Ragdoll Ch. 06

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I lay still and quiet, pensive, studying the way the morning light cast a golden glow upon Tiffany’s wavy blonde locks. Her hair was down, free and natural, mussed from sleep and midnight passions.

“Updo girl,” I mused, remembering how I had first come to think of her.

I smiled. Now she was just Tif, and we were lovers. I snuggled in more closely against her. We were both naked and I lay with my face against her neck. It was one week after the gang bang assignment with Victoria.

Tiffany had returned a day after that night.

I had told her everything.

We had spent the past week in relative seclusion with each other, spending the nights together in her room. We had been given “time off” to recover from our activities.

I think that Tif probably had more fun frolicking around the Caribbean than I had experienced at Victoria’s beck and call. I had kept my directed appointment at the medical facility downstairs, and I now sported a sexy new tongue stud. Just as Brentwood had said, there was little recovery time after the procedure. I was adjusting to the feel of it. My speech was still a little affected, but I would soon overcome that. Its presence would soon be a trifle, more normal than not.

Tif certainly enjoyed it last night when my face was buried between her thighs.

She had said afterward that the feel of me flicking the stud against her clit, coupled with the image of me that she played in her mind while I licked her, drove her wild. Apparently it was a “hot button” for her.

I once again wore my intimate chain, connected between the piercing in my navel and in my clit hood.

My clue that Tif was awake too was an affectionate whisper from her as she slid one hand down to rest it upon my hip.

“Hey you,” she said.

“Mmm…” I murmured.

“We need to find Victoria’s weakness. Everyone has one, or more than one,” she said.

“Victoria’s secret, I wonder what it is,” I said.

We both laughed softly.

“But, yes, I agree, though we have to be very careful. I don’t want to risk Jos, or you,” I said.

Tif spoke again.

“What about the Masquerade, and Brentwood? You said that she said not to choose me over her publicly. I think she probably meant something like refusing her something openly with others present, especially if it involves me. Inviting me instead of her might not violate her rules… Fuck, I hate this Vi. I wish I could fix it, but I can’t think of a way without risking your migration partner,” she said.

“I know,” I whispered, playing my fingers against her stomach.

I started to slide my hand lower, but paused, sensing that the mood might not be right.

“And what the hell is it with her peeing on you or peeing in your mouth. Do you think it’s a fetish she has, or is she doing it just to humiliate you?” Tif asked.

“A little of both I think,” I replied.

“But you like a lot of what she does, don’t you?” Tif coaxed.

“Yes, you know I do. I don’t know why – it’s just how I am, but I don’t care about her. I care about you, a lot…” I said.

Tif hugged me.

“I care about you a lot too. Maybe we have a future together after this is all over – when our debt is paid, I mean,” she said.

I replied, “I think I would like that very much. We have about ten years to get through before then though…”

We kissed.

“I smell… pussy,” Tif said.

“Sorry,” I said. “I…”

“Don’t be,” she whispered. “It’s fucking hot.”

We kissed more deeply and Tif suckled my tongue.

“I love that stud. Remind me to send a thank you note to Brentwood,” Tif teased.

“And we both smell like pussy,” she cooed softly.

“Let’s shower then, and maybe get something to eat. No pun intended!” I said, kissing the tip of her nose.

“Sounds good,” Tif said enthusiastically.

She slipped from bed, pulling me playfully along behind xslot her.

“What’s mine is yours, as long as you’re mine,” she said, turning her head to glance at me with her expressive green eyes.

“I’m yours,” I said. “No matter what else happens or who it happens with… I just hope that you are strong enough to keep wanting me.”

The shower was awesome. One thing that could be said for our apartment building was that it offered excellent water pressure, and a seemingly endless volume of hot water. We soaped each other and rinsed, playing our hands over each other’s bodies. Shampooing each other’s hair was next, with a few shoulder kisses added for affection. One thing lead to another and I soon found myself backed up against one wall of the shower with three of Tif’s fingers pushed up inside my pussy.

Her thumb danced delightfully over my clit.

I was squirming, and rocking my hips against her efforts.

She took control – the way she knew I liked it, and she pinned me firmly between her and the shower wall. Tif was about four inches taller than me, stronger and more voluptuous.

I was the lithe dancer and she was the leggy bombshell.

She began to truly ravish me. Her fingers and thumb were relentless in and against my sex, bringing me roughly to a hard sharp climax.

