Prom Night Gone Bad, Or Has It? Ch. 02

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The day came for my sister to go to the prom and she ran around the house like a crazy person…ironing her dress, getting her hair & nails done…all the typical things a girl does before a big dance. As she was getting ready, I couldn’t help but stare at her as she ran around the house in her little tank top & cotton short panties. I had never given her body a second thought before but today was different…she looked so cute & so hot all at the same time. I felt my cock give a little twitch when she bent down on the floor looking for her hairbrush. I tried to look away, but how can you turn your eyes away when a hot teen girl is bending over in front of you wearing practically nothing?! I got up & went to take a shower, thinking that the cool water would dismiss any more of those thoughts.

While I was in the shower, I looked down & noticed that my cock was still a bit hard. I figured that I was going to have to do a quick jerk-off since the cool water wasn’t helping it any. I soaped up my hand & started to stroke myself when all of a sudden, this loud banging on the door startled me.



“Mark…I need to get in there…all my stuff is there & I have to get ready.”

“Give me a minute…I’ll be right out!” I figured my jerking off would have to wait so I started to rinse off when the door opened up & Megan walked in.

“Megan…couldn’t you at least wait until I got out?”

“Mark, I have to get in here…besides, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before.”

“Megan…we were like 6 & 3 at the time…it’s a little different now,” I said as I shut the water off & grabbed a towel.

I looked at her bending over the sink trying to apply her makeup. Damn, her ass looked awesome in those panties.

I cleared out of her way, went to my room, got dressed & headed downstairs to eat dinner. Mom had to go out for a while and Dad was still away on maneuvers so it was just me to send her off on her big night.

At around 7:30, my sister came downstairs…she was a vision! Her hair was up but it had a few strands hanging down the sides. The navy blue satin dress she wore clung to her body and her shoes made her at least an inch taller. She was stunning!

“Damn Meg…you look beautiful!”

“Do you think so?”

“Oh yea…you’re a hottie!…every guy will be looking at you tonight!”

Megan smiled…”Thanks Mark…I kind of feel sexy tonight!”

Since Mom & Dad weren’t home, I took it upon myself to give her the whole sex-talk thing…making sure that she didn’t go too far & that no means no…that kind of crap. She laughed & rolled her eyes & said “OK escort ataşehir Dad!” I snapped a few pictures so we could show them how beautiful she looked.

We sat & talked while we waited for Frankie to pick her up. 15 minutes…then a half hour…then an hour….I couldn’t believe it…this asshole stood up my sister! She sat there…looking at the door…tears streaming down her face…she looked like a fragile little girl that had just had her dreams shattered. I was going to kick Frankie’s ass but first, I had to take care of her.

I ran upstairs, stripped down, threw on one of my blue suits and slipped out the back door. I took some flowers from the garden and walked around to the front of the house. I rang the doorbell and as she answered the door, she burst into tears.

“Hi..I’m Mark and I’ve come to take you to the Dance!” I said…trying to make it as real as it could get at this point.

“Hi Mark,” she said, trying to smile & sniffling.

I took her hand and we walked out to my car. I opened her door & helped her in. I got in my side & we drove off to a place just over the town border. It wasn’t where she intended to go, but they have good food & in the adjoining room, they usually have bands so we could do some dancing.

We spent the night hanging out & talking and after we ate, we went next door & started to dance. Megan looked so happy…I guess she forgot about being dumped. She definitely was a looker & I was proud to be her date!

After dancing the night away, we decided to go home. I walked her to the front door & said my goodnights….

“Well Megan, I really had a great time with you tonight…thanks for being my date!”

She smiled & laughed, picking up on what I was doing….

“Well I should be thanking you…I had an amazing night!”

I started to get a little bolder now…

“Well, I would love to see you again…would you like to go out another time?”

“Yes, Mark…I would love that!”

“Great…I’ll call you then. Have a good night!” I leaned in & gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She started to tear up and she said “Definitely call me,” as she leaned in & kissed me lightly on the lips.

The kiss was electrifying. It sent waves through my body like nothing before. I had kissed alot of girls before but this was different…better. I noticed that my dick was starting to swell so I said goodbye again & left. She closed the door & ran upstairs. I walked in the back door, up the stairs & quickly stripped out of my suit. I crawled into bed & turned on the tv. About 5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

There kadıköy escort in the doorway stood my baby sister Megan. She had on the same little tank top & panties from before & her hair was in a pigtail.

