Quarantined with My Nephew

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My husband Dan and I do not have any kids, so when COVID-19 struck and everyone was under safer at home advisements my husband’s nephew requested to come stay with us for a little while to break up the boredom. We agreed, Dan thought it would be good to have someone to keep me company since he was still having to work as an essential worker classification. His nephew Ben was 19 but shy and quiet. Not exactly the best companion to hold conversations with.

He had decided to stay two weeks, and the first week was awkward at best most days while Dan was at work. Dan had been keeping his distance from us on top of everything else trying to make sure he didn’t get us sick. By the end of the week I was sexually frustrated and bored I had masturbated a couple times in the shower, but missed my vibrator and the feel of a cock in me. I was too nervous about masturbating in bed cause our room had a joining wall to the room Ben was staying in and they were pretty much paper thin.

By Monday I had enough and told Ben I was going to take a nap around noon. I had to had my irritation when he said he was going to also. Already committed to getting off I watched some porn in silence as I rubbed my panties and held in my moans. My panties were soaked and my orgasm came quickly. When the orgasm subsided I realized I could hear Ben in the next room, and he was definitely jerking off! He must have been as frustrated as me as it sounded like he finished quickly to.

That night I did not get much sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts of Ben. Was it just a coincidence? Could he hear me? Is that what he was jerking to? How big is he? Dan is pretty hung, does it run in the family? He is actually fairly fit for a 19 year old kid who is quiet and plays video games all day.

The next day I woke up sleepy and almost uncontrollably horny. After Dan left for work I went and showered, shaving my legs and trimming my bush. I wonder if young men like a trimmed bush or prefer shaved? I decided to keep it since I really doubted he would be seeing it even though the fantasy was really starting to turn me on. Getting out of the shower I fixed my shoulder length brunette hair, checked myself out in the mirror. I smiled I did look pretty good! I’m chubby but have a big round ass, 36 DDD tits, and a pretty pendik escort plump pussy to balance my figure out. Sliding on a black lace thong and a pair of jean booty shorts I decided to skip the bra and just wear a tank top. One last glance in the mirror and I could see my hard nipples and a generous camel toe in the outfit, but my this point I didn’t care.

I was in the kitchen cleaning when Ben finally came out of his room.

“Good morning!” I said with a smile. He was still half asleep, and started to mumble something as he glanced over at me.

His mouth dropped open a little before he stammered, “Good morning Aunt Ash!” Smiling I went back to cleaning. His reaction turned me on. I’m only 34, but seeing a young man get that excited at the sight of me was really hot.

Rest the morning was spent tooling around the house finding any excuse to bend over one way or another in front of him as he sat on the couch. At one point I thought he took a picture, but I knew he would deny it and be embarrassed if I asked. When it was finally around noon I announced it was time for a nap. Ben smiled saying for him too.

I quickly went to my room and pulled off my shorts and tank top. I didn’t even need a porn to get going. Sliding my fingers across the crotch of my thong I was not surprised it was completely soaked. Listening intently I heard Ben lay down on the creaky bed. My fingers teased my panties as I waited for the sound of him stroking. When his phone rang my mood shot down with disappointment. Focusing more on myself I pulled my panties to the side and began teasing my clit refusing to give up my orgasm to the interruption. I could hear him speaking in a hushed voice.

“No, I can’t talk right now.”

” Yea, I know she is hot! That’s why I sent you the pic.”

“No, she’s in her room napping.”

So he did take picture, and he sent it to someone! I slide a finger into my pussy thinking of the two of them both staring at a picture of me as they stroked their cocks. I didn’t realize I was moaning till I heard him say, ” Holy shit dude, I’ve got to go I think I hear her moaning.”

Realizing he was listening now to my moans caused me to moan even louder. The sound of him stroking started quickly, and sounded more rushed then yesterday. It wouldn’t maltepe escort take him long and I wanted this to last so I figured the best way to do that was to interrupt him. Grabbing my phone I sent him a quick text. “Do you want anything for lunch?”

