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I was very excited about this weekend’s unexpected trip to the Wine Country by train. My friend was supposed to use this ticket, but an unexpected schedule change gave me the opportunity to go in her place.

So, there I was…following the gray-haired porter to my seat. We walked towards the end of the cars, passing other fellow travelers boarding, up three metal steps, and he opened the door to a private compartment. I told him there must be some mistake, but he said this was the seat reserved with my ticket.

He placed my overnight bag on the rack, told me what time the dining room opened for dinner, and departed, closing the compartment door behind him.

I sat down on the couch and settled in for the ride, wondering about the adventure that lay before me this weekend. I was looking forward to touring vineyards and sampling the grapes. My friend had reserved an ocean view room for me in a quaint bed-and-breakfast.

With a jolt, the train started forward. Slowly at first then picking up speed. I felt the rhythm of the train scaling along the tracks vibrating through my body. It was settling into a soothing pace, a smooth and constant rhythm, hearing the clanking of the train, the wail of the whistle.

As I leaned back into the cushion, I closed my eyes, and relaxed my body, brushed a few strands of hair away from my face. Sighing deeply. I don’t remember being lulled to sleep.

But a little while later when I opened my eyes, still groggy, sitting across from me in the recliner was an attractive man of European elegance, dark hair, dressed in a pair of black slacks, a black dress shirt accented with a royal purple silk tie and a black leather jacket.

His eyes were protected by dark glasses. You know the ones — expensive aviator shades– a classic burnished leather briefcase resting close to him on the floor. His long, tanned fingers with manicured nails were on the armrests. I could see an expensive silver watch on his left wrist poking from the cuff of his shirt. He was watching me. Even through the dark glasses I could feel his eyes scrutinizing me.

It was kind of unnerving to know I was being stared at. So obviously impolite and rude. I would have been scolded by my father for staring at someone….by being this rude.

But, then I realized that while I had slept my legs had spread open and judging from his angle, he had been able to see right up my short black pleated skirt. Embarrassed by my unintentional display I quickly closed my legs and sat up, straightening myself, patting my skirt, fixing the neckline of my blouse.

Stammering “Hello”, I felt a warming blush rising from my chest up past my neck reddening my face. There was no denying he had gotten a peek at the baby blue satin panties covering my mound. His lips curled slowly into a secret-keeping smile, showing perfect white teeth, totally disarming me. It was then I knew for sure that he had gotten a surprise show, and despite the apparent situation I attempted to maintain my composure. I was embarrassed, but hopefully didn’t let it show too much. He still had not uttered one word, or even actually acknowledged he’d sneaked a panty peek. But it was obvious his eyes were still focused at that sweet spot under my skirt. He didn’t even seem self-concious at getting caught looking.

I saw him lick his lips. His tongue teasing the corners of his mouth as though he had just tasted something sweet. I could not see past the dark glasses to his eyes and yet I knew he was seeing through the thin fabric of my clothes straight to my bare skin. A shiver went through my body. He had begun to make me uncomfortable. Not really nervous or afraid, but this was not right to do. To stare at someone so intently and not seem to mind the victim is aware of this. A twisted voyeuristic act, perhaps?

And then he sat back a bit more in that chair, looking almost regal.


Not one word was said.

I sat there watching him for a few minutes, unsure if I should say something or not. He continued to watch me, and I found myself beginning to squirm around in my seat. I became a little bit more self-conscious, crossed and uncrossed my legs, letting my high-heeled black leather sandal dangle from my foot. I took the high road and broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Hello.” I said again. “I didn’t realize this compartment would be shared.”

He didn’t respond, but continued to watch me.

Looking at him I realized he was an attractive man… sexy in a GQ sort of way. I figured him to be about 40’s-50’s, though he did have a boyish charm about him.

I smiled to myself.

“hhmmm well..since you aren’t being very friendly….” and I stood up to stand in front of the window to get a better look at the passing countryside scenery.

Well….not really.

I stood up to stand in front of the window to give him a better look at me, I admitted to myself.

Attempting to pose seductively on a moving train was not an easy task, but I put each hand out resting on the window railing, leaning a bit forward. türkçe porno As if to balance with the train’s movement I had my legs spread wide open and because of my leaning forward position. well, that just succeeded in tilting my bottom up. I must say I did strike a very seductive pose, considering the location.

