Quest for Trinity

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The person who helped me with proofreading wishes to remain anonymous, but she hopes that she caught everything for the more grammatically discerning reader. If there are still errors, do not blame the writer for having them. Instead, blame the proofreader for not catching them.

This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Ken Jones sat in the beat-up farm truck watching her large and very full breasts bouncing with each bump she hit in the dirt road. My fucking God! He thought trying not to stare too much, but her boobs were awesome as hell and his cock loved them, too. It grew harder than ever and he knew what it needed, a good long jerk session later that night. He’d seen a few good sets of jugs in his 18 years of life, but nothing ever as good as those babies. It was a shame that she was his aunt.

Aunt Trinity’s husband died three years ago, leaving her to deal with a five thousand acre cattle ranch somewhere deep in Montana. Trinity was having problems getting good help and Ken had a knack for getting into a lot of trouble during summer, so his Mom shipped him up to help to her.

Trinity was hot as hell. She had long, thick black hair to the middle of her back, pretty dark blue eyes and those beautiful breasts made her one very, very hot lady. Her hips and fine looking ass were great, too. He figured they were around 38 inches and so firm from all the hard work she did.

“I know you hate being here, but I hope you give it a chance, Ken,” she said turning to look at her nephew, seeing that he was turning into a very good-looking young man. His short black hair matched his rugged face and his dark brown eyes were still gazing at her breasts. “I can’t get any decent help anymore. Either they want to get paid too much or they can’t speak a single word of English!” Trinity laughed thinking of all the Mexican men that wanted a job on her ranch, but being a single woman with no man around worried her.

“Yep, they’re slowly taking over our country and nobody gives a shit,” he replied looking up to her gorgeous face. Damn, you are so hot to be 48! Ken thought, wondering if she had any men in her life or not. “How come some cowboy type hasn’t got you yet?” Ken hoped like hell she didn’t have anyone around. If he were to spend his entire summer here, he wanted her all to himself.

She just laughed at him and like before, his big, brown eyes were glued on her breasts. You must sure like big ones! She thought driving on and something came over her, Trinity loved the thought of Ken looking at her. “How many girls did you leave behind?” she asked with a smile, watching him slowly pull his eyes from her breasts and up to her face.

“None really, I don’t have much luck with them. They call me a geek and junk like that.”

She shook her head in disgust. “Girls don’t know what they’re missing until it’s too late. They think that guys with muscles all over and good looks will make them happy, but they’re wrong and too damn dumb to see it.” Trinity said looking at Ken with a big smile, feeling her nipples starting to swell. Oh great, now he’s really going to get a show, she laughed to herself, thinking of how damn big her nipples got when she was excited or cold. They were as big as ripe strawberries to begin with and would grow five times their normal size with the blink of an eye. “I’ve been living alone for the last three years and your Uncle loved me to dress in very sexy things or pretty much nothing at all. So, don’t be too shocked if I forget you’re here,” she smiled at the gleam in his eyes. I bet you’re going to die seeing me in my tiny nightshirt and panties, Trinity thought, knowing poor Ken was going to be in for the treat of his life.

He sat listening Trinity and couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t mind me, I’m a big boy, I can take it,” he replied with a wink, trying to imagine her in some of the sexy things he’d seen online. “Don’t change your ways just because I’m here,” he added, hoping she’d act normal, he’d love seeing her in little or nothing at all.

“It won’t bother you if I just wear a shirt and panties around the house?”

“No, you’re a hot lady! I think it’d be kinda hot!”

She sat in shock at his words, but deep down, it turned her on. “I better keep my eye on you!” Trinity laughed, not only did she feel her nipples swell, but a long forgotten fire started burning deep in the back of her lonely pussy.


Later that night after pendik escort a large stake dinner with all the trimmings, Ken sat in the living room building a fire in Trinity’s fireplace, wondering where she went. “Well, this really sucks,” he mumbled, hoping he’d get a chance to see her hot, mature body a little more before bedtime. “I wanted to see that hot ass of her some more!” Ken laughed, feeling his long shaft starting to grow again.