“Hey Meg…how was your night at the Prom?”

She burst into tears & started laughing & in a flash she bounded over to my bed & jumped on top of me, throwing her arms around my neck & resting her head on my chest! She looked up at me & as our eyes gazed at each others, she leaned in & kissed me again on the lips. It started slow but eventually, the passion kicked in & before I knew it, my sisters tongue was dueling with mine. She was breathing heavier now & I could feel her slightly grinding against me. This was not helping my dick at all and soon it started to swell with lust.

After about 5 minutes of making out, Megan sat up, straddled me & took her tank top off & threw it to the floor. She had the most gorgeous tits I had ever seen. They were pretty damn small but they were a good size for her body. She didn’t have much plumpness to them as they appeared to be more banana-like in shape but she had the cutest, puffiest nipples I have ever seen.

I leaned up & slowly took one in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how soft they were & how perfectly they fit in my mouth. First the left nipple…then the right one…then I licked between them & back up to her neck, then her lips. She pulled my shirt up & off my body then layed me back down & kept grinding on my now-hard cock.

I rolled her over so that I was on top of her & I sat up & looked down at her…God, she was gorgeous! I kissed my way down her body & slid my tongue around & in her belly button. She had a hand on my head, playing with my hair, guiding me lower. As I kissed her body, I slid my fingers into the waistband of her panties & slowly pulled them down & off of her. I looked down at her & I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Megan’s pussy was the most perfect pussy I have ever seen in my life…in person, from a magazine or video…hands down, it was the best. It was a perfect shade of pink and it was so perfectly formed, you would think it was fake. Her lips were so tight that you would have to pry it open just to see her inner lips. I mean it was shut tight. There was not a single trace of hair on it, it was that smooth. I had to stop & think if she had even started growing hair there yet, that’s how smooth it was! (of course she had …she just shaved it off & used lotion to keep it soft!). I pulled her legs back a little and was treated to the most delicious pink asshole I have ever seen. It was honestly pink & it actually looked maltepe escort bayan like it was kind of open a bit…not shut tight like you would normally see…almost as if it were waiting for something to be put BACK in there. Hmmm…interesting thought…I’ll have to investigate further on this one.

I pushed her legs back so that they were up by her chest & I slowly stuck my tongue out & licked from her tiny asshole through her pussy up to her clit…which was hard & sticking out. She arched her back & let out a long moan as my tongue explored her pussy.

“Oh God, Mark…that feels sooo good …your tongue licking my…my…my pussy!” pussy…that was the first time I had ever heard my baby sister talk like that & it got my cock so hard hearing her say that.

I licked her harder & faster, my tongue now concentrating on her exposed clit. I wrapped he arms around her waist & proceeded to lick her for all she was worth. Her pussy was leaking juice like a faucet that never got shut off completely. It tasted like fresh strawberries & I lapped it up like I had been starved.

“I’m so close, Mark…I’m going to cum soon…please…make me cum, Mark…make me cum!”

Knowing I had my baby sister on the verge of an earth-shattering orgasm made me devour her pussy. In the next few seconds, I watched her eyes roll back into her head & her tiny hands gripped the sheets. She arched her back & started panting really hard & fast.

“Here it comes, Mark…I’m..I’m ..Cummingggggg…MMMAAAARRRRKKKKK……….”

Her tiny body thrashed around on the bed & I had to hold her down with my arms while she came. I could actually see her stomach muscles twitching & rippling as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy got so hot & I felt my chin getting wetter & wetter as I attacked her clit. I thought I was going to drown in her cum, she was leaking it so bad. She flopped around for another minute until her body just shut down and she passed out cold from the sheer force of her cum. Her legs went limp and she didn’t move. As I kept on licking her clit, her body would jump every so often, as if the impulses were shocking her. I finally stopped & crawled up her body, laying on top of her & stroking her hair & kissing her lips until she woke up.

“Welcome back, sweetie,” I said…

“What happened?” she asked….

“You passed out, baby girl…you came so hard that you passed out…..”

“Oh my God!…I did…didn’t I?…Mmmmmm…that felt soooo goood! I’ve never cum that hard before…even when I masturbate!”

My cock twitched again…she just admitted to me that she masturbates. God, what a sight that must be.


“Yea, sweetie…?”

“Did you cum when I did?”

“Not yet, baby…”

“Good…I was afraid I missed it!….”

With that last comment, she rolled over on top of me & started kissing her way down my body……

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