Punishment Ch. 03

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Their kisses were exciting, searching, and arousing. He could feel himself hardening again as she ground her pelvis into him. He had just undergone an eye opening experience and was still turned on by it yet scared, too. Even though he was sharing heated kisses with her, he found his mind going back to the past hour and what his mate had done to him in such a short period of time. She had doctored on him by giving him an enema to relieve his constipation. He had been reluctant but the pain and discomfort had made him give in to her suggestions.

He had surprisingly enjoyed her getting him ready for the nozzle by lubricating his anus and inserting her finger to stretch him out some. He had even enjoyed the feeling of the lubricated nozzle as she manipulated it in and out of him prior to releasing the water into his bowels. Even the water rushing into his bowels felt good to him. Her hands massaging his stomach as it distended with the warm water felt good to him, especially since he was miserable with his constipation at this point.

He remembered the horror that swept over him as he saw the butt plug she intended to shove up his ass and a laugh almost bubbled out of him. He pulled her closer and tangled his tongue deeper into her hot mouth to muffle the laugh before it could escape. His asshole puckered at the thought of that lubricated toy being shoved in there to hold back the dam of shit that was almost ready to explode.

He could feel himself get even harder as he recalled how her talented mouth had sucked the sperm out of him before he had been allowed to finally expel three days worth of backed up bowels. He could feel her hands running down and cupping his butt cheeks as they kisses and he did the same to her.

His mind flashed back to a couple of weeks ago when she had let him fuck her in the ass and how much she seemed to enjoy it and how explosive his ejaculation had been a little while ago when she was sucking him while she shoved that butt plug deeper into his tight hole.

Damn, he wondered, what was wrong with him? His asshole had always been private, how could she make him feel so good doing the things she did to him. He wasn’t gay. He was never attracted to other men. He almost pulled away when he felt her hands run inside the silk boxers that he had pulled on before coming back into the room after expelling the enema but quickly caught himself and let her hands go where they would.

Breaking their kiss but not his hold on her, he whispered into her ear, “I didn’t shower yet, and I might not be too clean after that last go round on the commode.”

She giggled before sliding her hands slowly out of his boxers. “You could be right, shall we take a shower?”

He playfully swatted her butt before taking her hand and pulling her towards the door of their master bedroom. “Sure,” he laughed, “but let’s use the hall bathroom. I think that one needs to air out a bit first, don’t you?”

She followed along behind him laughing and swinging his hand between them. “I’m right behind you.”

They made their way to the hall bath and she started lighting candles as he adjusted the water temperature.

“Why don’t you run a tub and I will give you a bubble bath,” she suggested.

Shrugging, “Why not,” he said and put the stopper in the drain.

“Here,” she said, and handed him some bubble bath and turned and got a fresh wash cloth from under the sink.

They started kissing again while the water was running and he could feel himself getting hard again. She let her hand stroke him gently a few times before leading him to the tub with his hard cock. Breaking the kiss, she tugged on him a couple times before allowing him to step into the bubble filled steaming water.

He settled into the water and edged back to allow her room to join him. She erotik film izle dropped to her knees and started to lather up the wash cloth and wash his chest.

“Aren’t you going to join me,” he asked, already enjoying the sensation of the cloth running across his nipples. He could feel them harden as the rough cloth rubbed over and around each one in turn.

“No, lie back, I took a shower earlier and want to help you relax after your ordeal,” she soothed.

“Just enjoy while Doctor Feel Good finishes what she started, making you feel better.”

She watched as he leaned back and relaxed and then she started to sensually bathe him. She let the cloth stimulate and cleanse at the same time, knowing how pleasurable it had to be for him as she took the soapy cloth and ran it under his balls and around his semi hard shaft. Soaping each leg, letting the suds bubble up between his toes, and with him relaxed and legs sprawled she finally let her soapy fingers run between his butt cheeks. She felt him stiffen for a second then relax as her fingers almost tickled up and down his crack. She glanced up and noticed his eyes close and him relax back with his head resting on the tub end and his body sliding down a bit allowing her easier access to his hind parts.