And really… there was no reason to do that. I looked at his reflection in the window and saw that he had turned the recliner to face me so that it was possible for him to continue observing me. He obviously found me interesting enough to blatantly stare at me. I almost began to find the idea of seducing a train companion rather intriguing but I knew it was not the proper thing to do. Knowing, of course, that I was not the type of woman to actually follow through on my teasing with a stranger. No! Never! I wasn’t brought up to act like that. I didn’t know anything about him other than he was sort of intriguing me with the aura of “Mysterious Stranger” surrounding him.

We must have remained in our respective positions for almost 20 minutes, during which time I did try to tease him by using the train’s motion to my advantage and shake and wiggle my skirted round bottom, always innocently, of course.

I was bare legged and my skirt was shorter with me leaning forward, barely covering my ass.

As the train went around a curve I had to catch myself from losing my balance. I giggled at the thought of falling onto this man’s lap.

He cleared his throat.

I made no move to face him, but continued to stare out the window.

Clearing his throat again he said “It is not very ladylike the way you are teasing me. You have no idea who I am, yet you think nothing of shaking your bottom at me.”

I found myself thinking who is he to judge my behavior? Afterall, he was a stranger, someone I didn’t know, and what business is it of his if I did find him sort of sexy in a mysterious man kind of way?

I slowly turned around and gave him a challenging look, while at the same time attempting to exude a seductive attitude.

“Excuse me?” I asked him in a low voice, thinking what do I care what he thinks. “Who are you? The Manners Police?” I said in an obnoxious tone of voice.

“You are looking for trouble by acting that way. Do you think a young Lady should be flaunting herself before a stranger?” he asked.

“Welllll…noooooooo, but…” I stammered. He took me off guard with his question. “I am just standing here admiring the view.” I continued.

“You are standing there hoping I will admire the scenery, all right, young Lady.” he said and held out his hand. I reached my hand out to shake his and he pulled me closer towards him. I could barely make out his eyes behind the dark glasses.

“Shame on you for this flaunting behavior.” he continued in very low, enunciated words. “Showing yourself like that in front of a stranger. Do you think this is proper behavior?”

“Welllll….there really is nothing bad about it. I was just, you know, playing. Teasing.” I answered. “I didn’t mean anything and you certainly are not hurt. I don’t see as my behavior is any of your business.”

“I think you should be taught not to tease a Man in such a manner.” he firmly said. “What do you think would be proper discipline for such an act?”

“I don’t know. ” shrugging my shoulders. “Nothing. I don’t think there should be discipline. I did nothing wrong.” I tried to pull my wrist away, but he had hold of me firmly in his grasp.

“No discipline for your blatant behavior?” he questioned raising his eyebrows challenging my response.

“Ha! What are you gonna do? Spank me? You know there’s nothing you can do.” and I said it in an offhanded but equally challenging tone. Almost taunting him with my words.

And so quietly, yet strongly he answered “Yes. I think that would be appropriate discipline for such behavior.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait a minute. I was only kidding.” I said rather nervously. “You have no right to do this.”

But as my words tumbled from my mouth he pulled the hand he was holding of mine closer to him and led me to his right side where he proceeded to take his hand across his lap.

He had a pretty good grasp of my wrist and I could do nothing but comply as he forced me to lay over his lap. I could not believe the position I had gotten myself into. And I got very nervous very quickly.

“Wait. This isn’t fair. You shouldn’t be doing this!” My voice started to shake with fear. “You have to stop!” I demanded. “I’ll scream.” I could feel the nerves in my body becoming alive close to the surface of my skin. He positioned me over his lap so that he had perfect aim at my creamy white cheeks.

“Wait. Pleeeease.” I begged as he slowly lifted my pleated skirt up towards my waist revealing my baby blue satin panties encasing my bottom.

A low growl escaped from his lips at seeing what lay helpless and vulnerable across his lap.

“You can’t do this.” I protested. “You have no right!” But I did nothing to move from my sikiş izle position. Somehow I knew this was going to happen no matter how much I protested.

