him destroy it . He tapped my tit with the scissors and said now its slutty. He lowered the zip and then pulled my dress off my shoulders leaving me topless. Taking the marker pen he wrote ‘fucktoy in training’ on my back, then on my stomach ‘free fuck’ Ordering me to pull my dress back up , shaking the can it began to rattle, he sprayed a symbol on my dress and the same on my jacket .

Finally he picked up the condoms and passed them to me and told me to unwrap each condom and pass each one to each guy around the table . I did as instructed . Each condom was then cut with the scissors . He turned back to me and told me no guy was to ever use a condom when fucking me .

He then ordered me to bend over the table and part my legs. Moments later his cock was pressing against my pussy , I felt him spread my lips and then paused. He told me to beg for his cock , I said quietly please fuck my pussy . He said he couldn’t hear me, I said please fuck my pussy. He pressed his cock a little more into me , firstly I am your master now , pushing into me a little more. Secondly you have a cunt, he pushed a tiny bit more into me , beg again cunt.. I took a deep breath , Please my master, please fuck my cunt. Much better , louder , I repeated again a lot louder, he then slammed into me with his entire length as I felt his balls slap against me. I held onto the table as he began to roughly fuck my cunt .He made me keep repeating I was a worthless cunt before cumming inside me. As he withdrew I felt his cum drip from my sore hole. He then told me to ask each man sat around the table in turn to fuck my cunt and cum in me. They did just that , each adding their cum in me, my pussy making such crude noises by the third and was a real mess when they had all done with me.

I stood back up exhausted and was ordered to thank them all for fucking me. I felt so dirty , cum running from my poor vagina. My new master told me that I was not to clean myself up until the following morning . He then produced what looked like a dildo with a large seal on the bottom . He pushed it inside me and told me to leave it in me until the morning. He then said I was to return tomorrow for my next training session and the night after I would be working at the bar .

He passed me my jacket, you must wear this jacket when walking in this area, they will know your mine , your lucky you got in here in one piece tonight. Without this symbol your anyones to fuck or rape . I decide who fucks and rapes you for now . My heart racing at the thought of being raped. He told me to return tomorrow night having been fucked by a stranger , didn’t matter who , just come with your cunt already soiled.

Part 7

The following morning I pulled the dildo from my now very sore cunt, I took a shower and was shocked at how much cum came out of me . Was I making a mistake , but the thrill of the night told me it was what I wanted. My master and 5 others making my total of sexual partners 9. I was barely a slut at that , no I would keep up my training . I went for a run and to the gym. I had to get fucked , who would I get to fuck me . I screwed my red leather dress up and my heels and put them in a bin liner , I was going to get changed away from home . I took my designer jeans and cut them up a little , slashing them across my bum , knees and thigh . I wore them into town with my boob tube hoping to get noticed by some random guy who would take me back to his and fuck me. Unfortunately without success. I was well known being my fathers daughter , it was like I became untouchable .

I drove out of town and pulled up in a service centre , changing into my slutty red leather dress. As I came out the ladies and was going back to my car 2 guys coming out of the mens practically bumped into me . They both looked me up and down and then at each other. One asked me if I was working . At first I didn’t understand what he meant , when he asked me how much for a blow job I realised they thought I was a prostitute. I had absolutely no idea what the going rate for a blowjob was and didn’t answer . One grabbed me and pushed his hand up my dress , his fingers quickly finding my cunt. They pulled me into the mens toilets , the first said maybe we will just have a freebie. I was forced against the sink and asked them to stop , but it was pointless , they were türkçe bahis like sexual predators and fucked me bare . They weren’t done though , They pushed me up against the metal urinal wall and forced me down so I was sat in the gutter, both taking their cocks out , they began to piss on me . They then left . I took some toilet paper and wiped my dress down , the urinal was very smelly and I could smell the piss on me as I walked out the mens.

I put the bin liner from my dress on my car seat and drove to my masters.

When I entered the bar I was shocked to see the 2 men who had just fucked and pissed on me. My master said why did you ask them to stop. I was actually shaking a little and answered that I didn’t want them to rape me. Luckily for me I had only asked them once to stop , had I said it again , they would have walked away and then I would have been punished. As it was my small punishment was being pissed on .