Taking this as trust in her manipulations, she lathered up her hand again and returned to sliding them up and down his butt crack. She just tickled his tight ring to start with then got braver. When he didn’t move she let her soapy finger enter him to the first knuckle. She rotated it around, feeling him relax even more, before pushing in deeper. Once she got it in all the way in she just stopped and let him get used to the invasion.

He was so relaxed and almost felt like he was floating and he didn’t want her to stop, even when she started to probe his asshole. He decided to let her do what she wanted, knowing he could stop her at any point it became too painful. But right now it felt so good, he was almost afraid she would stop and at this point, he didn’t want her to stop. He decided not to say a word and just go with the flow.

She felt him really relax and started to inch her finger in and out of him and rotated it at the same time. The soap was making it slippery enough to allow her to increase the motion without any discomfort to him. She let her finger stretch and relax his tight anal muscle for about five minutes before attempting to introduce a second finger. When she was on an outstroke she eased her middle finger next to her fore finger and shoved them both gently on the next in stroke. It took a bit more pressure to enter but she pressed harder and felt his anal ring give way. She heard him moan and stopped all motion for a full minute.

He was lost in a floating world of pleasure and was trying to reason how this could feel so good. He could feel her finger invading him and almost soothing him. When he had relaxed and trusted her to do what she wanted he had no idea it would feel so good. Each time her finger entered him it would barely rub his prostate and send tingly feelings inward. He knew his cock was as hard as a rock, even though he had his eyes shut, he knew it was standing at attention. Oh God, when she pushed two fingers into him the stimulation to his prostate had almost made him cum without anyone touching his cock. He couldn’t muffle the moan that escaped his mouth. He waited for her to resume, no, he hoped she would continue. He was on the edge of an orgasm without her manipulating his cock. This was so erotic but strange.

She felt him relax finally and eased her fingers slowly in and out again. She could see his hard and throbbing cock sticking up out of the water. I drop of precum was leaking out of the tip and she couldn’t help but let her tongue lick that inviting drop off the tip.

When film izle her tongue touched his sensitive pee slit, he jumped and opened his eyes. “Oh Baby,” he said, “what are you doing to me?”

She looked up at him and grinned. “The doctor needs to do an internal exam. It doesn’t hurt does it,” she asked and purposefully looked from his eyes, to his hard penis, and back into his eyes, again.

“No,” he said softly and blushed. He could feel the heat radiating from his face as he broke eye contact with her, “It feels good,” he mumbled.

She pulled her fingers out of his rectum and rinsed them in the tub before she looked back at him and asked, “Will you trust me?”

He almost felt empty when she pulled her fingers out of him and wished she had gone on pleasuring him as she had been.

He met her gaze answering her question with a simple, “Yes.”

“Come with me then,” she said and offered him a hand to assist him out of the tub.

He took her hand and rose out of the tub, grabbing a towel and blotting the wetness from his body. He looked up and she had already headed out the door and down the hallway in the direction of their bedroom. He followed a couple of minutes later.

When he entered the room, she was putting pillows in the center of the bed, one on top of the other, three in all. She glanced back at his naked form and then patted the pillows.

“Lie on your stomach,” she patted the top pillow, “here,” she said and motioned him over with her other hand.

When she saw his eyebrow rise in question, she asked him, again, “You said you trusted me,” she paused a second or two, and then went on, “you do, don’t you?”

Again he simply said, “Yes,” and walked over to the bed and lay down with his stomach on the pillows, his chest lowered, and his ass elevated in the air.

“”Open your legs a bit more,” she said watched him get into position. When he had adjusted himself on top of the pillows with his head down and his legs spread, she reached between his legs and adjusted his ball sacks and penis so that they were clear of the pillows and dangling between his legs. She noticed his cock was still semi-hard.

Once she had him positioned as she wanted, she reached to get a bottle of hot oil out of the night stand drawer, climbed onto the bed between his legs, and started to apply the oil. First she spread the oil across his back, and then kneaded it onto his butt cheeks, and down the back of his thighs. She could feel him relaxing under her hands as she massaged him over and over. She paid special attention to his butt cheeks and let her oil slicked fingers tease his tight ring, easing first one, then two fingers into him gradually. While she was manipulating her fingers in and out of his butt hole, she licked and breathed on his back, sending hot waves radiating everywhere her mouth trailed.