I gasped as I felt his left hand cross over the small of my back. He held me securely in position with his arm as his right hand began to gently stroke in one long motion from my waist, down, over across one cheek, lingering for a moment at the tender flesh, then down along my inner thigh.

His hand moved to my other thigh, teasing his fingertips up until they were between my legs and I involuntarily tilted my bottom up to him in response. He mockingly laughed in a deep voice and drew his hand up over my other cheek, making circles with the palm of his hand. Around…and around….feeling each cheek, scraping his nails along my tender flesh.

I felt a quiver go through my body and goosebumps rising on my skin. I was embarrassed at my response.

“Enjoying this, young lady?” he asked.

I didn’t say anything at first and he repeated his question in a tone that expected a response.

Answering in the most quiet of voices I said yes. I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew this was exciting to me – and the moisture forming between my legs attested to that. I hoped he wouldn’t found out.

I started to relax with his touch, thinking that he had just been scaring me by saying he would spank me when smack! across one cheek making me jump with the surprise of his hand. And again! on the other cheek. This was real. He was spanking me. I cried out at the surprised sharpness of his bare hand against my cheeks.

His hands rhythmically spanked my bottom with a medium pressure, alternating between cheeks. I moved around his lap with each smack, feeling the warmth spread across my tender skin. How funny that the warmth was also spreading between my legs.

As his hand landed on my inner thigh I had begun to desire to feel his hand move higher, touching my clit, which by this time was excited and craving proper attention.

Oh my god, I thought. His spanking is making me hot….craving, wanting his touch.

I couldn’t believe it. This was so embarrassing and I became very self-conscious.

With every swat of his hand I felt my mound rubbing against his stiff cock, still hidden within his slacks, teasing me, creating a fire deep within me.

I tried desperately not to respond.

He varied the placement of his hand, sometimes on one cheek, sometimes underneath the cheek, and there were some spanks to my inner thighs. A low moan spilled from my mouth. Actually, it sounded more like a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

“Do you have something to say, young lady?” he asked in a commanding voice that clearly expected me to answer.

“No. But I am not liking this and suggest you stop right now.” I answered in a shaking voice. “I hate this.” and tears filled my eyes.

And he took his right hand and s l o w l y slid my panties down until they were resting below my knees. It was apparent that I was aroused from the spanking by the big wet spot soaking into the thin fabric.

“Your panties are wet, young lady. It seems your pussy is betraying you.” he said. And he took a finger, swiping it across my clit and brought it up glistening with my feminine juices. His finger wet with my honey was in front of my face and he firmly told me to lick his finger clean.

I hesitated for a moment….not because I was afraid to, but rather because I very much wanted to lick his finger. To feel it hard in my mouth, my tongue licking him around and around that stick. It seemed that the more I was spanked, the more excited I became and my pussy was responding by lubricating itself…ready, wanting, needing more. And that was proven by the flood happening between my legs. I felt my wetness creeping down my thighs. I could smell my musky fragrance on his hand.

“Young lady! Open your mouth.” he ordered.

I opened my mouth letting my tongue snake out and began to lick his finger clean. The way I caressed his finger was the way I would caress his stiff cock. Encircling his finger, around and around…licking it up all the way to the tip of his finger…and then down again. I made animal sounds as I took that finger and sucked it deep into my mouth, twisting my tongue around it.

Under my belly I felt his strength hardening as I sucked his finger clean. As I began to rhythmically push my mound against the increasing hardness he abruptly removed his finger from my mouth.

“Oooohhh” I whimpered feeling suddenly empty.

His hand once again began to tap on my bottom, only this time my cheeks were bright red from the earlier spanking and I was much more sensitive.

As his hand came down harder this time I jumped at the first swat. This spanking was not to be as easy as the one before.

But each time his hand had contact on my cheeks, or my thigh, or my upper leg, he soothed the skin by rubbing his hand over the reddening area. I was feeling an intense combination of pain from the spanking with the pleasure of his touch. porno 64 Each time he rubbed his hand across my bottom he would let his fingers wander deeper between my legs, until he was alternating two hard spanks and then pleasure with his fingers delving into my pussy, which by this time, with every swat of his hand, became wetter and wetter until it seemed I would never stop pouring out my juice.

