Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 07

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Author’s Note- The continuing story of an 18 year old sister and her 20 year old brother home alone from college as everyone is forced to shelter in place. As they spend additional time together, their relationship gradually begins to shift as their adventures get more daring and intimate.

The next morning they had to make another food run and had their daily video call with their folks, who had gotten tanner with each passing day as they settled into an extended stay in the tropical beach resort. Their parents agreed to transfer some more money to Brad’s account as they didn’t plan on returning for at least a few more weeks and he would need to cover groceries and incidentals until they returned.

The weather had continued to warm each of the past few days and checking his phone, Brad realized it would actually hit the low 60’s that afternoon, with plenty of sunshine. They did some daily housecleaning and loaded the dishwasher after lunch. As they finished up, Melissa looked over at Brad with a knowing smile and suggested, “Ready for a trail hike?”

“You bet!” Brad smiled. “Let me change into some shorts though. It looks like it’s finally going to be warm enough today.” He almost ran upstairs to change and he could hear Melissa coming up just as quickly behind him.

As he regularly did, Brad let Melissa go first up the trail to Neverland, the pleasing view of her cute rounded butt looking even more enticing than usual in the fitted elastic workout shorts she wore in the warmer weather. Her legs were beautifully shaped without being too muscular and Brad could smell her lotion carried back to him in the mild air and her exertions getting up the steep trail.

Once they rounded the curve of the stone face, they settled down to their daily routine of getting high and making a brief toast with their water bottles. As the sun beamed down and the weed kicked in, they took a minute to bask in the warm sunlight, leaning back on their propped arms and their legs extended in the direction of the edge.

“This feels amazing,” Melissa purred, like a cat in the sun. “I can’t believe we have this all to ourselves.”

“I know, right?” Brad acknowledged satisfactorily. “It’s like we can do whatever we want out here. Totally free.”

Melissa laughed softly. “Like Adam and Eve.” She joked, still mildly embarrassed that she had admitted that to her brother.

“Did you enjoy it?” Brad asked.

“Enjoy what?” Melissa was a little unsure if he meant her adventures as Eve or their experiences the night before.

“Being naked out in the woods.”

“I kinda did, but it wasn’t exactly like I imagined.” Melissa admitted. “I was kind of embarrassed about the idea of getting caught, at the same time it made it exciting, but it was kind of a letdown because there wasn’t anybody there to see it? If that makes any kind of sense?”

Brad chuckled. “I guess it does…weirdo!” He flinched when she reached over to playfully smack his arm.

“Just for that, mister,” she stood up. “I think I know what we’re gonna do today!”

She declared, mocking a show they’d watched as kids with her fists planted boldly on her hips.

Brad lifted his hand to shade his eyes as he looked over at her. “What?”

“We’re gonna play Adam and Eve!” she raised one finger in triumph.

“Are you serious?” Brad couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Yep, gaziantep yavuzeli escort I’m finally gonna get to play the way I always imagined it!” She smiled. “So..strip!” She sat down on a rock and began untying her shoes.

Brad was pretty high and not quite sure where it was going, but he bent over and started untying his shoes as well. Once he finished taking off his shoes and socks, he looked up to see his sister standing up peeling off her t-shirt, exposing a cute pink bra. He peeled off his own shirt while still sitting and was treated to the view of his sister undoing her bra and freeing her bouncy pair of tits into the bright sunshine. He stood up as she laid out her things and stared expectantly, his hands on the elastic of his waistband as she stood back up and reached for the waistband of her own shorts.

Melissa looked up to see him staring at her and breaking out into a crooked grin, she softly counted out, “one…two…three!” and quickly pulled her shorts and underwear to the ground in one quick motion.

Brad froze in shock for half a moment and then quickly pulled his pants down to match her. He stood up to step out of his shorts and underwear with his cock already fully hard and pointing at the sky as he looked across to see his sister fully naked for the first time. He saw her pale body with it’s lovely curves, her full breasts, shapely hips, toned thighs and the trimmed patch of her dark brown pussy, neatly defined by the swell of her thigh muscles.

Melissa was grinning stupidly, both from the weed, but also the excitement, and a dash of pleasure, at seeing her brother rock hard in anticipation of seeing her naked. She reached her hands up to stretch and then briefly twirled in the Spring sunshine, revealing her perfectly shaped ass with each twirl before coming to a rest facing Brad as naked as the day she was born.

“So what do we do now?” Brad asked with a smile.

“Well,” Melissa mused. “I guess we could just hang out here, but I’d really love to walk through the woods like this.” She crept over to the edge to look over in an almost comical way.

“Are you sure?” Brad was second guessing his decision to get his sister high.

“Nope,” she looked back with a crazy grin. “But I’m doing it anyways. “She started to edge out on the ledge, looking extraordinarily naked against the exposed rock with her bare feet and lovely ass on full display as she inched along. She stopped and looked back at Brad. “And you have to come too…Adam.” She smiled as he stepped onto the ledge and followed her.

She had hopped down onto the trail on her own when he got there and she was hunched over, covering her breasts, as she nervously looked down the trail below them. There were the usual forest sounds and Brad couldn’t hear or see any sign that anyone else was there. He looked down at Melissa to see what she wanted to do.

Lowering her hands and stepping delicately in her bare feet, Melissa started walking down the steep trail into the woods. Brad loved the sight of her boobs jiggling as she stepped and the hard pink nipples poking out from each bobbling breast. His heart was pounding as he followed a few steps behind her and his cock pointed up as hard as it could possibly be.

Once Melissa got about halfway down the Neverland trail gaziantep yeni escort she stepped off to the right and began threading her way between the still leafless tress and the occasional thicket of brush underneath and between them. She looked ahead from time to time, but spent most of her time looking down the slope for signs of other people and down at the ground as she stepped carefully in her bare feet.

