Pup Ch. 09

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When George, Charlie, and Mal finally left Gavin and I returned to his apartment. Gavin wanted to take me home but I assured him my mother would barely notice my absence. That earned me a frown but he let it go.

As soon as we got back to his apartment I headed towards the bed. The guys had not run out of energy for hours and by now it was around three in the morning. I was exhausted. There were so many questions burning in my mind about everything that had happened today, but his bed was warm and already I was falling asleep. I heard Gavin moving around in the living before coming over to the bed.

“You gotta take your shoes off pup, you’re still dressed.” His voice was slightly chiding, but my sleepy brain imagined there was fondness beneath it as well. He came to my side of the bed and took my shoes off, tugging off my pants and leaving me in my tee shirt and boxers as he pulled the blankets over me. “Sleep well.”

I felt him move away and immediately reached out to grab his wrist, murmuring sleepily, “Where are you going? Sleep with me..” My eyes were barely staying open and yet I still instinctively held onto him.

I heard him sigh before moving to lay behind me, holding me to him gently as he told me quietly. “I’m here pup. I’ll stay with you.”

I fell asleep in his arms, and I dreamed that I got to spend the rest of my life with him holding me.

The next morning I woke up and Gavin wasn’t there. I panicked for a moment before I heard him moving around in the kitchen, and remembered his promise. He wasn’t going to leave me. I got up and padded over to the kitchen calling out quietly, “Morning.”

Gavin turned from the stove where he was making us breakfast and smiled at me. “Morning pup. You slept like a rock last night.” He chuckled fondly and kept cooking, eventually placing two omelettes and some hash on the table.

But still the questions from last night bothered me. “…Gavin?” I started hesitantly, not sure how to start my long line of questions.

“Come on pup, just say it. I won’t bite.” Gavin sighed as he set down his fork, instead watching me calmly giving me his undivided attention.

“Why do you like me?” I mumbled as I picked at my food, my stomach too full of butterflies for me to want to eat. “Sexually.. I mean.” I clarified after the silence had started to drag on.

Gavin set down his fork and look at me with those dark, dark eyes of his and I gulped. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked. Maybe I won’t like the answer..

“I like you because you’re my best friend, you’re smart and you’re kind and you’re honest. I’m attracted to you because you’re adorable enough to make me want to wreck you, put you back together, and start all over again.” He spoke slowly and clearly so there would be no mistaking what he said, and yet I still wanted to ask him to explain more. But before I could he was speaking again. “You’re 19 now, and you’re old enough to make your own decisions. I don’t have to hold myself back around you anymore like when we were younger, my parents can’t keep me from you, and I can tell you honestly: I want you to myself.” His eyes were boring into mine, waiting for my reaction.

Meanwhile it felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but some part of my brain forced me to speak- not wanting to repeat my mistake of yesterday morning. “Yes. Please.” I could’ve sworn I saw relief in his eyes and I only had a moment to register he was moving before I was pull out of me seat and into his arms.

He held me close as his lips crashed down on mine and I could only hold onto him as his kiss claimed me. It was drugging and by the time he pulled away I felt light headed and heavy limbed, my whole world was narrowed down to my need to have him kiss me again. To do more than just kiss me.

“Gavin..” I got distracted as his lips trailed down my neck, nipping and biting at the sensitive skin there until I was anime porno aching for him and whimpering. “Gavin.” I tried again pushing at his shoulders weakly, surprised when he immediately backed away looking over me closely. He stopped immediately as soon as I showed the slightest sign of hesitation and that made me feel confident in my decision. “Please.. please fuck me.” I could barely get the words out without stumbling over them and my face was surely bright red, but I’d meant what I said. I wanted to be as close to Gavin as two people could be- and I wanted him now.

Gavin’s eyes widened even as his hands on my waist moved to my hips, pulling me closer until I could feel the proof of his arousal pressing against me. Even then, he was patient and asked, “Are you sure, pup? You don’t have to just because of what I said-”

“Gavin, please fuck my ass. Now.” My voice was firm even as I pleaded with him, the last of my worries melting away leaving me absolutely sure of what I wanted. I started tugging on his shirt, wanting it off, wanting to feel his skin. But he grabbed both of my wrists in one of his hands and held me still.

“Calm down. If you want me to fuck you, I’ll fuck you. But we do it my way. Got it?” His voice deepened, and that same heaviness in his tone that always affected me so deeply returned. I just nodded. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“Good puppy. Now, I know you’re a virgin so I’m going to explain some things to you. Don’t pout just listen.” He rolled his eyes as I pouted at him, impatient to finally be close to him.