Trinity may have been nearing 50 years old, but she could have made a dead man hard. She was close to six foot tall, her body was a sight to see, and Ken loved looking at her. “Where’d you go?” he said leaning back against a plush chair, looking around the beautiful log cabin, wondering how much it cost to build something so damn big. He’d seen homes like this on the tube, but never thought he’d step foot in one.

Trinity stood in front of the floor length mirror, wondering if this was too much. She wanted to turn Ken on, but she didn’t want to kill the poor kid his first night here. She looked at her nipples peeking through the thin blouse, knowing poor Ken was going to love seeing them. She slowly looked down, smiling as the matching and very tiny white panties filled her eyes. “Damn, not bad for an old lady!” she said with lust in her soft voice, knowing this was so wrong, but she was lonely and there was a young stud in her home that would be more than willing to love her.

She ran her hands over the sheer white blouse, teasing her already swollen nipples, trying her best to remember what it felt like to have a man please them. “I need to stop this. He’s my nephew,” she moaned wondering if Ken knew the art of pleasing a woman. Her late husband was a very skilled man and could please her for hours and hours without stopping. “Oh well.” Trinity smiled and went to find Ken.

She walked in the room and wanted to cry. Poor Ken was passed out on the floor, sleeping like a baby. “Shit! Just my luck!” Trinity laughed as she walked towards him, knowing her young, horny nephew would not be seeing her tonight. “Baby, let’s get to bed,” she said in a soft voice giving him a little shake. The long flight from Miami and the three-hour drive to the ranch was too much for him. Maybe you’ll get to see me tomorrow night, she thought as he tried getting up.

“What time is it?” he asked looking at her massive breasts under the small white blouse and the equally small panties wrapped around her mature hips.

“It’s a little after ten,” she replied, enjoying his sleepy eyes looking over her body. “Let’s get you to bed.” Trinity smiled, feeling that burning deep in her pussy, hoping this wouldn’t condemn her to an eternity in hell.

Ken looked her over, feeling his virgin cock swelling out of control and at this point, he didn’t care. If she was going to wear things like this, he wasn’t going to hide his cock from her. “Do you always dress like this at night?” he asked with a big yawn, looking at her long, toned legs and tight ass.

She had to giggle at him. “Sometimes.” Trinity smiled at Ken looking over every, single inch of her body and her clit began to tingle. It didn’t care that they were related; it and her body needed a man.

“I must say…” Ken smiled, looking over her again, wishing she wasn’t his aunt. “You look great!”

“Thank you,” she purred taking his hand, leading him down the long, dark hall and to his room. “We are going to have a fun day tomorrow. We get to ride my new 4-wheelers around the outskirts of the ranch, looking for stray cattle,” she paused, letting him look at her while she turned down his bed, knowing she wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

He didn’t give a shit about what she was saying, he was checking out one of the hottest women he’d ever seen in his life. “What’s the special occasion?” Ken asked watching her fixing his bed, giving him an awesome view of her large, firm ass and the tiny pair of panties on her hips.

Trinity took a deep breath and wasn’t sure of what to say. “You’re the first man in my home in three years,” she paused to look at the floor, hoping he wouldn’t think she was some kind of freak for saying this. “You made me feel…sexy again.” Trinity whispered as her pretty eyes stayed on the floor. There was no way she wanted to see the disgust on his face, but she felt his hand under her chin, lifting her head.

He smiled at her words, reached to her pretty, mature face, and lifted it. “Well, I’m glad. And, I guess I should say that…you really turn me on too,” Ken said trying to keep his eyes on her face. He’d spent most of the day and all of dinner gawking at her big boobs.

Trinity couldn’t help but biting her lower lip as his sweet words filled her ears. “You’re a young man; you shouldn’t be looking at your old, worn out aunt this way.” Trinity said with a sexy voice and smile.

He reached out, giving her a playful slap on the outer side of her meaty thigh. “Don’t you ever say you’re old again! maltepe escort I think you’re hot and that’s all that counts!” he said in a firm voice, watching a big, loving smile covering her beautiful face.

She reached to give her tingling thigh a little rub, enjoying the feel radiating through her hips and deep into her pussy. “Yes Sir!” Trinity said with lust in her soft voice. “I love my man to be in control and I’ll do just about, anything I’m told to,” she smiled at Ken, hoping this would work out.