Brad watched her affectionately. She looked so vulnerable like that, naked and tiptoeing through the woods in broad daylight. Her skin was so pale and pink. The smooth skin of her perfectly rounded ass cheeks looked so cute as she gingerly made her way forward.

They reached a small rise with a steeper drop ahead of them and a larger view of the hill and trees across and below them. Melissa paused there, framed against the trees on the far slope and Brad had an overwhelming urge to take her picture like that, wild, naked and beautiful in the muted tones of late Winter and the bright sunlight of early Spring. She turned to look back at him conspiratorily and smiled at him, her brown eyes twinkling with excitement. He came up and stood behind her, his hard cock brushing against the smooth skin of her side and his hand resting on her bare shoulder. Her hand reached up and covered his gently.

She turned to meet his eyes and lifted up on tiptoes to give him a light kiss on the lips. “Thank you for doing this with me.” She said with a smile as her eyes fluttered open after the kiss. “It meant a lot to me. I…” she looked down. “I loved this.” Brad felt his cock twitch at the gentle sweetness in her voice and the view of her hard pink nipples as he stared down at their naked bodies just inches apart.

“Can we head back now?” Brad asked quietly with a hint of urgency to his voice. Melissa looked up and nodded, smiling at his discomfort.

Brad turned and led the way back through the trees, keeping an eye out for good places to step in the leaves and stick of the forest slope and any sign that they weren’t alone. Melissa was content to follow behind, watching Brad’s strong back, chiseled behind and strong legs as he threaded his way back they came. It was like following a beautiful cave man or a big, sleek jungle cat through the wild. She felt exposed and vulnerable in her nudity, but safe that he could keep her from any real harm.

They reached the Neverland trail and Brad led them quickly to where he had to help Melissa up onto the ledge. He loved the feel of her naked body as he lifted her up to get her footing. He recognized the scent of her pussy from their encounter last night and it added an intoxicating element to her usual scent. Brad followed her around the ledge and plopped down beside her on the rocks as they reached for their water bottles, their mouths dry from excitement as much as exertion and getting high.

Melissa began to giggle and some of her water leaked out around her lips to dribble down her breasts. Brad looked over and thought it was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen.

“What’s so funny?” Brad asked.

“Just us,” Melissa smiled as she wiped the water from her chin. “Walking around naked in the woods together.” She glanced over. “Your giant boner sticking up the whole time.” she giggled again.

“Haha. Very funny. It was gaziantep zayıf escort all your idea and I can’t help it if he has a mind of his own.”

“Okay, so what’s your idea for the day?” She looked over at him without making any move to get dressed.

“I think you should do some modeling…Eve.” He smiled. He reached into his shorts and pulled out his phone. “Looking at you in the woods, I was thinking how nice it would be to remember this moment, so I’d like to take some pictures.” He turned and opened up the camera function on his phone.

Melissa raised her hand to block his camera laughing, but Brad insisted. “C’mon now. You had me running around through half the woods buck naked, you can’t back out.” He laughed.

Melissa raised her hands to her face, with her arms blocking her tits. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Her voice muffled by her hands.

Brad stood and began taking pictures, her lovely legs and the hair of her pussy starkly contrasted by the rocks and her modest covering motion making it even more exciting that he was taking pictures of her naked. She peeked through her fingers to see him taking pictures and squealed a little as she hunched over to conceal herself better.

“I’m not going to stop until you pose for me like I want,” Brad kept taking pics from the side. “You might as well get it over with.”

“Omigod, but these have to stay secret too, okay?” Melissa peeked out from between her fingers. “You can’t show them to anybody!”

“Whatever happens on the mountain…” Brad reminded her. “Plus, how would I explain that I had naked pictures of my sister to somebody else?”

“Okay,” Melissa let down her hands. “What do you want me to do?”

Brad took pictures of her sitting there with her breasts exposed as he directed her, “Okay, stand up and raise your arms like you did when you twirled.” He kept taking pictures of her as she did. “Now turn around slowly. That’s it. Now go stand against the rock wall. Look at the camera and smile for me.” Melissa blushed and blinked as she looked at the camera but did as she was told. “Good, now walk over to the edge so I can get you with the view in the background.” Brad too several pictures from different angles. “Okay now face out toward the view and just stand there for a minute.” Brad took a variety of pictures of her butt and side views of her tits and pussy as she faced out over the trees and hills below.

“Okay,” he said. “Now let me see you scoot out along the edge again like before.” She carefully edged out on the ledge to the trail, her naked body looking so vulnerable against the rock wall. “Now turn and look back toward me. That’s it. Turn your body a little more and lift your arm so I can see your tits. Good girl.”

Melissa looked at the camera as she took Brad’s directions obediently. “Are you enjoying this?” She asked him calmly as he snapped away, taking pictures of her naked body.

Brad smiled, “Yeah, I am.”

“I can tell.” Melissa smiled back. “It’s the huge boner you’ve got.” Her eyes flickered down to his stiff protruding cock. “You like seeing your sister naked don’t you? It turns you on doesn’t it?” She felt a surge of pleasure as she saw him blush. “It’s okay. You can admit it, Brad.” She scooted back along the ledge. “It’s pretty obvious.” She reached out and grasped his hard cock. “Your dick never lies.” She gave it a good squeeze and walked past him up to the bowl.

Brad couldn’t resist taking a few more pics of her from behind, even knowing he would never forget the sight of her bare ass as long as he lived after today. She sat down on the rock and looked up at him.

“I think it’s time for blowjob practice,” she said casually. “Come over here.” She waved him over.

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