Pulses Pt. 04

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

“It was so hot,” Amber breathed in my ear. “I could feel he was getting hard for me. He pictured me covered in baby oil, all slippery for him.” My little sister was on her back, legs spread, taking my seven inches. Her ankles were wrapped around my ass as I plunged in and out of her tight pussy.

My name’s Jason, and I have psychic powers. I control these force-zones that I can heat up, vibrate and do other fun things with. I use it on my sister when we fuck to give us both incredible orgasms. Last year Amber read one of my thoughts for the first time; we’ve been practicing together to strengthen her ability.

And today it seemed she picked up the thoughts of a stranger. She was walking down the street when she felt the thoughts of a man walking towards her. Amber’s pretty hot, she’s short but stacked with an hourglass figure. She told me this guy pictured her naked and shiny.

“So as he went past me I winked at him,” she panted. “I felt his surprise too, then it faded. Oh yeah, just like that, brother.” I was railing her hard and deep, her talking about this guy’s lust got to me like that. And I’d found out I love it when she calls me ‘brother’ when we fuck. So hot.

I called up my force-zones and set them to heat and vibrate, one on each nipple and one over her butthole. Amber loves anal too, stimulating her ass really makes her wild. She grabbed the sheets in her fists and started cumming around my cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh Jason! Goddamn I love it when you do that!” she cried. Her cunt was gripping my cock like a vise, I could feel every ripple of her pussy as she came for me.

“Gonna cum now, sis,” I panted. I could feel the cum boiling up my shaft, another thrust and I was spewing my seed in to Amber’s hot wetness. We’d been fucking for over a year now and we still couldn’t get enough of each other.

It had been an eventful year. Our dad passed away, sudden heart attack, and Mom was finally coming out of her shell. Amber and I had been practicing her mind reading too, she could read my mind about 65% of the time now. Usually when I’m horny.

So this new thing, getting the thoughts of a stranger was pretty exciting for both of us. I’m really in love with my little sister, anything that makes her happy makes me happy too. I’d marry her if I could and she knows it. Even better, she feels the same about me.

We were lying in bed enjoying the afterglow when Amber did one of her mental 180s. “Jason, we should talk about Mom.” Just what every man wants right after some great sex. But I listened to her anyway.

“Seriously, big brother,” she went on, “I think she needs a man. She’s ready.” She paused a moment and said, “I’ve been getting vibes from her too.” She got up on one arm and gave me her serious face.

Apparently Amber had been getting mental signals from Mom for a while now. Kinda made sense, we all live in the same house, spend lots of time together. If anyone would know what Mom was thinking it would be Amber.

“I guess Dad must have been a big negative influence on her, really kept her repressed. She’s been thinking about sex a lot lately, I know.” If anyone would know it, Amber would be the one.

“So what do you want to do about it?” I asked. I knew better than to disagree with her; while I’m the one with book smarts Amber’s the people person. Add her new ability and I was sure she was right.

“I’m so glad you asked, big brother,” she said with her devilish grin. “I’ve got a plan in mind…” I listened, getting more and more convinced that my little sister was some sort of social-engineering genius. Or demon. One of the two.

What it came down to was simple. When Mom was around the two of us, Amber would signal me when and I’d do my force-zone thing. Not like I had on Amber at first though. This called for very small and subtle nudges. Basically conditioning Mom so that when she saw us she’d get a little aroused.

“If we take it slow I can keep an eye on her feelings,” Amber said. “If she gets too freaked out or something we can stop.” It occurred to me my sis hadn’t asked me if I would be into having sex with Mom. Or even why Amber would be into it for that matter! But obviously if she was proposing this…

“Amber, really?” I said. “Not just into women but your own mother? Damn, sister! You might just be more perverted than me!” I was seriously impressed.

“Actually, big brother. I got the idea from you. One time when Mom was bending over and you were thinking about her ass.” Amber gave me a big smile, she knows I love reaming her back door. “It was more of a feeling than a thought and it was gone like, right away, but I knew.”

I do have to admit, it was possible I’d had that kind of thought about Mom’s ass. It is pretty nice after all. Our Mom’s name is Rose, she’s in her early fifties and still looks good. Especially lately; since Dad’s passing she’s Didim Escort been taking more care with her appearance, even working out.

“I trust you then, sis. When do we start?” I was thinking no time like the present.