I was told to sit on the table, which I did. My dress was unzipped and pulled apart revealing my tits to everyone. The topless waitress from the previous night came over with a small case. My nipples were to be pierced . She told me not to worry she had done it many times and proceeded to pierce my left nipple, then my right. A bar was put through each nipple and then a hoop screwed to the bars. One hoop had Fuck written on it and the other Me . I was told the hoops would change until I deserved the title Fuck Toy. I felt my pussy moisten at the degredation.

The rest of the night I was offered for sex to various men who arrived at the bar , 10 men fucked my cunt that night and all came inside me. I got home exhausted, sore and very dirty. I hadn’t been told not to shower so I went straight up and did just that . Washing the smell of cum , cigarettes and piss of me . It was only when I was drying myself did I realise the nipple rings had some sort of special bolt on them needing a specific tool to undo them . I thought a padded bra with extra padding would hide them from my parents.

The next evening was my first working night at the bar , I wore my denim mini and sexy heels , I was topless . I was fingered , slapped on the ass , my tits squeezed , spat on , written on but not fucked . not a single cock entered me , To be honest I was quite relieved as my pussy was still aching from the night before although it wasn’t painful and they had all fucked me without complaint I was too tight. As my evening was coming to an end my master called me over. He told me I had shown no signs of inhibitions as I worked and he was impressed. He had arranged a surprise for me. He told me to remove my skirt. I didn’t hesitate as such , but I did remove it slowly as I would be left completely naked in a public bar with around 50 sets of eyes on my body. At this moment a really tall guy walked in. He had to duck down a little as he walked through the door. He was very muscular, solid and black . He came over to us and towered over me , my master also had to look up at him. He looked at me and in a really squeaky voice said to my master , Is this cunt for my cock. I laughed a little as I was expecting a deep booming voice to match his physique not that voice. He looked at me with a hurt and annoyed expression on his face. My master told him yes , he could fuck me as he wished. He didn’t speak, he picked me up with ease , his hands around my waist and not so gently placed me on my back on the table.He unzipped his trousers and pulled them down , His cock semi erect was absolutely massive. I looked at my master who was watching intensely , master I began with panic in my voice , that is not going to fit , my cunt is not ready for that. No one said anything as he took his cock and began to massage it getting himself hard, I watched as his girth was bigger than my lower leg. His cock at the entrance to my cunt. He looked at me and smiled. I was going to be gentle , He with all his force rammed his cock all the way inside me , ripping through my cervix . I saw my belly rise as his enormous cock made space inside me . I screamed out it pain , shock and fear. He held still inside me for a moment. But you laughed at me so now I destroy your cunt . My entire body soaked in perspiration . he gripped my hips and began fucking my cunt, my belly rising and falling as he almost withdrew and slammed into me with each thrust. More people came over watching this huge African guy fuck the dirty white trash. My master said to me that the waitress was the only other of his sex slaves that had taken his cock this long without passing out . He continued to fuck me , my cunt stretching wider than I ever thought possible , He just kept going , I felt my body become limper. He didn’t care , I was now just a fuckdoll for his cock . He groaned , and halted his thrusting and then came inside me. I can’t describe what it felt like when he came in me , his ejaculation was so strong and he seamed to cum in me for ages . When he finally stopped, his not so flaccid cock withdrew from my absolutely destroyed cunt . I remained gaping wide open , then a torrent of sperm flooded out of me onto the table . I couldn’t move , I just lay there in the mess as people moved around commenting on my cunt and the state of it , how soaked in sweat I was , what a fucking dirty slag I must be. I heard everything but couldn’t raise a reaction or move. The waitress told 2 of the guys to help me into the back room to recover. They pulled me off the table and took me into a back room and dropped me on the sofa . I was still conscious but wrecked.

I stayed there until the morning , my pussy still slightly gaping hours later. I sat up and my skirt and heels were placed on the floor by the side of the sofa , my jacket over me albeit doing little to keep me warm.

I got up and put on my skirt, heels and jacket and left the bar . I had no idea of the time . I got to my car and thinking ahead I had put my jeans and boob tube in my car . I pulled my jeans on and my top and drove home. I climbed up my balcony which wasn’t so easy and got to my room. I took off my jeans and looked at my poor cunt in the mirror, my lips were so swollen . I showered and got into bed naked. I couldn’t decide if the guy last night would be classed as 1 sexual partner of 5 as his cock was that of 5 men, but I decided to keep things simple. 20 sexual partners it was.