Ken didn’t know what to say, but he sure did like what Aunt Trinity just told him. “I’ll be sure and remember that,” he smiled looking to her breasts, seeing that her nipples had swollen so big, it looked as if they were going to explode. “Damn Aunt Trinity! Them things must like it too!” he laughed, trying not to get hard, but it was a lost cause. There was no way he’d ever be able to keep his dick under control being around her.

She looked down and smiled. “I haven’t been with a man in four years silly! Oh, just call me Trinity, ok?”

“I’ll call you anything you want, if it’ll keep them nice and hard!” he smiled motioning to her breasts, watching her glorious, mature face turning a warm shade of pink.

“You are so bad!” Trinity giggled like a schoolgirl in heat. It felt so good having him flirting with her. Trinity hadn’t realized just how much she’d missed her late husband doing this very same thing to her. He loved teasing and flirting with her just as if they’d just met and she always loved it so much.

“I think you like it just as much as I do, my little girl!”

Oh, my God! How do you know I love being called that? She thought looking at him and felt her pussy start to burn really bad. Her late husband, John, loved calling her that when they were making love and it always turned her on so much. “I do, but I’ll never tell!” Trinity said with a big grin and knew she had to get away from him and soon. She loved his flirting and looking at her, but she needed time to think this through. “Ok, I’m off to bed. We have a long day tomorrow and if I don’t…we might break a few laws.” Trinity giggled taking a step towards him and reached to hug her handsome nephew. Fire raced through every single inch of her body and it was nice. Oh, give me strength! She thought, hoping he wouldn’t mind and that’s when she felt something nice and very hard pressing against her leg.

Ken returned her loving hug and knew she felt his cock. “This could turn out to be a nice summer after all!” he said caressing her back, slowly letting his hands slide down, until he was gently rubbing the panties on her ass. She pressed against him more and Ken kept on touching and enjoying her firm butt in his hands, wondering just how far this would go. She was his aunt, but she was also a fucking babe that seemed horny as hell.

Trinity had to pull away from his soft touch or she knew they’d end up in bed. She hadn’t had a man in her body in four years and young Ken was driving her nuts. “Damn!” she laughed fanning her face. “I’ll love us flirting and touching, but we have to remember I’m your aunt, okay?” Trinity smiled and walked from his room. Oh Lord! I’m going to die, she laughed to herself, hoping she’d get a little sleep, but she wasn’t going to hold her breath. Ken was bringing back some wonderful feelings that Trinity thought she’d never feel again.

“Oh fuck!” Ken moaned giving his rock-hard cock a squeeze. “I could fuck her in a heartbeat!” he said pulling down his jeans and underwear, looking at the swollen cock, knowing that jerking off wasn’t going to help him tonight. Trinity had it in an uproar and Ken hoped she had plans on going as far as they could. “I could really get used to playing and fooling around with her,” he smiled thinking of her big, firm ass in the tiny, tiny white panties, hoping that she’d dress like that every night. He knew his balls would most likely explode, but he was willing to take that chance.


It was near daybreak Ken woke up and had to pee. After finishing, he looked outside and couldn’t believe his eyes. Trinity was already dressed and working. “This is the part that’s going to really suck!” Ken said waving to her, enjoying her sweet smile. “I better shower and go help her,” he moaned finding some jeans and fresh undies to wear.

Trinity saw him looking at her and she smiled. “I better get in and start him a nice breakfast,” she said hurrying in, ran to her room and knew she had to tease him more. “I think the same shirt will do and…these will kill him!” she giggled looking at the sheer blue panties and couldn’t strip off her clothes fast enough.

Ken finished and walked to the kitchen. “Oh fuck!” he moaned when he saw her standing by the stove dressed sexier than she was last night. Today, she wore a smaller pair of bikini panties that just did cover her big, firm ass. “You’re trying to kill me!” he laughed walking towards her, looking at her kartal escort rounded ass, hoping she really meant what she said about teasing and flirting with him. He knew she was his aunt, but it would be so fun to play around with her.

“You told me you were a big boy and could take it,” she laughed, flipping over a thick steak. He moved behind her, gently hugging her the same wonderful way John did every morning. She couldn’t help but sway back in his arms, enjoying Ken’s warm hands around her body, wishing he had the nerve to take her right then and there.

