Race Play Ch. 09

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My name is Dadelie Voltaire. I’m a tall, good-looking young Black woman living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I major in criminal justice at Buffalo State College, and someday, I’m going to be a police officer like my father Alan. I come from a long line of police officers. I guess you could say it’s in my blood. Plus, I’m a bit of a control freak so law enforcement is definitely the career path for me.

I’m openly gay, and I like women of all races. From the tall and curvy African-American women of the big city to the slim Asian gals of my campus, and the voluptuous Hispanic women of my neighborhood. I even bone some white chicks sometimes. What can I say? This sexy Black lesbian doesn’t discriminate when it comes to women. I like all kinds. I’m a bit of a player. I chase the femmes and they love it.

Recently, I discovered something rather unusual about myself. I find that I enjoy being submissive sometimes. And it freaked me out. Want to know who brings out the submissive in this otherwise strong black woman? Middle-aged white women. Yeah, I know. It’s a mind trip. I’m an empowered, educated black female member of the middle class and I get off on being dominated by older women. Wow. It surprised the hell out of me too.

Not only do I enjoy being dominated by older women, but I find that I am drawn to bossy older white women. And I like it when they bring racial elements into our sexual games. I know. This might be disturbing to some of you but it’s the way I get down. I am a freaky kind of woman. This is definitely not something I could see myself getting into ages ago. Lesbians are freaky, people. Kinky sex isn’t just for straight couples.

Now, when you’re a lesbian who’s into race play, life isn’t easy. Many people, both straight and gay, male and female, aren’t comfortable with this sort of thing. Even seasoned masters and mistresses from the world of BDSM don’t care to venture down the path of race play. Many of them simply aren’t into it. I had to look long and hard before finding a woman who was willing to get into this sort of thing. I placed ads online and in some seedy newspapers. I met some women and even a man or two but they weren’t Elvankent Escort down with my kind of action.

I finally met someone promising. Her name was Madeline Rosier. A tall, good-looking white woman in her mid-fifties. She was born in the Republic of South Africa and left it in the 2000s after fighting for decades to bring about the end of apartheid. She had been living in the United States of America for almost a decade. She was bisexual, and recently ended a relationship with a handsome African-American architect named Troy. Apparently, Troy left Madeline and went back to his wife Michelle. Yet another example of a wealthy black male professional in the big city who had a black wife and a white mistress.

Madeline considered herself to be an okay person as far as racial relations were concerned. White people who opposed apartheid in South Africa weren’t exactly seen with kind eyes by their fellows. Almost twenty years after the Republic of South Africa elected its first black male president and experienced a cultural and economic rebirth, many people down there still held backwards views. Both black people and white people in South Africa regarded interracial relationships unkindly, even after blacks rose to political power in that both for her bisexuality and her penchant for handsome black men.

Needless to say, Madeline Rosier had issues with black women. A lot of white women who sleep with black men don’t like black women. I’m a black woman who sleeps with women of all races. How was the lovely Madeline Rosier going to deal with me? Although she found herself both sexually and emotionally attracted to black men, she wasn’t fond of a lot of the black women she knew. Black women don’t approve of white women who date black men and many of them don’t hide it. I guess you can say Madeline had a lot of anger inside of herself over these issues. And I provided her with a way to cut loose.

You see, I didn’t care that Madeline Rosier was a middle-aged white woman who liked to date black men. I wanted her to be my dominatrix. And I tempted her into it. When she looked at me, I knew she Beşevler Escort found me attractive. I’m a tall, sexy black woman with a cute face, sexy body and big round booty. I’ve got it going on, as they say in my town. Madeline was hesitant. Although she had dabbled in the world of BDSM in the past, she wasn’t comfortable with race play. Also, she didn’t want to fall into the stereotype of white people from South Africa being a bunch of racist pricks and bitches. I understood all that. And I absolutely wanted her to be my dominatrix.

Now, sometimes a submissive has to train his or her mistress ( or master) and find some way to bring out their inner dominant. Madeline Rosier was a mild-mannered, easygoing woman. Dominating others in the bedroom wasn’t something which came easily to her. We talked a lot about my fantasies, and the things that I wanted to do with her. Madeline listened to me as I talked. She was clearly fascinated. A lot of women and men of all races are curious about race play. I know a black woman named Nicole who loves to dominate white guys and she even fucks them with her strap-on dildo. Nicole is a professional dominatrix whose services are sought by wealthy white men from all over the United States of America. I also know this Asian-American dominatrix named Leilani who loves to whip men of all races and completely humiliate them in the bedroom. It’s totally her thing. And my friend Josephine, a white chick from Ireland, totally gets off on being dominated by big and tall black men. I can’t remember the last time this broad dated a member of her own race. So many seemingly normal men and women are into race play. Seriously. Someone should do a study about it.

After much talk, Madeline finally decided to give race play a try. And I was absolutely glad. We planned it out. She even ordered a special dress online, the kind worn by women in the Old South in the mid-1860s. As for me, I was ecstatic. One afternoon, I showed up at Madeline’s house in East Buffalo and this sexy middle-aged white woman showed me the time of my life. At long last I got to fulfill my fantasy. I stopped being Cebeci Escort a prototypical strong black woman ( temporarily) of my own volition and experienced true submission. Here are all the details.

We had a lot of fun together, Madeline and I. Really. She summoned me to her bed chambers and addressed me as her lowly servant. Then she ordered me to undress. I did. I loved showing her my sexy black woman’s body. Madeline inspected my body coldly and ordered me to kneel before her. Then she spread her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy. I obeyed, and began feasting on my mistress pussy. Madeline ran her hands through my hair and barked cold words at me as I busied myself licking and probing her pussy with my fingers and tongue.

When I was done pleasuring her pussy, she ordered me to get on all fours. Face down and ass up. That’s when she took out her long black leather whip. She called me a lazy slut and began whipping me. I cried. I howled. I screamed. I begged for mercy. Laughing, Madeline continued to whip me. She told I deserved to get whipped. And I definitely did. I enjoyed every crack of her whip. I was a strong black woman surrendering to a dominant white woman and I absolutely loved it. Madeline fingered my pussy while whipping me. After giving me a sound thrashing, she took out her strap-on dildo. I gasped when I saw it. It was huge. Madeline laughed and told me it was going up my ass. I braced myself for it.

Madeline spread my plump ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against my asshole. With a swift thrust, she went inside. I howled as Madeline’s thick dildo filled my asshole. She gripped my hips while slamming the dildo deep into my asshole. while fucking me in the ass, Madeline fisted my pussy. It was too intense. I howled in pleasure and pain as she worked me over. While fucking me, she berated me and made me completely surrender to her. After fucking me silly, she pulled the dildo out of my ass and made me suck on it. I did. Then I licked and sucked Madeline’s toes. Satisfied, she ordered me to get up and clean myself. I nodded obediently and did what my mistress told me.

Afterwards, Madeline and I sat on the couch, talking. We both had a lot of fun. Madeline told me she really enjoyed dominating me and said she’d do it again. I smiled, loving what I heard. I’m a college-educated, middle-class African-American woman who loves getting sexually dominated by a middle-aged bossy white woman from South Africa. Aren’t life and love grand? I’m having the time of my life!

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