Part 8

It had been a couple of weeks since my master put me to the ultimate test. I hadn’t had sex since and felt I was probably too loose for anyone now. I went to the kitchen and ***********ed carrots of varying sizes , washed them and tested them in my cunt , I was able to take pretty big ones before I felt uncomfortable.

Then I received a message , carrot inserted in my cunt I reached over to my phone, It was the ex. My next job was arranged. It hadn’t been one on the list. Out of town and an address I didn’t know. I dressed in my leather catsuit, and grabbed my new mask that I’d ordered. I exited via my balcony again and met the driver down the road as before. We went to the seedy bar which hadn’t changed much . I was mauled a little and comments about my protruding cunt lips were the topic of conversation. The mark was a small back street garage owner, but he was dealing in stolen goods on the side , the garage being just a front . This actually seamed like a fair theft, I was stealing from a criminal this time. His safe was at the garage and full of cash. I was to go in and empty the safe for them. Simple enough, the garage would be closed and in a non residential area.

I was driven there and made my way to the back gate. The gate was locked but easy to climb over so I did that instead. Getting to the back door I picked the lock and went inside. The safe was in the office. I walked across the garage workshop to the office and went inside. I opened the safe and loaded the money into my rucksack. As I was about to leave the main corrugated door began to open , I was in the middle of the floor area and lost my bearings in the panic. Just as I hid behind a car someone grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into the middle of the floor again along the ground. A truck pulled in and the door closed again. What the fuck have we got here one of the men getting out the truck said as he came over, the one holding my hair tightly said I found this trash hiding boss. I was pushed to the floor and a heavy boot placed on my back keeping me on the floor. My back pack was taken and when they saw all the money , the boss told another to check the safe. They soon realised it was empty. I was pulled up to my feet and he told them to bind me to the car lift. The lift was then raised so my feet were barely in contact with the floor . I was asked was I alone and I didn’t answer, I received a punch to my stomach . He asked again and I said I was. But then another came in and said she’s alone now , her drivers just fucked off when he saw me coming at him. He turned to me and called me a fucking lying whore. I looked over as 2 more got out the back of the van . The boss circled his finger around the outline of my nipple rings pressing through the leather , He then slowly lowered the zip on my catsuit and pulled it so my nipples were on show for everyone , the printing ‘fuck me’ displayed to him. He took a blade and pushed it through the patch I had made between my legs and tore it away revealing my cunt . He stepped away and told everyone to help themselves while they emptied the van. I was now surrounded . Each took turns raping my cunt . But then I felt my ass pulled open and a cock probing at my ass. I was still an anal virgin but no point begging for them to stop , His cock forced its way in and he began raping my ass . They all took turns between my ass and cunt , At one point they managed to get a cock in both holes at the same time . I felt so dirty and degraded as they used me like a piece of fuckmeat.

When all 6 had finally drained their balls into me , the boss and the other 2 came over , he laughed and said nice work . He said something to one of them who went over and fetched something from the tools and the car lift was lowered a little , my feet now on the ground. He did something to the car above me , something fell off it and then thick dirty black oil started pouring out , it poured over my head , down my back and then as the flow reduced down my tits and front . My hair and body and catsuit drenched in the thick smelly oil. They left me tied up as they all got in the van and left. I began working on the bonds , they had used a plastic fastener, what they hadn’t worked out was the oil had made me very slippery and I managed to get one hand free , I eventually got the other out . The place was all locked up . Just as I was about to get the door lock open the van returned . Seeing me free did not please them at all, They grabbed me and dragged me back . They discussed what to do with me and and the driver of the van who spoke in a different language said something which seamed like it was a good idea to them .

I was bound and placed in the back of the truck and driven away . There were voices in the van but I wasn’t sure of the language . Someone then came over to me , grabbed my arm and I felt a needle inserted , I don’t remember anything after that until waking up inside a wood and metal box , well half of me was in it , my legs were through a hole in the wall . I had a second collar on , this one was thick and had 2 chains attached , which led to 2 large hooks on the walls. My hands were through holes in the walls , I was dirty from the oil but had been cleaned up a little , but my catsuit was gone , I was naked.

There was a hole above my head and a very dim light .

I lay there for a short while and heard voices . My legs were then held apart and I felt a cock at my cunt , someone entered my cunt and was fucking me , I had no idea who but they kept fucking me until they came inside me. Only a short while later I was taking another cock . A flap above my head opened and someone was pissing on me , their strong scented urine splashing on my face and tits.