He held her close, savoring the feel of her warm flesh against his fingers. “Now this is the way to start off a day!” Ken said as his dick grew hard.

“It sure is. So, every morning, I do expect a hug just like this one,” she said in a soft voice, feeling his manhood growing so hard and it was nice to know it was all for her.

“Shit, I’ll hug you all the time! And, if you happen to be wearing something nice like this,” he paused, took a chance and caressed just under her big, full boobs, “I’ll make sure to make it last a few hours. How does that sound?” he whispered in her ear, making sure to gently blow in it.

“You shit!” Trinity moaned pushing him back. “I’m trying to cook you a nice breakfast here and I don’t want it to burn,” she laughed, hoping he would hug her a lot. She missed being in a man’s arms and didn’t care if Ken was her nephew or not, it felt good. “Of course I’d love being hugged for hours!” Trinity said watched his eyes on her ass.

He sat at the table and looked over her body. Ken could see her sweet ass in the tiny, blue panties. It wiggled with each step she took and it looked so good. “Is that what you’re going to wear today?” he asked with a big smile, enjoying the shocked look on her face.

“Oh God, you’re as bad as John was! If he’d had his way, I would have dressed like this 24 hours a day,” she laughed bringing two plates of food to the table and sat down. “No, but…I’ll wear it for you when we get back.” Trinity said before she thought. “Will that be ok?”

Ken looked at her mature face and had to smile. Poor Trinity must be one horny, fucking woman, he thought as her words filled his ears. “Yes, I’d like that…a lot,” he said with a little smile, wondering how far this was going to go. He wasn’t sure how she felt about it, but he would love to do lots more than flirt. He wanted her.

“I would too,” she whispered with lust in her voice, thinking of Ken hugging and touching every inch of her lonely and very needful body. “Do you still ride or should we go together? I just got three new 4-wheelers and they’re so nice!” Trinity said hoping to get off this subject before she came in her panties. Young Ken was driving her body crazy.

“Oh cool! I haven’t been on one of those in a long time, but I’m sure I can figure it out.” Ken said looking at her and had to ask. “Will you wear something really sexy for me? You’re so pretty and I love looking at you,” he added, hoping she wouldn’t get mad, but when she smiled, Ken knew it was fine.

“Anything you want,” she smiled, feeling her nipples starting to fill with blood. “Look what you do to me! You should be ashamed!” she giggled, lifted her tiny shirt and loved his big, brown eyes on her bare breasts.

“Damn!” he gasped, choking on his coffee. “Let me know before you go doing shit like that, girl! You could kill me!” he laughed, enjoying the sexy woman and knew she was one of a kind and all his for the summer.

“No way! I love surprising my new man,” she purred feeling her clit throbbing with need for the young stud to love her. “I loved it last night when you called me your little girl. Will you call me that all the time?” she asked with a helpless voice, knowing she already belonged to Ken heart and soul. All he had to do was say the word and she was his. “Please!” Trinity said in that same helpless voice as before.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to be lucky if I make it two days with you!” he moaned, feeling this was going to be so fun. What other guy had a great looking aunt that acted like this. “I’ll do anything you want.” Ken said reaching to hold her hands, feeling her trembling.

She just giggled at him and knew they had to get going. “Come on! You need to finish getting ready and I’ll find something nice to wear.” Trinity smiled got up and left the room. She wanted Ken to come with her, but maybe she’d let him start dressing her in a few days. She always loved it when John picked out all of her clothes, but Ken just got there. He needed time to take all of this in and she needed to think all of this over. He was her nephew, even if it was by marriage.

“Damn!” Ken moaned watching her big, firm ass. “I bet that is sooooo good!” he moaned again feeling his poor cock getting hard again, hoping this would lead to something nice. She was so hot and he really didn’t give a shit if she was his aunt or not. Ken wanted her to be his first woman.


They walked out to the massive barn; Ken’s eyes were on Trinity’s ass and skin-tight jeans the entire time. “You look so good,” he said, hoping his cock wouldn’t get hurt by all the teasing and wonderful things Trinity wore.

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