He brought his hands between my legs and I felt his fingers flicking around my swollen clit. He started pulling on my little nub, causing my hips to grind into his lap. I moaned with desire yearning for release, to cum, to know my body’s quivering and spasms. I was sooooooo slippery that if he would have held his hand tight up against my slit I could have cum.

“Did you say something, young lady?” he asked. “

“Haven’t I been punished enough?” I asked him in a pleading voice.

“Your bottom is nice and rosy colored and it is obvious you want something. Is there something you require?”

“Yes. I want you to stop…….. please.” I said quietly.

“Is that what you really want, young lady?” he asked.

I was not sure if I should admit it, but I wanted to cum and this man held the key to my pleasure. But it was not the kind of position I was used to being in and I was very embarrassed that I was enjoying the spanking as much as I was.

“I would like to cum.” I said whimpered meekly.

“What?” he asked.

I repeated “I would like to cum.”

After a few moments pause….

“Beg me for pleasure and pleasure will be yours.” he responded.

And as much as I didn’t want to beg — have never had to beg for anything in my life — the need to cum was much stronger than my pride. I was desperate for the touch of his hand against my silky skin. Desperate enough to let the words pour out from my mouth, to beg him for pleasure. I told him I wanted to feel him deep inside me, pushing hard – to take my pussy. As I pleaded and begged for him to fuck me, I realized that I really did need to beg for his cock. I knew that I needed relief from the internal fire He had built and He was the only one able to help me, to satisfy my needs and desires.

“Please, please help me.” I wailed. “Release me from this desire. I beg of you. I have needs, too. Take your cock and fuck my pussy. Make me cum for you! Please. Please! Let my juices flow around your shaft, bathing it in my honey.” Tears started to fall down my cheeks. I did not think of the shame in asking — noooo…..begging —- for relief. I just knew my body was crying for help.

And he loosened his grip on my lower back, allowing me to rise before him.

He reached out and squeezed my nipples. “Tell me again. What do you want?” he asked in almost a mocking tone. As soon as his fingers began to twist and pull at my nipples I felt a gush of my feminine juices slipping down my thighs.

“Please.” I tearfully wailed. “I beg of you. Allow me the pleasure of feeling you deep inside me. oh god, please, please let me show you pleasure….and…and” in between sobs…..”I want you to fill me up with your hard, swollen cock as you push me right up to the edge and over into an orgasm.” I was almost mortified at my desire. It was humiliated to be begging for his maleness. But yet, I needed this..needed to feel him surrounding me, filling me up. I wanted to feel his hands grabbing my tits…wanted to hear him moan with pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity, He stood me up at the window in the same position I was in before this all started and said “Since you enjoyed the scenery so much…maybe others will also enjoy your scenery……. they can all watch your dripping pussy being fucked by me long and hard.”

He bent me over at the waist so my head was almost touching the glass and pushed my legs further apart using his foot. He brought his fingers down deep between my legs and massaged my clit. I was slick with my juice and smelled the musk rising from my body. Even with that slight fingering I was already pushing my bottom back to him.

I heard him unzip his slacks. His hands went to my hips and he pushed his engorged cockhead up to my pussy, teasing my hole. I knew my opening was twitching with desire and I felt him pull me closer, forcing himself between my folds. I was moaning with animal lust and grunting my desire. He took his time impaling me with his cock, letting us both enjoy that first deep thrust, pulling me back onto him until I felt his filled balls swinging against my clit.

Then he started his hips moving, grinding against my red bottom. The faster he increased the intensity of fucking me, the more his balls slapped against my button, teasing the tip of my clit with each swing of his big full balls. My juice was making it all soooo slippery.

I was bucking up against him at a hard fast pace, sliding his prick out to my slit then back down deep again…again…and again..pushing….forcing him inside me, taking his strength deep and sliding along the stiffness.

As he was fucking me…harder and harder, deeper and forcing his cock into my dripping cunt, I hardly noticed the train was slowing down..coming to a station. But concentrating on the view was difficult with this man’s long, thick rock-hard cock in my wet tunnel fucking me with such impaling..urgent strokes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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