His phone beeped and the rhythmic stroking noise slowed. Smiling to myself I wondered how long I could keep us both going. The bubble showing he was writing back would appear then disappear. Almost giggling I knew I had thrown him off. Finally a simple message came back, “A taco would be nice.”

His answer surprised me, he had not been that forward toward me before. Maybe I was just reading into it cause of my current mindset. Staring at the message I finally replied, “What kind of tacos would you like?”

He must have been prepared for that response because he quickly replied. “Just one pink taco please,” followed by a wink smiley.

Now he had me thrown off, I never imagined he would be that forward. Knowing I should stop this, but my pussy refused to allow me to write back a simple no. Instead I wrote, “I think I have the perfect one for you, come to my room, but you can’t tell anyone about this ever!”

The butterflies in my stomach started as soon as I sent the message. His phone beeped, and it became very quiet in the both our rooms. After a few minutes I heard Ben get out of bed and come out of his room. A soft knock on the door, “Aunt Ash, can I come in?” That’s the shy Ben I knew.

“Yes, come in sweetie.” I was facing toward the door, legs spread, thong pulled to the side, and tugging at one of my hard nipples with the other hand. Ben walked in just wearing a pair of blue boxers. His mouth dropped and he just stared at me looking up and down. I broke the silence as I released my nipple and ran my hand down to my pussy, “Was this what you had in mind, sweetie?”

Ben managed to close his mouth and shake his head yes. The real reaction I was looking for happened as his cock quickly became hard and strained against the fabric of his boxers. I smiled seeing that he was definitely as big as Dan. I spread my pussy lips as he fan stepping closer towards me. “If you don’t mind a little bush, come give your lunch a taste.”

His eyes locked onto my pussy as he crawled onto the bed kartal escort towards my spread legs. “I’ve always had a thing for bush,” he said.

I slid my hands back as his hands slid down the inside of my thighs. My stomach was fluttering as he slid forward and ran is tongue across my pussy. The moans came instantly as he ran his tongue down my lips and began probing his tongue in and out of my soaked pussy. He moved back up wrapping his lips around my clit and sucking and flicking his tongue across my throbbing clit. I was ready to cum and he knew it. He slid two fingers into my pussy as he continued rapidly flicking his tongue across my clit. My orgasm hit suddenly as I grabbed the back of his head grinding against his tongue as I moaned loudly.

I released my grip from the back of his head as the orgasm passed. He licked slowly at my pussy lips as I came down from my high. Smiling down at him he pulled back smiling back up at me with lips shinning from my juices. “Get up here, and lay down,” I told him.

Moving down the bed I grabbed the band on his boxers and pulled them down. His hard throbbing cock came popping out with a generous amount of precum already running out the tip. I ran my hand around the cock and he began breathing heavily. His cock was slightly shorter than Dan’s, but a little bit thicker. Slowly stroking him I ran my other fingers teasing his balls. He had much larger balls and I love big balls. Leaning down I ran the tip of my tongue across the head of his cock. His precum tasted salty and good. Knowing he wouldn’t last long I wrapped my lips around the head and began teasing it with my tongue. Looking up I could see Ben looking down at me and struggling to keep from cumming. “Fuck Aunt Ash, your really good at sucking cock!”

Popping his cock out of my mouth with a smile, “Thank you sweetie, I’ve had a lot of practice.” Sliding his cock back in my mouth I began teasing his big balls with my fingers. He was gripping the sheets as I took his full cock in my mouth and began pumping my lips up and down it. He was moaning loudly as his balls tightened and I knew he was fixing to cum. Deep throating his cock fully he began pumping a huge load of cum in my mouth. I was able to swallow most of it with just a couple of drops escaping and running down his balls which I quickly licked up.

Standing up I walked towards the bedroom door. With some concern in his voice Ben asked, “Where are you going?”

Smiling back at him, “Getting us a couple of bottles of water, we are just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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