More cocks used my cunt , my legs raised and then my ass was raped over and over before cocks returned to using my cunt. This went on for what could have been hours but I had lost all sense of time and eventually lost count of how many times I was fucked. Was it all different men or same ones repeating. I had no idea.

I felt someone wiping my holes and then something squirted up inside me , it was cold and felt very strange . But shortly after I was being fucked again . Cocks placed into my hands while others chose between my ass or my cunt , occasionally cleaned up . I was pissed on regularly , wondering what the hell was going to happen to me . It felt like I was in there for days , and men just continued to cum in me over and over . I had called out a few times I needed my contraceptive and feared I would get pregnant but no one answered me . Eventually after what seamed like days I was unchained from the box , taken out and showered . The oil and piss all in my hair taking an age to get out , the rest of my body scrubbed and washed down . My cunt and ass so sore I felt so degraded, so dirty no matter how I was cleaned up.

I was then taken to another room , well more like a jail cell , Thrown inside and the door locked behind me. There was a bed with a dirty mattress and a sheet, and a chair. Draped over the chair was my catsuit. I could smell the old oil on the leather but it had been cleaned up . I was cold so I put it on , although it was still a bit dirty it was comforting to finally cover my body. The ripped crotch had been repatched but clearly using a piece of leather from the thigh , I was given food and left in there . The guy who brought me food seamed pleasant and I asked him where I was. His English was quite poor but I got it that I was in a brothel of some type and no longer in my home country. I asked him how many men had fucked me but he didn’t know , he just said your holes were very popular , tight he said but not tight now he laughed . I said I was scared about getting pregnant but he didn’t seam to understand what I meant. I asked if he could help me get home . Our conversation then ended as a few familiar faces walked into the cells . It was the man from the garage and a couple güvenilir bahis siteleri of others . He stood at the bars and spat across the room at me ordering me to stand closer. As I did he grabbed me by the cleavage of my catsuit. I’ve made good money out of your body he laughed , you’ve proved very popular in here and the owners are a little reluctant to let you go . I’ve offered to sell you to them, how do you feel about spending the rest of your life working in this foreign brothel he laughed. His words raised some fear in me . He still had hold of me and another produced a needle and pushed it through my skin and emptied the contents into me. I fell to the floor and remember my head hitting the ground and all going black .

Part 9

I woke in a hospital bed , I had a drip in my arm and was very drowsy. I could see my clothes hung up against the door, my head ached , my collar wasn’t there , neither were my nipple rings. The first person who entered the room was my mother. She looked so happy to see me and yet seamed upset at the same time . I sat up in my bed and she helped me get comfortable. I asked her where I was and what had happened. She told me that someone had found me under the bridge near the canal. I had been taken to a homeless shelter and the volunteers had called for an ambulance as I had been beaten and drugged. My mother lowered her head. She continued and said she was so so sorry but it looks like I had been raped. I asked her to explain why she thought that and she said my catsuit had been torn open between my legs when I was found and my vagina was very dirty. She stroked my hair and said that the sti’s were being treated and I would make a full recovery but best not look in a mirror for a little while until all the bruises had settled.

I had been transferred to a private hospital closer to home and was getting stronger , healthier and hornier as each day past.

Soon it was time to go home , mother brought me some clean clothes to travel in , my grey and pink track suit and trainers. I spent the next few months exercising , getting my body fit and toned and letting all the scars of my ordeal heal . My mother wanted to throw out my catsuit but I asked her to keep it in the garage for me for now so she did . She didn’t want it in the house as it was so dirty.

I decided to have another one made and went to the designers, I told her what I would like and she said to give her a week and it would be ready . She never questioned my slightly unusual requests for my new catsuit just saying how hot it would look on my body.

I decide to go horse riding when I return and get changed into my riding gear. The stables are superbly kept and the new stable hand comes out of the block and smiles at me , He is my age , tall and very muscular. Not quite the look you expect of a stable hand. He saddles up my stallion for me and I ask him if he would like to join me for a hack. He seams a little unsure at first and I assure him it will be fine to come with me . We have a great time , he is too big for most of the horses , the big shire being his only sensible choice so I’m a lot faster through the woods and my boy dances around through the trees like he’s not been let out in ages. We rest up by the river and have a drink and something to eat. I make it obvious I am up for him fucking me but he seams oblivious to my advances , it actually makes me feel safe.

