Pregnant Pauses Pt 3

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The third in a series of short-short stories about breeding and impregnation… Enjoy!


I woke up early that Saturday. The sun had barely broken over the eastern hills. I staggered to the toilet to relieve my full bladder and then into to kitchen to start on coffee.

As the warm brew was finishing up the smell had woken her as well. She joined me minutes later after her own trip to the bathroom. She smiles slyly as the jumped into my arms and kissed me.

She held it before me, her positive ovulation test. Lifting her into my arms I carried her back into our bed room…

I can’t tell you how many times we fucked that morning. After 2 weeks of abstinence to gear us both up for breeding we never stopped in between. Covered in sweat, hungry and our bed linens soaked with cum we took a break.

I fixed us food while she striped the bed and took a long hot shower. Finishing our sandwiches, I rejoined her in the bedroom. Walking in the door this was the sight that greeted me!

Pregnant Pauses Pt 3
Setting down the plate i took my hardening cock and aimed towards her fertile hole. Food and clean sheets would just have to wait. My fertile woman demanded more of my sperm.

Ah, the sacrifices we are forced to make sometimes…



Ladies, you know what it’s like… 

There is always that one, especially annoying guy. A co-worker, a friend of a friend, a pesky neighbour. A know-it-all asshole who loves to flaunt his “superior” intelligence. 

That was Sara’s problem now. 

She had called out her ‘annoying asshole’ on some statement he made. “You want to bet?” he asked slyly… 

Pregnant Pauses Pt 3 2

Now here Sara is 20 minutes later, bent over a desk, tits out and having her unprotected cunt fucked BAREBACK! 

He had played her good and was about to deposit a big load of sperm into her potentially fertile womb! 

How would Sara deal with this ‘annoying asshole’ as the father of her c***d? 

How would any of you ladies?



Kneeling on all fours you took the savage pounding of the man fucking you from behind. 

You had barely gotten out of your dress when you returned to your hotel room after a night out dancing in the disco downstairs. You had flirted shamelessly all night. Teasing man after man till one wouldn’t take your protestations of “but I’m a married woman” seriously. He kissed you fiercely on the dance floor and lead you by the hand upstairs…

Entering the room he paid no mind to anything in it except you and the bed. You had just managed to pull the thin dress over your head and toss it towards the chair in the corner when he bent you over the bed and split your damp cunt his huge, hard, cock. 

He pumped mightily into you, never stopping to put on a condom, nor asking you if it might be safe. 

As you felt him swell with his impending orgasm, you looked towards that chair in the corner. Catching your man’s eye you smile sweetly as your stud fills your fertile hole with his seed. 

Pregnant Pauses Pt 3 3
This just isn’t a hotwife moment, your sterile husband has relented in your quest to be a mother! 

Now your family can grow with your soon to be expanding belly…



You went to the swinger’s club with your husband, to add ‘something’ to your lives.

He warned you that you had to be ‘careful’ since you weren’t on birth control and your peak time was fast approaching!

Once inside you stripped to your stockings and heels. You knew you would have your choice of any man there. You picked a handsome stud and bent over to take him BARE!

As the stud filled you to overflowing with his cum, you looked back at your smiling husband as he snapped a photo.

Pregnant Pauses Pt 3 4
You knew you would ovulate at any moment and the stud would give you what your husband could not, a beautiful c***d to complete your family.

You had been ‘careful’ after all…

careful to pick a stud who resembled your husband!

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