“Yes, big bro, no time like the present! Let’s start tonight!” Amber leaned over and gave me a kiss, soon we were getting heated up again. “All right, Jason, but just a quick one.” Having a mind reading sister was pretty great sometimes.

So over the next week or two when the three of us were all home together Amber would give me the signal and I’d give Mom a quick jolt. I couldn’t figure out why she had me do it when she did, it seemed random to me and I told Amber as much one afternoon when Mom was at book club.

“Just leave it to me,” she said. “I’m picking times when Mom’s thoughts are going a certain way. And guess what, big brother? It’s working!” Amber soon picked up on what I was thinking, and without reading my mind. Thinking about the whole thing was making me hard.

“Really?” I asked. We were talking in her room, once Amber saw my erection under my jeans she just started stripping. She knew what I was thinking after all. I wanted her, now.

“Mmm, I love that you have such strong lust for me, I love feeling it. It makes me tingle all over,” Amber breathed. “Yeah, I do want it in the ass, you know me so well, big brother.”

Oh hell yeah. I had my clothes off before her for once, my cock standing proud, hungry for little sister’s ass. Without asking she assumed the position I wanted, standing with her legs spread, bent over the bed. She looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes huge and dark.

I called up a force-zone and pulled moisture out of the air, set it over my sister’s tight sphincter, soon she was glistening. I got behind her and got my cock-head into place and shoved, a long slow glide into her guts. She was tight as always, god her ass felt good on my dick!

“Oh fuck yeah,” my little sister breathed as I slid into her. I grabbed her hips and started swinging mine, getting a nice rhythm going. I loved watching my cock disappear into Amber’s sweet cheeks, and Amber was practically purring.

I had something new I’d been practicing, I wondered if little sis had picked it out of my mind yet. I called it the swarm. I broke my three zones into hundreds of tiny spots and ran them all over a surface like a flock of birds wheeling in the sky.

“Oh yeah Jason, do it!” Amber cried. She must have heard me thinking about it just now. I spread the swarm all over Amber’s body and made them vibrate and swirl over her skin.

Amber threw her head back and screamed in pleasure. “Holy fuck, Jason! Oh god!” Her knees went but I was ready and held her up by the hips as I reamed her butthole. She was shaking, cumming around my turgid rod as my swarm stimulated her skin, nipples, clit and ass all at once.

I thought I was ready but the strength of her orgasm caught us both by surprise. My cock was getting the same stimulation and I shot my wad, moaning with pleasure as Amber’s sphincter milked my wang.

My little sister was shaking with the force of her cum, toes curled, face flushed. She gasped out “Stop!” and I sent the swarm away to the aether. She shuddered for a long time, white knuckles gripping the sheets, panting like a marathon runner.

At last her eyes rolled back into place and she looked at me, incredulous. “Never? Oh brother, you have to try it!” Amber had read my reaction to her reaction, she was right, I’d never used it on myself. I knew Amber would pick up on that right away, I’d been using a balloon to practice on.

“I’m serious, big brother, lay on the bed and try it!” Amber still looked a bit zonked out, she scooted over and I climbed in next to her. I closed my eyes and set the swarm over myself.

Hundreds of tiny invisible hands were caressing me everywhere, it was the most intensely sexual feeling I’d ever felt. I was immediately hard again and ready to cum at the slightest touch. I gasped out loud and my back arched as if I was galvanized.

I shut it off right away, my god, that’s what it was like? I could get seriously addicted to this! And I hadn’t even added heat or moisture to the mix! My mind whirled with the possibilities.

Amber as always brought me back to the practicalities. “And you had that on me for much longer!” she said with an evil grin. “Better save that for emergencies! Now back to the Mom situation.” Why does she always bring that up right after sex?

She felt Mom was close to accepting the thought of sleeping with her kids. “Remember, my room’s next to hers and I can pick up those lusty feelings she gets at night. Oh! Did I tell you? She ordered a vibrator on-line, she’s been using it too.”

Oh really? I wondered what she’d been fantasizing about. I thought about putting a microphone in her room, for just a second I swear but Amber still ‘heard’ it in my head and swatted Didim Escort Bayan me one.

That ended that session. A few days later we were all watching a movie on the tube when Amber got my attention by a gentle elbow to the ribs. She mouthed the word Now, I shrugged and gave Mom a very quick jolt, the basic three points on her nipples and clit.

Mom was sitting by Amber, she squirmed for a moment then said, “I’m going to the bathroom, you don’t have to pause it, I’ll be right back.” She got up in a hurry and headed to the downstairs bath.