We ride back and I help him sort the horses out. He again seams reluctant to let me help until I explain I have looked after them since I was little and love spending time with them . I watch him working , trying to be discreet . He easily lifts a full hay bale , then another , then another as if they were made of cotton wool . He doesn’t even break a sweat . He is the strongest guy I have ever seen . This gives me an idea. I tell him that I had got myself into a bit of trouble recently , which he seams aware of . I tell him that I would like to deal with these people but I am afraid that if I try then I will end up straight back where they put me . I compliment him on his strength and would feel very safe with him by my side but worry that helping me would hurt him. He listens intently as I speak and then laughs when I tell him I worry for his safety. He comes over to me and tells me it would be his honour to be by my side and protect me. He says in a very caring tone that no harm will come to me while he is around.

I ask him if he has a nice suit, he looks at me a little confused and I explain I would like him to look the part but only if he wishes. He agrees to letting me buy him a suit on the condition I let him pay me back as soon as he can afford it.

The following day I meet him in town , we go for a coffee and then to the tailors . He looked good in his working gear but transformed when dressed up . I wanted him in me , but he was there to protect me not inject me with his supersized human cum.

My first call would be to the seedy club , I wanted answers on why they didn’t protect me from the garage boss and leave me there like they did. My bodyguard arrived exactly on time , I had arranged a specific car for him to drive me in , we drove to the bar and went inside. I had dressed in a very tight fitting , mid calf length dress , halter neck with no underwear to spoil the lines and killer 6 inch heels . My hair and makeup was perfect . As we walked in the surprise on their faces was priceless. My ex was also there . My guardian and I stood by the bar which had actually been cleaned . We both stood looking directly at the little gathering around the table. At first they ignored us and then the boss stood up , my ex and the guy who left me at the garage walked over. He looked at me and then at my guardian. Nice dress he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice , you scrub up well for a cheap street whore. I didn’t react . He then put his hand out towards me and grabbed me by my dress My guardian stepped between me and him and told him to back off. The boss asked where did I hire the gorilla from and they all laughed . I told him it was ok and to relax. He stepped aside but stayed close to me. He kept hold of my dress and said he had missed my body, then slowly pulled the material away from my right tit . My guardian was about to throw him across the room but I said to stay calm so he did . The boss said so basically he’s here to watch us all fuck you like the dumb whore you are.

I smiled , that’s nothing to what he will do to you if I let him. But lets make it clear , you wont be touching me again . I put my dress straight and told them they would give me all the copies of the porn film and they just laughed at me again. They told me to go now or there would be trouble . We began to leave , I turned back and said that was your 1 and only chance .

My guardian asked me what was wrong and I replied saying I felt I hadn’t gained anything from my visit. He laughed and told me to trust him , they were shocked to see you.

A few days later I went to collect my new catsuit. I had ordered it in quite a dark red , with a matching back pack that had special clips built into the catsuit so I could easily carry it on my back , no straps needed. This would help with agility.

The outfit also had numerous concealed pockets for my tools . I also realised when I got caught , the crotch would be destroyed . This now had a lace through crotch, It could be drawn tight but if cut , I needed only to replace the leather lace that was threaded through eyelets. I complimented the designer on her work and paid , asking her to make me a second one in black , exactly the same.

I got home and took out the file , I chose an out of town location to hit and waited until midnight , got dressed and made my exit to the house I had targeted. I went alone not wanting to get my guardian into any trouble should it go wrong.

The target was a couple in their 60’s, They were away on holiday hence my choice, I had planned to just use it as practice to get me back into the thrill of being so bad.

I arrived at the address and noticed a couple of lights on , lots of people do that though to make it look occupied . I went up the side of the house , I climbed up the gutter pipe , being an old building it had metal guttering pipes so were strong enough to hold me . I entered through an upstairs bedroom window and very quietly went inside. I knocked a vase off the table which didn’t break as it hit the floor but went with a bang on the hard wooden floor . Mistake 1 I thought to myself as I continued my practice. The room I needed was along the corridor , I went into the hall and quietly walked to the room. The key to the room was in the lock , making life a lot easier. I walked in and shone my torch around until I found the jewellery cabinet. As I walked over to it the door slammed shut and I heard the lock turn . I looked around , there was no windows . I tried the handle but it was locked and there was no lock hole on my side of the door.

