Pregnant Fantasy Ch. 2

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This is a story I am currently working on. It is based on a real person, but the names are of course changed. Please feel free to comment by mail.

* * * * *

The phone rang and Todd’s sister Suzy answered the phone. Darlene asked if Todd was there, and Suzy explained to her that he was caller away on business, and he asked her to look after his apartment for a couple days.

Suzy and Darlene knew each other well, they met through Todd and became quite good friends over the years. Suzy knew about Todd’s interest in Darlene, but knew he would never do anything about it, he could never harm their marriage.

Suzy asked if Darlene what was up, and Darlene told her nothing really, just a little bored and was gonna invite Todd over for a coffee, and asked if she would be interested instead? Of course Suzy said sure, and told Darlene she would be over shortly.

They sat and chatted for a while, normal girl chit chat, then Suzy asked how the pregnancy was going. Suzy has three kids of her own, and often Darlene would talk to her getting advise or just reassurance that things are okay.

Darlene told her the sex drive was going nuts, and she was constantly horny, even going as far to say that she was masturbating anywhere from 2 to 5 times a day. She knew this would not suprize Suzy since they often talked about their sex lives with each other. Suzy told her that her first pregnancy she lost all interest in sex, and didn’t think she would ever want to be touched Keçiören Escort again. But, since she has three kids, she obviously got over that!

Darlene told Suzy about the last visit to the doctor, she was told her breasts were developing milk nicely and that she should be lactating soon. The problem is, that was a few weeks ago, and Darlene is still seeing nothing! Suzy detected the disappointment in her voice and asked her why this upset her.

She explained that ever since she found out that she was pregnant, the idea of lactating had turned her on, as well as her husband. She got a little embarrassed while telling Suzy this and it was evident in the flushed cheeks. Suzy told her no to get embarrassed, that she was turned on by the idea as well.

This took Darlene by total surprise because she always took Suzy to be a good girl, that did nothing out of the norm. Anytime they talked about sex, this was never talked about and she asked Suzy why she never talked about it before?

Suzy explained that when she was pregnant with her second child, this is when the ideas started to form. She mentioned it to her husband and it turned him off so much, he wouldn’t come near her in a sexual way for a few weeks. Suzy was ashamed by her thoughts and never thought about it again. Well, not until recently when they got their new computer and Suzy was on the internet and found so many sites and stuff dedicated to this very Etimesgut Escort thing.

Darlene was sitting there staring at her in total disbelief. First she admits to enjoying lactation in a sexual way, now she is telling her she surfs the porn sites. Darlene leaned back and just started laughing. Suzy asked her what was funny, and Darlene just said it was amazing, how you think you know somebody, then suddenly find out that you are totally wrong.

This comment caused Suzy to get a bit of a frown on her face and Darlene quickly told her that it is not a bad thing at all and got up to give her a big hug. As they were hugging, Darlene felt a strange wetness. Not the wetness between her legs, that was ALWAYS wet, this was a wetness at her chest.

She jumped back very quickly, startling Suzy, making her jump back as well. Darlene excused herself, and immediately ran to the bathroom, stripped off her top, and her bra. She couldn’t believe it, it couldn’t be, but there it was, little droplets of a milky yellow fluid hanging from her nipple.

She slowly reached down, her finger tracing the fullness of her breast, inching its way to the nipple. Her body was shaking in anticipation as she touched the nipple with her finger, catching the drop of milk on it’s tip. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she brought her hand up to her mouth, it was almost like she wasn’t doing it herself, but watching somebody else. Demetevler Escort She parted her lips slightly and touched the fluid to it, her tongue escaping enough to barely sample the sweet milk.

Darlene was suddenly snapped back to reality when she heard a low moan. She look to her left to see Suzy standing in the doorway with her hand down her shorts rubbing her clit fast and furious, eyes closed tight appearing to be on the edge of a huge orgasm. Seconds before she exploded, Suzy opened her eyes to find Darlene staring at her. Suzy just softly grunted out the words “I’m Sorry”, and let herself go into the bliss of orgasm.

Suzy’s legs got weak, and she would have fallen if Darlene had not moved over to catch her. Suzy lifted her head back and once again said she was sorry. Darlene didn’t understand why she was saying it and Suzy told her that when she ran off, she was worried. When she walked past the bathroom, she froze as she saw Darlene free her huge breasts, and saw the milk at the nipple, it was just too much. Then when she realized that she was gonna taste the milk, it sent her into a trance, and the only thing she could think of was making herself cum.

Darlene pulled her close and hugged her again and told her not to be so foolish, that she didn’t mind at all, and she was almost flattered. Suzy pulled back and shook her head, saying she doesn’t know what has come over her, she has never been interested in a woman before.

They looked at each other and Darlene asked her if she was interested in her? Suzy looked and in almost a whisper she said yes. Darlene moved close to her and pressed her lips to Suzy’s. At first Suzy just froze, but eventually responded by kissing Darlene back, soon they were battling tongues right there in the bathroom doorway.

To Be Continued…
(if response is good…)

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