He felt on fire where her mouth touched him and the anal stimulation had his cock hard as a rock, again. He could feel it throbbing each time her fingers entered him and grazed his gland. All he could do was moan softly and let her administer the erotic pleasures to his body.

“Baby, don’t stop,” he groaned, and pushed his ass up to meet her fingers as they started to work in and out of his ass a bit faster. “I don’t know if I am going to cum or catch fire.”

“Hold still a minute,” she said and pulled her fingers out of him, jumped off the bed, and reached into the night stand again.

He moaned in protest as she moved away from him. He started to turn and reached out to pull her back when she stopped him by placing one hand in the middle of his back and pushed him back down.

“Trust me,” she said and felt him lay back down.

Her head was turned and she was looking in the drawer for her strap on that she had hurriedly put there seks filmi izle while he was drying off earlier. She quickly pulled it out and slid her feet through the harness of sorts, pulling it up to her waist, and adjusted it properly.

“Come back to me baby,” he muttered into the sheets, “I need to cum so bad.”

She hurriedly grabbed a tube of Astro Glide and squeezed a dollop onto her finger, leaned over, and started packing his anus with it. Then another dollop was quickly applied to the head of her dildo attached to the strap on before she climbed back onto the bed and repositioned herself between his spread legs, again.

Taking one hand she guided her dildo to his tight pucker and the other reached for his hard raging cock. While she stroked him, she slowly started to push the head of her “cock” into him. She loved watching him stretch as she slowly pushed into his depths.

He felt her stroke him and knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load of hot cum all over the sheets. She had kept him aroused for an hour now and his balls felt like they were going to explode any second now. Then he felt her shove something into his ass. This was not her fingers. It felt bigger and it was not as warm as her fingers had been. He was almost too aroused to be able to think straight. He just knew he needed to cum. He felt himself stretching with whatever she was shoving up his ass, but didn’t care because it felt good. He even pushed his ass back to help her invade him, thinking to himself, please just let me cum, I need to cum, God, I want to cum. It was almost a mantra in his mind. Each time she stroked his cock with her hand, and simultaneously pushed the dildo inside his ass, his mantra inside his head chanted, “I need to cum.” I need to come.”

When she responded, “OK, baby, I am going to make you cum.” He realized he was saying it out loud.

She pumped her hips faster, driving the 6 inch dildo as deep as it would go, and stroked his cock a bit faster. She could feel him throbbing and swelling larger in her hand. She drove the dildo in and held it deep within his bowels and stroked his cock one more time, feeling every bulging vein as her hand encompassed his hardness.

“Oh God,” he almost screamed, “I am cumming!”

She felt his body stiffen under her and he started erupting in her hand. His sperm was shooting out hard and fast, running out of the throbbing tip and back over her hand.

He could feel his balls tighten and it felt like his soul was erupting out of his cock head. He almost thought stars were exploding in his head. Gasping, he rode out the waves of tingles and heat that were running from his core outward through his limbs. His whole body was engulfed in minor convulsions. They slowed finally and he let out a breath and relaxed. His cock was still hard as a rock and he could feel cum still dribbling out of it as she started to slowly milk him a few more times.

“That’s it honey,” she crooned as she milked his cock, “give me all of it.” She slowly withdrew her dildo from his ass and watched as his hole gapped a bit, but quickly started to close as the muscles went back into their normal tightness. How thrilling it had been for her to finally fulfill her dream of using her strap on with the man she loved and watching him while he convulsed in orgasmic throes of passion that she had brought about. She let her thumb run over his sensitive cock head, smearing his cum around the tip while caressing him.

“You did wonderful, darling,” she beamed, “how did it feel,” she queried.

He was still having difficulty breathing and his head was still a bit dizzy, but he heard her talking to him as if from a long ways off.

He drew in a deep breath before trying to answer her. “I don’t know what you did to me Baby, but I sure hope you do it again. That was the best orgasm I have ever had!”

She just curled up beside him with a big smile on her face and after they shared a few deep kisses she rubbed his back for the 5 whole minutes it took before he started snoring.

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