But I did as he asked and listened to him explain all the steps I needed to prepare. Needless to say when he was explaining that I needed to clean myself and going into painfully thorough detail about how I could do that I was blushing in embarrassment for not thinking of something so obvious. But I felt better when he told me, “How could you be expected to know?”

So I went to the bathroom, stripped completely, and followed the instructions he gave me. Soon I was clean and ready and impatient, but of course.

I started to worry.

If I was to be honest with myself, the reason I trusted Gavin so implicitly, the reason had no hesitation about losing my virginity to him, was because I cared for him. Deeply. When we were younger I’d always tried to ignore the way my heart would speed up every time I saw and him, the way I dreamed of being his boyfriend, the way I wanted to be around him all the time. I was devastated when he left because he was my first crush as well as my best friend.

But he’d probably had sex with people more attractive than me, like Mal, and people with more experience. What if I disappointed him? What if this was a mistake?

Gavin knocked on the door before coming in and seeing that I was done, held out his hand for me. “Come on pup. Don’t be nervous.” He smiled, the same slightly crooked smile I’d seen a million times and I relaxed, my worry disappearing. This was my best friend. Nothing could be a mistake if Gavin was with me.

He lead me to the bed and I smiled to see he had gotten rid of the extra blankets on the bed and put down clean sheets. It was a small thing but it still made me smile that he put thought into what would make me more comfortable. The morning sun was mostly blocked by the denim drapes, but enough light got through to cast a dim light over the bed. Gavin stepped up to me from behind and wrapped an arm around my naked waist.

“If you want to stop, at any time, we will. No questions asked.” He murmured in my ear as he pulled me back against his chest. I nodded and my breath hitched as he started kissing my neck. Hot, open mouthed kisses on the wonderful spot on my neck that drove my arousal to a fever pitch in no time. I couldn’t hide the way I got hard in minutes without him even touching my cock, and I whimpered when he showed no sign of touching me beyond anne porno teasing my neck.

“Gavin. Please..” I didn’t know exactly what I was asking for but I knew I wanted more. I could feel his erection pressed against my ass, and even though there were butterflies in my stomach I still wanted this.

“Say it again, pup. Beg me.” He said lowly, and my already warm body started to heat up further. The command in his voice was undeniable and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t coming to love that tone.

“Please fuck my ass.” My voice was breathless and more than a bit eager. Gavin chuckled as he nudged me to the bed, pushing on my chest until I was flat on my back looking at him looming over me. For some reason it wasn’t scary to me. He was bigger and stronger than I was but that only made me want him more. He tugged off his shirt and I was lost in the art of his tattoos as he stripped completely.

When he crawled over me his full lips were pulled into a wry smile as his large body covered mine. He ground his hips against mine and a long moan escaped my lips. Feeling his bare cock pressed against mine was an insanely erotic feeling.

“More, more, more..” The pleasure I was feeling wasn’t enough. I wanted, no needed, more. But Gavin wasn’t having it.

“I’m not going to fuck you until you’re ready for me. So be patient.” He reached over to the bedside table and took out lube, which he coated his fingers liberally in, and my heart rate spiked in excitement. He moved down on the bed until his mouth was inches away from the head of my cock and there was a wicked smirk on his lips before he started torturing me. Long, slow licks along my shaft while he spread my thighs forcefully so his fingers could tease my virgin hole.

“Fuck!” My hands reached down immediately to grab his hair, tugging probably harder than I should have trying to make him put his mouth on me. “Gavin please.” I was ready to sell my soul to see Gavin’s lips wrapped around me, but thankfully he had some mercy left in him. Soon the wet heat of his mouth and the fingers slowly working their way inside me was all I could focus on.

By the time his third finger was inside me and he was stroking that spot inside me that seemed to make my eyes roll to the back of my head, I was nearly sobbing in frustration. Every time I got close, Gavin would slow down and keep me right on the knife’s edge. I didn’t want his fingers anymore. I didn’t even want his mouth. I wanted Gavin inside me. Now.

“Please fuck me!” I was nearly screaming with the need to cum, and I knew once he started fucking me I would experience pleasure like I never had before. If I didn’t need him alive to fuck me I would’ve killed him for torturing me for what felt like hours.