I whimpered and clung with my arms around her neck as my pussy clenched on her fingers again and again, until I went limp against her.

“That’s my girl,” she murmured. “I like it when you cum for me.”

I hugged her a little more tightly.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

Along with a toothbrush, I had stashed some clean panties and a few basic items of clothing in Tif’s room. Most of the time I did not wear wear a bra unless for something formal or when the bra itself was my outer wear. For outer wear, I usually opted for a bralette.

We talked while we dressed.

“Victoria has her little clique, and connections spread throughout Chalis; otherwise, she wouldn’t know what she knows and she wouldn’t be able to make the threats she makes. We need to learn her network – who she deals with, and whether they are allies or pawns in her game. As the saying goes, knowledge is power,” she said.

What do you think?” Tif asked.

I replied, “I think that we can’t let her suspect anything. It will take time, and we will need to be consummate actresses in order to outsmart her. Either that, or we will need to get really lucky…”

Tif’s NetDisplay started beeping. She went over and tapped the screen and started reading.

Once I finished pulling up my exercise shorts, I padded up beside her and peered at the screen too.

“Brentwood is calling a meeting of all girls on premises – in the cafeteria, thirty minutes from now,” Tif summarized aloud.

“I wonder what it’s about,” I said.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Tif replied. “Let’s head there now and beat the rush!”

“Race you!” I said, grinning.


Violet and Tiffany came bounding down the stairs toward the cafeteria with Violet in the lead by just a few steps. For a brief moment they were just two young women caught up in a moment, engaged in a playful competition. They were excited and happy together. Tif caught Violet just as they both reached the back of the line inside the cafeteria. There were only a few girls ahead of them. Violet grabbed a tray and lifted it over her head and pranced.

“I win!” she said.

“Ok, you win,” Tif laughed softly. “What prize do you want?”

“Mmm… just you,” Violet said, conveying more with her light gray eyes than with the simple words.

“Done,” replied Tif.

“Good,” said Violet, blushing slightly before turning back to the serving line.

Soon enough the cafeteria had filled and roughly a hundred girls were scattered around at the different tables, engaged in eating their breakfasts, talking, xslot Giriş whispering, eyeing each other. A few were quiet, but most chatted animatedly amongst themselves. The main topic seemed to be guessing the reason for the gathering. It was easy enough to see some of the more obvious cliques and circles among the girls.

Tif nudged Violet with her elbow.

“Remember, observe everything, especially relative to you know who.”

Tif shifted her eyes pointedly in the direction where Victoria sat with Chelsea and Melissa, and a few other girls whom Violet did not recognize.

Violet glanced surreptitiously over in the direction Tif was indicating. She saw a very pretty black girl sitting at the table with Victoria and her crew, but the girl seemed a little withdrawn, not part of Victoria’s clique, at least not yet.

Just then, Victoria glanced toward Violet and their gazes locked. Victoria made a kiss gesture to Violet with her lips and smirked, then turned back to her inner circle.

The black girl must have noticed Victoria’s action because she turned her head to look toward Violet and Tif.

Violet noticed the other girl’s eyes then, for they had been genetically and surgically altered to look like a cat’s eyes. Violet wondered whether the girl had undergone any other modifications to make her more feline in appearance.

There was a stir near the cafeteria main doors accompanied by a sudden anticipatory quiet, and then Director Brentwood made his entrance. He was accompanied by a very sophisticated, elegant looking woman. She appeared to be about his age; in her early to middle forties, and she was dressed professionally in a woman’s business suit and fabulous, very expensive looking black heels. Her hair was the natural color of gray that some people gained early and which gave an air of wisdom and sophistication to the person, especially in conjunction with their otherwise still quite vital appearance.

Brentwood and the woman moved to a central point in the cafeteria and turned to each other, conferring quietly for a moment, and then Brentwood turned to address the gathering.

Tiffany and Violet were, luckily, or unluckily, sitting directly to the left of Brentwood, with noone between the Director and themselves.

Violet edged a little closer to Tif, leaning against her, as the more passive partner in a relationship is wont to do.

“Good morning girls,” Brentwood began.

“I have a few announcements to make. Most of you will like most of them,” he said.

He actually smiled with genuine warmth as he looked around the room.

There were various responses from around the cafeteria as some of the girls replied to Brentwood’s greeting.

