Pulled Over 01

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I was cruising along the road was empty, being on a strip of road where there was little to no traffic it usually was like this. The lights caught my eye right away, a cruiser pulling me over for what exactly was my question right now.

I pulled off on the paved side of the road, he sat in his car as he ran my plates to see if I was wanted. He slowly got out of his car, these guys had such a bad reputation for being the biggest ass holes imaginable especially to gay guys like myself.

I was worried, here I was alone on this road, if this cop decided he did not like me then what. Come on, being gay in some parts of the world still get you in trouble, some get you killed. I am not talking outside of our own country, even here you have to be careful not to piss off the wrong person.

I got my registration and license ready, hands on the steering wheel, ten and two, he came up to my car, careful that I may try to harm him in some way. He walked up, damn he had a great body, that perfect Vee shaped torso, strong muscular legs.

His trousers barely able to hold his thighs in place, the bulge so easy to see, his cock down his pant leg, his balls on the left his cock on the right, clearly the man did not wear underwear. He stood by my car door I handed him my license and registration.

“Sir do you know why I stopped you?”

“Being honest I really do not I’m sorry.”

“You were driving pretty fast were you not?”

“I will not argue with you there Officer, this stretch of road is so long, no curves, just a straight road, no trees, not even any wildlife, and okay music blaring.”

“Still no reason to be driving as fast as you were Sir.”

I always hated when these younger guys called me Sir like I was a hundred years old or something. He went to his car to run my information to see if I was wanted. That ass of his was incredible, his cheeks rippled as he walked.

He got out of his car and came back to my door.

“I need you to step out of the car Sir.”

“Yes of course Officer.”

I unbuckled my seat belt then opened the door, I got out and he ushered eryaman escort me to the front of my car, I got a quick glipse of the man’s cock, it clearly was twice in size. He pushed me up against the front of my SUV, his hands on my shoulders, he would pat me down.

“Any weapons, sharp object, anything that might harm me in any way Sir?”

“No Officer, did I do something wrong?”

“Not yet Sir, but I know your type.”

What to hell did that mean, me Mr. law abiding citizen, this was my first speeding ticket. He had my hands up on my SUV, he pressed his body to mine as his hands went down my shoulders to my back. Down my sides which made me pull in as his touch tickled me.

I felt his big cock pressed up against my ass, damn this guy was hung, he kicked my feet apart his hands in my pockets, my own cock was growing at an alarming rate. His hand brushed the side of my cock and I moaned.

His hands went down my right leg then back up to my left side, his hand inside my pocket he felt my nuts. I almost came as he fondled my balls, his hand went down the side of my leg, then back up to my ass. I had to pick today to have my butt plug in my ass, and yeah he felt it.

“What is this Sir? Is this some kind of weapon or contraband?”

“It’s a sex toy Officer, I have a butt plug in my ass right now.”

His right hand massaged it pressing it inwards, I moaned as he did this to me, I so wanted this man’s cock inside me right now. He did not ask me simply unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped me, he roughly pulled down my pants.

He bent me over so he could see the toy inside of me right now, he spread my cheeks and fiddled with the toy. He had me giddy, close to an orgasm, riding the toy can actually make me cum sometimes and I was so horny lately that I knew I would be shooting a load real soon.

He spent a lot of time touching my ass, he reached in and grabbed my cock which was pouring out precum like a garden hose. He pulled the plug half way out then slid it back in, he did this a few times where I was sincan escort so clsoe to orgasm. He pulled back and told me to take it off, he did not say what but just to take it off.

He walked back to his car, he readjusted his equipment then he would call in to tell them he would be off the air for the night his shift over, he put his gun belt in his car, then made his way back to me. I was not clear on what he wanted me to take off so I took it all off.

My clothes on the hood of my SUV I had even taken off my socks, he came up and stood there looking at me. His cock was magnificent, it snaked down his pant leg so thick and so long, I wanted to touch it, feel it, lick it, suck it. He could clearly see the lust in my eyes, besides the fact I was standing here naked rock hard and lusting after him.

He came in close to me, his face so close to my own, I placed my hand on the side of his face pulling him in so I could kiss him. He put his big hand on the back of my neck and pressed his manly lips to my own. I was his right now, I had no self control, he could do what he wanted to me right now.

I slid my hand down his cheek to his neck to his muscular chest, my hand lingered on his magnificent pec, I felt his nipple so pointy and so hard. I was ready to blow a load just feeling his pec, he pulled me back in and my hand went to his massive weapon.

This cock of his would hurt so good inside my mouth or ass, he pulled me to the side of my SUV, he opened the front and the back door on the passenger side of my car. This would keep us hidden in case someone drove by.

He stood in front of me and pulled me in for another kiss, he pulled me in tight to his hot manly body, I ran my hands along the sides of his body, even his back was muscular. I slowly fell too my knees, I had to see it, I had to hold it in my hand.

I unbuckled him, the zipper slowly coming down cog by cog, his cock pulsed, he did not have any underwear on. Pretty sure he did not have room for them inside of these trousers he wore, I slowly peeled him out etlik escort of his pants.

His pubic area was trimmed short, the base of his cock was so wide, the cock never seemed to end as I pulled his pants down. His balls shaved smooth, so perfect, It never seemed to come to an end of his massive cock.

It flopped out and swung in front of my face, the tip hit me with a shot of precum, the man was uncut with a really tight foreskin. His balls hung low and seemed so full of cum for me to feast on, he would later confirm that he was ten and a half by six and a half and had a hard time to find a guy who could easily take his cock.

I held his cock in my hand, he was more than two handfuls, I leaned in and touched his cock with the tip of my tongue. He moaned as I made first contact with his impressive tool, I pressed my lips to it, my tongue slowly slid under the tight hood.

He almost fell back as I played with his big beautiful cock, we repositioned so he was leaning against the seat of my SUV. I held his cock and would not let go, he leaned back and let me do what I wanted to him.

I pulled back the foreskin, his knob so shiny, I put it back and slid my tongue under it, my movements were slow and meticulous. His cock pulsed as I did this, I know he wanted to shove it deep inside my throat, gag me make me choke on his huge tool, use my mouth for his carnal pleasure.

I took in his cock slowly, at the half way point I was sure I could not swallow anymore, but I pushed myself. His cock slowly bottomed out inside my mouth and throat, he and I both impressed that I had accomplished such a feat.

The man wanted to fuck my throat I knew it, I slid it in and out, catching my breath when I could. His whole body tensed up, his cock seemed to get bigger, thicker somehow. His balls in tight, no longer in view, he grabbed my head and punished my mouth and throat as he piled drove his load inside of me.

I pulled back catching my breath, but his cock never left my mouth, I sucked the man dry, he pulled me off of his sensitive cock, he just might be a one load kind of guy. I stood there naked on the side of the road, this handsome cop sitting in my SUV catching his breath.

“Best fucking blow job ever man.”

“Thank you, would love to feel that in my ass as well, would be the biggest cock I have ever had.”

“Give me a few minutes and I just might be able to fulfill that for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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