We watched her leave, then Amber whispered, “I think she’s ready, want to try tonight?” Amber’s breath was hot in my ear.

“You think she’s going to rub one out quick?” I asked. Suddenly I was imagining my Mom in the bathroom down the hall, pants around her ankles, teasing her clit. I was hard as a rock in no time. “Hell yeah then, tonight’s the night!”

Amber was panting, next to me on the couch. We were staring at each other, I was certain my sister was reading my lust for our Mom. She was licking her lips, her legs spread unconsciously. I leaned forward an inch and then we were kissing, running our hands over each other and moaning.

My little sister climbed in my lap, facing me, and put her arms around my neck. My boner was right in the soft cleft of her buttocks, throbbing with need. Those magnificent breast pressed against my chest, I put my arms around her and crushed her to me.

I was trying to undress her, or myself, or both of us but Amber kept discouraging it, all the while still making out with me like crazy. She finally broke a passionate kiss to murmur, “Wait, she’ll be coming back soon,” before kissing and sucking my neck.

I almost came in my pants when I realized what her plan was; have Mom walk in on us while we’re almost climbing inside each other. My rod gave a huge thump of approval against Amber’s ass. She ground herself around my dick in a figure eight as my reward.

I lost track of time, making out with Amber consumed everything, lost in her scent and feel. Suddenly Amber tensed a bit and moaned loudly, “Oh fuck yeah!” I got it, Mom was finally back in view.

I played right along. “Oh god sis, you’re so fucking sexy, just like Mom!” I snuck a peek, Mom was frozen in the doorway. I gave her a stronger jolt to her clit and her knees went weak. One hand was grabbing her tit through her shirt while the other drifted down to her pussy.

Amber took it home. “God, I wish Mom would play with us, I want to eat her cunt so bad!” With that she peeled her shirt off and tossed it away. She took off her bra and pretended to see Mom for the first time. “Mom! Oh shit! Oh god! It’s not what it looks like!” Amber cried.

Mom just shook her head, as if a fly was bothering her. She moved towards us as if in a trance. “Jason, Amber, it’s true, oh god…” Her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes grew huge.

Amber got up and went to Mom’s side, I stood and took the other side as we guided her to the couch. She sat down with a look of wonder, she kept looking at us in turn as if making sure this was real.

Amber had finished stripping and was next to Mom on the couch, she was whispering something in her ear. Whatever it was made Mom moan and throw her head back. Amber leaned in and began kissing and licking her neck while I stripped myself naked.

I sat on the other side of the ladies and put an arm around Mom’s shoulders. Amber was now helping Mom get undressed, once her top was off I took her hand and put it on my erect cock. I pulled her close for a kiss as Amber was getting her pants off. Soon we were all naked.

“Oh my god, you two!” Mom gasped, “what are you doing to me?” It was pretty obvious, my little sister was now on the floor between Mom’s legs, I was guiding her hand up and down my cock as I sucked her neck. I pulled her closer and dropped my head to her nipple and chewed gently.

“Is this really happening? Oh Jason, oh my god, Amber, oh my GOD!” My sis was teasing Mom’s clit, flicking it with her tongue while she held Mom’s thick cunt-lips apart.

I thought I’d help out a little too. I called up a zone and set it to warm/vibrate, then hit her taint with it. She gasped and her eyes closed, her hand gripped my cock hard, I loved it! I put another one on her other nipple and she turned to me in awe, not understanding but loving it.

I’d forgotten Amber, I set my last zone over her ass and she moaned into Mom’s pussy. Mom and I were making out now, she was jacking my cock like an expert while we swapped tongues.

All at once Mom broke our kiss, threw her head back and shouted “Oh Amber! Oh! Oh god! Oh fuck! Cumming!” Her face grew flushed, I could feel her trembling in my embrace as her daughter licked and sucked her pussy to orgasm.

I held Mom tight and moved my force-zones to her chest, really letting loose with both heat and vibration on her nipples. I was Escort Didim nuzzling her neck as Amber held Mom’s legs apart, a few moments later she lifter her head from her mother’s twat, her face shiny with juices.

Amber grinned up at Mom and said, “Mmm, your cunt tastes so good, Mom, best one I’ve ever eaten.” Mom was still gasping, her body giving her aftershocks of pleasure. “Would you like to lick my pussy, Mommy? Make your little girl cum on your tongue? I know you’ve been thinking about it.”