Violet and Tiffany both chimed in, “Good morning Director Brentwood.”

Brentwood turned toward Violet and Tiffany and allowed his gaze to linger there for a moment, as if assessing something. He nodded to the pair and then looked back to the general gathering.

He began speaking.

“First, for those of you who do not yet know her, I would like to introduce Dr. Ahlgren. She does not step out in public often, but she knows every one of you better than you know yourselves. Dr. Ahlgren is our chief Psychologist here at Chalis, and she personally makes the final decisions on each applicant or pair of applicants regarding acceptance into our programs. Each of you is subject to periodic interviews with Dr. Ahlgren to assess your mental and emotional states. You will cooperate, and obey her directions as you would my own,” he stated.

Brentwood continued speaking.

“Next, as you know, our annual Masquerade event is nearing. This year’s theme is ‘Saints and Sinners’ and the main party will begin at Club Gothic. I will be posting a sign-up list in the Main Hall, here in your building, for all of you to access. The usual crop of CEOs, executives, and media xslot Güncel Giriş stars, as well as a few foreign dignitaries will be attending. I expect to see one or two of your names filled in next to each person on the guest list by seven days from now. I have indicated the preferred number of girls by each name based on known client preferences. Don’t disappoint me. Work it out amongst yourselves. For the first two days, only the senior girls, those here for longer than five years, may sign up. After that time, the list is open to all. I am exercising my executive privelege of choosing who will accompany me personally to the Masquerade. This year, I will be attended by Violet, and… Tiffany,” he said.

There was a slight buzz among some of the girls but it ended quickly.

Brentwood made this choice even though he had originally given Violet the opportunity to decide which other girl would join them. He preferred real passion and desire between two girls when engaged in group sex with them. He felt that reality offered a far more enriching experience than when the girls were simply putting on an act. It was clear by the body language between the pair that they were lovers.

Violet looked first at Tiffany, and smiled, but then she glanced worriedly toward Victoria.

Victoria’s expression was very dark and brooding. She did not look at Violet, but rather leaned to whisper something in Chelsea’s ear.

Chelsea in turn looked at Violet and smirked wickedly, then shifted her attention back to Brentwood, who had begun speaking again.

“Not long after the Masquerade – the exact date is not yet set, we will be having our quarterly Ops weekend. I know that this event is popular with some of you as it is an opportunity to reacquaint briefly with your migration partner, if that is something you wish to do. Otherwise, our Ops boys build up a lot of excess sexual energy, with little outlet. We enforce a very strict training regimen. Those boys need some pussy now and again, and it’s up to you all to provide it,” he said.

Brentwood paused while some mostly warm and understanding laughter ensued among the girls.

Brentwood raised a hand and continued speaking.

“Finally, I want to remind you all of the constant evaluation and monitoring of performance we maintain on each of you, and that good performance and financial results will be recognized. We will also be shuffling room assignments somewhat in the near future. If some of you want joint rooms, and your performance warrants the reward, we will make that happen. That is all,” he finished.

Brentwood spoke softly to Dr. Ahlgren briefly and then both of them turned and made their way from the cafeteria.

Tiffany and Violet attempted to make a discreet quick exit by blending into the crowd of girls who were now leaving the cafeteria, but they were unsuccessful.

Violet felt a hand clasp upon her arm, and turned to see Chelsea restraining her.

Victoria passed by Tiffany and whispered in Tiffany’s ear, “I’m going to take her away from you, or ruin her, or both…”

Violet saw anger flare in Tif’s expression, though Violet had not heard what Victoria had whispered. Violet shook her head slightly, communicating to Tif that it was ok, to “let it go”. They both knew that this would happen, and that it was something that they would need to work hard to overcome.

Tiffany looked at Violet and the pair exchanged silent communication.

After a moment, Tif turned and joined in with the overall exodus from the cafeteria, leaving Violet once again in the clutches of Victoria and her crew.

“Let’s all go play in my room,” Victoria said wickedly. “Melissa, you’re not needed this time, but, Niobe, you are.”

Violet turned to see the black girl with cat’s eyes assessing her.

“I like to play,” Niobe replied.

Niobe’s voice was sultry, deeply feminine, and somehow affected such that she sounded like she was purring each word forth as she spoke it.

Violet felt an anticipatory rush of heat and moisture begin between her legs as the foursome made their way upstairs toward Victoria’s room, and hated herself for it, every step of the way.

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