Finally he pulled off my cock and smirked at me, pulling his fingers out of my ass and kneeling over me. “Now you’re ready. You sound so pretty when you beg pup.” I was expecting him to order me onto my hands and knees so he could fuck me into the mattress, like he’d threatened to so many times before, but he surprised me when he sat next to me and pulled me onto his lap.

“You’re going to take every inch of my cock pup, that’s a promise. But I’m nice so I’ll let you take it at your own pace. I don’t want you getting hurt.” His voice was teasing but I still felt myself smiling at his thoughtfulness. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but Gavin’s hands on my hips held me steady over his cock. I slowly lowered myself onto his shaft and I gasped, somehow having forgotten just how big he was. His blunt, thick head just barely fit inside me even with all the stretching Gavin had done before hand.

“That’s it pup, nice and slow.” His voice was hoarse and the grip he had on my hips was almost painful, and when I looked at him it was clear he was holding himself back for my sake. I was grateful because I needed all the time I could get. The stretch of him pushing inside me was arap porno almost unreal, and yet it felt perfectly right.

I’d never been interested in sex before Gavin, never thought I would be interested. But maybe.. Maybe it just needed to be the right person. Someone I cared about more than anything. No, not someone, my best friend.

By the time he was all the way inside me we were both breathing heavily. I was almost lightheaded at the thought of successfully fitting Gavin’s unnecessarily large cock in my ass, and Gavin was muttering under his breath about something to do with God and mercy.

“You okay pup? You want to stop?” I gaped at him incredulously and the hands I’d had on his shoulders for balance dug into his skin, and I surprised myself with the firmness of my voice when I spoke.

“If you do not start fucking me I swear to god I won’t be friend with you anymore.” It was a ridiculous threat and Gavin laughed something I didn’t think you could do during sex but found was relaxing more than anything nodding with mock obedience.

“Yes, sir. I only aim to please.” He held my hips and started rocking me gently on top of him, still letting me adjust to the feeling of him moving inside me. Soon though he was lifting his hips and thrusting into me harder, and I couldn’t stop moaning. “That’s it, pup. Now be a good little slut and ride me.” His words only made me harder, which I didn’t think was possible, and when he let go of my hips I found I was fucking myself on his cock of my own volition.

He was leaning back against the headboard, his handsome face full of pleasure as he watched me ride him. The confidence, the absolute control over the situation he exuded made him the sexiest man I’d ever seen. I reached down to stroke myself, wanting to finally cum but Gavin slapped my hand away.

“No. You cum only from my hands, my cock, my mouth. Got it?” He leaned forward and kissed me roughly before I could respond, and pushed me back slightly. I was confused at the slight adjustment before I lowered myself onto his shaft again and this time felt his cock hit that spot inside me that made me want to cum instantly.

I couldn’t help my nails raking over Gavin’s shoulders as he held me tightly to him, taking over once more to fuck me deeply and hard enough that I was forced to hold onto him for balance. When we finally broke apart for air he only moved onto my neck again, adding to the medley of pleasure assaulting my body. The sounds of skin slapping against skin and my loud moans filled the apartment and I was lost in everything that was Gavin.

It wasn’t long before I was stammering out a warning seconds before my whole body tensed. Cum covered my chest and Gavin’s as I my orgasm took over me. Gavin never stopped fucking me, he only laid me down on the bed and wrapped my legs around his waist as he started to really pound into me, apparently done holding himself back.

“Look at you pup. Cumming all over yourself like a slut. I didn’t even touch you, you came just from my dick in your ass. ” Gavin’s slightly teasing tone and lust ravaged voice filtered through my post orgasmic haze and I moaned weakly, unable to do much besides accept the overstimulation Gavin was forcing upon me by fucking me even harder as he chased his own orgasm.

“You’re going to be dripping my cum for days pup..” He was, as he promised, pounding me into the mattress at this point. His grip on my hips was tight enough that I was sure he was going to leave bruises but I didn’t care. I was too caught up in the sensations of having Gavin over me, inside me, surrounding me.

His lips crashed down on mine just when I felt the warmth of his cum filling me. If I wasn’t so wiped out from my first orgasm I was sure I could’ve gotten off just from the feeling of his cock getting slick with his own cum as he rode out his orgasm inside me.

Finally he stilled and his weight crushed me down against the mattress in a wonderful way. We both caught our breath slowly as the morning sun peeked out from behind the curtains every now and again. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, just laying there together. Close as two people could be, just like I wanted.

It was perfect.

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