I thought it was time for a bed. I picked Mom up and set her on shaky legs. “Come on, Mom,” I said. “She really does know what you want. And we want it too, both of us.” Amber got to her feet and we led Mom into the master bedroom.

“But how? How does she know? And Jason, what was happening to my nipples, were you doing that?” Mom wanted explanations, but there would be time for those later. Right now I wanted to fuck the hole I came out of.

I picked Mom up again and tossed her into the middle of the bed. Amber quickly straddled Mom’s face while I got between her legs. I held them up by the ankles and rubbed my cock all over her hairy pussy. Amber was holding her cunt open for Mom’s tongue, her huge tits pressed together.

“Mmm, yeah, lick me Mommy!” Amber gasped. I ran my dick up Mom’s slit and entered her on the down-stroke, making her squeal into my little sister’s hole. Mom’s cunt was hot, way hotter than Amber’s usually was. My cock throbbed with pleasure.

“God, Mom, your cunt’s incredible,” I hissed. Her pussy was stretching, fitting me like a glove as I pumped my rod into her willing snatch. Mom grabbed her tits and mauled her nipples as I fucked the shit out of her.

“See,…brother, I was… right,” Amber panted. She was leaning back now, arms propped behind her so her tits were lifted up. Magnificent. I set vibrating force-zones over her nipples and she squealed with delight.

I was pounding Mom’s pussy hard, she was juicing all over us, making our crotches shiny and slippery. I felt my nuts draw up, knew I’d be coming soon. I wanted to jizz inside Mom’s cunt, fill her up with my spunk. Amber was getting close to cumming, her head was thrown back and a flush was creeping up her chest.

“What do you think, Mom? Do you like eating your daughter’s cunt while your son fills your pussy with his dick? Ever been fucked like this before?” I wanted to get into Mom’s head, put all sorts of nasty thoughts in there, let her know her kids were down for anything.

Suddenly Amber grabbed her tits and screamed. “Cumming, oh yes! Oh Mommy! Cumming so good!” Amber’s face was flushed, she was panting and trembling as she pinched her hard nipples. With a huge sigh she scooted off our Mom’s face and curled up next to us.

Mom’s face was shiny with Amber’s pussy juice, she licked her lips and said, “Mmm, oh yes, I’d forgotten how that tastes. Jason, you’re fucking your Mom so good, keep going, yes!” Her eyes were dark with lust, she was fucking her hips up at me.

“Gonna cum, Mom, cum inside your pussy!” I cried. I picked up the pace, slamming fast and hard into Mom’s welcoming cunt; Mom put her arms around my neck and held on as I blasted my seed deep into her. I called up my force-zone and slapped it on Mom’s clit. The heat and vibrations drove her over the edge and we were cumming together.

I felt every ripple of Mom’s cunt, every clump of semen that flew out the end of my dick. Mom was crushing herself to me, her breasts hot and heavy, nips digging into me. I strained to keep as much cock in her as I could as I pulsed over and over, Mom taking everything I could give.

“Oh my GOD, Jason, yes! Oh Yes! You’re fucking me so good, oh my GOD!” I’d let go of her ankles, she wrapped her legs around me and moaned as she rode me.

Amber was watching from the sidelines, stroking herself, keeping her pussy wet. “Fuck, you guys are hot!” she said, hefting a tit so she could suck her hard nipple. “Now I want to see what we look like when we fuck, brother.”

Mom had finally finished cumming and I was getting pretty wiped myself. I slid out of her and collapsed on the sheets. After a minute Mom surprised both of us kids by getting a joint out of her nightstand and sparking up. She passed it to Amber, saying “I know you guys both smoke, come on, have a hit.” She smiled at our surprised faces.

It was surreal at first, the three of us, sitting around naked on Mom’s bed, passing a joint around. But I needed something right then. We talked for a long while, about everything. I explained about my psychic abilities and Amber about hers. Mom talked about how strict and dour Dad had been and why.

“At the time,” Mom explained, “I thought I was just lucky to have a husband.” She’d been home from college one summer when she was caught by her parents having sex with her older brother! They sent him off to the Army, Mom they married off to the most conservative young man they knew. They threatened both of them with everything from hell to public exposure if they didn’t go along.

“So that’s why you were so receptive to our little scheme!” Amber cried. “I wondered sometimes! I thought you’d be way more shocked at me and Jason being lovers.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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