I checked every inch of the room , there was no way out . A slide in the door opened and a set of handcuffs were thrown through and I female voice told me to cuff myself to the post in the centre of the room . I looked at the post and it had a bar just above my head . The metal was all scratched which seamed odd as everything was pristine otherwise. I took the cuffs and reluctantly secured myself to the pole through the bar , facing away from the door as instructed. The door opened and I had to show I was correctly secured . Hands began to wander over my ass , between my legs, up to my tits and down my stomach back to my cunt. Naughty girls should be punished don’t you agree you little thieving slut a female voice said. I begged for my release and apologised for being there but I was not going to steal anything. It was hopeless though, My hair was brushed to the side and I then felt the blade of some scissors at the back of my neck , the first cut downwards of my brand new leather catsuit. She made more cuts down the middle of my back, I begged her to stop but she said over and over dirty little sluts need to be punished. She cut my catsuit all the way down the back to the crease of my bum. Then cut from my left leg hem all the way up to the crease of my bum , doing the same to the right, the leather falling away from my skin leaving me naked and exposed all from the rear. Only my sleeves holding my leathers still to me . That was soon dealt with as she proceeded to cut up both sleeves letting my catsuit fall by my feet. The bar on the post was then lowered, forcing me to be stood but bent at the waist . She placed a spreader bar to my ankles that left me totally vunerable. I then felt something hard pressing at my cunt, It was thick and when she forced it all in me I felt her skin on mine as she held my hips and began fucking me hard but slowly . She asked me if I had ever been fucked by another with a strap on before. I shook my head . She continued to slowly with draw and slam into me repeatedly . Then I felt a liquid squirt up inside me . It wasn’t like any guy that has cum in me except the squeaky voiced man , but even he didn’t fill me this much. She withdrew the dildo from me and then smeared whatever was leaking from me over my back and ass. I was put in a straight position again. She left the room and returned shortly after with another , this time a male. She ordered him to give me 10 lashes across my ass and another 10 on my back. I was whipped with what felt like a leather belt making my body jolt and brought tears to my eyes. Then the door was locked and I was left alone. What was happening , who were they , I needed to pee so bad. I couldn’t hold it and urinated all over my ruined catsuit .

I had no idea of the time , but what seamed like hours later the lady returned and told me she had enjoyed fucking me and was going to fuck me again. She used a larger strap on though , I took it but only just. I then received 20 lashes across my ass and another 20 on my bum after having my skin smeared with the liquid pumped from the dildo. I was left perspiring, and breathing heavily . She then made herself known to me . She came around to the other side of the post facing me. Hello Slut she said in a soft almost sarcastic tone. It was the daughter of the owners of the house. I was still panting , she also knew who I was , The man was behind me still , I could feel him close to me. She gave me a choice , she said that I could be handed over to the police after having my ass branded or alternatively I could be fucked in the ass by her servant while she whipped my tits until he had finished. Then they would let me go . I didn’t like the idea of being whipped again , but the lines marks would eventually go , I wasn’t an anal virgin so this was a much better option than being permanently marked and then arrested bringing disgrace on my family again.

The ordeal began , He slid into my ass and at every thrust she cracked the leather belt across my tits. The belt had been cut into strands so cutting across more skin . I winced as each time she caught my nipples with full force. He seamed to take ages to cum in me but eventually my beating ended.

I looked at her and she grinned at me with an evil glint in her eye. The cuffs were undone and I rubbed my wrists . She told me to pick up my clothes and get out. I asked if I could have something to wear as she had cut my clothes up . She told her servant to fetch me a bin liner. He came back shortly carrying a black bin liner, I made a hole for my head and arms much to the amusement of the bitch , she said that was to put your piss soaked clothes in you stupid cunt , but actually you may as well go dressed like the trash you are. As I left the room I stopped and asked what she had put inside me . She smirked again and said that you slut will never know .

I quickly got to my car and changed into some jeans and a t shirt that were in my boot drove home. As I was driving recalling where I had gone wrong and then an idea struck me on how to get my revenge on my ex and get back my porn movie clip.

I went to my bedroom absolutely exhausted and threw the trashed leather catsuit on the chair , I didn’t want to take a shower yet as my body still burned from being whipped so much and I really didn’t want to see the mess they had made of me . I looked at my phone and was shocked at the date , I’d been gone 2 days . I relaxed into my pillows and went to sleep plotting my revenge.

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